DBSK Fans Rejoice as Jaejoong and Yunho Lob Acting Compliments Towards Each Other

I do plenty of fanservice posts but its almost always for my own fangirling needs. This one is purely a “making the universe a better place” post by highlighting how it was a very very VERY good week for YunJae fans, JYJ fans, and DBSK fans. Former DBSK member and now JYJ member Jaejoong wrapped up his drama Triangle this week with across-the-board good reviews. It’s way to early to call him a good actor because for that he needs to show consistency but I was really impressed with his effort in Triangle which was a combination of hard work and aptitude. This will likely be his last drama in the near future since the JYJ boys are reportedly enlisting at the end of this year so here’s to hoping he doesn’t lose the momentum built up from this and whenever he comes back to acting he’ll pick up right where he left off being scrappy and sweet Heo Yeong Dal. Yunho was asked at the press conference for his upcoming drama Records of a Night Watchman, which coincidentally follows Triangle, about how Jaejoong is getting positive feedback in his latest acting endeavor.

Yunho revealed he’s really busy but when he has time he does watch the drama and he’s very happy that Jaejoong is working hard. Days later Jaejoong sat down with various media outlets for the typical post-drama series of interviews and he was asked about Yunho’s compliment. Jaejoong returned the compliment and believes with Yunho’s hard work ethic and experience gleaned from previous acting projects he will do well in his first sageuk. Somewhere rainbows and unicorns and confetti is raining down after years of fans crying salty tears over the splintering of DBSK caused Jaejoong and Yunho to end up in different groups. Those two have probably the most and intense yaoi fanclub ever, and rather than finding it silly it’s actually rather endearing since the genesis is really based on how much Jaejoong and Yunho took care of each other while in DBSK. I still haven’t see Yunho improve in acting but if Jaejoong has faith in him then by golly I’ll head into Night Watchman with a blank slate and see what Yunho delivers. Check out hot new pics of Jaejoong during his post-Triangle media interviews as well as Yunho looking spiffy in a suit at the Night Watchman premiere.


DBSK Fans Rejoice as Jaejoong and Yunho Lob Acting Compliments Towards Each Other — 21 Comments

  1. Triangle was awesome! Jaejoong did a really good job in portray a trash wannabe gangster turn business man.i can definitely see the growth in JJ acting. im also looking forward to Yunho drama too! so excited just another week!

  2. Has the Koala’s playground become a Cassiopeia’s haven? 😀 How about switching the theme color to pearl red? 😉

    With his dark circles Jaejoong is visibly very tired, which does not come as a surprise after an extended drama. Honestly speaking, it would have made him look bad had he not complimented Yunho back, right? According to unofficial reports, they have kept in touch with each other during/after the controversy, but I understand how thrilled Yunjae shippers must be. 🙂

    Btw, Yunho seems a bit off on the stills above; maybe I’m just not used to his dark hair.

    • Well Koala can’t change the fact that Jaejoong and Yunho both have dramas out. The other JYJ fanservice posts show a different side to Jaejoong and Yoochun who readers of this site might not know much about.

  3. To my sarcastic mind they sound like a back-handed compliments, like “he worked really hard, but…” It must be cultural thing if everyone’s getting excited about it. So that’s a good thing! 🙂

  4. Yunjae has got to have the craziest but most loyal fandom ever. 5 years of absolutely no interaction and still going strong. Honestly if you’re part of the JYJ or TVXQ fandom some of these shippers step out of line, but when you look at why Yunjae caused such a fuss in the first place you realise that ultimately there was a genuine and sincere friendship underneath it all if nothing else.

  5. OMG…do you guys remember that terribly acted DBSK Banjun Drama “Dangerous Love” when Jaejoong finds out Yunho likes reading slash fanfic of them and takes that to mean Yunho is in love with him?

    That thing had me ROLLING! I’m not a real person shipper at all but I thought that Banjun episode was the best thing of my life for years. XD

      • Yes!!! OMFG, that whole thing was hilarious.

        The entire time Yoochun spent mooning over Junsu and Changmin being missing.

        And the crazed stalker plot where Changmin kept trying to show Junsu the girl was about to go all “Misery” on them but Junsu just wouldn’t listen. lmao

        Wild from start to finish. XD

      • LOL! I’ll never forget those telephone booth scene between Yunho and JaeJoong. Epic.

  6. I am one of those fans crying salty, happy tears. And you just happened to mention the YunJae fandom didn’t you? Never was a part of it but I still remember the crazy.

  7. *shiver down my spine*

    I’d like to take this opportunity though for all the posts that relate to Jae, Chun and Junsu 🙂

  8. Awww Kaola! I Love Yunjae!!!! :-)The way Yunho looked at Jaejoong back when they were still together in DBSK was so full of love it was so sweet. We all know how bad an actor Yunho is so that cannot be just acting and fan service right? hahaha! Love them both!

  9. Yay to Yunho & Jaejoong. They have been friends for years, they worked hard to reach to the top as DBSK idols with all the rest of the members, Junsu,Yoochun & Changmin. if they support each other privately or in public, why not? That’s admirable. It will be massive if the 5 of them will perform together on stage again before or even after they retire as idols.

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