Ethan Ruan Mature But Still Offbeat in the July Issue of Yes Magazine

I love Ethan Ruan but personally find his career trajectory a good thing for him but not so much for me. It was his drama works that made me a fan but he’s been exclusively movies for the last few years and none are works I consider fun stuff to watch. It’s award-winning to be sure, such as his fierce raw performance in Monga which netted him the Golden Horse Best Actor award, and now that he’s back from the army for a year he’s done two movies but no dramas on the horizon. Funnily enough, his biggest drama hit Fated to Love You is currently getting a K-remake and Jang Hyuk is doing a whole different take on the same male lead. That’s both a boon for drama fans to get something new rather than a retread, and a bit comforting that I won’t be needing to weigh two actors I adore against each other.

Ji Cun Xi is all Ethan in his young brash glory while Lee Gun is an oddity that Jang Hyuk makes fascinating without coming across nearly as self-absorbed. Ethan was recently featured on the cover of Yes Magazine and here are the slightly offbeat pictures that somehow suits him. I don’t even blink him eye to see him cuddling a white marble dog statute. He was asked about how odd that he became an idol when his real life doesn’t fit any of the requirements – he has publicly had a girlfriend in Tiffany Hsu for the last seven years shortly after his debut, he often shoots off in interviews, and he’s confessed to being a terrible role model since he likes playing video games and goofing around. The magazine article posits that Ethan’s charisma and his idiosyncrasies are exactly what makes him the idol for this generation of entertainment fans.


Ethan Ruan Mature But Still Offbeat in the July Issue of Yes Magazine — 11 Comments

  1. Sorry for his fans, but I find him boyish and I am not into him at all. I have never watched any of his dramas and I don’t intend to watch it in the future. I like a mature man like JH.

    • Yes, because watching a drama is pointless unless there’s a hot actor to enjoy seeing on screen. Saying you would never give this guy’s dramas a look simply because he’s not up to your standards of beauty is beyond offensive. Shallow fangirls like you give drama fans a bad name. Maybe rightfully so, since there are plenty of them who think exactly like you.

  2. I’v been rewatching some of the original FTLY scenes as the remake airs right now and I can’t help but notice how much better Ethan has gotten since then with his acting…I found him very green in that show even though he still had charisma….but in LOVE (the 2012 movie)his character almost made me cry

  3. He doesn’t look too bad at all as a rock singer in full motion with the mic in front of the waving Union Jack, but the meaning for his black nail polish on this single shot is lost on me.
    Ethan is boyish which is fine and in check with his young age, unlike JH, who usually is a treat to watch but whom I find unbearable and totally cringeworthy in FTLY.

  4. Both JH and ER are different in their own terms and it’s fine.
    Really? JH usually played the macho, touch guy and love that he went back to comedy. I really like his unique portrayal in FTLY. That man can do any genre, huh? Versatile actor.
    I like ER more in Queen though as opposed to his mega hit FTLY.

  5. I loovveee Ethan Ruan so much after Fated to Love you. And I can’t help but keep comparing the original to the remake, and find myself loving the original more. I loved Ethan’s take on the character and I laughed and cried on so many scenes in the original. But I must say I’m enjoying the remake as well.

  6. I loved Ethan Ruan after watching FTLY. Funny enough, I couldn’t get past episode 1 of MQ, even if that one has got better reviews. Hope he goes back to doing more watchable stuff soon.

    And thank you for not comparing ER and JY’s characters. I agree, both are different. Both dramas have their own merits over the other, and so far, while the production values are so much better in the remake than in the original, I am finding the heart tugging moments more poignant in the latter.

  7. I literally chuckled when I saw the plant watering pic. It’s the side eye that kills it. I think it’s my favorite of the pics. haha.

    Also, I liked him in FTLY but I haven’t watched anything else he’s been in unfortunately. Any Ethan Ruan drama/movie recommendations? 🙂

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