Krystal in Talks to Be Rain’s Leading Lady in My Lovely Girl and L Joins the Cast as a Top Idol

For some reason I kept thinking It’s Okay, It’s Loveย is a 20-episode drama, it certainly has the narrative legs to go the distance, but turns out IOIL is a standard 16-episode outing which means it’s now a quarter way through its run. Follow up drama My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) with Rain was announced a few weeks ago but casting still hasn’t been firmed up yet with the main leads. Of course it could be Rain and everyone else plays second fiddle to him but that’s not likely the case since the drama is billed as a rom-com musical aspiration combo. For some reason I think Dream High crossed with Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers). Rain plays the head of a music agency who is suffered from guilt over the death of his first love and decides to help her younger sister’s musical dreams come true. I’m assuming after the set up is done, along the way they fall love, the younger sister heals his emotional wounds, and he helps make her a big star.

SBS was interested in movie actress Park Bo Young for the lead since she also sings but clearly that fell through because the offer to be Rain’s leading lady has gone out to Kyrstal Jung of f(x). The two nicest things I can say about Krystal is that her character one of the few that was fun to watch in Heirsย (all due toย the cute romance with Kang Min Hyuk) and she’s nowhere as bad an actress as her older sister Jessica. I don’t think those two qualified compliments in any way make it seem like she’s ready to vault into leading lady status, especially opposite Rain in his first drama come back in five years. Before Heirs her only drama experience was in High Kick 3 (where the reviews were meh) and More Charming By the Day. I’m so iffy on this pairing and even more perplexed by SBS offering the role to Kyrstal.ย L of Infinite has also been added to the cast and since he’s a wholly dreadful actor, I’m hoping he can continue to inoffensively be in the story background like he was in Sly and Single Again.

I honestly think Krystal has potential but it’s years away since she’s got three dramas under her belt and is only all of 19 years old! She’ll be turning 20 at the end of October but good god thinking of 32 year old Rain and 19 year old Krystal doing a December-May romance, on top of her playing the younger sister of his dead first love, renders me speechless and not in a good way. Park Bo Young is 24 and looks young enough to be a fresh-faced singer wannabe but not so young as to make me immediately think of “powerful agency president wooing rookie singer” power imbalance. L is also supposed to play Rain’s rival for Krystal’s affections and here I’m just shaking my head feverishly whole mouthing “NO………….”.


Krystal in Talks to Be Rain’s Leading Lady in My Lovely Girl and L Joins the Cast as a Top Idol — 48 Comments

  1. I honestly haven’t heard of the PBY rumor other than in this site and people just latched on to it claiming this as their source. Neither PBY’s dc or Rain’s have been talking about her potentially being offered the role so I’m skeptical it ever even happened.

    IU was definitely in contention, and I’m just glad its not her since she’s way too short and young looking compared to Rain. I think Krystal and him could work out although I wish they’d just make her second lead with L and court someone who can actually act and match Rain. This is his comeback drama and I know it’s mostly going to be about him, but since its a love story, chemistry actually matters. I’ll remain optimistic and see how it goes. It’s been so long, I’ll watch even if they cast Suzy (which thank god they didn’t!).

    • Koala doesn’t cite her sources, so I usually take whatever rumors she shares, however accurate, with a grain of salt. Baidu sources are not always the most reliable ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Yea, it spread on twitter a little so now it feels like PBY was actually courted and declined when really, I think it was IU the whole time. And lol true, Baidu comes up with some ridiculous rumors all the time.

    • Bite your tongue with last comment lol I want to see Rain again Suzy is on my NEVER watch again list I did it for LSG but I cannot do it again even for Rain.

      • LOL! Yea I should shut up lest I eat my own words. I think she’s busy doing a movie or they’d surely have courted her if they were in search of an idol actress. There’s also Rain’s JYP association they’d consider. You’re probably talking about GFB – that’s where I first saw her. LSG really brought out the ‘best’ of her in the end but I’ll never go through that again other than if its for Rain. I hope it doesn’t ever get to that lol.

  2. What Krystal? Really? But she’s never even played a proper second lead yet….in heirs I only likes her because she made for good comic relief in a show that was so dull otherwise… If they were really going for an SM idol, even Yoona would’be been a better choice… At least she’s been a leading lady

  3. From Park Bo Young to Krystal, I can’t believe what SBS is doing!?! Truly some questionable casting here by cast Krystal and Infinite’s L.
    I like Krystal in Heirs and her chemistry with Kang Minhyuk is maybe the best thing, beside Kim Woo Bin. But that doesn’t mean she’s ready or anywhere near female lead territory. If she’s second lead maybe I could accept that, but this is just too much.
    SM C&C also has Jung So Min. Why not offer the role to her?

  4. I hope she will accept. I’m tired of the leading ladies we are served these days: Always the same names. I think she has charisma & something that goes across the screen. People will watch this for Rain anyway… If she doesn’t do fatal mistakes, that will be okay & good for her career. Let’s just wait for the crazy fans of Oppa to react… I already see the “but she’s a baby!” reactions. Pffft. Ahjussi love, fighting!!

  5. wowwwwww. i am L’s biggest fan. but i think the leads should be amazing enough for L to take a big leap in his acting. rain is okay, but not krystal. It will make this drama unbalanced, why should sbs takes idol as the lead. i just cant brain this.
    She more suitable to be the second lead, same as L.
    btw, SM really trying to squeeze their idols in the drama nowadays right ? sooyoung and then now in this one drama, krystal, L…. ( suddenly realised that infinite is under sm and woolim lol )

    • Actually, if there was ever a role to cast an idol in this is one since it’s essentially what they’ve lived through.

      Now most other roles, I agree that an idol isn’t really appropriate to cast, but for this one, it makes a LOT of sense to cast an idol.

      She’s a idol wannabe, for crying out loud….

  6. I’m thinking it won’t really matter who is cast opposite Rain. He’s the one people will watch and he’s the one who is going to carry the show no matter what. In that sense Krystal and her managers have nothing to lose here. If she rises to the occasion great, if she doesn’t she’s over shadowed by Rain and no one expects anything different

    • Well, Rain is OK as an actor, but he usually depends upon ot hers in his dramas to do the heavy lifting. Krystal and L cant carry a pencil between them, much less handle the weight of drama conflict. This show is going to end up being a great big air-puffed frothy bowl of cute-looking fail. One rating point for every time rain takes his shirt off, another rating point if L manages a fake tear to trickle down his tragic cheek. Pass.

      • I’m not sure what drama of Rain you’ve been seeing but every single Rain drama has been either a two-way carrying of the show (Sang Doo and Full House) and or a one man show (Fugitive: Plan B and A Love To Kill). In the last two he’s done, Lee Na Young and Shin Min Ah were easily second fiddle because the dramas were completely about his character and he killed both roles. So I don’t think he’ll have any issues whatsoever carrying the drama on his shoulders – just that he doesn’t deserve idol costars who can’t act.

  7. Well, she certainly is a better actor than Jessica (which isn’t saying much)…and I know she can ice skate…but that’s about it. Poor Rain, what are they doing to him?

  8. If they really have to cast an idol, why not Sooyoung? I think she’s the best actress in SNSD. I really liked her acting in Cyrano and she was even able to create a cute chemistry with 40 year-old Lee Jong Hyuk so I think she can do it with Rain, too. I like Krystal but isn’t she way too young? =/

    • Yes for Sooyoung…she had great chemistry with Lee Jong Hyuk ๐Ÿ™‚
      But unfortunately she is already starring in some other upcoming show ๐Ÿ™

    • Sooyoung has already been cast in a melodrama with Kam Woo Sung. Who is a great actor, so it’s her gain. But yea she would have been perfect for this role.

  9. ACtually age is not the biggest problem here. Firstly, Krystal is too green to play a leading lady role….she was one of the fun factors of Heirs but I don’t think her acting had much to contribute there…secondly, if they cast a very young idol, we won’t be getting any good romantic scenes and kisses..and maybe we’ll get a disappointing ending….like Prime Minister And I…so yeah, a big NO for Krystal’s casting opposite Rain..

    • SBS is not KBS… If they sell us a rom-com, we’ll have proper kisses & a real relationship. (Not saying drama won’t be a dud but fan service is THEIR thing).

  10. I’m passing on this one the acting is not going to be that good the last thing I saw L in was master’s sun and he was so awkward to watch and krystal is not a strong enough actress to play a lead I’m too crazy about rain either so pass

  11. Bwhahahaha bigest joke of the year ! good bye rain i just lost interest such a crappy casting !! Both her and infinte’l cant act . This drama will suck if she accept and it will be R.A.P for rain carrier lol .

  12. Krystal is good in comic roles and far better than some other idol ‘leading ladies’ her age (*coughSuzycough*), but I’m creeped out by the idea of pairing her with Rain.

    I’m not against her eventually moving to leading roles but at least get her a leading man who’s not so much older than her! (and they had to pick L for a second lead, really? boyfriend isn’t even 1 percent as bad as Taecyeon or Yunho but he’s not a good actor)

  13. This two things.
    The story isn’t going to be calling for any heavy duty emotional lifting.
    The writers will tailor their script to the names cast.

    It could be really really fun. If they cast an idol in a melo with lots restrained behavior balanced with very emotional scenes, I would worry more. [Googles scenario…reads…hmmm…..] OK, I am worried.

  14. How coukd anyone think this will work? Krystal cant act from what i saw in Heirs. And surely, his charisma is going to completely outshine her or else she will drag his down. I was looking forward to seeing him until this news got in the way.

  15. In Heirs, I like more the character than the actress. Her character was fresh because she was not like all the rich girls of dramas… And her romance was cute and normal. But I can’t see Krystal in this kind of role. I would like IU or Kim Ji Won ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. This is totally shallow but wow, Krystal is so beautiful. I’m female, but her face and body are perfect. If she weren’t an idol, she would be called the next Kim Tae Hee…

  17. And it’s confirm krystal accepted the role unless knetz will go batshit like what they did to yoona then its green light already

  18. God. this is frustrating if Krystal really is the lead. I love Rain. the premise sounds so cliche i wonder what’s in store to differentiate it from the rest. Krystal acting is not there yet to give her this big role. There r not many idols that can really act these days. Most just act for the sake of fanservice while their acting remain mediocre.

  19. I love L to death and I really liked Krystal in Heirs, but I just can’t see them playing big roles yet. Still excited for this drama tho! :)(even tho it might end up being another Heirs)

  20. I guess this will help sell the drama to China where both Rain and Krystal are popular. Chinese investment seems to be the go thing now.

  21. i actually liked krystal in heirs but i don’t think she’s already a leading lady material. i think she needs more experience.

    maybe they can consider seyi from monstar (forgot her name) or dahee?

  22. plzz we need a cute female but krystal don,t have cute face and i never see her if she act cute i don,t like it becuse she is not cute typ. i just see her that she can,t take the role iu is cute u guy can take her.
    first u guys say iu,rain and myungsoo oppa vill do the same drama do u know how much we are heppy but what happens when thay come out not iu but park bo young and now krystal i can,t belive. i hate the most is if u not going to choose iu don,t never say her name. u make people happy them u don,t do that u say

  23. OH GOD. Just accept that Krystal is the lead, I like Krystal ( F(x) ) and me too, I can’t really imagine Krystal’s acting in this drama but just give her the chance maybe she is good ….. Just wait and see how the drama is going to turn out ๐Ÿ™‚

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