Rain’s Comeback Drama My Lovely Girl Confirms Female Leads Krystal and Im Joo Eun

The casting news for My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) comes in waves of ups and downs and this weekend is no exception. I was super stoked for Rain‘s confirmation as the male lead, then horrified that L of Infinite was going to play his romantic rival. It doesn’t even matter if L’s idol boy character has a bat’s chance in hell of getting the girl, the mere thought of them giving each other the proprietary male drama character glare makes me want to headdesk. The big news this past weekend was the reveal that SBS had sent the offer for the leading lady role out to Krystal Jung of f(x). She was working exclusively with MBC with More Charming by the Day and High Kick 3 but last year worked with SBS for the first time in Heirs. The network must have been impressed enough to want to elevate her to the leading lady part and truth be told the character in My Lovely Girl sounds right up her alley.

Krystal is herself an idol singer before she started acting so the acting an idol role won’t be that big of a stretch for her. I simply don’t think her acting skills and onscreen charisma is female lead ready yet but since she’s just been confirmed for the role then I’ll just leave my reservations put there and decide if she exceeded my low expectations after I watch the actual drama. On a more promising note is the confirmed casting of Im Joo Eun (Heirs, Wild Romance, Arang and the Magistrate, What’s Up?) as the second female lead in the drama, playing the role of Rain’s agency’s creative director and a character described as beautiful, smart, and demands perfection in anything she does. Sounds like the typical perfect second male lead but with the gender reversed. She’s wonderful and I’m so glad she’s onboard after being totally wasted in Heirs. The drama now has its main cast set and better start filming if it wants to make the scheduled mid-September premiere date.

The female lead is a young aspiring singer who Rain’s music agency president takes under his wing to build up her singing career. Along the way she heals his emotional scars from the death of his first love, who happens to be her older sister, and they fall in love despite the age difference and the loving a pair of sisters slight squickiness.


Rain’s Comeback Drama My Lovely Girl Confirms Female Leads Krystal and Im Joo Eun — 38 Comments

  1. Perhaps because the only role I’ve seen her in was in The Heirs, I’m not too upset about Krystal’s lead. Being part of the only couple I actually cared about left me favorably disposed toward her. Very excited to see more of Im Joo Eun, though

    • I totally agree. I had the same experience with Krystal.
      With the confirmation of Im Joo Eun I’m sold. I love her. It’s really a pity that she is wasted in so-so dramas

  2. Not too bothered about Krystal but Im Joo Eun by all rights should be leading dramas… Gong Hyo Jin isn’t a perfect Korean beauty either so I’ve got to wonder what’s holding IJE back. She’s a wonderful actress AFAIK.

  3. Im Joo Eun should’ve been the leading lady just by looking at her resume and experience. But I can see them wanting someone who is much more popular with the international market as their main lead opposite Rain.

    But their characterizations sound like a good match to the actors so it’s looking great for now. I’m very excited to see how the ratings game go. It’s either going to be really high or really low. And Rain’s track records is quite impressive even when he had major scandals early on in his career. I’m curious where this will go.

  4. I think the producers are really aiming for the idols fans to get this drama moving but omg that is just a wrong move to go to…
    as if L was not hard enough to swallow they bring in Krystal… given Krystal was rather serviceable in The Heirs, I just don’t see any acting chops from her at this moment to be the lead role…

    But then again acting or lack there off of acting skills, has not stopped SM Ent from shoving their talents down some of the drama there is.
    I admit there are some idol-talents or some talents they had that SM had that really improved over time (Yoona, sooyoung, Go ara and Lee yeon hee), but as for Krystal well she is really not yet up in the alley to be had in leading lady status. especially since this is for Rain’s comeback drama. Anyway I am running far away from this drama…

  5. What in the world..for about about half a second, seeing Im Joo Eun’s pic. I thought that maybe she was the lead and then everything just fell through after that…This doesn’t even seem like a show that I am dying to watch nor am I the biggest Rain fan and yet I’m really annoyed that someone as wonderfully talented as Im Joo Eun has to play second lead to Krystal (who may have improved, but that’s besides the question here)

  6. Noooo! Why can’t Im Joo Eun be the lead, she’s more established as an actress than Krystal, I still love her performance in Hon, and I think she stole the spotlight in Wild Romance… le sigh…

    I’ve nothing against Krystal but I do find the characters she played annoying, she’s not as wooden and stiff as her sister, she’s quite expressive but her acting range seems limited… Anyways, I think she still need some more polishing before she takes the lead role.

  7. I wanna pull that nasty blond hair from Krystal head. It’s so hideous!!! Lol !!

    BTW…Krystal as a lead ??? Oh GOD!! Perhaps Rain acting will help her shine.

  8. Guys! seriously! if you wish IJE for the leading role, better wish it on another drama, because the leading in this is about a debuting idol and she doesn’t look that young

    • Absolutely. I love IJE but please, let’s be realistic when it comes to proposing alternatives. Same goes for people who suggested YEH: Too old! We need young girls here (or rather who look young)…

  9. You guys need to calm down and stop spitting acid at the FACT that Krystal is the lead. Criticize her after you’ve watched the drama. If she screws up, then go ahead and hate all you want. As cliche as it may sound “don’t judge a book by its cover”. She may or may not surprise us all.

    As for IJE, yes she is a deserving actress for a lead role, but the role of a rookie debut idol? I don’t think it is quite fitting for her.

    • What neon and peek said.

      Of all casting decisions, THIS PART makes the most for an idol….

      Now I don’t agree with having idols in most non-idol parts, except those who’ve paid their dues or shown to be a good actor, but really people shouldn’t be complaining about an idol cast to ACT AS AN IDOL….

  10. Im Joo Eun is the second lead? Why not the lead, she can sing and would make a far better match with Rain. I like Krystal but this pairing…he’s going to look like her uncle.

  11. I for one am happy to read this news. Krystal has paid her dues in supporting roles for a few years now, and she did really well in Heirs. She deserves the opportunity to prove herself as a leading lady. Mostly, I’m glad the network is giving opportunities to new talent. I’m getting really tired of seeing Suzy, Yoona, and Park Shin Hye in e v e r y t h i n g.

  12. train wreck of casting aside, the plot sound basic… it’ll come down to chemistry. the critic in me say not in a million chance, but the hopeful in me said there’s a one in a million chance

  13. Will this be the successful version of Trot Lovers? I do hope so, but honestly I dont like Krystal much. I watched her in both High Kick 3 and Heirs, in HK3 she was none other than a spoiled brat, in Heirs she might be better but since I just had my eyes on Kang Min Hyuk I didnt pay enough attention on her. And for both dramas, I prefered Kim Ji Won more.

    Im Joo Eun… girl, I think you should go straight to cable stations where chance for you to become the lead girl is higher, I heart you so much that it hurts me when I have to keep seeing you in minor/wasted roles from time to time. Drama God, this time please dont make her character someone like Soo In in Trot Lovers. Im sick of that!

    • Oh, sorry for totally off topic, but I heard that Joseon Gunman is in talk for 2 extended episodes. Is it because Iron Man has not had its leading man yet? And that Iron Man is scheduled to air in over a month from now? Hmmm… poor them, sigh.

      • I hope Iron Man will get pushed aside by King’s Face with Sohn Ye Jin. This drama seems so much more interesting. Honestly we’ll have a dull line-up for the Wed/Thursday this Autumn: My Spring Days vs My Lovely Girl vs Iron Man. No thanks. I’ll not surprised if those dramas get 8% each, every drama are in this range ratings-wise now. Please King’s Face, save me from the boreness to come!

  14. WHAT?! Im Joo Eun is only a SECOND lead? And they picked an idol to play the lead?

    I’m so disappointed!

    I thought for sure that Im Joo Eun was going to get a lead role in a drama… maybe even a cable drama (like Han Groo is doing now)! Even though her last roles have been secondary, those dramas had huge ratings!

    Oh well, I guess beggars can’t be choosers. I’ve been dying to see her on my screen again.

  15. hate to see krystal to lead the female hate hate hate:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  16. As much as I’m disappointed and want to be disappointed with this casting news as it spells all kinds of trouble, I’m still holding out a candle that Krystal at least make a decent showing out of this. After all, the new bloods need to be refined if we’re to have a sustainable K-drama viewing future 3-5 years from now. And with the 18-20 age range all seeming to jump into the Idol path, it’s looking rather thin with the current roster of actors out there. If Krystal can be a serviceable actor, then I’ll give her a chance.

    Meanwhile, I’m just GLAD that Im Joo Eun is finally casted on a LEAD role, though just an underscore, still it’s better than a side character/cameo gig. It’s been long time coming since her What’s Up days to be put on a bright spot again. I wish her to have a strong outing here so that she can finally showcase that she’s leading lady worthy and eventually be casted on one that she so deserves.

  17. Im Joo Eun is a fantastic actress and she be leading lady by now. I’m so tired of ageism in Asian dramas. It’s all about the money.

  18. Love both Krystal and rain but don’t you its kinda weird …I mean I feel chemistry won’t work out….ehh..just waiting for the drama..hope it proves my wrong…fingers crossed.

  19. I was happy with the clichéd story but now I’m a little disappointed with the addition of Krystal. She reminds me of Yoona (not in the acting department but more like their persona onscreen), and I am not a big fan of hers.

  20. I am indifferent at this point. It seems to suit her cause she is an idol herself so it can’t be that hard for her to play right? Rhetical question. I won’t take this drama too seriously.

  21. Poor actress. They have their only job as an actresses and its been robbed by an idol!

    Not to say an idol doesn’t work harder, but their job is singing and they have a long way to be an actor/actrsess but simple they just made their way as a lead just because they are popular! However a multitalented and excellent actresses always push aside to just be side or second lead. What a shame!

    Im Joo Eun, is super talented and she can sing too!

  22. well, for you who doubt Krystal… go check her “Melody Project” videos… she was so young back then but her acting quite impressive… let’s talk shits when the shits are done, not before it.

  23. I don’t see anything wrong with Krystal as female lead. It’s early to judge. Let’s all wait for the drama then after that say anything you want. :)))))), just an opinion
    I love both Krystal and Rain. <3

  24. Well I’m not a fan of Krystal but don’t you think it’s so early to judge? I’ve watch her in HK3 and the heirs but her role didn’t seem to pull all her acting talent. Besides, her role in the 2 series seems like with the same character so she wasnt able to showcase everything. Let’s just wait for the drama and see if she doesn’t do well then you can hate all you want. 🙂 I love everything in this drama anyway. Rain and Im Joo Eun. <3 lookibg forward to this. :3

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