Retrospective: Jo Seung Woo Steals Hearts as a Dashing Theater Leading Man For Scene Playbill Magazine

Jo Seung Woo is a beautiful beautiful man. I hope there is unanimous agreement on that point alone, but throw in his immense and wide-ranging talent from movies to theater and now to dramas, this man pretty much can do no wrong in my eyes. I first saw him in The Classic and loved him and he really made Tazza shine when the story was so flimsy it faltered on the small screen when Jang Hyuk tried it on for size. The day will come when I can go to Seoul to watch him perform on stage where he is a consistent presence due to his love for that medium. Last year he did Hedwig and the Angry Inch and I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks another stage project this year. He is on the cover and pages of the January 2014 issue of Scene Playbill magazine and I thought it a great treat for those of you who loved watching him steal the entire drama in God’s Gift: 14 Days. Scruffy Dong Chan masked his debonair appeal which is splashed all over the pages of this magazine. I would die if he ever played the Professor in My Fair Lady! *off to imagine* I wish God’s Gift wasn’t such a narratively wonky drama with so much plot inconsistency and people doing stupid things left and right. I don’t regret watching it to enjoy the magnificence that is Jo Seung Woo but I do mind not being able to rewatch lest I start throwing things at the screen anytime he’s not in a scene to temper the overwrought and half-baked plot. Oh wells, at least now more viewers know what a delicious underrated treat he is and hopefully he’ll drop by drama land soon in a better project that doesn’t kill him off in the last 5 minutes for no logical reason whatsoever.


Retrospective: Jo Seung Woo Steals Hearts as a Dashing Theater Leading Man For Scene Playbill Magazine — 16 Comments

  1. This man… I swoon again^^ I really hope that once in this lifetime I get the chance to see him live on stage! He is such an amazing actor ♥ My love for him knows no end 😀

    Thank you for sharing those glorious pictures and your thoughts on him 🙂

  2. HE IS THE DEFINITION OF PERFECTION !!! Talent , beauty , charisma , love for animals , great sense of humor …. man , I want to kidnap him !

    Thank for this retrospective koala , miss him so much and seems like we’ll not be able to see him in the small screen at least till next year since he’s currently busy filming his new movie with Lee Byung Hun , Insiders …. and about musicals , well … he’s been proving his workaholic tittle cos he already finished a season of Hedwig this year ( he started rigth away after God’s Gift ended ) and after the filming of Insiders concludes he’s going to star in another musical ( I forgot wich musical is XD but it must be Jakill , Dr. Zhivago or Man of la Mancha XD aigoo this man even affects my memory <3 )

    Ki Dong Chan , Jo Seung Woo …. what have u done to me ¿¿??

  3. Hopefully the stars will align someday and we could all go together. Shin Sung Rok, Jo Jung Seok,and Song Chang Eui are among the musical actors on our list (with hjkomo)

  4. *Fans self furiously*

    Damn! He’s gorgeous and he’s definitely the best thing about God’s Gift. Thanks for sharing Ms Koala.

  5. I love him. I have loved him ever since The Classic. He is just. so. good. If I got to see him live in a musical, I’d be that weird person in tears even if it were a comedy. I am in awe of his gifts; its almost unfair that he has so many.

  6. Jo Seung Woo is hot. I have his songs from his musicals play regularly on my play list. I am not as familiar with him as an actor. But he is so talented and sexy.

    And I hate seeing him with cigarettes. Again.

  7. Like fine wine, he gets better with age.

    Without JSW, I’d have dropped God’s Gift. I also loved him in The Classic! I cried buckets of tears for his character.

    I also enjoyed his acting in The Horse Healer. I sure hope he’ll do another drama soon (which I doubt it though)!

  8. I love him!!!! He is not only gorgeous but so talented. I had a crappy day at work but this instantly but me in a good mood. Thanks Ms. Koala 🙂

  9. I love him ! He’s a great actor with a lot of charm. And when he sings… Personaly I love his last drama even if the end was weird :p But he and Lee Bo Young were really great !

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