Park Shin Hye Shines at the China Stops on Her Story of An Angel Fan Tour

I haven’t been following too closely with Park Shin Hye‘s current non-acting activities but this is a good time to check back in with her. She wrapped the sageuk The Royal Tailor weeks ago but since the beginning of this year she’s been heading overseas for a series of fanmeetings which have been leisurely spaced out. I believe she started off her 2014 Story of Angel Tour in Japan with stops at Osaka and Tokyo. After nearly eight months her tour landed in Southern China last weekend with two stops, one in Shenzhen and the other in Chongqing. As per typical fanmeeting framework, Park Shin Hye sang, played games, answered fan questions, and was generally very interactive with her happy audience. The songs she sang included the remake of Standing Egg‘s “Breakup For You”, “Not Yet For Me”, “Arm Pillow”, “Pitch Black”, and as a special treat she performed the song “My Dear”, which was written by her brother, remade into Chinese.

She must be having a great Summer so far because she’s glowing and has noticeably lost some weight all over. But her face still looks exactly the same which just makes me love her more for shattering the lame excuses of post-plastic surgery entertainers who claim a new face is merely losing weight. She’s also exuding so much warm confidence here I’m more and more excited to see what comes of her future onscreen performance and how she will continue to improve on her weaknesses and build on her strengths. She can’t be great at crying about the fate of her poor parents but then turn into a stiff wall when a hot man is advancing to kiss her senseless. Gotta do it all, and I have faith she’ll get there and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. And if it’s the PDs in Korea that want to keep her chaste and girly, they really don’t know that she’s all grown up and quite feisty and sassy in real life.


Park Shin Hye Shines at the China Stops on Her Story of An Angel Fan Tour — 24 Comments

  1. Wow, so her tour is still going on (or at its end already?). She’s been at hardwork even after Heirs. Does she also always sing a local song per visit? I’ve seen some of the youtube videos of her singing a song of my mother tongue and I like that she gets the intonation and accent correct, had I not known who she was, I would’ve thought a local artist have sung it. I like the thoughtfulness and dedication she puts in getting it correct. That or she just found it an easy language to emulate, lol.

    I personally have not liked her drama choices in the past 3 show’s she’s been on, but I know that she’s definitely got potential and it helps that she has charisma too. I’m itching to just see her break away and just be casted on a role that will showcase the entirety of her both as an actor and a woman.

    • I believe she has two more stops in Shanghai and Beijing left. The tour does seem interminable mostly because its so spaced out to accommodate her filming for The Royal Tailor, and probably because she just wants to do it in a relaxed fashion and have fun. I’m most impressed that as solo K-actress she’s managed to hold overseas fanmeets, and in so many places with packed audiences. That’s an impressive appeal she has outside of Korea.

      • Her filming for The Royal Tailor ended sometime back before the start of the tour. She has been busy with different CF’s and photo shoots. What I have noticed is that she is never idle ……. In between projects she is either learning new skills, pursuing different hobbies of interest or is travelling.
        She has blossomed into lovely young multitalented person with down to earth personality …….. I feel that these are some of the reasons for her appeal and successful fan meetings. I love watching her.

    • She looks sooooo good, and these pics are live and not posed in a magazine or newspaper. I find her looks grow on me and she looks prettier the more I look at her. When she first debuted I thought her plain and unmemorable but that opinion has totally changed.

    • I’m never going to argue with anyone who found Heirs unwatchable but if you just watch the Park Shin Hye-Kim Woo Bin scenes it’s actually entertaining and not bad at all. If only someone made a cut of Heirs of just those two.

  2. I wish her the best I admire her personality seriously I hope her the best in next choices in her dramas bcz I love her so much 🙂

  3. park shin hye and Woobinie had sooo much chemistry! maybe it was partly due to Woobins charisma he sold me. kudos for her for remaining natural, definetly a role model for girls along with kim So Eun. oh and Lee Minho needs to stop with the high school roles…you’re 28!

    • I adore KSE but she isn’t as natural as you think anymore…
      Park Shin Hye is indeed a rare gem in her young generation along with … Park Bo Young

  4. Just for information only, this is her schedule :-
    SEPTEMBER 2014
    2014.09.14: ‘2014 Story of Angel’ Fan Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan
    2014.09.20: ‘2014 Story of Angel’ Fan Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand

  5. I believe she will have more FMs in the up coming months all over Asia.. But I hope she pick a good project (either drama or movie) by the end of the year

    • No she said that after the Tour she will go to New York to take a vacation as I read from Magazine I don’t think she will do any drama this year .

  6. I hope she will comeback in a drama soon, because I really miss her. Maybe with Yoo Ah In because I adore YAI as much as I adore PSH (too bad he will going to military soon #sob)

    • OMG YAI tops my wishlist, too! I’ve been wanting them to act together for so long. Huhu but I don’t think he’ll do any more dramas before he enlists. His last project will probably be Sado. 🙁

  7. it’s nice to see actresses also manage to have some activities overseas. the industry is too male centered… I remember hajiwon and Yooneunhye did it too… Fighting ladies…

  8. Yeah…. She totally lost weight. She looks amazing like always.

    I sooooo want to see what her next drama is. I wanna see her do one with Kim Woon Bin!!!!!!!

  9. Coala
    I believe in her fan meeting in Japan her brother was with her and he said the song “My Dear” was written by PSH to show the feelings of the heroine of Heirs. .You are mistaken here.Her brother did the music.

  10. Hi koala,

    Thanks for the article. She actually had a Shanghai fanmeeting prior to chongqing and shenzhen. As you have mentioned, After completing the The Royal Tailor filming, she started her Asia Tour in Japan on July 19th(19th osaka and 20th tokyo). She will be stopping at Changsha and Beijing this week. She is scheduled to have fan meeting in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore etc. as well.

    And about “My Dear” song, It was actually written by her(not her brother) and composed along with her brother.

  11. Park Shin Hye has a girl next door beautiful, comfortable, soothing, warm-feeling, kind and smart-looking type of look. In addition she is all natural unlike soooo many other actresses, cannot even tell who is who anymore. We just love watching PSH in anything. Whoever gets paired with her gets noticed and become famous too. She will be ready for love when it comes…

  12. I do not like her acting but she is not that bad.Got really pretty too -naturally pretty, I am not saying it as code for ‘looks better after PS’!

  13. Agree with above comment that PSH is refreshingly beautiful.. like a normal teenager..I mean compared to other with awkward face expression and too much poise..

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