Written Preview and New Stills for Episode 3 of My Secret Hotel Plus Fantastic OTP MV

I can’t force myself to love a drama neither can I stop it when the train departs the station with me riding shotgun on a brand new exciting journey. I’ve unexpectedly hopped onboard the My Secret Hotel train and all signs point to yes when it comes to this drama having what I desire the most from my rom-coms. It has two lead characters that I like individually (critically important), smoldering chemistry right off the bat, and the romance storyline primed for ups and downs but it’s clear they are meant to be. Jin Yi Han was long overdue for a leading man gig ever since I was swept away by him quiet intensity in Conspiracy in the Court (one of the best K-dramas EVER) and I’m thrilled it’s in this drama where he gets to play funny and sexy all wrapped into one. Plus he gets the girl!

He better get the girl, much as I also like Namgong Min this one is a no-brainer. Hae Young-Sang Hyo 4ever! I love how MSH has reduced me to fangirling the OTP but I can’t help it, their interactions make me alternative chuckle and swoon over and over already in a mere two episodes. From the new stills released it looks like the dead guy really is Manager Hwang, which all signs pointed to and clearly he’s left enough clues and hints before becoming a dearly departed to assist the intrepid leads in solving his murder. There are also new stills showing Sang Hyo going incognito to rendezvous with Hae Young and I really don’t know what magic lighting the drama is using that makes Yoo In Na so luminous in every frame. Looks like I’m not the only one crazy about this just premiered drama since I already came across an OTP video on YT that is all sorts of awesome and needs to savored for the delicious OTP stares that threaten to melt the screen.

Episode 3 written preview:

Due to a body falling into the wedding venue the entire place is in a state of panic disarray. Sang Hyo is overwhelmed needing to be everywhere at once to handle this. On the other hand, Sung Gyum has been watching all of this and in a crucial moment steps forward to extricate Sang Hyo from a situation….

My Secret Hotel MV “Say Something”:


Written Preview and New Stills for Episode 3 of My Secret Hotel Plus Fantastic OTP MV — 11 Comments

  1. Yay! I’m loving it as well. I like the subtle glances at each other, you can tell that they have feelings unresolved for each other. I wanna know how they met and what made them divorced.

    So happy, finally (Tal Tal) Jin Yi Han leading a role. 🙂


  2. I am loving this show, too. Yoo In Na looks fantastic, and I love how they dress her is real women’s career clothes rather than what some fantasy person thinks Girls Generation would wear if they were pretending to be career women in and office. I am so over the shorty short skirts at the office when people have to be running around and actually doing things–meaning too busy to be worried about one’s panties showing.

    Anyway, I need a show like this now that Marriage Not Dating is over. Fated to Love You has me in tears for entire episodes now. I need some fun.

  3. I agree with Trotwood in my appreciation for real clothes in this drama! I love that the men look like men as well! I love high-fashion but seriously, sometimes they make the characters look ridiculous!

    I only saw a few episodes of Empress Ki but JYH was the reason I watched those few. Good Lord, those eyes!!!

    Love all the leads in MSH but MY JYH❤️YIN ship has sailed! Off to rewatch the first two eps again!

  4. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. I hope that this next episode isn’t all about the murder. The mystery is all well and good but I’m here for the romance.

  5. I like NGM to bits, but I’m also torn between shipping his character (so cute when he broke into a smile at Sang Hyo’s proposal!!! ) vs Hae Young. The drama is really fun to watch and I hope it continues this way. I’m watching Temptation, It’s Okay, and My Secret Hotel at the moment, so all parts of the crazy to fun spectrum is filled! Good drama season!

  6. If you guys haven’t started Discovery Of Love as well as MSH, you are really missing out! It is crazy good from the opening minute! So excited for these new shows, I’ve been pretty bored with the Mon-Tuesday line up for a while! Smoldering men and female characters with brains!! I’m all in!

  7. I love the MV! It captured very bit of longing and despair the OTP feel for each other. I am ssooo on board this HY-SH ship. I hope the journey is as fun as the first two episodes. Thanks Koala for taking the helm once again. Fighting!

  8. Thanks ms. Koala.. you spoiled me so much with this article.. so glad that you also love this drama..

    And yup agree with Karened it’s crazy season for drama.. i find many good drama in this season.. ^^

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