Dispatch Reveals Documentation Rebutting Kim Hyun Joong’s Response to Assault Allegations

I don’t think any rational consumer of entertainment would ever assume that any star was infallible or incapable of making mistakes and/or breaking the law. The question really comes down to the nature of any transgression and whether it’s personally offensive enough to write the star off going forward. The Kim Hyun Joong domestic violence allegations are important because he’s such a popular star and because of the severity of the allegations. It’d be weird not to cover this case since its all over the news and because I liked him enough I want to understand what is going on before deciding to keep watching his acting career (if he has one going forward). Plus violence and abuse in any form whether verbal, emotional, and escalation into physical is something that can touch upon the lives of every person whether famous or not, man or woman.

This case is less he said-she said as long as there is evidence such a medical records as well as documented communications to back up A’s assertion that she dated Kim Hyun Joong for two years and during this last Spring-early Summer he struck her twice to the degree she needed medical treatment. Kim Hyun Joong’s agency Keyeast responded with an initial statement admitting the dating but claiming it was only recent in the last few months, admitting the physical fight but refuting that it was habitual abuse and instead was a one time heated exchange, and denying the broken rib was due to violence and claimed it was the result of the couple goofing around. Dispatch continues to jump all over this matter and yesterday released a slew of text messages and pictures between Kim Hyun Joong and A which refute many of the explanations Keyeast gave in its response.

The entire Keyeast statement reeks of lame shadiness and if I were Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney then I should be fired for not defending my client properly and letting this statement come out. The only statement Keyeast needed to release was “The allegations as reported in the media are not factually accurate and Kim Hyun Joong will fully cooperate with the investigations and hopes that he will be vindicated when all the evidence comes to light.” That’s all that’s needed for a preliminary response, now that wasn’t hard was it? Everyone deserves a vigorous defense and so far Kim Hyun Joong’s side is an epic fail. Dispatch’s latest report is intended to rebut the Keyeast statement in three major points (as highlighted above) (1) how long the couple dated, (2) the nature of the fight that Keyeast claims was mutual, and (3) whether the abuse was one time or repeated.

The picture on the left was snapped in April 2012 at the beginning of their relationship at Kim Hyun Joong’s residence while the picture on the left was taken two years later n March 2014 while the couple dined at a restaurant when A visited Kim Hyun Joong during his Age of Feeling filming.

Translation of the 2013 text messages Kim Hyun Joong sent to A:

I miss you~
I’ll be good to you
Don’t break up with oppa
I love you
Do you want to live with oppa?

Translation of the 2014 texts Kim Hyun Joong sent to A:

I miss you~
I’m sorry
I hope you can get back the two years you’ve lost
These are my sincere feelings

The first physical fight that A is alleging happened in May, below is the text exchange that happened the day after. Kim Hyun Joong flew to Japan that day and was seen at the airport looking fine.

A said:

My whole body is covered in bruises…it hurts. I’m so upset about this. I was hit to the point where I’m barely alive. Why do I need to get hit like this?

Kim Hyun Joong replied:

I don’t know why I did it when I knew I’d be sorry as soon as the next day. I hope your bruises and your pain get better. I’m genuinely sorry.


Dispatch also printed copies of her hospital stay records, one for May and one for July.

Then there is A’s text message to her friend the day after what Keyeast claims was goofing around with Kim Hyun Joong that led to her cracking a rib.

A said:

I fought with Kim Hyun Joong.
My rib hurts so much, I can’t lay on my side
He shoved it so hard it cracked


Dispatch Reveals Documentation Rebutting Kim Hyun Joong’s Response to Assault Allegations — 78 Comments

  1. Get him is all I will say. Abuse is vile and disgusting and I think the fact that he is continuing with his tour says very little abut his character. I support what Dispatch is doing because his hardcore and I am assuming young fans who have been denying, victim blaming, defending, and oppa didn’t mean are just….its insane and downright scary to see such a responses. Thank you for sharing and continuing to share information on this case.

  2. Well as I said before, I didn’t appreciate that people were pointing fingers before keyeast made an official statement and before this kind of evidence came out/leaked out to the public. But, now that we have more information, the accuser has a strong case and, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim Hyun Joong’s career took a dive.

  3. I asked my husband what his think about this this… There’s no excuse for what he did and on top that he cheated on her than beat HER!!? Throw his ass in jail! Okay, after that what can I say…

  4. Wow, it’s not unbelievable but it’s hard to believe. I wonder how they got hold of the text messages. Were they released by A? With this new batch of evidence things aren’t looking so good for KHJ. It’s starting to get very obvious.

  5. I have the same feeling, I do hate when men abuse or hit women.
    Since the news have been revealed, I read all the information in different sites. At first I think anybody said that they weren´t together right now, but I think last night in Dispatch said that they broke up in July. I can´t understand why she waited until now to denonce him, it was because she was afraid to get hurt again? Through the messages between the, it looks like their relationship was a little bit sickness…
    I do agree with you too, that the statement was really weak and difficult to believe.
    I don´t what to think but I do believe he had finished his career, it was a problem that nobody will never forget.

  6. I think I have to do it like the PSH case, stop reading till the prosecution gets him or make a decision. I can understand her allegations and the denials. What I don’t get is how Despatch gets all this inside info. If it’s from the victim’s side- what are they doing? If it’s from one of those friends – all I can say is there be some weird definition of friendship from those people.

    • Unfortunately we’ll never know the truth from PSH case since both parties had reached mutual agreements silently before the presecutor can give their final decisions even though from police investigations, PSH was indicted to did the rape…

      • An indictment is not the same thing as a guilty verdict. In Korea an indictment by the police does not have the same seriousness as an indictment by the prosecuter. The Korean police, I was told, have a certain number of days to investigate and make a decision to refer it to the prosecuter or not. As we have seen on dramas, they seem to want parties to come to a financial settlement at the police level.

  7. In the era of information technology, there are evidence everywhere, emails, texts, videos, etc. He should just come clean with everything. I don’t know anything about the laws in Korea but if he pays the victim, then he is free? There is no difference between criminal and civil law?

  8. when you read his text….it’s almost a prime example of an abuser where he hurts her then ask for forgiveness only to repeat the cycle again. A, did the right thing by keeping all these evidence because if you are going to go up against a mega star you better damn have a mountain ful of proof.

    His agency was in a way pathetic in their attempt to explain. You can not ignore a text because the phone company will have it even if it is deleted. He really messed up tremendously. The part where he said that he hopes she gets that two years back made it sound to me she was miserable as if hell was with her all along.

    I don’t know how his camp will spin this though…they tried it once and it didn’t help now that more stuff is coming out what is their next step. If I were them I would thread more carefully cause if they contradict again Dispatch might be more than eager to say Got You.

  9. I’m just wondering what he did in those 2013 messages to ask her not to break up with him, wondering if he was cheating or some other kind of abuse ….

    The man is so good looking it’s too bad he is such a scumbag it’s hard to even want to look at him now

  10. Koala,
    Since you are a lawyer ,assuming A provide information and evidence to Ditpatch ( which helps public opinion understand her side and is necessary for cases like this), I wonder if she still can use these in court or KHJ’s side can make them all invalid for being revealed in public.
    I hope she win and he get what he deserves
    Base on Dispatch it seems like she wasn’t the first victim either.

    • No, the rules of evidence does not matter whether something is private or public in order to be admitted in trial. It does matter if the evidence is procured illegally (like if she wiretapped him to get it), or doesn’t belong to her (like the texts are between him and someone else), or a variety of other factors that may make it inadmissible. The texts are between him and her and since they are not married, i.e. no spousal privilege, then she has every right to give it to Dispatch and it won’t affect admissibility on that factor alone. Making evidence public beforehand usually affects jury selection, harder to find an impartial jury that hasn’t already heard the facts of the case as tried in the public eye. In Korea it’s judge trials so this is moot.

  11. An acquaintance of mine who was actually in the business once brought up KHJ as an example of an entertainer who was incredibly nice, polite, hard-working, delightful to be around, and she was certain that he would go far because of these qualities. But even the nicest person can still have serious faults, in this case an abusive tendency that if prosecutable should land him in jail. I feel very sorry for his ex-gf, and hope that she has lots of supporters and is getting counseling.
    I was never a big fan so it really doesn’t affect me, but whenever I learn things like this about an actor, I can never watch them without this subtext, whispering like a ghost, recounting their real-life problems. So like PSH, it is farewell.

  12. I generally don’t even read news stories in my real life because it upsets me too much.

    The idea that this girl could possibly have been cowering and covered in bruises as a result of anyone…UGH…Please don’t try to spin this, KeyEast. Do what is right, tell KHJ to own up, compensate this victim as well as any national domestic violence programs in SK.

    My response to his supporters: Pay it forward. If you really believe your man is good and right, donate to a woman/children’s shelter in your area in his name. Read up on how you can assist battered woman in your local community as a pledge of your support.

    If you need help, go find a neutral computer or phone and google “battered woman shelter.” Get yourself out safely.

    And ironically, bitterly, I add, I guess KHJ was a better actor than I gave him credit for.

    • “I guess KHJ was a better actor than i gave him credit for”.

      Ouch. But so good. So good. We were all fooled by his gentle persona.

      • Why can’t he translate that onto his onscreen characters? If he can fool us w/ his sweet, gentle, and flower-boy image, surely he can be a better actor.

    • I think I now understand how Park Shi Hoo’s fans must have felt when they heard the news about their beloved screwing a drunk girl who then accused him of rape. I’m in no way a fan of KHJ but I do have a liking for his smile which is one of the pretiest smiles in kdrama land and because of that I have a rather soft spot for him. Never understand why he went under the knives so many times before when he is already pretty the way he is but it supports a theory that says there’s something wrong with people who couldn’t see and be happy with their real face. If he really beats those girl repeatedly there’s definitely something wrong with him. I’m totally shocked. He looks like a nice gentle kid with incredibly nice smile. Looks is really deceiving indeed. Luckyly, I never equate pretty face with pretty soul.
      I don’t think I would bother watching his future projects after this.

  13. The fact that Key East did not and probably could not deny the injuries sustained by the other party (due to good documentation) just shows KHJ’s guilt. The text messages are just added proof. KHJ has to suffer the consequences. No one, whether a celebrity or not, should be allowed to get away after doing such horrendous act. Good thing I never completely warmed up to him or I would probably grieve like some of his ardent fans. Although I feel sorry for him, I feel sorrier for the girl.

  14. 1. He will probably enlist ASAP.
    2. The spin they will put on this will probably have something to do with his mental state.

    Poor girl, I hope she is ok now. I would have left him the firs time he hit. Please remember, if the guy really loves you, he would not cheat on or hit you. Even if he apologises later, never fall into this trap.

  15. I keep wondering if this is all a conspiracy. I am just more wondering how Dispatch got all that personal text and where did they get those pictures. Not that I am excusing him if he did this, if he is indeed another Chris Brown, then I hope his career is over. Such a shame for someone like Kim Hyun Joon. He had that “IT” factor, it wasn’t just his looks, it was something about him that drew me in when I first saw him in Boys over Flowers Korean Version. If all this is true, he is the Best Actor to have fooled everyone with his act.

    • I also feel the timing is weird and, whether it’s true or nor, am pretty sure there’s a conspiracy behind 😛

      I just think it’s unfair that the show his face and not hers. I think the media shouldn’t have the right to report this until he’s judged already.

      He sure has issues and needs to see a shrink

      • she is not a public figure. The hell?
        Even fantaken photos blur out other people who aren’t celebrities. She needs more protection than anyone right now.
        Imagine if his hardcore fans knew who she is,she’d be in very dangerous situation

      • I’m not saying otherwise. I agree she needs protection and if the allegations are true, she should go all the way and have him punished. No amount of money would makeup the beating and bruises. It would encourage others to do the same if living under the same conditions. I’m just saying that its unfair that we get all the details about it when the police is still investigating. I think public figures should be treated the same as anyone else, with all the good and bad that comes with it. That is all I am saying.

        I just find it weird that we get so many scandals within 1 week. I’m not asking why “A” pressed charges at this time, but why is the media revealing things at this time. My whole critic is just how the media works, it has nothing to do with the case itself.

        And yea Keyeast’s response kinda confirmed the beating. Weather its once or twice doesn’t make that much difference. The fact that she suffered enough to go to the hospital and he didn’t makes it look like one sided. Unless he did secretly, but he went out to the public and seemed fine. And yes if it’s all lies then he should just sue her.

        I’m against any type of abusive relationship, even if just verbally abusive. I’ve seen enough friends suffer from it and it’s hard when you feel helpless to help them when they don’t want to help themselves. If it’s all true, then I admire her courage.

        I’m not even his fan, but I didn’t hate him. I’m just a paranoid person who thinks everything that gets a buzz in the media is there to hide something bigger, that’s all.

    • Whether or not there is a conspiracy on timing of this case doesn’t matter if the facts of the allegations are proven in a court of law to be true.

      Whether there is a conspiracy on the facts of the allegations, i.e it’s all fabricated to frame him, then that matters.

      Keyeast even in the official statement did not say Kim Hyun Joong was framed so that’s clearly not the argument being made in his defense. In which case if there is a so-called conspiracy on timing, then that doesn’t matter at all to whether he beat up his girlfriend multiple times in the recent past.

      A victim of any crime has every right to press charges AT ANY TIME, and whether or not in this case she had other motivations doesn’t negate the allegations that she was beaten up. One is unrelated to the other. If she was trying to shake him down, then Kim Hyun Joong should counter-sue her for extortion and blackmail. But one does not negate the other so it’s spurious arguments at best.

      “A” can be a money grubbing slut in the employ of another agency looking to bring down Keyeast and/or Kim Hyun Joong, that doesn’t matter in the facts of this case where she is alleging he beat her in the course of a fight unless his defense is that she ran into his fist repeatedly in an effort to self-injure herself.

      • Good Point, all I am saying is that how does one know if the “Texts” are between the girlfriend and KHJ. Thanks to all the K-drama I watched,things are never what it seems when the newspaper publish it. Why is KHJ not coming out and giving a statement. I want to hear it straight from his mouth either a sorry, or something not from his company but from him and see his face saying it. Again, not excusing what he “allegedly” did nor saying he did not do it nor am I saying that this whole story is made up, I am just surprised, shocked etc,that KHJ did this to a woman. Like I said, all those that said he can’t act, well he acted so well that all his fans thought he was a great person. Trust me any man that hits a women should go to jail and get his punishment. To me it just seems like, him hitting her wasn’t the cause of her going to the media on this, but his cheating on her. I suppose, him cheating on her is a blessing in disguise since it is the last straw for her to come out to the media to take the mask off the bastard that hit her and for her to escape the relationship with KHJ.

      • Either way, I don’t think I can ever see KHJ in a drama/MV/ or Movie without thinking of this case that he hit a woman, so he lost another fan whether this is true or not. Although, I am not that hurt, more that I am surprised. Well time for him to do his military service.

  16. Well, the texts clearly prove that he hit/physically hurt her… him being sorry afterwards doesn’t mean anything.

    I don’t really mind his PR team being such a fail, it just makes this a clear cut case.

  17. I used to think that his possessiveness, jealousy, and unpredictability (4D) in We Got Married with Hwang Bo were adorable. EWWW…they were bad signs combined with alcohol(and steroid) = aggressive behavior. GIRLS, if you date a guy who is extremely possessive and controlling, run for your life and don’t look back. It will be the best decision of your life.

    • I remember the time when Hwangbo called someone by mistake and a guy answered, then KJH grabbed her in the back of the neck. I thought it was cute but not now.

      • I never watch We Got Married (I think the whole premise is voyeuristic and skewed) but this adds a whole new layer of creepiness…

  18. I didn’t watch any of his dramas before, except BOF. But definitely won’t be now. I hope his butt lands in jail. Seriously.

  19. Oh my coconuts… Wow just wow
    There is no way out for him in any way.
    I’m beyond belief some of the comments if his fan girls, like why did the girl take so long to come out etc seriously! Obviously they dated and liked each other. Imagine some u like or love, the first time he hits u you will find a reason to forgive or forget. Maybe u blame urself maybe it’s was a one off incident. Look at his text! It’s a classic I’m sorry I don’t know why I did it, classical of abusers. Then after having ribs broken that must have did it. BECAUSE it is freakin serious to break a rib. a slap from a bf is enough will break my heart, a shove a push or a kick I maybe can say he lost his temper but the next time I break my ribs, sorry man there is no way to rationalize that!! Her friends and family would have convinced her to speak out. Heck if that’s my daughter or sister i would! Pls fan girls, I can’t believe how delusional one can be.

  20. In a violent relationship, few months is long enough specially between unmarried couples. A violent bf or gf will strike within a few weeks or months depending how often or how close they are. It takes 2 to tango. A man or woman should not over abuse his/her lover/partner verbally, emotionally that will escalate to physical violence when pushed to the wall. Some may just strike as a bad habit. The victim & abuser need help. The victim may need protection.

    I like KHJ. I watch him grow on screen. He has improved tremendously over the years. He seems like a nice person. If he had a violent nature, it would have shown or known earlier among close friends & former girl friends. The report by his current/ex gf that he beat her up on 2 occasions while arguing is bad news for KHJ. I hope that this will clear up soon. Get professional help if he is a violent person needing anger management. Avoid having a gf until he cools off. He was in a great fighting mode in his last drama “Inspiring Generation” that he made his acting so convincing. I was amazed how physically strong & violent he was in the character he played. Tremendous performance. I’d like KHJ to get professional help if he needs one & prove he is not or will not be a violent person. Ex gf who claims to be a victim should get treatment/help to get over her fear? trauma. Good luck for the future KHJ. A young man who works so hard deserves to carry on to have a good future. Reflect & move on.

    • Hi ellen,

      I definitely in agreement with what you said. I’m definitely shock and disappointed about the development. It’s a sad situation for both of them.

      I think he should attempt to get counseling, but I wouldn’t write him off completely. I think Korean culture is very reluctant to assist those with psychological issues. A lot of people commit suicide instead of seeking help. I’m a big believer in second chances. He worked very hard to be in the position he’s currently in, and making a mistake does not necessary trumps all the good he has done in his life. No one’s perfect. Being in the Korean Entertainment Industry is tough with a lot of fierce competition, getting to where he is proves a lot. I’m willing to forgive if learn from his past mistakes and move on.

      • Beating up someone 2 times is NOT a mistake! Why are you trying to minimize the horrible things he did?

    • In abusive situation, it doesn’t take two to tango. Often the abused party is truely innocent and guilty of staying because she “loves” (or has no other option) the abuser; many times staying until he kills her. Anything can spark abusive behavior. My ex-brother in law went through a time in his life when he was abusive towards my sister. He said, anything my sister did or said could set him off. He gave as an example, a request he once had she cook him breakfast; when she did, he got angry because she cooked the wrong egg. She left with the kids one day he was at work. He got through it by turning to relgion, prayer and counseling. He’s happilied remarried as is my sister. Have your own money, ladies.

  21. Not to make light of this but this comment on allkpop cracks me up
    …” And so now u know, why jandi chose gu jun pyo”

    And again I fear for the world reading some of those fan girls comments like it’s only a rib, he just pushed her. She should be lucky to have gotten beaten up by him.
    Like WHAT! If these kids are going to be taking care of planet earth for the next generation we are do doomed.

    • Yup those comments made me fear for the next generation. I hope it’s just a phase and they grow out of it.

      Some comments are also full of hate like they’re happy it happened cuz he’s ugly or they hate to have him on their screen. I don’t get it if u dont like an entertainer just turn off the screen.

  22. I was wondering if anybody has some insight into the mind of fan girls. I really really don’t get their reasoning. I don’t think I’ve been a die-hard fan of anybody or anything, so I really don’t get it.

  23. It shouldn’t be forgiven just because he’s not habitual abuser. Man who raised hands to woman with or without emotions are bad but to the point of hospitalisation is worst. I was never his fan and now will never be.

  24. Idol worshippers have created a frankenstein. I’m glad that this is being discussed openly so that those avid fan girls will be shaken to realities. That those cute pure and innocent are nothing but the opposite of what they are projecting before the camera. Its about time to let it go and go back to textbooks.

  25. here’s another point just before this scandal came about the reports were he may be gay. now the focus is domestic abuse. could his agency want him to be known as an abuser instead of gay?

  26. I’d be a fangirl to a pretty flower boy anytime rather than a serial abuser. No time and no respect for a big strong man who beats up defenceless women. Criminal and hateful behaviour.

  27. Im very disappointed on KHJ,i never thought hes capable of doing such a thing.bt hes done it & hope h gets wht he deserve which is jail ofcos.wish d gal gets better soon & move on after all ds is over

  28. Ms. Koala, I agree with your suggested response but when PSH used it, people took it as an admission of guilt and he had something to hide. The information gets leaked to the public in dribs and drabs which causes them to reach a conclusion. You seem to have decided that certain information is enough factual evidence to reach a conclusion.

    I hope the Korean media take this as an opportunity to discuss domestic violence and what the k-drama industry presents as the acceptable practice of hitting one’s childern and spouse if they need a leason or need correction.

    One of the few good things that came from the incident in the US between a pop star and her boyfriend, was that teen-agers, in my community, started talking about hitting and abusing each other in a “relationship”. As adults we supported these dailogues, by creating a forum with trained professionals to lead discussions and created an ongoing counseling program for teens to speak with a trained professonal about their abusive relationship in a way parents, other teens or community members knew they were seeking help.

  29. @Mary Ann

    Of course its different between police and presecution verdict, thats why i said its very disappointed for public who wait for the justice…

    Just like PSH said confidently at the beginning that ” the truth will be revealled ” and he’s busy to sued everyone left and right…but in the end he dropped it all and just like you see in many K-dramas maybe he had financial settlement with the accuser…

    So, forever i will always ask : Thruth, where are you going ??? LOL

    • The fans and public seldom know the truth and are left to reach our own conclusions. It seems that within Korean society, family takes presidence over personal safety and security. Those dramas that present domestic violence use it as a plot device and not an evil within itself. In drama, The Goddess of Marriage, the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family used her abuse claims against her husband to negotiate a better position for herselve within the family and the family’s company. Once the feminists started addressing it, the US took several decades to change our collective attitude towards domestic violence. Hopefully, this incident speeds up the process in Korea.

      • Yeah…i saw that drama too…

        Its seems money and power can solve everything in Korea, even if someone was commited a crime !!!

        I wonder, will they serve the same treatments for ordinary people too, someone who is not a celebrity or from chebol family ???

        Because in my country though the plaintiff still got the compensations but the accused also put in the jail…

        I’m afraid the resolve of KJH case will be like PSH and left the public with BIG QUESTION MARKS !!!!

  30. One thing for sure, KJH will loose a big slice of his followers, whether proven guilty or not. I’m neither a fan nor a hater of his. I just happen to see a couple of his kdrama .I WONDER why despite of his fame & good features, i didn’t became a follower of him (Normally, i’d become one). Could it be my third eye of being a good judge of character unconsciously kicked in? I hate to be correct if it’s true.

    So bad, he has to be into this mess. Worst, if he actually did it. Disappointing , that’ll be a perfect word to describe it later.

  31. I am equal parts upset and outraged by this scandal.

    KHJ is not my favorite actor in K-Dramaland but I have seen most of his dramas and watched plenty of his interviews and can’t fathom how the seemingly quiet person can be embroiled as a perpetrator in a violent relationship. Then Dispatch comes out with the victim’s evidence and they are so damning!

    I applaud her courage for speaking out about this and hope that she gets justice for his crime and be able to move on as best as she can.

    For his sake, I hope he sees this as an opportunity to come clean, mend his behavior and take stock of what he has done in life. Too much fame, too many people saying ‘yes’ to all that you want, that can’t be good to the human psyche. He needs to be out of the limelight for a good amount of time and maybe if/when he comes back, he would be a changed man.

    • I don’t agree with the Korean idea that one must spend a year or one’s entire life in self reflection before they can appear on a TV drama or movie again. I would like for Public people the Korean Society has decdided are guilty of certain inappropriate behaviors or crimes, be given the opportunity to continue their careers and publically addressed the bad behavior. In some instances the public’s opinion and the public persons’ opinion differ where the public has decided the person is guilty while the person thinks they are innocent. Still a discussion about what the incident was- is it good or bad how to avoid it, how the accused person has changed his/her behavior would be good. KHJ is probably just the tip of the iceberg of people (men and women) who may abuse their spouses or childern in Korea. Punishing him for life will make the wife, who is dependent upon her abuse husband, think twice before reporting him. How will she be able to feed her childern if her salaryman husband loses his job and can’t get another one because, the public beleives the best response to domestic assault is eternal punishment? I wonder if in KJH’s situation if he didn’t want to break up with her or cheat on her, if she would have reported it?

      • I’m sorry but this is a very destructive argument. Why should the ability of the attacker to work again be any of the victims concern, there other modes of supporting oneself that doesn’t rely on the abusers contribution. That just seems like a cop-out, so does that imply that the victim should stay with the abuser to help support the family instead of leaving. Also what are the true consequences of this person’s actions if they do not lose anything but just have to go through counseling and work on themselves (which of course this should come with the punishment because it also about changing a behavior or mode of thought). But I definitely think that losing something a bigger motivator for change than just getting help, to really feel a loss you also look beyond yourself see how you affect others. Plus it is not really at all just for the victim to lose soo much to the abuse (including physical, emotional, psychological loss, etc…) but the perpetrator get to carry on their daily life as normal and get some counseling on the side. I am definitely not a proponent of never being to work anywhere ever because everyone should be a contributing member of society but they definitely need to work harder and maybe struggle a little to understand the consequences of their actions and for society to trust them again. Once trust is broken I believe it should definitely not be given away freely but fought for and earned !!

  32. I agree with Koreans that ask self reflection for years to an entertainer who did crime or big scandal…especially after their fame or money or power can’t put them on the jail !!!

  33. Geez…..
    I bet Keyeast will ship him into military so fast. The only way for hin to be able rise again. After all those court, then enlist. Hmmmm…….
    This always happened there.

  34. Korea Herald reported that she said she was with him from April 2012 but his text here in 2013says: “Don’t leave me. Do you want to live with Oppa?”
    They may have been dating only in 2012 and she may have thoughts about breaking up but he persuaded and invited her to live with him in 2013.

    Korea Herald reported that she said he cheated on her in August 2013.
    She may have accepted his invitation and after that found out that he cheated on her in August 2013.

    She reported that he abused her in 2014. In his text in 2014, he apologised but this time no mention of him asking her not to break up. Instead his text says about her loss of two years.
    From this, it could perhaps be that he lost interest and wanted to break up in 2014. Could she have felt cheated that she gave him her whole self during the dating and living together in the two years and be the one clinging on? Could this be suffocating him?

    • They’re living together!?, he should be nominated as best actor of the century, a liar, womanizer, violent abuser & ( may be sex abuser) pretends to be kind & innocent all these years!!!!!!

      • Based on the info. above. They know each other since 2012 but probably dated briefly, so for 2 years they have been on an on again and off again relationship, not a continues 2 yrs. relationship. Just like what Key East said they only have been together for 2 months (perhaps intimately ). After KHJ realize that he has been trap in an abusive relationship. The girlfriend is abusing him verbally by getting paranoid, obsessive and jealousy non-stop. Imagine when you hear your GF yapping all the time and not trusting you. They fight physically just like what Key East said and both got hurt. After 2 months KHJ decided I don’t want to continue with this abusive/toxic relationship so he ended it before it get worst. If he is an abuser, he could have stayed in a relationship with her and continue to hurt her. This is just how I interpret their relationship. KHJ and Key East wants to visit the police office before end of this week to clear his name. It is the police office who is delaying it to next week.

  35. @buffy Yes, I also think that it could have been dating & living together which are all done in the two years. Therefore it could not be said that they lived together for two years. Where jealousy is concerned, hell can break loose and abuse in words and action can take place. Some women throw things at their men too. Then there are cases where a girl seduces a rich man. Then later on when she asks him to marry and if refused the man is reported as having raped her. Even truth can get twisted eg of the serpent deceiving Eve. We really need to see the whole picture in KJH’s case and not be one sided.

  36. I think that’s a little imagination on the part for the above comments
    Honestly doesn’t matter what was the nature of the relationship. Fact was she was hurt enough for medical treatment and tormented enough to send such a sms (to which he did not rebute but apologize and hope the bruises and pain go away) – while he was ok enough to travel for concerts and sing la dance on stage. It’s obvious who is the victim. Doesn’t matter if she threw the first punch, a man that follows that with fist and kicks, that’s LOW. U cannot deny that. And if it was anything less serious u would expect key east and KHJ himself to come out with a straight and no nonsense rebuttal. Anything up to now have just shown nothing but guilt. A lot of girls don’t realize violence is not a one off mistake, it shows the dept of character. A guy just don’t throw punches to a girl, no matter the reason because one can just walk away. I’m not saying he can’t be up for redemption or change for the better but he has to pay for this mistake. It’s hard for fan girls but maybe it’s time to face the reality that your oppa (whom of course u don’t really know as a person personally) is not the image he projects, he’s not naive or innocent, neither is he incapable of violence. He is not the victim here. If u ever have been beaten or abuse before you will know how much it hurts. Do not trivalize the issue or the victim.

  37. @buffy and Kathy — Yes! you guys are totally right! Based on all the info provided on the KHJ case, unicorns also exist in the Forrest of Delusionland and shit rainbows for breakfast.
    The best part of your comment? The “(perhaps intimately)”. Lmao, yeah your oppa who is chased by thousands of pretty girls everyday is still a virgin at 28 years old. He is so pure and innocent, so how dare this jealous woman even bring up such lies about oppa?!?

    I can’t even begin to imagine the craziness that goes on in your twisted fan girl brains…

  38. My comments were not against the victim or to make light of the issue but to remind not to be one sided. I was also showing both sides of the coin. The text messages are not enough to write him off. Why am I saying this? Because I know someone who went through something quite similar. She married a businessman who had to entertain and quite often keep late nights. She would nag and nag and question him when he comes home. She would get jealous when he talked to other women which he could not avoid in his work. Initially he explained that it was due to business but later on he just kept silent. This angered her and she started to be verbally abusive. Instead of supporting him in his business, she became obsessively jealous. One night she verbally abused him and started him him and he could keep silent no longer because he was so stressed at work and at home. He grabbed her hands to stop her and pushed her to the floor. She fell and bled (2 months pregnant)and he sent her to the hospital. She had to do a D&C (abortion). He was remorseful and sorry even though he had not beaten her and only pushed her. Her stress and depression were also contributing factors to her weak fetus and the fall triggered the abortion. Outsiders would have thought he beat her up and caused that abortion just as netizens are writing KHJ off because of his apology. Well, she did not leave her husband and they both made up. A few months later, he had to come home late and she again did the same thing and accused him of having affairs. He got fed up and started a relationship with another woman. Their marriage ended in divorce a few years later. Her husband was never an abusive man. By the way, I am not a fan of KHJ nor is he my Oppa. I am just someone who cannot stand injustice and one sided judgement on him even when he has not revealed his side of the story yet.

    • And by “his side if the story”, you mean from his own mouth, right? Because last I checked Keyeast’s 1st statement has already confirmed that they did in fact physically fight. And by the way, Dispatch has just released the pictures of her injuries, so we can see with our own eyes what were the aftermath of this fight they ACTUALLY had with each other, again, per KeyEast statement, which is pretty much info they had to confirm with KHJ himself before they released it.

      Also, since you like to play “what if?”, let me indulge you.
      What if you were wrongly accused of doing something inherently reprehensible, like stealing, wouldn’t you vehemently deny the accusations right away? One thing human beings hate with a passion is to be wrongly accused.
      So KHJ’s silence speaks volume to me.

  39. Kim Hyun Joong in his line of work having to entertain thousands of fans in the limelight should be very taxing. It is not easy in the entertainment industry facing stiff competition with new and fresh faces cropping up. And right now he still stick to his priority to continue his concert even though faced with this issue. We don’t really know what actually happened between them so let us refrain from judging him and just wait until he is able to come back and say his piece.

    • KE (on behalf of KHJ) already confirmed she got hurt TWICE in only TWO months of their dating. Isn’t that enough *hints* for you?

  40. It is sad to see wealthy, famous people can get away with everything & anything. This case will settled out of courst. So obvious! To the person who owns this blog, you are an amazingly genius person. You totally gain my respect!

  41. Domestic abuse falls into a common pattern, or cycle of violence:

    Cycle of violence
    Abuse – Your abusive partner lashes out with aggressive, belittling, or violent behavior. The abuse is a power play designed to show you “who is boss.”
    Guilt – After abusing you, your partner feels guilt, but not over what he’s done. He’s more worried about the possibility of being caught and facing consequences for his abusive behavior.
    Excuses – Your abuser rationalizes what he or she has done. The person may come up with a string of excuses or blame you for the abusive behavior—anything to avoid taking responsibility.
    “Normal” behavior – The abuser does everything he can to regain control and keep the victim in the relationship. He may act as if nothing has happened, or he may turn on the charm. This peaceful honeymoon phase may give the victim hope that the abuser has really changed this time.
    Fantasy and planning – Your abuser begins to fantasize about abusing you again. He spends a lot of time thinking about what you’ve done wrong and how he’ll make you pay. Then he makes a plan for turning the fantasy of abuse into reality.
    Set-up – Your abuser sets you up and puts his plan in motion, creating a situation where he can justify abusing you.
    Your abuser’s apologies and loving gestures in between the episodes of abuse can make it difficult to leave. He may make you believe that you are the only person who can help him, that things will be different this time, and that he truly loves you. However, the dangers of staying are very real.

  42. Funny how no one came back to retract their statements after bashing an innocent man. I wish you all goodluck in your judgemental lives. Perchance you all managed to avoid reading that her claims were all lies?

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