Super Junior Revs Up Promotions for First Comeback Album in Two Years with Mamacita

Watching Super Junior launch promotions for its first album release in two years gives off the happy wave of nostalgia. I know these boys aren’t that old nor do I think their time has passed, but in the fast-changing landscape of Kpop it’s pretty clear SuJu is like the daddy or granddaddy nowadays. I don’t mind young or old as long as their stuff is good and I’ve always had a soft spot for these guys since the year that was “Sorry Sorry” back in 2009. This new album will have ten boys on it and it’s close enough to the whole gang minus departed Han Geng, permanent hiatus Kibum, and in the army Yesung. I’m totally psyched for Heechul, of course, but also am quite fond of Donghae and Siwon. What? Don’t judge. Their lead single is called “Mamacita” and will have latin and Bollywood inspired musical origins. The batches of photo teasers released so far are all super cute to me even if it seems rather low-budget considering SM went all out on EXO when it launched.

The main theme is cowboys (along with matador and gentleman ones) and the same concept is extended to the just released MV teaser as well. What I love about SuJu now is that all the members have launched into different careers such as acting, variety shows, solo albums, stage performances, etc., so when they are back being an idol boy band I feel like it’s a side job where I can enjoy them being self-aware in sharing the experience together. The musical teaser had me grinning the whole way through starting with Leeteuk as a robber in jail and Siwon as a smarmy sheriff plus Donghae looking like a long bounty hunter and finally there was Heechul as the bartender with his trademark smolder. The boys are coming back and based on how charming this whole Mamacita concept is I think the full MV dropping on August 29th will definitely be fun is nothing else.

Super Junior “Mamacita” Teaser:


Super Junior Revs Up Promotions for First Comeback Album in Two Years with Mamacita — 17 Comments

  1. I think this is then first time you blogged about Super Junior. Reading just the headline made me grin and smile really wide!

    I am super excited about their comeback because Heechul, KangIn and Lee Teuk are back all in one album. Hopefully I can catch them on their world tour this year.

    Suddenly miss @soluna413 and @enderkay, all those hours we spent fangirling over SJ

  2. Latin AND Bollywood themes!! Hot-diggity. I’ve been looking for some Super Junior to add to my class lineups!! I bet this is gonna be GREAT!!!

  3. Latin and Bollywood inspired musical elements? I’m in! I’ve noticed more latin influence in Kdrama OSTs lately, and I love it. Lol @ “ayaya”~ I’m assuming they mean “ay ay ay”.

    The teaser is really fun. SuJu is less about raw talent and more about packaging, so they’re smart to play up their strengths. I still listen to “Sorry Sorry” sometimes when I exercise~ I’m looking forward to some new fun SuJu tracks to add to the list.

  4. When Heechul was the bartender I said, Of course” and when Kangin appeared I was WTF?

    Are my biases obvious? I do like Teuk working a prison break in there
    Is that Siwon/Donghae soft spot from Arielvs MV and Skip Beat? (I’m still bitter that MV was offered to Geng and SM pushed them instead)

  5. thanks Ms. Ockoala for this!!! Im a fan of your Kdrama recaps but this one feels like I received a bonus from you.. Kamsahamnida!!! Love SuJu dorks 🙂

  6. When the promos were first released, I expected ABDC’s Lil Mama to do a featuring, hence the tribute and spotted a blonde chick with da boyz. Turns out Eunhyuk has grown and dyed his hair. LOL
    “Sorry sorry” was my 1st ever SuJu song, thanks to “City Hall”. [sigh] After attending a 2012 SM Town Tour date, my hunch was confirmed – only KRY are the talented singers. So nope, not interested, esp. with SME behind.
    If SuJu are the granddads, what are Shinhwa then? 😀

  7. Ms. Koala ur giving us news abt SJ? Man, this is unexpected, thanks so much. When i saw the headline, i was like whaaaaat?! Hahaha. To think i jst spent the afternoon listening to ‘It’s you’ and ‘Opera’ then this evening, am getting news abt a new track….with Kangin, Heechul and Leetuek in the pack! Hot damn. Thanks again, ms Koala.

    Ps. I missed Teukie so much, am glad he’s back. Love this!!!

  8. I always open your web every day to read your recap and found you also post celebrity news often recently..
    and this news was really made me smile widely bacause I am a diehard fan of Suju, haha..
    even last Saturday I came to their performance in Jakarta..
    Thank you so much for your recap and this post..

  9. SJ back with a full album is the best news I’ve heard in a while, and a great way to start off my week! I kind of feel sorry for Kangin the Fruit Shop Owner. It’s not quite as sexy as the other guys, but I love the randomness of it, like they got through all the obvious ones (though, when was a bullfighter ever in the Wild West?) and still had to find something for Kangin.

  10. “solo albums” *sobs* how I wish SM would give Kyuhyun a solo album lol

    Anyway, they are the group that brought me into the kpop world, and is still my favorite group. I love the things they do for the fans, and really, they are one of the few groups who would even dare to do this kind of concept, much less pull it off. Hopefully the song would be good.

  11. Got my first exposure to Super Junior with Sorry Sorry during City Hall, and have been an elf ever since. Eagerly anticipating 7th Jib…thank you Ms Koala.

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