Photographic and Medical Records in the Kim Hyun Joong Violence Case are Released by Dispatch

Whelp, shit got real and got there fast for the biggest mess of Kim Hyun Joong‘s career. If it’s of his own making, i.e. courtesy of his fists and feet, then he’s going to have to take responsibility in the end whether through settling with the accuser or actually getting probation/jail time. Either way it’s really between him and his now ex-girlfriend who accused him last week of two separate incidents of domestic violence. I don’t have an opinion on whether a victim ought to settle or press charges all the way, accepting financial recompense does NOT make the victim’s allegations any less valid and the decision to settle or not involve a bajillion factors most of which are personal. The police have summoned Kim Hyun Joong in for questioning and reportedly he is scheduled to attend in early September after he returns from overseas after completing his concert promotions.

I have no problem with that since the allegations are not over a crime that poses a threat to the public and there is no urgency sake since the victim is not laying on her death bed or anything or the investigation needs to be sped up. If he was in Korea this week he would probably have to make time to testify but his long scheduled concert tours really can’t be cancelled over this particular allegation since the fallout involves other parties financially tied to the tour. Dispatch continues to take the side of accuser “A” and this time released her medical report and pictures taken at the hospital when she was admitted for the injuries sustained in one of the domestic violence incidents. This is the one where Keyeast claimed the two got in a verbal escalated to physical fight. The agency has been asked to respond to these pictures as well as the text messages released earlier that appear to refute the first official response given and this time Keyeast said that it will no longer respond to the media and will let the facts be revealed through the investigation. A warning before you click that the pictures below might be upsetting to see.

The comment threads on the Kim Hyun Joong posts have been understandably all over the place, and honestly I really don’t care if any of his fans want to continue to support him. It’s a personal choice which entertainer to like. Heck, Charles Manson and Scott Peterson have legions of fans and folks who want to marry them. I’m not even being snarky about this, the world is large and many MANY different people live in it. Let one keep on loving Kim Hyun Joong now or even in the future when all the facts have been litigated, but I have to comment on the excuses and explanations that are given to keep trying to justify liking Kim Hyun Joong because he’s such a good guy. In light of the fact that Keyeast has admitted that Kim Hyun Joong’s fist met “A” on one fighting occasion, and the other her rib magically cracked after fooling around with him, I think those two confirmed facts are enough to have the opinion that he’s a man who resorted to physical violence against a woman. Whether its habitual or extends beyond his ex-girlfriend is not for anyone to speculate at this time.

What’s critical is that fan defenses such as (1) she must be a jealous nagging girlfriend and verbally pushed him too far, or (2) she’s only pressing charges after he broke up with her, such speculations DO NOT MATTER in the context of the facts of this particular case. Being a nagging girlfriend who bitches out her man to the point he loses his temper, that is no defense for the man to then turn around and hit her. If you look at the pictures of her injury, the bruises are not accidental but are actual strikes to that body part. He didn’t push her away and she was so slight as to go flying into some bookshelf and then got injured by other items. Those bruises above are actual fist to body black-and-blue bad shit. That does not come from anything other than anger with an intent to punch the target. I’ve handled pro bono plenty of domestic abuse cases and it is never a legally accepted justification for the abuser to give the reason he lost his temper and hit his wife/girlfriend as her emotionally instigating it.

Let me give you an example using a different context – guy A walks down the street and runs into girl B and annoys her when she mistakenly thinks he kicked her dog but really it’s another guy C who did it. Girl B won’t let it go and keeps yelling, screaming, bitching at guy A about it. Does this give guy A legal justification and defense for then beating the crap out of girl B for being unreasonable and a harpy? OH HELL NO. The only defense to assault and battery is to defend oneself or others against imminent physical harm, not using a fist as a response to mean words being said. Being goaded into it is not a valid defense – for every guy A who loses his shit and hits girl B for being an annoying wank, there is another guy who would have just walked away rather than losing his temper. And if “A” resorted to violence first, then Kim Hyun Joong’s side will need to raise that defense, but it won’t be enough to exonerate him because of the size differential and the fact that he struck her to the degree she needed medical treatment.

The key is losing one’s temper to the point of physical violence, not what the other person did to make you this angry. What the other person did as provocation be used as a sentencing mitigating factor but not as to whether the actual violence occurred. As for why she’s pressing charges now? Who the hell cares, all the law cares about is whether her allegations are true or false. If true then it doesn’t matter if she waited months or even years as long as the statute of limitations is still valid, and if it’s false then her pressing charges the second after he hit her doesn’t make it any more valid. Never ever question why and when a victim decides to press charges unless you’ve stood in her shoes and feel whatever she is feeling after being hit by a man who claims to love her. Those who work in domestic violence shelters or with survivors of DV know that the number one reason the woman doesn’t leave immediately is fear. Once you’ve been beaten by someone claiming to love you and then apologizing afterwards, you’ll understand the deadly cycle of abuse that makes this one of the most pervasive crimes around the world regardless of ethnicity or culture.


Photographic and Medical Records in the Kim Hyun Joong Violence Case are Released by Dispatch — 165 Comments

  1. Take out “girl” and “guy” and insert “person”. It doesn’t matter whether it’s men or women as victims or perpetrators, violence from anyone against anyone is never okay.

  2. It is incredibly difficult to press charges against an abuser. One woman I knew was thrown into a shower door, which then broke, but she had her sister-in-law, who was a nurse, stitch her up rather than going to a clinic or hospital where it would have been immediately reported. Why would she do this? She did not have the support. She did not want to hurt the family. She was too afraid. She only recounted this to friends months after it happened.
    So my prayers go out to this girl, who suffered through this and now must suffer through investigation, interrogation, hatred from delusional fans, disbelief, an endless cycle of reliving the experiences, and eventual exposure of her identity. I do not ask why she is pressing charges now; I applaud her for the strength to do it at all, and I hope she has plenty of people around her to support her.

    • It’s hard to understand how an abused person would not seek help from family and friends immediately… until you’ve known someone who did and understood what happened.

      My sister was a victim of domestic abuse. She had been physically and verbally assaulted by her husband. She didn’t run back home to our parents until she was in a situation when she thought she was in danger of being gang-raped by her then husband and his friends. She had nothing but the clothes on her back and had not had the chance to take her two kids with her. We were all glad that she took off when she did and we didn’t have to see her badly maimed or dead before we find out. She said she was afraid we would blame her because her decisions led her to get pregnant twice before the age of 20, and despite being properly raised and cared for by our parents, she made some pretty bad decisions.

      Another friend had a similar experience which she just told us only years after it happened. She was in an abusive relationship for years and didn’t tell her parents because it was her decision to be with the guy.

      Now in our family, we are telling my sister’s kids that if they are in trouble, they should seek help from us immediately. It doesn’t matter how or why it happened, they have to tell us. They can tell us anything. We won’t judge and we won’t blame them.

  3. They’re really going for the jugular with this. Does Dispatch have a thing against KHJ or Keyeast? I get that this is sensational and first to report this gets more readers/ad money, but the reveals are coming so fast it feels a little personal maybe? Perhaps editor/owner has a close friend/relative who went through the same thing and so Dispatch is very sympathetic toward A and vindictive toward KHJ? Props to the journalist though. That is some serious sleuthing he/she did. Unless A and her lawyers fed it to Dispatch themselves of course. Whatever the reason, I hope KHJ gets his just desserts. At the very least for that one “incident” both sides acknowledged had happened.

    • I think A must have fed it to dispatch to garner public sympathy and such (which obviously should be there anyways). There definitely shouldnt be any props to the journalist if they found out on their own bc they definitely would have broken laws in terms of doctor patient confidentiality and the release of private medical reports…

    • Dispatch either got it from A or has a source in the police station since A handed over to the police her medical records and evidence of her dating relationship with KHJ such as pictures and text messages.

      • Hi, there’s something I’d like to clarify. Some people have mentioned that evidence revealed to the public prior to the investigation or court case means that they cannot be submitted as evidence in court legally. Is this the case here? And if so, that’s rather confusing, regardless of who chose to release it.

      • No, evidence revealed to the public does not in and of itself invalidate its admission in a court of law. Whether evidence can be admitted depends on many factors.

  4. not sure how he’s going to explain it. Domestic abuse is such a vicious cycle. Not only the victim are being physically abused but the emotions toll is just as worst. It’s very difficult to just up and leave an abuser.

    I have worked with someone where her daughter was abused for many years. The daughter kept on taking her abused boyfriend back because each time he would apologized and cry…and said he would change. But things only got worst. Well….the abused got so bad she decided to leave and had a restraining order against him. Guess what happened? One day he followed her to her new place and beat the crap out of her….stabbed her but somehow she managed to get away and ran for help before she passed out. The doctor said he missed her vital organ by a hair thread or else she would have died.

    The statement when KHJ said that when he’s with her he sees a side of him he hasn’t seen in years. That is an indication that he has behave this way before. All these girls that stands behind him doesn’t know exactly what is going on. If they were beaten until they are hospitalized then I am sure they will be singing a different tune. Because fantasy and reality are not that sweet. And most of them are stuck in a fantasy land.

    • Agree 100% with ash’s opinion. DV is a no, no, no. I used to like him despite thinking that he’s gay. Now, I am so disappointed, I just have to LET HIM GO 🙂

    • I am not a “fan girl” but I have been watching this case. As a nurse I am going to point out a few things, the bruises are different colors, the bright blue one is fresh but the others are not. I have a problem with her waiting to report this also. I work in an ER so I am going to tell you a story that happened here in the USA. Some girls do crazy things to keep a guy. We had a young woman brought in that had bruises all over her body with the story her bf did it. As with this one she had a friend backing her up. Cops went and arrested the boy who denied hitting her but did say he pushed her when she stopped him from leaving. upon examination he had bruises on his ribs and arms from her hitting and holding on to him. He swore she was standing yelling at him when he left. Well it went to trial and thankfully the friend caved and admitted they planned it. the girl friend hit herself and the friend hit her to cause the bruises because she wanted to ruin him! This boy almost got jail time for her lies! Now look at the pics they are posting saying it shows their history. I do not read Korean but both have 2014 on the. What if they are not talking about the same thing in the Texts? what if texts in between were deleted? I am a female and as a nurse I have seen a lot of things my sex has done in the name of love! I do not agree to violence but I also know that if she was beat that bad the dr’s should have called the police or reported it! As for “womanizer” it does not say he cheated is said woman problems. That could mean she was insecure with is co-stars and such. This was not a healthy relationship obviously so before you lock him up make sure she is telling the truth 100 percent. Lies are just as harmful when they get out of control!

  5. As a result of this event and seeing the so many people hit within the family in Korean dramas, I did a very small review of articles on the internet about domestic violence in Korea. One article discussed the K-drama standard couple of purehearted girl who finally warms the heart of the cold -often wealthy-man after suffering various types of abuse at his hand. This actor played one such cold man whp finally warms up because of love in Playful Kiss. As K-drama fans, we should ask the studios to rethink this plot rubrick. The second was a more news related article from May 2012 entitled Is Domestic Violence Taken Seriously In Korea? Korea has a higher rate of domestic violence within the family than most other developed countries. I hope this icident regardless of outcome serves as an opportunity for Korean Society to move ahead in addressing abuse within the home.

    • WRT purehearted girl warming the heart of the cold man, that plot device is EVERYWHERE.

      It’s not only in kdramas, but all throughout western stories (cf. Twilight, 50 shades of grey, most romance novels, etc.).

      There’s a reason it’s so ubiquitous, in that it sells really well, even though it very, very rarely happens in real life.

      The problem is that in the vast majority of cases in real life, it’s pure fantasy, and a lot of women can’t differentiate fantasy from reality or want to live in fantasyland versus facing the cold, harsh light of reality.

  6. Maybe it’s the social ranking that gives certain people the feeling of superiority: if you’re older, if you are parents, if you are rich, higher up in a company…these higher ups are bow to, spoken to in a more respectful language. Maybe if they make everyone equal, then DV will lessen. It’s the cultural, the laws/courts, & how the kid was raised to think it’s no big deal to hit.

  7. As an domestic violence advocate, I really appreciate your point of view on this. Victim blaming really needs to end, nobody ever deserves to be hurt like this.

  8. I had formed my opinion after the texts were released.. But initially I thought ‘she probably started it’ defense was plausible before I saw the pix. He pushed, she fell/slipped, something similar. I don’t see how that defense could apply anymore…

  9. One who professes to be a lawyer would know better than to write a one sided opinion publicly even before the actual direct and personal investigation of the suspect.

      • I understand what @kathy means. Lawyers should be professional and be very careful in what they say or write publicly.

    • This is a blog. Her personal blog. Bloggers tend to have opinions. She gave her professional definitions of her experience with DV. And legal definitions of assault and battery. And her personal opinions.

      And this is not a case law class. Neither is it a legal article. Why does Ms Koala feel the need to be neutral? Then she doesn’t need to blog then? Would she?

      • Thank You, Lawyers can have opinions, and it is true Ms. Kola is entitled to hers. I was trying to be nuetral also. But come on, once his agency had to make that admission. It was all over for me. They were playing around? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, its a duck. This is a case of domestic violence no matter how I look at it.

    • @kathy

      Oh boy, you really don’t know what you’re talking about, right? I don’t profess to be a lawyer, I am one as evidenced by my passing the bar exam and being licensed to practice in multiple jurisdictions. I may profess to be a writer by my writings here at my blog, but my legal credentials are not merely my assertion that I have them.

      Secondly, lawyers more than anyone else do and often have opinions about ongoing legal cases based on the information currently available. The only time our professional ethics would prohibit us from talking about a case is if we are involved as legal counsel. Since I am neither Kim Hyun Joong nor A’s lawyer, then I can talk all I want about the case.

      A judge in a case needs to remain impartial and not form an opinion if the judge is presiding over that case, otherwise even judges are free to form their own opinions about other cases. The public is allowed to have their own opinions and only when selected as a jury member in a particular trial do they have to swear to listen to the facts are presented in the trial and render a verdict based only on those facts.

      As a lawyer and a blogger I’m confident I am professional in either field and haven’t actually written anything I need to regret or rescind. I think what you meant to say is that as a blogger I shouldn’t have an opinion yet since the investigation is ongoing. That’s a fair point but my blog was never a news blog where I am taking on the role of a journalist to merely present facts. I’ve always written my opinion so I don’t believe I’ve written out of sorts in this particular matter.

      It’s pretty douchey to call out how a lawyer ought to behave when you don’t have a clue what the ethics of the profession actually are. Plenty of lawyers write editorials on current cases, the only hitch is what I said above about the conflict of interest or attorney-client privilege. Neither of which applies here.

      • Well said… Sometimes it’s better to keep one’s comments to oneself, lest one’s ignorance becomes apparent.

        I love reading your write up on this issue. You’ve clearly fished out the points that matter and identified the rest as just a crap load of bull shit.

        The photos are disturbing. Seriously. What an asshole.

      • Might I just say that you write very well and I particularly enjoy it when you hand out a well-deserved ice cold can of legal whoop-ass.

      • He is really “great”! Although most of his fans are women, his future & his rice bowl are depend on women, he dare to cheat & torture women.
        Anyhow,he may have no choice to retire now since he can retire comfortably with the money that he earned from women.
        Sorry, I tend to be sarcastic to men who are looking down on women.

      • When they cant fault your sound logic, they attack your credibility. When they cant fault that too, they attack your professionalism/ethics. Bullies for their oppa didn’t do it.
        They are not even reading the fact that He ADMITTED hitting and injuring her. Now some wanna see the face. For what??? Like some PSH fans, when her face got revealed. Some claimed, he was seduced. In this one most likely, some would say she has a nagger’s face?

    • She’s not his/her lawyer. She can say whatever she wants. This is her blog etcetc.
      I’ve read a lot of articles by lawyers having very firm stands on high profile cases, before they’re ever finished. Especially on what the accused’s position is based on current evidence. Not just on blogs either, in newspapers!

      She should read all her blogs on the issue again? Why? I’m sure she remembers every word. She already said that she doesn’t feel she said anything she needs to rescind, and neither do we.

  10. It is sad to see so many who are quick to pass judgement. It won’t be too late to wait for the man to come home and be investigated first, would it?

      • Keyeast had stated a few things but even so everything is shaky. Eg. The statement that her cracked rib was due to them fooling around is torn apart and twisted. Judgement should be until proven guilty

      • They admitted, that he hit her. Whether ‘only’ once or not is unimportant. Did she break her rip by coughing (possible) or did he push her like she claims is unimportant. Fact is, that he hit her. There is no excuse to such a behaviour. No. Excuse.
        All the details how often it happened and what kind of injuries she suffered are unimportant.

        They ADMITTED he HIT her.

      • Gosh, a woman can get away with anything but man who may have done only one wrong and apologised is branded as bad forever. How sick can society be!

      • I agree, a society in which women claim an abuser who admitted his deed is innocent is sick to the core.

        But why am I surprised? There are plenty women out there, that fall for a murderer reading about him in the news and marry him in jail.

        BTW I’m not against forgiving KHJ after treatment and punishment, I’m solely against still calling him innocent after his agency’s confession.

    • Most people are quick to judge, because it’s a trait which does us good in a situation where quick decision-making is key. This is probably not one of those situations.

      That being said, what do you think is the probability that there’s an explanation in which KHJ DIDN’T abuse his girlfriend? 10%? 5%? 1%?

      The probability to me seems to be getting lower and lower.

    • Why should we wait? They already admitted he hit her and the pictures are here showing the results. What else is there to know?

      Do you honestly think he’ll go to jail? Or that his guilt or innocence will ever be proven one way or the other? Don’t make me laugh. He’ll pay her off and this will go away.

      • Here’s a thought on why we should wait:
        1. because we are outsiders- we are not the police doing the investigation.

        2.We do not know the whole extent of the situation.

        3.We do not have the entire text messages from both side to form a judgement yet anyways. The text messages provided are only excerpts and it may be taken out of context.

        It’s important to remain neutral and look at the EVIDENCE before one form any kind of decisions. A lot of times when you jump to conclusions and do not know the whole extent on the situation, you are wrong.

        That aside the pictures are rather convincing evidence. But I don’t mind that people are saying that we should wait for his side of the story. Sounds plausible enough.

      • What I can’t understand is why do we have to wait so long for his side of the story, it’s a week already. He or his lawyers need to issue a statement asap, and not the super vague type like the one made by his agency. Facts are facts, it shouldn’t take too long to state them. So, the longer he takes, the fishier it looks.

      • to reply to Febe’s comment-

        I’m not KHJ.. So I can’t possibly answer you why. But here’s a thought he’s out of the country on tour. It’s a full time job that requires him to practice his dance moves, and perform to thousands of fans who purchase their tickets and expect to get their worth during the performance. So I’m sure he doesn’t want to be distracted at the moment. Yes his lawyers may discuss the situation, but they may need to speak with him to know the full extent of the situation I presume. Maybe at the moment, he’s too busy to deal with this issue.

      • I understand he’s back in the country since Monday and will be leaving again this weekend for another performance. Considering how damaging all these releases by Dispatch are to his reputation, he should give this issue his top priority.

  11. What I want to know is how does Dispatch keep getting its hands on all of these? Does the ex-gf give the stuff to them (and if so, why? I realize Korea does not have jury trials but the more people outside the investigators handle things, the more there is a possibility for tainting the evidence/muddying the waters/etc).

    Regardless of the above, there is no excuse for a person to beat another one like that, ever, unless it’s self-defense. Or they are MMA fighters going at it hardcore. Neither of which applies here, so bye bye, KHJ!

    • I feel like this is a smart way for A to go though because HJ has a lot more public power being a celebrity as well as a more powerful team of lawyer behind him (so far though KeyEast needs to get their money back), so for A, it looks like her one weapon is to spread the evidences out first in the news. My impression is that Dispatch while a pretty gossipy tabloid seem to have a legit sources that back their stories up so I can’t see the text messages and these reports fabricated.

      • Exactly. He has a lot more power in this situation than she does. Using the media and controlling the narrative is a smart move on her part.

  12. I was a KHJ fan UNTIL this news came out. This is so sad and disappointing. I hope his girlfriend recovers from the injuries soon.

  13. Thanks Koala for the updates…what KJH has done is truly abominable and smh at anyone who’s defending him…like what???
    Also I am wondering about this possibility of settlement–is this state pursuing this as a criminal case? I mean it sounds like police and prosecutors are looking into this, and if it is a criminal matter, I would’ve thought that the defendant doesn’t have the option to settle with the victim and that he could really only plea bargain with the prosecutors? I was also wondering about this in the context of PSH’s rape case and how that managed to be “settled.” If anyone has insight, I would be happy to learn. Thanks!

  14. Koala, I don’t understand why the hospital didn’t report the abuse after she showed up being beaten on more than one occassions? I’ve seen the photo of the gf, if in fact her. She seems like a quiet , reserved girl.

    • maybe in korea there is no law requiring hospitals/medical practitioners to report to authorities if they see evidence that a patient is a victim of domestic violence. if that is the case, then all a medical practitioner can do is to advise/encourage the patient to report the incident to authorities.

      or maybe at the time GF A sought medical help she denied that she was a victim of DV if/when she was asked if her injuries were the result of DV. I heard that many victims of abuse tend to deny at first that they were abused by a loved one.

    • I actually read about this.
      In many countries, if the adult victim doesn’t want to press charges, the perp won’t be arrested. They can be questioned, however.

      In most US states, if the victim is a minor or a senior citizen, the health care provider is required to report to the police on their behalf if they suspect a crime has been committed.

  15. The bruises in her arms and legs are from her trying to shield her body, possibly lying on a fetal position. Didnt he learn martial arts for his latest drama? He sickly practiced on his gf. What a scumbag !

  16. i am saying to allow each person the benifit of doubt. why is it ok for only men to have emotional issues that manifest in violence? we do not have all the facts just miss a’s perspective. some women react badly to their man cheating on them. maybe she hit him first and he pushed her off and she kept coming. angry people are fuelled until they calm down. we dont know what happened.
    i am not justifying violence. the whole world needs to think first and seek the path of reconsiliation.
    if he is wrong so be it. he gets what he gets and brought it on himself!
    allow for her too to be wrong. she like me (him & you) is a person with flaws.

  17. Not a fan nor a hater of KHJ.

    If he did this to Miss A, then OMG, that’s Bloody awful!
    Miss Koala it’s seems that it may be true from your above comment, where his agency confirmation along with other facts really makes it a fore gone conclusion that he was the perpetrator and she the victim.

    No matter who you are,famous, rich or whatever, it does not give anyone any rights to physically abuse someone else, ‘EVER’ FULL STOP.

    Miss A, should have seek help and taken action the very first time it happened, but none of us are in her shoes, so really can’t judge her, she does what she has to do, when she felt it was necessary. allowing people to see herself in that state, is very brave. Because most victim most likely wished to never remember such an ordeal ever!

    You can never tell what a person is really like, the persona they portray on stage, in front of the cameras is not their true self. He looked and seemed like a gentle guy, but if his fist can do that, then that meant that he had intentions to hurt and hurt badly, his targeted victim!!

    I liked him in the two drama’s I’ve watched with him in, BOF’s and PK. I’m not a fan nor a hater of KHJ. But if this is proven to be true, then I guess he will have to take a long spell of absent from the entertainment industry, his career may or will be over. he may have die hard fans, but supporting abusers only makes them feel more empowered, they think they are invincible and carry on abusing others, which is soo wrong on all levels of conscious thinking for me.

    Poor woman for being on the receiving end of such violent abuse. Can’t image her pain and suffering, how many other incidents that may not have resulted in hospital treatment, but were just as bad?

  18. So there is a lady who has brought charges against a fellow, and the authorities are allowing him to continue on with his life as if nothing occurred. He is out there making money, while the victim of his rage is back home suffering from mental and physical abuse? Wow what a bunch of horse plucky is that. By his own words he indicated he has been this angry before, or did I read that wrong. Time will tell what the outcome will be, but since the police are involved and there is substantiated medical and email evidence that this has occurred, I think his derrière should have been brought home before her bruises heal…just my opinion.

    • Her bruises long healed, those above are from May of this year and the cracked rib from July. I’ll argue that there is no rush to question him, the evidence isn’t going anywhere. And if it gives Keyeast time to talk settlement with her then be my guest, that’s between the two sides.

  19. Thanks for the ongoing coverage and your legal insight.

    I like how you give the preface: No matter what she did before he hit her, no matter why she waited before reporting, no matter how Dispatch got the evidence, a crime has been committed.

    I think the victim and Dispatch prepared themselves well in releasing what they have. They couldn’t have dumped ALL the evidence at one time, it would have seemed like they were out to get him – as ludicrous as that actually is – since he is a celebrity and this is NEWS worthy. Let out some facts, let them settle and wait for the counter-arguments. Let out more facts, wait for more discussion. Let out more information and folks will stop wondering IF it is true, but how are KHJ and KeyEast going to reply. It is interesting that Dispatch is accused of having an agenda other than having THE SCOOP of the K-pop decade and wanting everyone to know about it.

    It is more of an uphill battle for the victim than for the accused. She has to make millions of people believe her story over an incredibly popular star and his people, who could bury her with their power. Having the press, and in this case Dispatch on her side, she will be more successful.

    Once again, let’s hope the fans realize the person who truly needs prayers is the girl, the one with the bruises.

    While I do understand there are millions of dollars at stake if he doesn’t perform his concerts, KeyEast will look like the biggest Assholes in the world if they keep putting KHJ on the stage. He can’t be feeling like singing and dancing much right now. The fans who claim they love him should let him go be alone for a little while.

    • I feel bad for him that he needs to perform like a trained monkey for his fans during these concerts when he clearly will be in no mood or mind to do so. If I got a parking ticket it puts me in a bad mood all day, much less have a serious felonious allegation lobbed against me. I’d be curled up in a fetal position either way whether I did it (worried about the consequences) or didn’t (worried about how to fight the charges and get exonerated).

      • Earning a livelihood through:
        1. working hard as a trained monkey;
        2. giving out juicy bits that tend to taint someone’s reputation.
        I would certainly give my respect to no.1’s profession.

      • I find earning a livelihood through giving out (substantiated) juicy bits that tend to expose the ugly side of someone powerful on behalf of everyday people (like you and me) admirable.

      • @kathy:Seriously, you can get this bits everywhere. What is your issue? Every news outlet in Korea is reporting on this. This isn’t some exclusive. It’s just her opinion on the issue. You go into Nate and you’ll see an article describing this in Korean as well. I don’t see how she can be faulted for putting up details of this issue on her personal blog. You can choose not to read it.

        And I hope you’re a young girl who still can’t think rationally when it comes to matters involving your idol. But a few years from now hopefully you will be mature enough to view the issue objectively and not blindly defend someone just because you’re partial to him.

      • @opp I am not a follower of this blog and only stumbled upon it a few days ago. No, KHJ is not my idol nor am I a young fangirl. I am someone who has grown children and who cannot bear injustice. The way he is being hammered and condemned just based on she say (truth?), bits of text messages say (can be taken out of context), Keyeast say (unstable), etc. even before he is available to personally give his statement is extreme.

      • @Kathy. I think those pictures speak for themselves. And I’m not sure what he could personally say that differs from Keyeast’s statement, which he probably was consulted on. The evidence is pretty rock solid–if his reputation is “tainted,” he did it to himself.

        Anyway, I guess mostly it comes down to how you process these kind of things? Personally, I’m glad Koala posted about it, because I feel like having a place for discussion (and yes, condemnation) is important, but I can understand why some people such as yourself are uncomfortable with it. However, this blog has done nothing but rehash what’s already been reported on in the Korean media (and Koala is free to give her own opinion on it, like you and me), so there’s absolutely nothing unseemly or really even gossippy about it. I would suggest that if it upsets you, then maybe you should skip this post?

  20. I would request that everyone stop the name calling and fingers pointing and wait for the verdict. I’m sure we don’t want to be responsible or contribute to a person committing suicide because they can’t handle this situation. That could happen to fans or parties in this case. Everyone makes mistake, and yes more than once. I’m not going to beat a drum for victim or abuser. They both need a lot of help to get past this situation.

    People are not born victims or abusers. This is a learned behavior. Let this case be tried in the court system.

    • I call bullshit on your statement in this case, Spring. The ideal is commendable and I support it in theory. But I’ll posit you’re not applying your sterling principles equally. Are you also making the same request on all the KHJ fan blogs, FB pages, posts, etc. asking his supporters not to tar and feather “A” as a succubus, a lying jealous bitch, etc.? Because all of that and more is happening as his fans support him through this difficult process.

      It’s human nature to have an opinion, an opinion on news events, on politics, on family squabbles. It’s harmless to air the opinion in comment forums where an entertainer living in the public domain knows and expects to have his/her personal behavior scrutinized. The side that is at risk for committing suicide strikes me more as “A”, being raked through the coals by KHJ fans wanting to believe their oppa did nothing wrong and A either made shit up or totally deserved to be beaten. How would that make you feel if you were A and actually did get beaten up by your beloved boyfriend?

      This case will be tried in court, hopefully no one is arguing otherwise. What is happening in the digital domain is called a court of public opinion. Like it or not, it exists. if you want to ask people to tone it down, the send the request to both sides rather than applying it based on which side you think has the wrong opinion.

      • Human nature to air one’s opinion is a nice and professional way of putting it. Juicy gossip formed based on some information even before any official investigation/interview with the suspect himself would be an ugly way to put it.

      • @ Kathy You called KHJ “suspect” based on these juicy gossip. You are contradicting yourself very badly.

      • If I were to call him ‘abuser’ I would of course be contradicting myself. However, since he is called in for questioning by the authorities, I called him ‘suspect’ which does not mean that he is guilty. He will only be guilty when proven guilty after official investigation. Imagine you have a brother who is in the same situation and almost everyone is doing the same to him as to KHJ. How would you feel. So do refrain from hammering him and just wait. You were not the invisible onlooker when they were dating or having their issues.

      • Here, him and his agency admitted to doing it. So very likely that the girl is telling the truth. I don’t do speculations because of big IF cuz IF never happened. I also never alluded to knowing them. I commented on what was said by him and his agency. You know, agency, representing him.
        Suspect means a person thought to be guilty of a crime or offense. You are calling him that based on what you think is gossip. That’s what I’m calling you out for.You could just used KHJ. Simple as that.
        And don’t wring out any sympathy out of me if it was a relative of mine. Different situation. Different circumstance. Her suffering is different from another woman who suffered physical abuse. Not in any way less than the other.

      • @Jae Really? Well, suit yourself on what you think. I am comfortable and secure in what I think and meant.

      • Then extend the same courtesy when other people doesn’t band with you in defending your idol. We are also comfortable and secure on what we concluded based on supporting pictures, admission and statement issued by his agency. Obviously, its very different from your perspective that he didn’t do anything wrong just basing on emotions for your idol.

      • Hi Ms. Koala,

        We are talking about two people here who somehow ended up at this very emotional and physically cross-road. We don’t know the facts and may never get the entire story. Yes, he has crazed fans who will support him do our die. The question should be why. Low self-esteem maybe?

        Here is what I see:
        If I look at two very popular K-drama’s I find the abuse between the cast is very evident. Let’s take a look at ‘Boys Over Flowers – 꽃보다 남자” – how much abuse did we witness in just the first three episodes? The drama machine made it ok because Jan-Di ended up with her prince. Year 2009. We then take a look at “Heirs – 상속자들 – 왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라”, same story but now 2013. We still see abusive action being played out for all to see.

        And I’m sure you can name a few dramas that follow the same sad plot. Could this be why we have fans that still blindly follow their idol and think its ok to turn a blind eye to abuse?

        If we want people to be treated better we have to start with ourselves. We start by putting ourselves in the shoes of both parties and look for a solution to ensure this senseless act is not repeated.

        I think that starts with something my grandmother once said. She said “You will meet many people along your life journey, some will like you and some will not. Regardless of their opinion remember that you are perfection. Each and every one of you are a gift that is meant to be here. You must treat every person the same as you would want them to treat you – no matter the situation. Always LOVE and respect yourself first.

        This to me means no abusing others and not allowing others to treat me like a punching bag.

        If KHJ was my brother and he committed these acts I would want to know why and get him the help he needs regards of weather I agreed with his actions or not.

        If “A” was my sister I would want to know how she go into such a relationship and why she stayed as long as she did. I would want to protect her and get her all the help she needed to ensure she didn’t end up in another relationship like this.

        I don’t care what they say on KHJ blogs or FB or Twitter. I care about what is shared on Ms. Koala’s site. This is the blogger I follow.

        Final note, when you go into a relationship with a celebrity you must accept the backlash of their fans if you do something to tarnish that image.

    • Typical fangirl reaction: when things dont look good, “take the high road” and say no one should judge too soon.
      People make judgements all the time, day in day out, and to tell people to stop taking their moral compasses out for a spin is to rob them of some of their independence and rights as human beings. To stop making judgements is to become a sheep in the face of injustice and tyranny.
      So to suspend our judgement because “oppa’s fine and cuteee, he couldn’t possibly” is juvenile and ridiculous. Certainly, he will be charged or not by the judicial system, but powerful people have a way of subverting justice and at that point the only recompense is the court of public opinion.

  21. Oh dear those injuries..
    You guys wanna know why these pics are given to the media? Why she is taking charges against him despite being a couple not so long ago.
    Take a rational step back and use your heart for once. If that’s my daughter or my sister, I will freaking release these pics to the mass media, esp when with the nonchalant “we were fooling around and she got hurt and didn’t notice”. These are the rules of the game of small guys vs big guys (no prizes who is who),
    He’s the celebrity with a rich and powerful
    Company to back and prob a good team of lawyers.
    While my daughter/sister is the no namer who even as a victim have to convince the public that he did this to me. I will publish those pictures and whatever evidence. Kudos to her team. When it is David against Goliath, u need public opinion to back u up. And yes girl u have it here. I don’t care if u slap him or even kick him in your fight with him, those injuries obviously showed who was the stronger one. In case you are still delusional, I agree with koala these are fist to skin punch injuries, nothing in the realm of push and oh accidentally hurt her.

  22. Ouch! She seems to be a slight girl too, just looking at the photos of her arms and neck/chest area. How any man his size could strike someone so slight is inconceivable to me. A pretty face on a man does not guarantee a gentle nature. Thanks Ms K for sharing your legal insights. Always enjoy reading your perspective on things.

  23. i will stay loyal to him until the end, after this was realeased i made up my mind, when i thought he was guilty, seriously i thought he was going to spend time in jail!
    but the bruises doesn´t tell me he hit her with a puch or something like that, the parts she shows to us, don´t tell me anything! and that is because i happen to have these types of bruises just by getting hit accidentally with a chair, yes, that serious!
    besides, something is fishy!!! something about this is not rigth! i´m starting to believe more and more that yes they have a fight that escalate to fisical violence, but something is missing!

    but i will wait until the veredict, innocent until proved otherwise!

    • That’s right. Some bruise easily and show up real bad at even the slightest bump especially on fair skins. Bruises also tend to look horrid after a few days too.

    • 1. She got admitted to the hospital for those bruised injuries, it’s not minor bumps that merely look bad.

      2. He admitted he hit her in those text messages where he apologized for doing it.

    • Do you even know me to address me as child. For all you know I may be much older than you. Or is it a prideful way of talking down to someone. Anyway, I am out of your blog and I will make sure my friends stay out too.

      • Of course I was being facetious when I called you child. It’s the same way I assumed you were being when you suggested that Dispatch published photographs that were photoshopped. The likelihood that a major newspaper would either photoshop pictures itself or accept photoshopped pictures without verifying the source and publishing it is supremely unlikely. It fascinates me that you would suggest the 1% possibly of photoshopped pictures versus the 99% probability that a newspaper published pictures it confirmed to the best of its ability were legit. You might as well suggest that these pictures were delivered to Dispatch by a unicorn fairy with the note “nail Kim Hyun Joong’s ass” stuck on it.

        I think it’s fine to support KHJ, I said so even in the body of my post above. But don’t do so with a blind eye towards confirmed and admitted facts or evidence presented without any real reason to doubt its veracity.

      • Haha you guys are geniuses!! You should go and defend KHJ in the Court. I’m sure the Prosecutors and the Judges would LOVE to hear your rants!
        I am dumbfounded to see how blind the fans can be! Waiting for Court’s verdict or final result of investigation all is fine but how can they act completely biased and irrational in front of all these evidence? If a celebrity like him is falsely accused obviously his agency will immediately and vigorously deny the allegations. The fact that the agency delayed in making statement indicates they did it after communicating with KHJ. The fact that they came up with such flimsy and ridiculous excuses indicates that after ascertaining the actual events with KHJ, they thought it’d be impossible to cover it up entirely against available evidences.
        I don’t need anything else, these two things are sufficient for me to believe that KHJ is guilty of domestic violence to at least some extent. As to the degree and history of his violence, for that I will wait for police investigation.
        But the fans of KHJ just completely ignores the statements of his very own agency! Let alone reading between the lines, they aren’t even ready to listen to the actual said by the agency.Next time I’m sure they are going to claim that agency itself was included in the conspiracy!!

      • I’m dumbfounded. Irrational fans everywhere. I was just on a Chinese forum thread discussing about a drama and the topic changed to this issue. A bunch of people came out to say that the girl was maligning him. I’m like… I won’t injure myself to this extent just to extort money out of this dude. I hope people can inspect this matter rationally. You can be optimistic that he didn’t do it even though evidence clearly points to the fact that he did use violence. I just hope that after the verdict comes out you can be true to your words and acknowledge his wrongdoings (ok, IF he did it).

  24. Oh My, a picture without a face can be used as evidence … amazing! Ever heard of special effects to create earthquakes in movies with actors caught up in them? Ever heard of photoshoppe done to pictures?
    Wait until everything has been been tried and tested and verdict delivered in court before giving any more opinions.

    • Don’t be silly, child. Those pictures are only evidence after it’s been substantiated so the prosecutor will need to have the doctor and nurses who admitted “A” testify that they took the pictures on the day she was admitted to the hospital, that those pictures were taken of HER BODY and not another, that those bruises are from those pictures of her. If Dispatch is stupid enough to publish those pictures without confirming its from “A”s medical record then woe on them for being a journalistic organization that doesn’t do its due diligence. I doubt that is the case since it’s still a big publication and no right minded editor would let a story go out without triple checking the sources otherwise LIBEL all the way. And then I would totally be on KHJ’s side to sue the ass off Dispatch for libel if those pictures are photoshopped.

      • I just can’t.
        Child I mean child because you think like one even if your age may not be one…
        Her face is not shown..well to protect her from people like u guys who will flame and burn her on the internet, dig out her private details and find some fault. And let her pics be here on the internet for the next 20-30 years searchable on google. Will u want that? She is not on display because she is a victim who gets protected. Get it? Protected first by the person who hit her but now I presume too, protect against all u delusional crazy fans who are not helping your oppa at all. He needs to admit what he did and not get away from it. And reality is he will, it will end in a settlement, not because He DID NOT do it, people settle for various reasons,
        Primary being : I need my life back and want to move on rather than let the crazy public judge me and burn me and let this crazy nightmare go on and on.
        If I am her, I wouldn’t want to be judged endlessly whether i deserve the beating. The world is a crazy place!!

  25. I think she waited until he left the country so she would feel safer. It’s very difficult to report these allegations to the authorities when the person you are accusing is close by. I’m speaking from experience.

      • A reminded me of Katie Holmes’s surprised divorce to TC. She had to planned meticulously with her dad and lawyers when TC was filming in Iceland presumably out of fear of TC’s strong star power and religion. Good for her!! I hope she’ll move on like Katie Holmes. No one should settle for less, when she could have something better.

  26. This whole thing makes my heart hurt. For both of them. Before anyone gets mad at me for feeling bad for HJ, let me explain. Reality gets very skewed for a lot of people who deal with fame for any length of time. While there are many who look to fame as an aspiration, there are those who have been there with family who realize it has major downfalls. I’ve witnessed it first hand with my child. I won’t go into details, but I will say, as a parent of someone who has achieved a level of fame across the globe, it is heartbreaking to watch as the fame fades, and true reality sets in. Obviously, as a mother of two girls, my heart goes out to the victim. As a mother of a ‘famous’ person, my heart goes out to KHJ’s family who will have to pick up the pieces, and to him who will one day realize that the reality he thought he was living, was not a true reality. It’s truly sad, on so many levels.

  27. Luckily, dispatch release the news & evidence, now nobody can cover up his wrongdoing. He can not run away from his responsibility.
    Thanks Koala for your insightful explanation pertaining to the legal aspect of the case.

  28. Those bruises reminded me of when my aunt suddenly showed up at our doorstep at an unholy hour, cry/laughing as she told us what made them instantly take the 8-hour bus ride without notice. She got scratches and bruises all over her body but I distinctly remember this really deep purple bruise that ran across her thigh. That’s the spot her husband focused his fists on just before he attempted to strangle her with the phone charger cord. She’s a strong woman who can manage to find humour saying how ridiculous it was that she let herself get into such a situation. More than the pain, you can sense how relieved she was to have escaped then. I applaud accuser “A” for coming forward. I can only imagine the many others who never had the courage to break free from destructive relationships. No one deserves to be harmed, emotionally or physically.

    Again, thank you ms.koala for sharing your perspective on this. Am now curious how this case will progress.

    (I wasn’t going to comment though I noticed there’s another commenter here with the same name. Since we do not have the same opinion I had to type in my thoughts. :p)

  29. Thank you, Koala. I have not read all of the above (read some briefly). I will comment, give my opinion with care after reading some more. First I’d like to share a brief argument between a young couple.
    After midnight, I was awakened by a car screeching. My window near my street was open to hear the car screech, then muffled yelling then louder. A young woman was hysterical, crying & yelling so most what she was saying was not clear. The man ask her to shut up. He got out of the car & ask her to come out. He did not want to drive on until she calmed down. She went on yelling, angry, then begging not to break up & repeatedly as why. He just said, I’ve had enough, its over. She cried & begged not to break up a few time. His voice was calm & low while she was yelling & crying. I was hoping while listening that she’d stop crying, calm down, go home & think about it. Easy for me to say because I’m old enough to be wiser but still learning about life. I wanted her to stop while the young man was calm but his voice sounded like he is getting annoyed. He kept telling her to calm down in a low voice. Its a quiet neighborhood he maybe familiar with. She’s slumped beating the hard concrete. He told her to stop. Suddenly she stopped crying. With a threatening tone she said to him, “its because of that slut, isn’t it. Isn’t she under age? Isn’t she that girl in yr 11. I can report you for that!” She kept accusing him. He said no almost impatiently. She is only a school friend. She kept quiet. He said calmly. I’ll take you home. Thank goodness for that. I hope she will just let him & go & move on.

  30. Guilty or not, KHJ now would be mentally & emotionally unhappy. Perhaps, if he had a choice He will not go out there & perform, he would rather be alone. I hope that Miss A & KHJ will be able to clear this up, whatever the process. Be strong now & later to take up what’s coming for them. This is a lesson in life. For all of us.

  31. If South Korean authority believes there were undisputed evidence proving that Kim Hyun Joong committed life-threatening crime against the alleged victim A, it would have acted swiftly by issuing a warrant for his arrest immediately, ordering him to cease any activities and return to Korea at once and be taken into custody as soon as he landed. This would be the proper procedure if you ask any one with some legal education. How can you left a criminal walk free, one would ask.

    Ministry of Gender Equality, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Family Affairs on top of law enforcement agencies would have been hunting down Kim Hyun Joong to the corner of the earth and burn him on the stake for the outrageous crime he committed against alleged victim A.

    Leading traditional media powerhouses such as KBS, SBS and MBC should be covering the scandal non-stop and completely exposed Kim Hyun Joong’s unknown side to the world for the proper justice.

    So why are they all sitting idle? Why only social media, particularly bloggers, came forward and tried him in the court of public opinion? What do we know about the truth and nothing but the truth about exactly what happened? Did the authority know something we don’t? What if it is your son, brother or nephew who is being accused, what will be your opinion then? Just saying…

    • Let me explain police and legal procedure to you. It’s pretty much the same in all first world countries.

      If a crime is committed and the perp apprehended at the scene or shortly thereafer (think shooting, stabbing, fight, etc.), then the perp is immediately hauled to the police station to be interrogated and booked. Whether or not charges are filed depends on the prosecutor and the evidenced hand over by the police. Then the perp gets to apply for bail which is usually granted unless its a truly heinous crime or the perp is a flight risk or such extenuating circumstances.

      In the case of a crime being reported after the fact, like in this case where A went to the cops to press charges weeks and months after the two incidents in question, then the police will issue a summons to have the accused come in for questioning. If it’s a violent crime and there is danger to the community or to the accuser or a flight risk by the accused, then the police will apply for an arrest warrant to bring the guy in immediately otherwise almost all cases the cops schedule a time for the accused to come in to talk. Remember – he or she is still the accused so there is discretion as to when the interview will take place for such cases. It is a violent crime but not an imminent threat.

      The fact that the police didn’t haul KHJ back ASAP to question him means NOTHING. Let me repeat – it has no bearing on the validity of the charges against him. The crime in which he is accused is not of a nature as to be an imminent threat to society so he’s not going to be arrested pending an investigation. If ultimately he keeps delaying the interview then maybe the cops will apply for an arrest warrant to bring him in since he’s not cooperating with the investigation. Asking for a one to two week delay to go in for questioning is not surprising nor is it unusual in the facts of this particular case.

      He happens to be overseas and has prior legit work commitments. The cops will of course be fine with negotiating the first day he is back in Korea and can come back in for questioning. Because that is all that is – he is being asked to go in to answer questions to the allegations. Why should the cops move swiftly to arrest him or order his return when the crime he’s being accused of is in no danger of being repeated were he to remain free during the investigation. He poses no threat to A anymore since he can’t reach her.

      Please don’t use nonsensical logic to extrapolate, it hurts the brain to read it.

      • You said it yourself. The action now meant nothing, so why are you making such a big deal of it? You may have legal education, but certainly not the only one out there as pointed out by some other readers.

        If Kim Hyun Joong is no longer a danger to the society, why are you in such a hurry to influence the public opinion? Did Kim Hyun Joong attempt to delay talking to the police as you wrote? Not exactly.

        Hopefully the pain helped to wake up some of the dead brain cells.

        A person is innocent until proven guilty, so let the South Korean law enforcement authority do their job and stop confusing readers with your implications.

      • @ Hammer, Koala wrote …police’s action meant nothing not KHJ action of battering his gf.

      • Thanks for taking time to explain police & legal procedure. Informative indeed!

        In this regard, ignorance is not bliss but sheer embarrassment; and to continue basking in said ignorance (despite already being informed) and shooting off irrelevant comments… is just beyond me. Take a chill-pill. WAKE UP too.

    • He’s public figure not public servant. So would the Ministry of Gender Equality, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Family affairs put him at top priority? Then regular cases should be dealt same way.
      Does KBS, SBS and MBC do non-stop coverage on idol status domestic abuse? Plus, you make it seem that they are privy to information when the whole thing hasn’t started officially in court of law. Because you know they are PROfessional NEWS disseminator. Can be sued for any false information. From PSH case, he was questioned first then he was charged. On this one, he wasn’t even questioned yet. So I dont think, they would launch news yet on this particular case. Or they would fall on same level as Dispatch. They will be gossip station instead of news station.

      • News agency must report the facts and will not exaggerate facts to influence the audience. That is exactly how people should look at the case as well. Get all the facts before you reach your judgement.

        As you said, this is a perfect example of a gossip blog. The nature of the blog is pretty much self explanatory. Thank you for pointing it out.

      • That’s why I don’t get why people get mad at Koala when this is her personal forum. Its her take on what is trending out there. She just happen to have wider view on this because of her education and experience in her profession.

        You cannot stop someone else forming an opinion.
        Plus you have to be discerning of someones’ opinion as news. You have to filter if its true or not.

      • “Or they would fall in same level as Dispatch. They will be gossip station instead of news station.” So Dispatch is a gossip station … Hahaha!! Trust a gossip station …LOL!!

    • @Hammer “Influence the public opinion” Wow, you put it better than I did. Social media, particularly bloggers make such a juicy steak out of it. Why? Monetary gain?? Hmm, food for thought.

      • Yay,let´s accuse everyone of some kind of misconduct (“She must be out for revenge!”/ “Anyone critizising him is an Anti!”/ “Bloggers make money of their blogs!” *gasp*) but for the one person accused of an actual crime! After all he´s somewhat pretty and was nice that one time on TV so he must be innocent!!!

      • @Kathy Or perhaps she’s exercising her right to have an opinion. Or venting as a human being after seeing some seriously disturbing evidence mounted against him. Those pictures are scary. I myself feel the need to react, and yes, to condemn KHJ. It’s okay that you don’t feel that need, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who does is a bad person with spurious motives.

        And anyway, I think most of us here that agree with Koala reached that point by, y’know, looking at the evidence put forward by Dispatch–the text messages, giant bruises and hospital reports, and Keyeast’s shady non-denial. It’s not like she’s printing libelious claims against him, either–this is a personal blog, not a professional news site, and she’s clearly stated that she’s posting her opinion of the situation, which happens to be backed up by her legal education. And anyway, she obviously hasn’t influenced your opinion, or most of his fans posting here, so what’s your problem? I believed you the first time you said you were concerned about this post as a matter of principle even though I didn’t agree, but from the sheer number of posts you’ve made, and your consistent attacks on Koala’s character and motives (speaking of tainting reputations lol), I’m beginning to think you are just a crazy fangirl.

  32. We are getting controversy every year from male actors. First Lee Byung hyun ( Canadian girlfriend ), Park Shi Hoo ( Rape case ) and now Kim Hyun Joong. I wonder who will be next in line for next year. They even went after Rain and Seven 6 months ago. What is going on in S. Korea ?

  33. First off thank you very much Ockoala for providing sensible updates. You are being as objective as one with a blog can and again thank you for being level headed about the whole thing.

    It amazes me that there are people, women, who can put blame on a person who got beaten. It is obvious that she is not lying so whatever her objectives are this atrocious thing has happened to her more than once. Guys she was hospitalised. This is no joke.

    Naively, I thought women would be supportive of the victim and show the world that you cannot get away with this sort of thing but some of the comments are unbelievable in not only supporting this man but also attacking someone who actually wrote a decent article about the whole thing. When someone said “women are women’s worst enemies” I thought that was BS but now I see that he had a point there.

    By the way before anyone thinks I’m gender biased, I’d react the same if a man was beaten by a physically stronger woman. It is not OK to beat someone. Not for any reason other than defending your life. We are human beings, not animals.

  34. Let’s see the development of this matter as the days go by. Whoever gets offended then go cry in the corner. THIS is interesting and inevitably warrants countless opinions.

  35. His fans´s cries of “Innocent until proven guilty!!!” keep on getting louder and louder as more and more actual proof is getting published. I seriously wonder what “proof” it is they are alluding to? Surely even if he was proven to be guilty by a judge they would find a way of twisting the verdict.
    I feel like the only way they would accept his guilt would be if he himself came out as an abuser. But even then all they would talk about would be how “brave” he is and not to judge people for their crimes because the bible says so…

  36. I am usually a quiet reader but I cannot keep silent any longer. I notice that this Blogger used “trained monkey” to describe KimHJ. This is unkind and her write ups are all in favour of the alleged victim. This sort of writing will prejudice people against Kim even further. Do not forget that the root problem of issues always involve both parties and not only one to be blamed. The whys and wherefores need to be explored further and in depth by the relevant people concerned before any presumptions. I do not want to follow such an unhealthy blog as this. My one and final comment here and leaving.

    • Liz…Koala wrote he needs to performed like a trained monkey. I

      I see a pattern from these loyal fans. They don’t read. They skim. Then they get mad. They attack Koala. READ! and Understand!

      • Jae, I’m totally with you on this… Some people don’t read, they just skim through and misread. Then, they get upset about what they’ve misread and without thinking through, attack Koala. WAKE UP and read carefully!

        I saw judgmental remarks like “unprofessional blog”, “gossip blog”, and “unhealthy blog”, so people are clearly upset… but what for? Just chill out… this is Koala’s personal blog, she’s entitled to blog what she wants. Not happy? Don’t read. Better still, start your own blog.

        And seriously, spare Koala (and other readers) the what not bull shit about being out and not following this blog anymore, because I’m sure they’ll be back for drama recaps, casting news and heck, even more of this KHJ saga.

      • @ Kathy: Please tell me you are at least aware of the irony of you of all people trying to argue the point – PLEASE!

      • Lol… beaware, for amongst us lurks not just crazy fan girls but scary ajummas aplenty. Just unfollow this blog already, if it upsets your warped sense of justice so much.

      • Finally! The cray-crays are gone! I thought they’d never leave. It was so painful reading their comebacks at koala’s comments. Kinda like watching a 6-year-old trying to argue with an intelligent adult. Koala’s points flew way over their heads but they kept trying to sound smart by interjecting invalid, preposterous arguments left and right.
        Good riddance!

    • oh shut up liz

      you dimwit. KHJ’s reps have already CONFIRMED he purposely abused her once. He has NO RIGHT whatsoever to do so. If she threatened him/abused him etc he should’ve walked away like a MAN.

      Koala is a lawyer, and deals with these type of cases. If you don’t like what she writes then press the X button of your window page.

      • Oh my goodness, why so upset with this Liz who is already out! Who is the dimwit here, I wonder! And to assume and pinpoint Liz on PSH’s case is downright crazy. There are so many Liz around. Furthermore, she is not here to defend herself. Well, I am not surprised because this is the trend here as it is happening with KHJ. Unfair condemnation! And once out who would want to come back to read anything from this blogger’s opinions! Once bitten, twice shy that’s how it is. I am joining these anti koala people who are out and leaving you to your idol koala.

      • lol his reps. i think we can all agree the press release was written be one Donald Duck. and keyeast is owned by Mr. M. Mouse Esq. ***smerk

      • i admitt the txts look bad. i think reading a thread between people you dont know is misleading.
        i have a steamy thread with this guy @ work. if u didnt know any better you would think we work for vivid.
        in reality he is an octagenarian and we are seeking ways to shock each other while passing time in the slow season. i have admitted to being a verrrrrry dirty bird. all hogwash.

  37. Yes because obviously it’s her fault that she has those injuries. “Yes, please hit me more”.

    Seriously to all his defenders: what would you do if the abused was a relative or even yourself? Would you be like those idiots who kept saying that they would welcome being raped by PSH because obviously who wouldn’t want to have sex with hot oppa? Would you use the same shaming techniques on those who have been sexually abused – after all many of those complaining were abused years ago and only now are coming out?

  38. there has always been comments about khj not being a good actor although he did improve in age of feeling. apparently he is a much better actor than anyone thought because he was able to act like a decent person while he was abusing this young lady

  39. I’ve always been neutral about KHJ and really tried to stay neutral regarding this case but after it was confirmed by his own agency that “his fist came into contact with her on one occasion”, I’m finding it hard to find anything to defend him. And if those bruises were really his doing (which tbh I’m starting to think are) then this whole situation is beyond disgusting. I feel so sorry for A who has so many crazy KHJ fans against her, which is probably scary as hell. I’m also appalled that many have slipped into Koala’s blog and started attacking Koala and her right to freedom of speech??? Okay seriously that’s just low. Anyway, Really enjoy all of your posts and opinions, there are more readers of this blog supporting you then trying to eat you up Koala, Fighting!

  40. This write up must be confusing to his fans who are constantly defending him. That pretty face ain’t getting him out of this mess.

  41. Neither defending nor damning KHJ here:
    is there a possibility these pictures were photo-shopped/digitally-enhanced in any way?
    is there a possibility these are the result of some 50 Shades of Gray type activities?
    Just curious if there is another side to this story. In asking, seeking to understand. There is no intention of minimizing abuse.

  42. I assume you can tell if a picture is photoshopped or not but I have seen comments from people saying that they have a friend who is a nurse who has confirmed that those are not hospital gowns and that it could be made up. Which again. DEFAMATION and LIES and would a publication really risk that if falsehood could be proven?

  43. Contrary to people who think that the pictures were photoshopped or that parts of the story were made up, I have a feeling that there are worse or more aggravating evidence not yet revealed. Otherwise why would KHJ or his reps allow him to admit to anything? If he was guilty but no one knew(at least to his knowledge) except him and the girl, he could have taken the risk and plain deny it. If he had been battered by the girl and hurt himself but kept silent, he could have told his side of the story and the reps could surely come up with something better than “things got physical”. And if he was just innocently playing around and her ribs got broken, they should be protesting his innocence louder than “there didn’t seem to be anything abnormal.” Finally, they said they are “disappointed” about the one-sided reports? Hell, they should be suing the girl for false allegations and defamation.
    So even if the photos are faked, it is what KHJ is saying through the agency’s statement that is all telling.

    I am curious in either scenario(innocent or guilty), how would koala have responded if she was acting for KHJ?

  44. Wow, this thread is exciting!!! And here I was yawning and hoping KHJ would just go away to do military service.
    But, you got to admit, his company sucks at PR .They should’ve have said nothing and or at leaf took the vague route and said ‘let the investigation find the facts, he’s working overseas and will cooperate’.
    And then to have his management to continue to wring as much cash as they can get by having him continue to perform.
    They should’ve flew him back next day, for their own sake.

    Domestic violence is an issue that is not (unfortunately) as b/w as it may seem. It’s easy to voice an opinion over a situation you may not have ever been before. So to say I’ll leave the first time my partner strikes me or that person should’ve left when…..I can’t even put into words how naive that sounds.

    It doesn’t matter when this person filed a complaint, perhaps she filed when she felt safe enough to, with a support system and KHJ out of the country.

  45. AMEN koala. Thank you for the updates on this case. A’s pictures are horrible to look at. Nobody should go through physical abuse or ANY abuse. Fear is the number one why victims do not report domestic violence.

  46. I don’t know much about legal things but I just don’t believe that the girl is making up the stories or making a false evidence. Yes, this all incident would tarnished KHJ’s image in both career and personal life. Some people said she is doing it for revenge.. I wonder, why would she let out this embarrassment of her relationship into to the public? What would happen to her if she lost in the court case? If she lost the case, it is better to be dead than being alive. How about her safety from KHJ’s crazy fans? Hiding out from the crazy fans harassment are more scarier than running away from outlaws or gangster mobs. Making a false evidence? wow.. that is a serious offence. Whether KHJ guilty or not, she is the one who suffered most. If you asked me to choose who I would want to be in this situation.. KJH or Girl A? I’m not going to tell my answer..,PLEASE ask yourself this question.

  47. Well if you go on the soompi thread, someone has helpfully posted Youtube videos of how you can fake injuries like what they do in the movies. “Maybelline – faking injuries so you don’t have to”.

      • @bashful82 I found it but it is using makeup. Anyway, as I was searching, I came across the real thing. How to fake an injury: 15 steps. An eye opener. Anyone interested can go to:

      • I’m not implying anything. I’m of a curious nature, an aspiring scientist. I have a counselor friend who says that she had one counselee who would sometimes inflict herself. But she did not say the reason because that is confidential. Again, not implying anything. Anyway, I have a regular blogger and am just a visitor here. I got attracted to stay a little longer by the “warfare” that was going on here for the past few days. It is actually good to have those few fangirls of KimHyunJoong and those against to make an interesting forum. It is a pity that they are gone. Actually, I like their short but strong arguments. My dad is pleased with them that even though they were sarcastic they still watched their language. They did not retaliate with four letter words/foul language/cursing/name calling even though they were bashed with them. You see, my dad is a stickler for etiquette. It is time for me to go back to my favourite blog. Goodbye and all the best.

      • News flash to me: scientist(aspiring) can cite friend and dad to support whatever they are trying to say because you know they are not implying anything.


  49. either way..i don’t like a man who hit or strike a woman..although i like KHJ..i will not tolerate woman violence..hope KHJ will know his mistake..

  50. listen all of u, if my brother kim really hit her then he should bear the punishment, BUT I want u to know that whatever her name is is lying in many areas, she did all that to herself and now she is putting it all on kim? how stupid that sounds, some ladies are just unbelievable…. the police should look at that bruises very well before judging kim any further… and if they discover that that girl is lying, she must PAY…my brother kim cannot suffer like this.

    • Lmao. Unfortunately, your brother Kim already admitted 1 of 4 charges, and he did assault her. So he must PAY for what he did.

      Indeed, some ladies are just unbelievable, like you.

  51. So, here we are, two years later. KHJ has now been declared innocent. Miss Choi (A) has been found guilty of defamation and fraud, by the Korean judge, in the Korean court and fined 100,000,000 KW. (Which is the highest fine allowed in Korean court in a civil case, even for murder.)I know that everyone who jumped on the bandwagon of evidence in the public court of opinion is willing to sincerely offer an apology to the much maligned Kim Hyun Joong. He has been vindicated. She has been proven a liar. I hope everyone who went after him is brave enough to eat humble pie, and apologize on-line. And I am not some little child, but a person in her 60’s who is interested in other cultures, and patient enough to wait until I become more sure of facts.I hope all of us have learned more about ourselves from this.

    • Isn’t she the mother of his child? Despite all the previous fights & law suits, why still father a child with her? Something is wrong here… There is nothing for me to learn. I always know not to believe things at face value!

      • He agrees that he is the father. And if you keep up with things you will see that she was constantly claiming to be pregnant, and according to the court, falsely. But even if he was’t smart enough to stay away from her, or she from him, it is not proof of abuse or an excuse to leave him under the bus. I still think someone…no; many someones owe him an apology. Also, it seems strange that KHJ, his parents and his lawyer learned of the baby’s birth via the media. There is a big tangle of lives here. and it would be nice for all if it could stop, but the wheels of justice are now turning, although slowly, and at this point don’t seem to be able to stop. He still hasn’t been able to see his child, who is now a year old. And hopefully, no one is so right that they can’t learn. When I first heard this story I was horrified and ready to believe her, but the more I saw about it, the more I thought what you said, that something was wrong there. He is no doubt, no angel, but certainly neither is she. So,as Tiny Tim said,”God bless us, everyone!”

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