Filming Starts on C-movie The Third Love with Beautifully Stiff Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu

Filming has started on the upcoming C-movie The Third Love starring Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu based on a popular C-novella. Every time I look around there is some C-novel getting adapted into a drama or movie and it’s probably good that China is so vast that there is probably a deep pipeline of new novels coming out to keep this going. I can’t complain because a book-to-drama adaptation has a slight stamp of literary approval, even if the novel is just chick lit or fluff, and has a preexisting outline so the production can’t go too far wrong with it. The picture above is Song Seung Heon showing off his script and his usual perfect flair for wearing a suit. He also took a picture (below) with leading lady Crystal on the set of the movie while both are in character. That’s really a stretch since he’s too good looking to pass off as the chaebol heir while she’s the most gorgeous lawyer I’ve ever seen. The story is pretty makjang though I have hopes that with a movie version, rather than a drawn out drama, the overwrought elements can be kept to a minimum. Crystal plays a capable young lawyer with a lovesick younger sister who works for the company owned by Song Seung Heon’s family and harbors an intense crush on him. She attempts suicide and ends up in the hospital after her crush is spurned and Crystal’s character hates the rich guy who broke her sister’s heart. Crystal ends up working alongside Song Seung Heon when his company hires her law firm to handle a major case and she’s assigned as the lead attorney. Of course they fall in love after spending time together but that devastates Crystal’s younger sister even more to have the man of her dreams fall for her own sister instead. Song Seung Heon also has an unwanted rich fiancee that he also needs to handle before he can be with his true love. If you want to be spoiled on how the novel ends then I’ll share it after the jump.

In the novel the younger sister attempts suicide again over the development of the OTP falling in love with each other and succeeds this second time, which leads to Crystal ending things with Song Seung Heon for good and leaving town. Ugh, I hope the movie changes the ending. The younger sister sound so weak and stupid her death is probably a relief that she won’t pass on her genes. Song Seung Heon’s hair is a dash lighter in color than I like while Crystal floofy hair would be laughed out of a courtroom, but other than that we’re guaranteed two of the prettiest acting mannequins in Korea and China combining their visual talents to dazzle us onscreen.


Filming Starts on C-movie The Third Love with Beautifully Stiff Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu — 12 Comments

  1. THT has many many talents other than wearing a suit.
    He can wear turtlenecks like nobody’s beatnik.
    He can wear aviators like a colonel.
    He can NOT wear sleeves like some guy who lost his sleeves.
    He can almost not wear a bathing suit that lost its strings.
    Of course he can wear a towel like anything.
    I saw him not wearing anything in that movie and nice view from behind if you know what I mean.

    Sadly, acting is not one of his talents. Good thing he doesn’t speak the language of this film’s audience. They will only notice how adorable he is when he laughs. I hope he gets to laugh at least once,

    • Hehe….his body can act, his face can’t. I’d like to congratulate his Booty on it’s debut, I’m sure a lot of rice was donated on its behalf.

  2. Playing the noble overwrought lover is probably his best forte. Just don’t overexert himself like in Dr. Jin.

    And please, stay pretty. Dat body is a work of art.

  3. This is the best romantic movie I seen. It remind me of when I was a teenager. Love only last for a every short time. Very good actors and actresses and director.

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