Super Junior Returns with Delightful First Single and Entertaining MV for “Mamacita”

I’m an easy listener to please when it comes to my K-pop which invariably filters to my consciousness through whatever track is on a drama I’m currently watching. Then comes when K-pop idols transition to acting and I have to decide on yay or nay when it comes to their potential. With that said, Super Junior is one of those original behemoth kings of modern K-pop that everyone ought to at least heard of even if you can’t name the members. They’re of the Big Bang and original DBSK time period and while the former is laying low without a comeback in sight and the latter has splintered into two groups, it’s nice and reassuring to see SuJu return with a full album with pretty much the entire contingent intact. Other than Han Geng who sued and left along with Kibum who is on what is still called a hiatus, 10 of the boys are back to dance and sing their way back to their loyal and patient fans’ hearts. Oh right, Yesung is in the army now so he’s not on this album.

The ones I pay attention to in Siwon, Donghae, and Heechul are all there, and Leeteuk is back from the army looking insanely handsome while Kyuhun is in fine form with his amazing singing chops. I haven’t listened to the entire album yet but the lead single “Mamacita (Ayaya)” is as entertaining and addicting as the teaser suggested. It’s described by SM as “an Urban New Jack Swing genre song, with drum sound based on rhythmical Indian Percussion and piano melody”, which is overly florid but I did hear all those elements fused nicely together in the full track. The MV is equally as fun even if overly nonsensical what with Eunhyuk as a bullfighter who shows up in the Wild Wild West not to mention the most memorable storyline ended up being the brokenhearted love affair between Kangin and his watermelon. Check it out below and be sure to not miss Shinding saying the most gutbusting lyric in the entire song “Just close your lips and shut your tongue.” LOLOLOL.

Mamacita (Ayaya) MV:


Super Junior Returns with Delightful First Single and Entertaining MV for “Mamacita” — 16 Comments

  1. I was so excited to watch their comeback stages this weekend. The MV is pretty hilarious and now I want them to film the movie version.

    Reminds me of their movie Attack on the Pin-up Boys, funny and purely fan service. Plus, Kibum was in it.

  2. I love this song. It’s been a while for Super Junior to actually promote with a good song.

    Their comeback stages really shows the confidence and maturity that only a group with almost 10 years of experience can have. The MR removed videos shows how much the group improved vocally and how much Kyuhyun and Ryeowook slays in the vocal department.

    The album is their best album since Sorry Sorry and I’m glad SM actually put effort in their long-awaited comeback.

  3. Is shutting your tongue a thing in any language?

    So cute and hilarious.

    It has been added to the playlist. Wonder if it will stay as long as Sorry, Sorry, Sorry…

  4. I am one of those people who can’t recognize all the boys but I can name a few – SW, EH, DH and KH. I should be able to recognize HC but I can’t figure him out. I don’t really listen to Kpop so I really only know them from either acting or seeing them on tw variety shows – Thoses in SJ-M. But I think their songs are catchy and I didn’t realize they have been around for 10 yrs already. Dang – time flies!!!

  5. The mv stay true to the teasers.. The song is good and catchy! Love the choreo too! First time to thank SM for putting such efforts for SJ

  6. Didn’t like the trailer, but the full song is indeed very very addictive! So that they kept to the “promise” of waiting for Teuk to return from army before launching the 7th album! But I guess now with each member enlisting one by one, it’s gonna be hard to have everyone on a new album. Then again, that’s the beauty of having so many members; although each is irreplaceable, in a huge group absence is less noticeable.

  7. I discovered them just recently but im already vastly amused by their antics on shows. They’re like wild kids who cannot be managed. I’ve mostly watched their sjm shows from mainland and taiwan but from what i have seen of this mv, they’re hilarious in korea as well.

    By the way, you should see their live performance. I was quite impressed with shirt!

    Lots of butt slapping. Lol.

    And mamacita here because there cant seem to be too much of that song.

    • I totally agree with angel about their song shirt and their performance.

      and as always, they get to deliver easy listening stuff that makes one sway with them.

      and should i restate the obvious that they are looking much and better in time…

  8. The last album that I liked from them was Bonamana so I’m happy that they’re back with a catchy good song (honestly can’t remember the name of their 5th & 6th albums) I’ve got to listen again to their album to confirm if it’s autotuned or not (after listening to JYJ’s Just Us, every music I hear sounds autotuned).

  9. It takes talent as well distinguishing members of such big groups like Suju, SNSD and EXO. haha. It took me years to be very familiar already w/ them. Still working on EXO. haha. I think they are the epitome of being in a large group and even other companies will follow and start launching such big groups too, it’ll be really hard to match up w/ the success most especially Suju got as a group or individually.

    Catchy and buzz worthy comeback as they always have. Suju doesn’t exactly have best singers and dancers among their members but their works are of w/ production value and remarkable. They know their concept and doesn’t get lost somewhere even they just goof around and just have fun when at stage performing, hence they are eye candy to watch on screen. They can be really good at live too.

  10. I am proud to say I can name all the members of JuSu. 🙂 I discovered Super Junior (thank you, Lord!) a few months back after watching “Oh My Lady.” I thought Choi SiWon was cute and he led me to the rest of the Gorgeous Group!! He will always be my favorite because of that if nothing else but after him, it’s YeSung! Miss you, oppa!! Be safe and come back soon!!……”Hey mamacita, nehga ah ya ya ya ya!!!” I’m hurting too from missing you!!!

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