Kim Hyun Joong Attends Police Investigation to Respond to the Assault Allegations

Hopefully this will quell the public furor for now and let the police do their job investigating. Kim Hyun Joong arrived at the police station on the evening of September 2nd to attend the investigative summons on his assault and battery case filed by his ex-girlfriend. The allegations were made over two weeks ago but his agency Keyeast reached an agreement with the police for the day that Kim Hyun Joong would be available to for the police interview since he was smack in the middle of the overseas leg of his album tour. Not all alleged perpetrators are immediately arrested and scheduling a time to attend police interviews is a normal course of legal investigation so it’s not fair to accuse Kim Hyun Joong of using his fame or connections to dodge or delay the investigation. He avoided the media gauntlet of questions on his way into the precinct and only apologized for the scandal of the assault allegations.

The police have said that his interview will likely last all night as he will be asked in depth all of the facts and allegations raised in the two different assault complaints brought by the victim in question, namely the fight in May that resulted in bruises and a two week recovery period and the subsequent fight in July where her rib was fractured and needed a six week healing period. There is naturally a schism between those of the opinion that Kim Hyun Joong has anger management problems and totally beat up his ex-girlfriend versus most of his devoted fans who want to wait for his side of the story and are suggesting that she either faked the injuries, lied about how she got the real injuries, was herself the one who instigated or escalated any fight, and on and on the plausible denials explanations go. I’m ready for the police to gather his statements and decide whether he should be charged or the charges dropped.

Aside from the ongoing police investigation, there is also a public opinion court presiding over this hot button case.¬†Dispatch went into overdrive last week with publishing the purported text messages, pictures, and hospital records from the victim’s case file that were intended to rebut many of the statements made in the official response from Keyeast. The alleged victim “A”s representative made a statement that Kim Hyun Joong needs to acknowledge what he did and apologize to her.


Kim Hyun Joong Attends Police Investigation to Respond to the Assault Allegations — 51 Comments

  1. To my understanding in Korea the police has 10days to investigate & make a recommendation to the prosecutor who also have another 10 days to decide to proceed the case in court or not (The prosecutor can also ask for more time if he needs). Does that mean we have to wait at least 20 days to know whether nor not KHJ is indicted of assault & battery or not? Thank you so much.

  2. somethings kinda Paris Hilton-esque about this promenade to summons. Will this catch on Investigation Fashion? Are his clothes sponsored?

  3. smh! sounds like trial by ordeal. that’s gonna smart! kinda glad i dont live in korea/break the law. allegedly
    seriously! she only wants an apology. lmfao if what she says really did happen and all she wants is “sorry/my bad/forgive me” she didnt have to go public blackmail would have worked.
    i think i would respect her more if she said all she wanted was for him to pay for hurting her. with a determined look on her face.

    • Where does it say that’s all she wants? She wants him to pay and to acknowledge what he did was wrong. Ntohing wrong with that.

      And see the jackass admitted to one assault. Well, that’s enough for me. He’s done. There’s no reason at all for anyone to feel sorry for him anymore or defend his abusive ass.

      • step back from the ledge. reread the last line of the post. she wants him to say sorry. not live a horrible life. he can go to the army and white wash this whole episoed.
        he can come back with that face and extra abs smile @ the cameras and be back in business. that will take how long as opposed to spending the rest of his life mourning the day he met her.
        i would have respected her more if she came out like gangbusters. pissed and ready for revenge. not some passive agressive bs about him saying sorry

      • So weird you are talking about respecting her and nothing about him. She’s asking for him to admit guilt and for him to apologize, which obviously won’t ever happen. She’s not going to come out guns blazing looking like a vindictive woman looking for revenge, telling him to burn in hell or something. Even acting like she did fans are saying all she wants is revenge.

        There’s nothing wrong with how she acted. The fact that you are trying to judge her at all makes you seem like a jerk.

    • @ mel
      so expressing my opinion on a blog where everyone else expresses theirs makes me look like a jerk? what about everyone that has judged him and dubbed her innocent having never met either of them. having never spoken to either but firmly having a moral opinion about people they will never meet.
      the very fact that she chose to go public means she wants some form of revenge.
      the people i respect the most are those that admit to their baser instincts when they take action against someone.

      That is my opinion on a public forum where we can submit our opinion to the subject matter. i didnt know we were judging each other.

      furthermore, i never said i didnt respect her. i said i would respect her more… which implies some respect.
      i have not said anything about respecting him because he has yet to be convicted by a judge or held a press conference where KHJ says “i did it im a bastard please forgive me!” until then i have yet to form an opinion on him b/c its an allegation not a fact.

      • She went to the police first not the media. Get your fact out right. Revenge? After been treated so badly and cast aside as she keep believing him and forgiving him. She has every right to do what she did.

      • I’m judging him because he admitted he beat her once already. Even to the cops today he did and in his statement before. That makes him an abuser and not innocent in any way. That he says he didn’t do it as often as she claims doesn’t let him off the hook.

        She totally deserves to have her revenge. She was the wronged party who was beaten. Anything she does to him in the media or in the courts is totally deserving. And she went to the cops first.

      • i hope i can communicate this as to not be misunderstood.

        Idk if he beat her.

        my posts do not refer to guilt ot innocence. i am stating my opinion that i would like the plantif more if she appeared to be a woman scorned and spit fire @ him to anyone that would listen.

        whatever was admitted or not is moot b/c i am a 3rd party completely not involved with nothing to gain in the matter.

        if you are going to comment on my post please read it in its entirety.

      • “Idk if he beat her”, He has admitted to hurting her already. One of 4 charges. Where does your “Idk” come from. Did you even read all the articles before making thoughtless comments that justify others commenting on them. You should start reading the case in its entirety before writing” Idk”.

      • @kcvron – Ermmmm….

        “Idk if he beat her”

        Lmao, have you been following this case at all? He admitted to it; just because you’re a third party doesn’t mean you don’t know… You know why? Because he said he did and he wouldn’t be stupid enough to dump crap on his own head… No one here gains anything whether he’s innocent or not. But we all form an opinion based on facts, and as for now, its a fact that he got aggressive with her. Whether that is habitual or a one time thing is what the two parties are arguing about.

        You really should get your facts right.

    • @kcvron- who the hell cares if you respect the alleged victim and her actions or not. If her allegations are true, she alone was wronged, not you, and therefore she alone has the prerogative to ask what she damn well please of her abuser, whether a public admittance of his abuse and/or an apology. Who are you to say what she can and cannot demand from him?
      And just as an FYI, double-check your use of American idioms before you post your comments because “step back from the ledge” is used to tell a suicidal person not to jump from a building, and “white washed” refers to a minority who has succumbed to the ways of the white majority.

      • i never said i had the right to pass judgement on her for how she approached him i said I would like her more “if she did this” which is not me passing judgement on her for what she did. its me stating what i like. which i am allowed to do.

        FYI, i am american vron from kc get it…which is in the us.
        “step back from the ledge” is a colloquialism for “your emotions are showing” take a step back and realize it has nothing to do with you. please seek marriam webster’s definition of whitewashed not the urban dictionary its a tad different.

        the only thing i will admit to being wrong about it the “ikd” it was a typo should have been IDC! my bad.

      • IDC as I don’t care?
        So it should be “I don’t care if he beat her”?

        Okay, that’s make more sense.


  4. if he “acknowledge what he did and apologized to her”…then that’s an admission of guilt…which is what KHJ, his management team and lawyers are trying to avoid/deny.

  5. This is difficult! I’m not a lawyer so regarding legal matters I wont comment however as someone with crisis communication and management knowledge I can say that KeyEast communication needs improvement. It’s their second crisis in under 3 months and it clearly shows that they would benefit from having a crisis communication plan and a crisis communication team in place to prevent crisis and not react to them. KeyEast should have acted differently and Kim Hyun Joong should simply own up to his mistakes, apologize and take responsibility for his conduct. In terms of communication his PR team needs improvement, KeyEast PR team needs improvement but that does not invalidate what he did. I remember reading something that he said about being 29 years old and being more mature. Well, this is his opportunity to be more mature and be a man!

  6. That’s a bad looking bruise he has on his finger nail. Unless he smashed it with a tool which I highly doubt . I wonder what he hit to get that bruise …….

  7. Are you aware that he acknowledged to the police that he assaulted her 1 time. I don’t know, but when I did therapy with clients usually if they downplayed something as one time it usually meant 2 or 3 times. This is just disgusting. He stated that he assaulted her when they were breaking up. I this the time she needed two weeks to recover? My God, poor woman.

    • He admitted to abusing her 1 out of 4 times. I’m likely to believe he abused her all times because like you said, he was downplaying everything. You don’t break a rib from fooling around either.

  8. I hope KHJ learn a big lesson on how to end a relationship. He could have avoided this by texting her or e-mailing her. I hope he file a restraining order against her. Unless the GF showed up in his apartment and waited for him. She could be the Glen Close character of Fatal attraction. If you guys have not watch this movie, then you should.

    • I don’t think he needs to file a restraining order on her. I think she needs one against him. Why exactly are you victim blaming? You’re also not sure it wasn’t her doing the breaking up with him. You don’t know whether he flew into a rage because she felt she couldn’t take it any more (the alleged cheating) and decided to break up. I’ve seen Fatal Attraction and in no way does this seem to be the case. If it had been then he would surely have said so as his defense.

      • KHJ did say that he broke up with her. It was even in the text article that was publish last week by Dispatch that he wants to end the relationship and which he did. I guess the 2 girls that try to blackmail Lee Byung Hun are also victims ???. Ockoala seems to be targeting KHJ and no news coverage about JGS who is a tax evader and Lee Byung Hun blackmail scandal. Blocking JGS tax evading news and fueling KHJ scandal news seems to be the norm here.

    • Buffy, this is Koalas’s blog, she is entitled to write whatever she wants. She started writing on KHJ is is just going to follow up on it. She has not reason to write about the other as she is not a new reporter. She is just writing on news that interest her and her core readers. If you want news on LBH or JGS, you can read it elsewhere. But to compare this case to the other two is just silly. There is just no comparision on any level.

    • Wait so the guy who abused the woman four times and broke her ribs is the one who needs a restraining order against his victim? What a strange world you live in.

    • Restraining order! You write in English but you clearly do not understand the case at all. In what way has she stalking him as Glen Close does? You are comparing a young abused girl to Glen Close!! Oh my goodness, I have never read a more stupid comment before.

  9. If he really is, beyond doubt, guilty, that face doesn’t look apologetic at all, well, based on the photos…I just wish deep inside he is and that he would apologise for his mistakes like a man and face the consequences, then start anew. Easier said than done because I don’t think he would be brave enough not to be swayed by his handlers fearing he’d be dropped like a hot potato. But being remorseful and actually admitting that the alleged act has been done will do good for his conscience and sanity’s sake, not to mention the other party’s peace of mind.

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with Miss A and I hope she remains strong and doesn’t get intimidated by KHJ’s fans and agency. I hope she has a strong support system.

    Unless KHJ owns up to his mistakes, pays the price and works extremely hard to better himself, this incident will repeat itself over and over.

    • You are absolutely correct he did admit to one of them. He did not say he wanted to break up and she didn’t. Instead he said during the break up he assaulted her. That doesn’t sound like he was breaking up with her, but more she was breaking up with him. This is such a sad affair.

    • Obsessed fans are shouting this can’t be true. He had his reasons maybe the girl started it so he had to retaliate in defense. I’m glad he’s not trying to lie about it.

  11. If you dare to hurt someone, just admit it all. That is the least he can do after hurting the victim so much. Poor girl, I hope she has a very very good lawyer.

    This case does not just concern this young girl. If KHJ is successfully charged, that will help lots of domestic violence victim have to courage to walk out of their abusive relationship. Her victory will be a good support for all DV victims in South Korea.

    It will also send a message out to all the celebs who abuse their status and their agency powerful support, that all crimes need to be answered to and money cannot buy everything.

    Fighting young girl! Dont give up. Even if you are threatened, dont give up your fight. You are doing it for yourself and others who are in the same position.

    • So true! I worry for this girl, because she has all of KeyEast and legions of delulu fangirls more than ready to tear her to shreds. What she is doing is more than brave, now if only he would truly admit his faults, take his punishment whatever the courts agree to, and then get counseling. If he hides behind his fame and his fans, buys the girl off and hides out in the army for awhile, all the while admitting nothing went wrong, he is bound to repeat the same dynamic and some other poor girl will get abused in the future.

  12. Well.. I like that he made an effort to look good for the investigation. Will give him die hard fans more grounds for support. *oppa looks so cute, so what if he hits the girl, I will let him hit me too”
    Save the world from these people that’s all I’m sayin
    – Btw he admitted to 1 out of the 4 charges. even ONCE is one time too many and you can’t deny he is likely to downplay it coz the evidence is too hard core

    • You have just made me laugh! You are right, he must have spent hours before going to the police station getting ready with the prefect dressing, hairstyle and maybe makeup. Creating the illusion all his fans expects of him.

    • I’m very cynical here, but I’m willing to bet his PR team made him stop weight lifting as soon as the news broke to make him lose muscles and look less strong.

    • He must be starve himself and also less sleep to so He will make apologetic expressions to. seriously hyunjoong you are the real ryo nishikado’s character in last friend. He sucks acting in his projects but great actor in real life.

      I read this on allkpop . LOL HE NEED TO WIN DAESANG. in real life because acting as nice guy outside, but douchebag in real life.

  13. @Buffy, I’m not really sure if you’re actually following the same story. In those text messages it if KHJ asking the girl to not break up with him and using the enticement that she could come and live with him. His last text regarding the beating was him giving a standard abuser response that he didn’t know why he did that and he hopes she can get back her two years.

    KHJ went into that police station and gave the party line fed to him by KE. I really hope she has more evidence, especially about the rib incident such as a doctor who states the ribs were broken by striking versus playing around.

  14. If a “man” is capable of punching and kicking his gf, he WILL do it to her more than once. Not only did he already admit to one of the charges, made several indications through text message that he’s guilty, and has inconsistencies in his statements, he and his company are attempting to downplay the situation, a typical response from guilty parties. Photographic evidence of the girl’s injuries have been provided. One could argue she got these injuries elsewhere, but kim hyun joong’s statement about her rib injury is so far fetched I’d be amazed if anybody believes it. Just what kind of playful behavior are you engaging in to break someone’s ribs? You can suggest whatever you like, but then trying to say she didn’t even notice she was injured after her ribs are broken? Give me a break. Like I said, he’s already admitted to one charge.That’s enough to stop feeling sorry for him. If it weren’t for his looks and fame, I highly doubt there would be this many people defending him.

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