C-actress Zheng Shuang is Hot Topic on C-news with Visible Signs of Plastic Surgery Fail

I don’t follow the C-entertainers as regularly as I do the Korean or Taiwanese actors and actresses since it’s more project specific whether I want to watch something from C-drama land. That means it can be awhile before I encounter a C-star from the last time I saw him/her and if there are tweaks here and there it may raise an eyebrow but isn’t shocking enough to write about. The lifts, tucks, and botox is de rigeur across the board in any entertainment industry and much as I prefer people to age naturally it’s also a personal choice to keep on improving. With that said, the key word is “improving” and right now some folks need to lay off the clinic before shit falls apart. The C-netizens went beserk this week, and rightfully so, when C-actress Zheng Shuang showed up at an entertainment event showing off a face that can best be described as “what the heck did you do with it?” shock.

Zheng Shuang was one of China’s most fresh-faced starlets when she burst into the entertainment scene as the female lead of Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower and I actually thought she was really really pretty back then. Too bad she fell into the same pit of insecurity many actresses encounter and ended up getting extensive plastic surgery two years ago and openly admitted it since it was visually impossible to deny that she looked like a different girl almost. I was fine with her new face as well, as long as she’s happy with it, but in the last year there have been murmurings that Zheng Shuang has been unhappy with the feedback from fans who wanted her natural simple beauty back so she went back to do more PS work to go back to the way she used to look. Her fans are beyond worried after seeing her this week with what appears to be very obvious PS collapse and stiffness with her face pulled taut and her mouth crooked like she can’t make an even smile anymore. Looking at her now makes me really sad.

Beyond her breakup with Hans Zhang earlier this year, seeing this makes me distressed for her and for what could have been just fine if she didn’t make the choice to alter what was already a beautiful face. Zheng Shuang before plastic surgery below reminds us that some choices are permanent and can’t be reversed. I hope she can at least fix it to the degree where it’s not collapsing further and she’s happy enough to let it stand rather with messing with it anymore. She’s also a very engaging actress and if she can keep working on her craft hopefully viewers won’t be too distracted by her face as to negatively impact her career going forward.


C-actress Zheng Shuang is Hot Topic on C-news with Visible Signs of Plastic Surgery Fail — 26 Comments

  1. She had a hot BF then, she was born beautiful, and above all she is popular with a large amount of fan base. …. this is what’s really unsettling and sad.

  2. I see this girls face on the net from time to time. Only knew her by face. And it shocks me that these pictures depicts that same woman. Woah. Thats crazy. I seriously don’t get why people are so crazy about “doll” like features when dolls are like one of the most creepiest things that roam this planet.

    • I totally agree, dolls are absolutely creepy. I kinda laughed when I saw your comment. She looked really pretty before but now she seems really desperate now. Hope things get better for her.

    • Agree! I miss LDH in My Girl. Now I still can’t see it when people say that LDH has gotten better at acting because everytime she speaks her face remains frozen, so instead of giving us varied facial expressions she just turns on the cry-fest. Watching Ms. Ripley was so painful. 🙁

  3. 🙁 awww… It is sad. I thought her natural look was pretty already, assuming that was unaltered. In any case, my thought is that everyone’s God given looks are the prettiest. Everyone ages eventually so why not give yourself the best chance by sticking with the original. Original is always the strongest.

  4. I hope she stops the PS now. She’s still so young. Youth is definitely beautiful. I hope she doesn’t end up like the Korean model who was addicted to PS and started to inject cooking oil into herself.

  5. OMG SHE’S ONLY 23????

    i don’t know who she is bc i don’t follow c-actresses much and had to google to find her age. i almost died when i saw she was born 1991!!!

    • Wait..what? She’s only 23? Woah. I thought she was in her late twenty, creeping to early 30s. I guess PS only age her badly. :/

      She was beautiful before her PS. Now, she looks weird and old.

      • was legend of ancient sword b4 or after PS, she was v cute there but she looks quite weird in chronicle of life. I didn’t realize it was her. Even her acting was so stiff as if she cudnt move her face

  6. For the life of me I’ll never understand why someone chooses to undergo surgery unless s/he had a serious accident or was born with a huge deformation.

    Getting PS is the beginning of a downward spiral, as the aging process does weird stuff to the operated areas. You’ll have to operate again and again. But this isn’t news, they all have seen the results of women who did this to themselves before and yet they give in to vanity, the pressure of being eternally young, or whatever motivates them.

    We don’t hear enough of those many failed surgeries, leaving destroyed looks behind like in this case. So many young women think they ‘just’ have to starve themselves and get an operation to look like an actress. They forget about the expensive fitness training, clothes, professional make-up, lighting and photoshop.

    On top of that I highly doubt, that all those operation techniques and agents the physicians use are tested for the long run. Who really knows how the aging process affects them or what harm foreign material implanted into your body will do to your health years later?

    So, folks, grow a backbone and don’t do it. Live with what Mother Nature gave you.

    /rant over my pet peeve over

  7. Actually, if you’ve watched Zheng Shuang for a while, you’ll noticed that her smile was always crooked. Kind of like a cute quirk.

  8. If all she did this time was Botox, then at least the effects will disappear in 5 months (if she doesn’t go back for a touch-up).

    She was really pretty before PS. But now she should just stay put because there’s no way of going back to those looks.

  9. Everyone age no matter how much PS you get old age will catch up. I can stand those that have PS and look young while the neck is old and wrinkly. It is obvious like night and day. Nothing is more beautiful than aging gracefully.

    Her before pic she looked fresh and so pretty. There’s an innocent about her
    in the pic. Now PS took away that innocent and replace it with something that is not that attractive. And once you have PS I am not sure you can reverse it but to go forward.

  10. Eh.. what’s new… if i were her i will ask park min young plastic surgeon… maybe she can redo again her beauty… she is really pretty before.. 🙂

  11. I though she is already 40 something when I saw her picture, but she’s only 23 years old. Your already beautiful and still young why do the plastic surgery. You look much older than Kim tae hee, song hye kyo and yoon eun hye.

  12. She really is a bad actress but she is so charming and I always love reading her interviews. She’s always really honnest and it’s just refreshing. After the break up was confirmed she said she felt incredibly self conscious about everything and inferior and just overall depressed and that’s what lead her to stop working instead of riding the popularity wave after Meteor Shower. Apparently Hans Zhang was great and didn’t do it intentionally at all but he was part of the reason why she felt so inferior and that is why they broke up. Reading interviews I had hoped shewas doing better since she was working steadily again and was speaking openly about it. I guess not.

    Anyways all this to says that she seems like a really sweet girl, the kind who wear their heart on their sleeve but ultimately it just made her more fragile because of the business she’s in.

  13. Ella es mi actriz favorita china y hablando del mundo asiatico en si no entiendo porq daño su rostro si era tan bonita

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