Love Cheque Charge Teasers and Stills as the New Daily is Off to a Fun Start

I’m getting more and more excited with the upcoming SETTV daily drama Love Cheque Charge (Happiness Voucher) starring George Hu, Yuan Ai Fei, and Kun Da. The three leads attended a drama promotional BBQ fan event at SETTV headquarters last week to drum up interest in the drama and consider me interested. The drama also released two new substantive teasers that look every bit goofy and adorable as I hoped. George plays Thomas (He Bu Fan), a self-accomplished director at an international consulting firm with a motto of “everything needs to be handled in 3 minutes”. I can make a quip about an activity that occurs under the blankets on a bed that should NOT hew to his mantra, especially for his sake, but I’ll refrain since this drama is a family friendly project. Yuan Ai Fei is Angel (Shu Man Man), a bright and service-oriented young lady who wants to help others out when she can.

Thomas meets Angel under the most contrived drama only circumstances when he goes to break up with her on behalf of his good friend who happens to be dating Angel. He has no time for her tears or meltdown about never finding a man again so writes her a check that he’ll marry her when she turns 30. Time passes and one day their paths cross and Angel is right at the cusp of 30 so she redeems her check with Thomas and asks her to marry him. I’m not sure if she is serious or just wants to mess with him, but Thomas has no choice but be a man of his word and in the wedding preparation that he keeps trying to get out of the couple fall in love. Kun Da is the second male lead who is Angel’s ex-boyfriend and now Thomas’ guardian angel that only he can see. This whole set up sounds perfect for a lighthearted daily and I’m so ready for it! The drama premiered this Wednesday so check out the new pictures and teasers below.


Teaser for Love Cheque Charge (English-subbed):

“I just want you”:

“She wants me to be her family triplet’s dad?!?”

“Why is it every time I run into you something happens?”


Love Cheque Charge Teasers and Stills as the New Daily is Off to a Fun Start — 14 Comments

  1. I saw the preview last week and thought it was very interesting. Good to see George Hu as the lead again. He has been in very good supporting roles for China dramas. In Taiwan, at least he get leading roles.

  2. Just checked this drama out. I just wish that the female lead didn’t scream so loud the first few minutes. Not a good way to start a drama..You will get to see Geo speaking alot of English in the first episode, I have only seen the first, so..Hope it will get better! I have got a soft spot for Kun Da from his previous dramas. Nonetheless, I support Geo and the female lead. I hope she doesn’t get annoying as time passes by since this is a daily drama. Gosh she is sleek thin!

  3. This is a daily drama so it airs 5 times a week.

    I liked it. It has the fun twdrama drama vibe to it that I usually like. I have no idea what the heck tie the knot was but this new drama is a refreshing welcome. It is so random the premise but isn’t that always the case these tw dramas? Anyhow I hope it keeps my interest all the way through. Love Now died off for me somewhere in ep 30s or so.

  4. Watched the first episode this morning, loved the way George Hu spoke English, he sounds amazing, very confident and comfortable in delivering the spoken words.

    Potential Spoiler:

    Just wondering if George can see ghost/angels!?

    I like his character in this drama, here’s hoping for a good Taiwan drama that would hook me in for the whole duration.

    Unlike Aaron’s and Tia’s drama, that started off quite well but soon became unwatchable. Not because of the actors but because of the way the story was going with Huan Huan very spoilt, wanting her own way and forcing a loveless marriage on Lu Tian Xing!

  5. Something is wrong with the websitr miss keeps redirecting me to a page that says the article cannot be found. Can’t really read the page…hope u get the bug fixed.

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