Lee Min Jung is Beautifully Somber in Latest Cosmopolitan Korea Photospread

It probably sucks being Lee Min Jung right now. I say this with sympathy for her plight despite her life being rich, famous, and beautiful. All the superficial outer accoutrements that signal success in the material world, but really can’t be a stand in for happiness right about now. The whole of K-ent was talking about Lee Min Jung’s husband A-list actor Lee Byung Hun this past week when he reported a pair of young women blackmailers to the police. He was the victim of a crime but ended up looking like a total sleazy douchebag. In life one can be both at the same time. At a time like this, the release of a gorgeous overseas Cosmopolitan Korea pictorial of Lee Min Jung feels like sucking the wind out of her sails. I don’t want that to happen to her, regardless of whether she knew of her husband’s reputation before marriage, no woman deserves to be so publicly humiliated by a spouse.

So let’s enjoy this latest spread from Lee Min Jung’s, easily one of her most beautiful on location pictorials by showcasing the physical beauty of Milan, Italy as well as the coming Fall designer duds from famous Italian designers. Most of her clothes are in shades of creamy winter white which I just love and matches so well with her shades of red hair color. There is a bit of melancholy in these shots which make it moodier then what Lee Min Jung usually does in her pictorials and one does wonder if she’s channeling some real life sadness she can’t hide for the cameras. Regardless of what’s happened in her life and around her, I’ve always enjoyed her in the right role so here’s hoping she weathers this personal storm and continues to improve as an actress and occasional fashion model.


Lee Min Jung is Beautifully Somber in Latest Cosmopolitan Korea Photospread — 30 Comments

  1. I love her. Her choices are definitely not typical as far as roles and marriage.

    On the one hand, she knew what she was getting in to, on the other hand, wouldn’t she want to believe she could handle it? And if she made a deal with him that if he effed up she would leave, I would totally support her if she did. Cut bait and move on. He’s no Bill
    Clinton with a country to run. She has every right to secure her future happiness with no thought to his reputation.

    • And this is why I feel so ambivalent about her. I like her as an actress in the right role and don’t like her when not in the right role, and I’m sad for her that she has to deal with an unhappy marriage, but in the end she made the choice to marry a guy known to be a slimeball and philanderer and so needs to lie in the bed she made.

      Let this be a warning to all those women who think they can change a man. That only happens in kdramas, not real life.

  2. Idk why she would choose to marry him while knowing the truth. She could be popular on her own and she wouldn’t need him.

    After knowing about how he tried to frame some else for the blame of his incident with the girl in Canada, I lost all respect for him. The other party was also a celeb and sadly could never resume his status. Lee is like the mafia. He probably does more dirty things to make him more popular. I honestly don’t know why the public still favors him after all he’s done.

    The other incident that somebody mentioned about him covering up for Han hye Joo’s brother goes to show how shady the business is. Money and power is a scary thing.

    I hope someday he’ll get retribution. LMJ should divorce that pervert. He probably prey on more young starlets in the past than what we know of.

    In my eyes, he’s probably as worse as Park Shi Hoo.

    • sadly if LMJ divorces him (and makes him look ‘bad’ in the eyes of the Korean public) he could damage her career quite badly if he wanted to, divorce is still such a stigma for women in k-ent.

      I mean, look at how Go Hyun Jung was treated after her divorce from a rich powerful man. Or Chae Rim.

      • For GHJ, her divorce doesn’t make bad impacts to her carrier at all…

        She still can’t get Daesang Awards in 2009 and 2010 for her outstanding performances in QOS and Daemul…

        She even had successful talkshow under her name in SBS, ” Go Show ”

        If i’m not mistaken, GHJ is the highest paid actress in drama per episode…she’s also brand ambassador for top quality products such as LG, branded cosmetics etc.

    • I think she’s very aware of his character by the reputation. But maybe she’s into that, you know. A lot of people have said that she wouldn’t have been this popular, gotten good roles if it hadn’t been for his meddling. I think she’s a good actress but having his support definitely boost her career.

      • Lidge- Basically Han Hye Joo’s brother bullied somebody in the military leading the victim to commit suicide. Since she knows Lee so well, he silenced all media coverage for her so most people don’t even know about it. The military even put a blind eye to it and said that the guy just depressed and commit suicide. So you can how much power Lee has in the industry. So in the end, her brother didnt even get punishment. Shady..

        You can read some of it here.

      • HHJ is part of Lee Byung Hun’s agency so he used media contacts to bury the story and save her image.

        Also Han’s dad is a former general so the story got buried from that end as well……the military didn’t want people to know a general’s son was a vicious bully responsible for a soldier’s death. They also tried to pay off the victim’s family to keep quiet but it all came out as a blind item on a Korean talk show.

      • Yes they are separate scandals but many said that Lee was the one doing the dirty work to silence the media for HHJ. We really don’t know if this is true bc there are no stories on but with Lee, I wouldn’t rule anything out.

  3. Lee min Jung is So gorgeous!! Getting married to him was a horrible choice but it’s her life and her decisions so…hope she gets out of this mess soon!

  4. She looks beautiful but lifeless at the same time. I can’t blame her! Whatever is going on in her life and with her husband it’s probably taking away all joy and happiness. :/

  5. I really like her. Hope she will be able to cope fine with whatever chaos is going on in her personal life! Would be a real pity if all that ends up affecting her work

  6. She looks beautiful here, but so sad. Netizens have been commenting on her melancholy look long before the cheating/blackmail scandal so maybe they sensed something was up too.

    I don’t understand saying “she knew what she was getting into” though. Of course she knew about his womanising past but does that mean she didn’t go into her marriage with the hope that he would change his ways for love of her? It’s one of the oldest fantasies around, after all – reformed bad boys. (and it can happen in real life, I have seen it myself, but the guys in question were not scumbags like Lee Byung Hun)

    • They said do not judge a book by its cover, BUT, Lee Byung Hun looks like a scumbag acts like a douchebag and voila is a sleazebag… Never liked watching any movies/dramas with LBH in it…

      • Ok, now I can see why she’s carrying all those bags : to hold all that scum, douche and sleaze. Just feel really sorry for her.

  7. I’m sure she knew of the rumors about him, but it’s totally different when you love someone. Everyone can tell you the guy is bad news, but he’s obviously charming enough to get out of most of the trouble he’s found himself in over the years. So, I’m sure he blamed everyone else for everything. I also doubt he’s an idiot, so he was probably either behaving or seriously sneaky about what he was doing while he was engaged and married to her. Though he got careless eventually and the girls got greedy.

    I do wonder if she could even have a career if she dumped him. Somehow I doubt it. That public apology letter seemed like a not so subtle warning to her imo.

    • I agree, that public apology letter was actually a veiled warning to her to support him or else…

      He is such a creep. Maybe she knew he was with lots of women in the past or they even had an open marriage but she doesn’t deserve to be humiliated like this. No woman does.

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