Cha Seung Won Visits Taiwan for the Third Time to Promote You’re All Surrounded

All the Korean entertainers are making overseas visits to other Asian countries a normal and regular part of their promotional schedules. Taiwan is one hot destination and plenty of variety shows have filmed there recently from Grandpas Over Flowers to Running Man. Cha Seung Won made his third visit to the island this week to promote the upcoming network airing of You’re All Surrounded. This has happens quite frequently now and I remember two months ago Ha Ji Won visited to kick off the launch of Empress Ki. YAAS was probably the most disappointing drama for me this year, not the worst or anything like that, but disappointing because I was expecting so much more from the great cast and snappy previews. The narrative ended up being so shallow and trite and even the great acting of Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won could do nothing to infuse interest in the dull proceedings.

Watching it was like connecting the dots on a kid’s table mat puzzle from a restaurant when you identify the outline already. But Cha Seung Won is one of those actors that bad projects slip right off him without leaving any taint, he’s just charismatic to the max and always firing on all cylinders. Sometimes he needs to be reined in like in Best Love, but mostly I’m just waiting for him to deliver another masterpiece like City Hall. He’s got tons of fans in Taiwan and he coupled the drama promotion with a sold out fan meeting. His entertainment interview host was none other than the rising model-actress Amber An who is adorable in looks and reportedly a fast improving acting talent. Love the blond hair on her! Cha Seung Won will hopefully pick a better next drama but I can’t fault anyone in the YAAS cast for picking it since by all accounts it looked majorly promising.


Cha Seung Won Visits Taiwan for the Third Time to Promote You’re All Surrounded — 10 Comments

  1. Amber Has definitely improved her acting… She was good in that movie but her dramas were eh to me… Until I saw Apple in your eye. I think she is at least decent and enjoyable enough in this one. I have been hooked on it. It’s not a crack drama or really special or anything like that but I am liking it so far.

    CSW – awesome that they are all heading overseas to promote!

  2. Speaking of Amber, are you watching 妹妹/Apple in Your Eye?! It’s awesome! Blue Lan is really nailing his role, too. I love it to pieces, my favorite Taiwanese drama atm. I really recommend it!
    Haha. Shameless promotion right here. Sorry. =D

    • I love almost everything written by Mag Hsu, An Innocent Mistake, In Time With You, Mars, Story of Time and I’m enjoying the first episode of Apple in Your Eye, will probably wait for more episodes to be out before I marathon it. I always feel at ease watching Mag Hsu’s drama, there’s a certain level of quality to her works and I can relate to most of her characters.

  3. YAAS wasn’t bad enough to taint anyone. It wasn’t bad or good enough to remember though. Decent enough and did decently enough. The writing sucked, but in the end the cast held it up as best it they could so they all grew from it. Anyway, he seems like a really great guy. He was always so nice to fan at fan events for the drama.

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