Krystal Is a Hardworking Aspiring Musician in Latest Preview for My Lovely Girl

Seeing the new stills of leading lady Krystal in My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl), as well as the latest preview teaser, one thing jumped out at me that didn’t dawn until now. Krystal appears to be playing the age-worn K-drama Candy heroine, complete with poor background and handful of part time jobs to make ends meet while she works hard towards her dream career of being a musician. Having a Candy heroine doesn’t immediately take points off a drama for me, that’s just too easy to sweep aside something that might still deliver the goods. What’s interesting in this case is how Krystal’s image is completely the antithesis of the Candy girl in K-dramas. Krystal usually had, for lack of a better word, the bitch face on. I don’t mean this pejoratively at all, I like Krystal and feel her sharp features and cool attitude is what gives off the bitch face impression rather than her personality being in any way bitchy.

The visual incongruity is that Candy heroines tend to be warm, round, soft, sweet types so it’s going to be interesting to see if Krystal can do all the Candy stuff but give her character more edges and therefore more modern uniqueness. A good analogy is imaging Krystal playing the role of Cha Eun Sang in Heirs rather than Park Shin Hye in her umpteenth Candy iteration. I dig it and this new perspective adds more excitement for what’s to come in MLG. The latest teaser finally lifts the curtain on other characters in addition to leads Krystal and Rain. I have to admit that L is quite intriguing and I’m already liking his interaction with Krystal’s character in the club. Check it out below along with various drama stills of Krystal’s character in all her part time jobs.

Sixth preview for My Lovely Girl:


Krystal Is a Hardworking Aspiring Musician in Latest Preview for My Lovely Girl — 12 Comments

    • Have you checked out My Spring Days? Only two episodes and it’s really good so far. It reminds me and so many others of old school kdramas.

      Only thing is it’s a melo but it might not be too far out there and might be more heartwarming than usual because the acting, writing and cinematography is pretty top notch so far. The leads have great chemistry despite the age gap.

  1. Truth be told, I’m probably one of the few who was annoyed to hell with her character from Heirs. Some thought her spoiled and loud personality was endearing, meanwhile I just wanted to scream “shut-up” whenever she’s on screen though. But in here, the edginess of that said personality seems to work well with the Candy trope, like you’ve observed koala. Not that this hasn’t been done before, but Krystal’s features definitely adds that needed spunk to it. In a sense that I don’t have to imagine her as being spunky like Jandi was supposed to be in BoF, but the spunkiness seems to be innate to her personally. Less ‘acting’ (which sometimes devolves to overacting to compensate) is a plus to me. I’m liking the melding of the two contrasting features just as well.

  2. That preview looked fairly interesting and the story could end up being addicting and I hope it’s good! I’m still watching mostly for the dog at this point. I wish there were more pets in kdramas.

  3. It’s cooler in Korea now. My poor cute doggie hope the bathing scene was short. As you can tell it’s the only character I am interested in.

    Poor wet doggie. You’re the first shower or bath scene.

  4. Is it weird that in the very first picture, all her facial expressions are the same?

    But I thought Krystal is cool with her acting. Loved her since Unstoppable High Kick 🙂 Andd looking forward to L’s character too!!

  5. I’m imagining Krystal as Cha Eun Sang now and giggling at the possibility.
    For Wed-Thu dramas, I think I’ll only watch this. Not interested in IM or MSD.

  6. And ms koala takes a virtual jab on park shin hye for the umpteenth time. Although i get ur point.

    So far, i dont like her styling but thinking again,it might be one of the reason that they are trying to soften her look to match the candy girl role. Still not sold on the idea as she exudes the same cold aura in all those pics which she is commonly known for..

    Have checked out iron man..oops..blade man..(@_@) nw have to check this one out.

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