Yeon Woo Jin Rumored to Return to MBC to Headline Reverse-aging K-drama Mr. Baek

The in-development reverse-aging K-drama Mr. Baek has been punted from SBS over to MBC but I hope that’s the end of its woes and the drama does end up airing after the just premiered My Spring Days. K-dramas have done its share of aging up (Big and I Love Lee Tae Ri) and aging down (Grandpa Flowers Investigation Unit), but of all of those it was the K-movie Miss Granny that really nailed it. That’s why I’m legit stoked that Mr. Baek is coming down the pipeline since it’s basically Miss Granny as a 16-episode drama. The key is in finding a young actor that can nail the aged and wizened demeanor much like Shim Eun Kyung did in the movie. Originally Ji Chang Wook was in talks to headline Mr. Baek but he passed to do Healer over on KBS instead. Now the buzzed about name is a MBC regular that has recently gotten an extra boost of attention doing a straight up rom-com on tvN.

It’s none other than Yeon Woo Jin who has just come off a very solid run in Marriage Not Dating. MND was one of those odd duck dramas for me, I liked it so much in the beginning I thought about recapping it, but it quickly took a turn for the annoying and only for the love of Yeon Woo Jin’s character and performance did I stick to it until the end. I’m happy there are passionate actresses like Han Groo out there but holy did her character and gumby performance rub me the wrong way in this particular drama. Hopefully the casting for Mr. Baek will firm up soon but just the mere rumor that he might be the lead makes me so excited I had to write this post. As a bonus have some delicious Yeon Woo Jin photos from his First Look shoot three years ago when he was just starting out. Boy is definitely still on the up-and-up and whether he ends up doing Mr. Baek or not he’s solidly on my to-watch list.

Overall MND is still one of the better rom-coms out there lately but ultimately it served more as a Yeon Woo Jin showcase vehicle than anything. He has such a unique and comfortable rapport with the camera and definitely has the old soul quality that would make him perfect to be the eighty year old old man reversing to his twenties in Mr. Baek.


Yeon Woo Jin Rumored to Return to MBC to Headline Reverse-aging K-drama Mr. Baek — 18 Comments

  1. Aww, I loved Han Groo in MND. She was pretty great – she has so much energy and screen presence, she’s a treat to watch (as is Yeon Woo Jin, who I’ve loved since Ojakgyo Brothers). MND was inconsistent writing wise and the supporting cast was pretty meh, but they made the show for me tbh.

    I hope he takes this show, it sounds fun and it’s a good opportunity for him. Seems like he’s got alot of buzz from MND. :’)!

  2. I’m happy for Yeon Woo Jin. He deserves to get lead role in Big 3 Networks.
    I heard few weeks ago there’s rumor Shin Min Ah will be the leading lady. If it’s true, I’m so gonna happy for them. They look good together in Arang.

  3. Somehow I don’t find this rumor plausible. And the character is supposed to be in his 30s… YWJ is 30 but really doesn’t look it.

    • The character is supposed to have a baby face when he reverse ages, so that’s why Ji Chang Wook was approached early on. I’m 50-50 on MBC willing to give him a headlining prime time drama already and/or the drama even keeping the time slot.

      • Hmm, didn’t hear about the baby face part. Maybe anything is baby faced for a dude who used to be 70?

        I love YWJ to pieces and would be happy as a clam if this rumor proves to be true but I can honestly see some idol nabbing the role before someone like him (which is a crying shame, but I digress…)

  4. MND is one of those very enjoyable dramas that strangely caught my attention only when it reaches the halfway mark (like Answer Me 1997), and it was Han Groo who piqued my interest. She does not have the standard/classic pretty look, which makes her unique in her attractiveness. She’s got range too, considering that she did Girl K. YWJ’s got range as well, unlike Song Seung Heon (pffttt), although I find him a tad too ajusshi in the way they gel up his hair in MND.

  5. I just finished MND, and adored the show. His character might be my favorite. Liked HG’s but was annoyed by her (character) a lot….. Watched it for HG but stayed mostly for YWJ….

  6. For reals???lol I love ham groo performance from beginning to end. I live how strong her character is and how she stood her ground with everyone most of the time. Even those who are Nasty to her, she snaps back them. Best drama of 2014 for me so far

  7. Shin Min A turned down or denied the role in the drama, she was asked during the presscon of her movie about a possible leading lady role for the drama. Hope that the drama secured its cast.

  8. AWK!! My heart skipped a beat looking at the pictures. He’s so lovely and his acting so phenomenal especially when he pouted in MND!!

  9. Anything with YWJ as the lead (loved him and HG in MND), I’m definitely in and with the rumors of Shin Min Ah being the leading lady makes me even more excited. (but she turned it down?!) Anyway, I cant wait for the confirmation.

  10. is it okay if I want Yang Jin Sung to play the female lead ? I really wish to see her as lead on major broadcast network. and Yeon Woojin.. just sayin’..

  11. I’ve become a fan of him through MND and I think he’s the perfect actor to play such role because of how expressive he is. He’s got the acting chops and I’m excited to see him lead a drama on a big network!

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