Unintentional Hilarity Mixes with Motorcycle Cool in Lee Min Ho’s Latest Chinese CF

This is too unintentionally hilarious not to share. Not to say Lee Min Ho doesn’t at times look quite striking and handsome playing the part of a motorcycle lover in hawking a brand of Chinese electric and gas-powered motorcycles, but there are too many silly asides that turn what was meant to come across as cool and instead ends up being goofy. Lee Min Ho’s CF for Chinese brand Yadea hit the airwaves in August for the Chinese market and has been a huge hit with the television viewers. It further cements his role as one of the most popular Korean actors in China but also confirms that Lee Min Ho can sell anything, even tiny electric scooters that look like he’s riding on his little brother’s toy vehicle. Yadea’s main CF has Lee Min Ho proudly beckoning viewers to check out his snazzy new ride, and even coos an “I love you” to the lucky girl who gets to ride behind him in the commercial. It’s solid but nothing to write home about.

I’m having a bigger kick out of the print ads where Lee Min Ho is also showcasing Yadea’s new line up of electric and gas-powered scooters meant for city living and shorter distances. I don’t know who is on Yadea’s branding committee but the names of the scooters are sooooooo hilarious. A few notable gems include Bat Man, Small Apple, Panda, Mikey,and X-Men. LOLOL I can’t even. “Hey baby, want to go for a ride on my Bat Man?” “Girl, can you handle me and my Small Apple?” It’s nice to Lee Min Ho capitalizing on his popularity in China with regular new CFs and picking brands/industries are work well for his image and isn’t going to cause ripples back in Korea. I’m sure his handlers thought a motorcycle ad would showcase his manly appeal, and he definitely still has it for me, but unfortunately some smaller than expected vehicles and dreadfully selected English names glosses the project with a bit of unexpected hilarity.

Lee Min Ho for Yadea CF:

Lee Min Ho for Yadea Making Of Video:


Unintentional Hilarity Mixes with Motorcycle Cool in Lee Min Ho’s Latest Chinese CF — 11 Comments

  1. Looking yummy as always
    Waiting for his next drama, I hope for the sake of my sanity he picks a good one.
    Boy has charisma and can act, heirs was a big waste

    • I hope his first movie will be good. Anyway besides him beauty, I got to like Lee Min Ho because of his acting, but lately he has been more of an idol than an actor. So i hope that after his singing tour, he will do one gold drama before leaving off to the army.

  2. I also laughed at names when I first saw this. My favourite is Batman 🙂

    Have you guys seen the new still from Gangnam Blues released today? He looks quite good, a bit tanned and not too pretty, just like earlier episodes of BOF.

    • Why you had to bring another actor in this article?
      trying to stir something here?
      Btw what is hot and sexy for you not necessarily means is hot and sexy for me too

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