Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee Break Up as Dispatch Releases Pictures of Him with Gong Hyo Jin

Looks like Korea’s getting on the potentially messy love quadrangle action that’s been dominating the headlines over in Greater China last week with the reunion romance of two of Hong Kong’s biggest stars. It’s been an ongoing saga of innuendo of the “are they-aren’t they” questions ever since Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin wrapped their critically well-received K-drama It’s Okay, It’s Love. I can’t say it’s new for either of them, the same rumors popped up after Gong Hyo Jin did The Master’s Sun with So Ji Sub and for Jo In Sung there has been a loud contingent that think he and Song Hye Kyo are made to be after That Winter, the Wind Blows. I think the logical conclusion is that Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung are onscreen chemistry magnets and make all the viewers think their reel romance is real. Last week Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jin Wook announced the end of their short-lived three month romance, which prompted Jo In Sung to make a really random announcement that he was totally still dating Kim Min Hee.

My reaction? Whatever. This week the whole kit and caboodle has been shaken up by a twofer news drop this evening – Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee are now broken up (apparently a lot can happen in a week), and trusty sleazy tabloid Dispatch has published pictures of Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin hanging out in the evening at a cafe. Sure there are other people in the group but the clear implication is that the IOIL OTP may actually be dating now. His agency has responded and said this was just a group gathering of close friends from the IOIL cast. None of this would be as much of a shocker if Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Min Hee aren’t long time BFFs, and they really are a well-known industry stalwart girl friendship beacon over the years. Draw your own conclusions but even if Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung are really dating, whatever fallout comes from it is for them to deal with so I’m just passing the latest on dit along for those various ships that are either sunk or resurrected because of this development.

Regardless of whether there is some sort of messy love square that happened (is happening), the undeniable element in this story is the long standing BFF friendship between Kim Min Hee and Gong Hyo Jin. To borrow Hae Soo’s phrase – they are each other’s style.


Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee Break Up as Dispatch Releases Pictures of Him with Gong Hyo Jin — 42 Comments

    • Same here.

      They were with other people and who knows, maybe JIS needed someone to listen to his probs and who would know his now Ex better than her BFF? She’d make an excellent advisor.

      • Well, between advising my BFF’s ex and my BFF…. I think I’d go for the latter.

        That said, this seems just hyped up. Good chemistry on screen doesn’t automatically mean anything, other than skilled acting. ‘Suspicious’ coincidences also don’t mean anything. I don’t know enough about any of these actors to know how they’d truly behave, but I’d like to be believe GHJ is a good friend. She seems smart, like someone that would know better than to betray a long-time BFF. And professional enough to be able to attend a post-drama outing with the BFF’s ex without treading on anyone’s toes. Nothing in these pics makes me think otherwise in any case.

  1. Gong Hyo Jin you are my favorite Korean actress and I have seen everything that you have ever been in. I want you to fine your happiness and have your happily ever after. Hopefully this is just another example of your excellent OTP chemistry, but on the of chance that its not, Noooooooo. Hyo Jin-na No. We should never pick a man over our ride-or-die chick. Men will come and go but a friend to weather the bad hair decades with, that only happens once in a life time.

  2. Those photos don’t look like much, honestly. They could just be hanging out as a group. But if Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin are indeed dating, then I’m happy for them! I didn’t know that Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Min Hee are BFFs though so that just makes it… awkwaaaard. Haha. But oh well, if Jo In Sung is still wooing her, girl’s got a tough choice! Super hot man candy vs. Bestie for life. In the words of Gretchen Wieners, “Ex-boyfriends are just off limits to friends! I mean that’s just like the rules of feminism.” HAHA JK. Go on, date all you want pretty people!

    • I noticed that too. Either they’re shaking hands or he’s pulling her away. But then again maybe they knew someone was watching them. GHJ barely even looks or acknowledges JIS in any of the pics.

  3. Nah. i dont belive that JIS and GHJ are an item.

    It maybe suspicious that the span of time of each other relationship breakups announcement is to close (1 week), I can say that there is nothing going on around the lead stars IOIL.

    Besides,on what I learn from Korean Ent. dating 101. No artists,nor idols,nor host want their relationship to be revelead in public, coz they want some privacy.

    Base on the pictures from Dispatch,I think JIS and GHJ will wear some mouth masks or caps or shades to hide their faces to the public and paparazzis IF THEY ARE REALLY DATING,but as we can see in those photos,they do the opposite.
    Do they want to go public? Are they not afraid of what will KMH fans will react?
    Who in the world of K Ent.will want to admit they are publicly dating?! I think noome (as far as I know).

    People are just hype and conclude dating speculations becaue of the chemistry of the two leads of the recently finished drama that they starred in.

  4. GHJ is too smart and moral to go after her BFFs ex-man. I trust her and the pictures are innocent. They aren’t hiding and there are other people there.

    Though shippers, seriously… calm down. You don’t want this to be true, really.

  5. Plzzz… if JIS and GHJ have broken up with their respective partners BEFORE dating each other, there’s no 2-timing or betraying going around.

    The fact the KMH and GHJ are BFF may make things awkward but let’s not go around calling people immoral please.

  6. Personally I don’t care who dates whom. They are all in their 30s and all acting industry veterans. Not to mention they have good reputations- personality wise.

    I am only writing to comment that ” that ” post above is offensive. I don’t go around calling a perfect stranger names when they don’t know they whole story. Even if the relationships overlapped ( if it’s true ) that’s still so… ( me trying to avoid doing the same thing as that person ) such a ” decisive, final ” opinion on an actor whom the person doesn’t personally know.

    • I love Kong hyo jin. I wish her the best.
      If Ji in sung and Kong hyo jin are dating hope the best for them. Kim min hee has a boyfriend now.

  7. If Kim Min Hee is fine with it I don’t see what the problem is and if the two developed enough feelings for each other and wanted to give it a go, who’s stopping them? They’re adults. Obviously right now with the bomb dropping it wouldn’t be wise if the two did decide to get together. It’s too soon. People are already giving the side-eye. Timing is everything, wait till it tides over and months from now people won’t even bat an eyelash. This is an awkward situation but not enough for me to start criticizing. It’s a different story if the two weren’t already broken up. That said, if Kim Min Hee feels uncomfortable with it then I hope all parties proceed in a way where their friendship remains intact.

    Still, I think if it didnt work out for someone it could always work out for another. That person that you let go just might be the one.

    Of course, everyone could just be sprouting bullshit and the two really are just close friends. Besides, if they really did have something going on, i doubt they’d openly meet up so soon after the project wrapped up, the night after returning from their thailand vacay. Supposedly that’s jo in sung brother’s cafe. Im assuming JIS invited GHJ and her friend to stop by, if they were possibly in the area. Seems more like a casual meet up between friends than anything. Guess time will tell.

  8. Seriously doubt the dating thing and all I see is some “goodbye,” “see you later” hand shaking. Hate to hear about the breakup. But they happen. The older we get it’s better to “call it” early.
    Both of them are used to rumors which is sad but HJ is usually pretty candid. Plus there’s nothing wrong with remaining friends/friendly with a friend’s ex, being they are colleagues and I’m not quite sure HJ hasn’t known JS longer. Also all breakups aren’t battlefields.

    • A voice of reason in the wilderness.
      The only thing we can really see is their performances. The only thing we can really know with certainty is our reactions to their performances.

      Anything else is assumption, speculation, half-truths, whole-lies, and useless curiosity. At least until the autopsy reports roll in. Or the police reports.

  9. I personally love JIS and GHJ and would love it if they actually dated. But I know GHJ is known for her loyalty so I doubt she would backstab her long time friend…
    Instead, I have other theories…

    1. Either JIS and the other girl (Lee Sung Kyung) have something.. which I pray isn’t true. She’s too young and new to date someone like JIS already. in my opinion
    2. Or JIS is gay and KMH just helped him cover up his identity so that he doesn’t ruin his rep and both KMH and GHJ are just really good friends of his. Who knows, maybe he has something with that other guy in the pictures, his long time friend Kim Ki Bang?

    You just never know these days….

  10. OMG they are NOT even married… Let’s just leave them alone, please… BTW, not changing the subject, but just saw an episode of Zo In Sung on 2D1N invited by good friend Cha Tae Hyun. Watching this episode makes you love Zo In Sung even more… At his celebrity status and appearing on this show makes him soooo down-to-earth, endearing, likable, lovable, adorable, and human… He is sooooo laid back, a bit shy and kinda worried about not too smart in a self-deprecating way… Zo In Sung is the best, Zo In Sung is nō ka ‘oi…

  11. i’m so sorry for her but she doesn’t look as a stable person. before she was very sticky and cheerful with SJS in TMS and rumors have came out and then she went public with another guy and broke up very soon and after this drama she got in another rumor with JIS who is her bff ‘s bf or ex bf. why she is wearing a skirt isn’t already cold in SK, she went so sexy at the diner. she is immature. and he is the same. she is sticky with every guy.

    • Uhm… didn’t she have a longtime relationship before? Like 10 years or so? Sounds pretty stable to me esp. in this industry.

      You sound bitter.

    • Are you blind or what? GHJ is the one who is wearing trousers, but even if it was her, why do you care how she is dressed?
      Honestly, you look like a jealous person because she’s close with all oppas.You’re brain is the one unstable, she was in a very long relationship.
      Go find another reasons to hate on her!

  12. she is the one with trousers and who is the girl with skirt. he is more focused on the girl with skirt. GHJ fell in the middle. i’m not her fan or his. i saw some episodes

  13. Like someone said, Dispatch is just trying to start shit – Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin are clearly with a group of their coworkers from a drama that just wrapped. That isn’t a “date”, just a gathering, and no one is hiding like normal dating k-ent stars do – not even a mask or a cap!

    It’s really cheap of the media to be throwing mud at Gong Hyo Jin like this, painting her as a woman who’d disrespect one of her lifelong friendships by going after her bff’s boyfriend. I hope she tells them off like she did with the Ha Jung Woo rumours last year.

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