Charismatic Character Posters Drop for Liar Game as Filming Begins on tvN Thriller

I’m simultaneously impressed and concerned with the first tidbits to come out from the production of the Korean adaptation of Liar Game. I’m currently enamored of My Secret Hotel on tvN so am in no rush for that drama to get off the air so that its follow up Liar Game will arrive. For folks not into MSH then maybe Liar Game is the drama that can kick tvN up a notch in the recent so-called ratings slump for the network. I find domestic Korean ratings to be pretty random and rarely indicative of quality. tvN is abruptly cutting short its Thursday one episode a week drama Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) from fourteen down to ten episodes so the network might be taking all the down ratings naysayers seriously. I still find tvN dramas by and large more creative and envelope pushing in genre and execution than the prime time big three networks, my approach is if the drama has stars I don’t like (High School King of Savvy) or stories I’m not interested in (Three Musketeers) is the only reason I skip a tvN show.

Liar Game has stars I like and a story I’m interested in so I’ll definitely check it out after MSH ends. It’s scheduled to be tight ten episode drama much like the J-dorama, leaving less room for filler stories such as romance to muddy up the existing narrative. The story centers around a naive college student who gets selected to play a high stakes con game where the liar that swindles all the other players money wins while all the losing players are on the hook for the swindled amount. Talk about win big or go home. The first character posters of the three leads Lee Sang Yoon, Kim So Eun, and Shin Sung Rok popped up on the official drama website this week and looks fantastic. It’s not creative or visually arresting in design but what works is the expressive charisma of the two male leads. Lee Sang Yoon is long overdue to play a dark character and I’m loving his scuffier feel and intense expression. Shin Sung Rok channels his inner Jae Kyung from You From Another Star but without the cartoon villain vibe. The only concern that I mentioned above is how wide-eyed Kim So Eun looks. I like the girl and have also been waiting for her leading lady role but she has a tendency to play things too cute at times.

I’m still staying away from watching the J-dorama since it’s rare there is a popular one I’ve not watched before so might as well use this opportunity to be surprised. Hopefully pleasantly surprised.


Charismatic Character Posters Drop for Liar Game as Filming Begins on tvN Thriller — 19 Comments

  1. Lee Sang-yoon doesn’t look or feel like Akiyama to me, and being scruffy doesn’t add anything to it. I just don’t get the constant remakes of jdramas, it’s annoying.

    • I actually don’t mind these cross country adaptation as long as they can make a good effort.

      But I too don’t see Lee Sang Yoon as Akiyama. He doesn’t look menacing and sneaky. Well.. it’s only a poster and I’m not his fan, so I might be biased and this will not be bad.

  2. Both guys look good & mysterious to me. I’m part of those who are disappointed by the channel this year: Only Gap Dong pleased me (in their defense, the others had their share of bad shows). I’m all for tvN redeeming itself and if thrillers are their thing then I’m fine with that. I didn’t watch the Jdorama either so it will be a surprise for me as well. Not sure I’ll watch this live: I’ll probably marathon once it’s over.

  3. Mookie have u watch we got married of kim so eun and song jae rim? I rarery watch wgm but this couple have hook me up and i watch on replay…they are so cute and mature together!

  4. I really like the tvN shows ! They’re really great. It’s sad they will only make 10 episodes of Surplus Princess because it’s really funny ! I love the subtile humour of Three Musketeers, it’s not what I had imagined. My Secret Hotel is great too 🙂
    It’s sad that JTBC and tvN shows are not more recognized because their stories are more interesting and original.

    • @Kurama, Totally agree with you… Sad Surplus Princess is shortened and loved the subtle humor esp. how Lee Jin Wook played in Three Musketeers…

      • Ya I like the three musketeers. Never really liked a character Yonghwa played in, but this time can really sympathise with situations his character is going through. So I guess that means he is doing well enough in the role.

  5. I think most tvN drama viewers are younger people. And we’re getting close to the Korean College Entrance exams, so that crowd will probably skip the dramas in favor of more studying.

    Not to mention that the big public stations managed to pull out interesting dramas this season, like “Discovery of Romance” of “My Spring Days”.

    I’m pretty sure tvN will bring out another winner drama sooner or later.

    These “Liar Game” pics look awesome, but I somehow doubt this can be a ratings success. I hope I’m wrong.

  6. I love Kim So Eun and I’m.glad she’s doing something other than another weekend drama so I’m definitely checking it out…isn’t the character supposed to be of the innocent type anyways? Too much aegyo had been an issue I have had with one too many veteran actresses even Ha Ji Won and Kim Sunah… Kim So Eun isn’t that bad compared to some and she can definitely deliver in intensity when called for it

  7. I don’t know whether I should be glad or not. I like Kim Soeun but liar game was what made me loved Erika Toda as innocent heroine. And leads me to Keizoku2:SPEC. Her pairing up with Shota was a big plus for me but they couldn’t stand each other’s presence and the lead actress was changed. No matter what, Kanzaki Nao will be my favourite character in Liar Game.

    • I love Liar Game, so I hope this does the drama justice.
      I adore Kim So Eun to bits, and I hope this project takes Lee Sang Yoon out of melo dramas. As much as I like Angel Eyes, it was just too melo for me, and Goddess of Fire was a train wreck.

      I didn’t know that little trivia about Erika and Shota not getting along.
      But Erika did guest star in Shota’s last drama, Umi no Ue no Shinryoyo, so I guess they are on good terms again? Here is hoping they pair up for a rom-com or something less serious.

      • People throw out the rumor that Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota not getting along because Toda Erika didn’t film “Liar Game: Reborn.” People base these rumors off of that while completely ignoring that Toda Erika was filming “SPEC: Heaven” at the same time, and both movies hit theaters in the same month.

    • The lead actress was changed not because they couldn’t stand each other but because of a scheduling conflict. The fact is that Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota are good friends (she even made a cameo appearance in his latest drama) so I have no idea where you got this misleading information.¨

      I think KSE could do a good job as Nao, though, probably no way near TE’s performance. As for LSY playing Akiyama – To tell you the truth, that was probably the worst casting news since the moment Ayano Gokiri had been cast as the female lead in the L-DK live action movie. I know the beauty is in the eye of beholder and all that, however, I find LSY utterly unattractive as a man. He looks as if he aged prematurely and he would be more beliavable as KSE’s father than her potential love interest. Frankly, I pity him because he entered a battle he can’t win – compare to Matsuda Shota’s already legendary portrayal of Akiyama. One one side, you have LSY with his ajhussi face and limited acting range, on the other, Matsuda Shota who could melt both ice caps with his dark, mysterious aura and intensity. If you were Kanzaki Nao who would you choose? It’s not even a question. Basically, this show will be one of those kdramas that I’ll totally ignore.

  8. nah kim so eun acts cutesy when the role calls for it. which is what her role as nao here in liar game needs because nao is the epitome of the wide-eyed innocent heroine. actually she doesn’t look so bad as to seem like she’ll be overacting all bug-eyed in her role. i think she looks the part based on my impressions of nao while reading the manga (haven’t watched the jdrama) and i believe she’ll do just fine in the role

  9. I was in a kdrama slump so I watch the jap version of Liar Games series in preparation for the Korean version last weekend. I gotta say the girl’s personality is gonna annoy the heck out of many viewers. It drove me bonkers even though I knew it was necessary for the message they are trying to convey. No spoilers for those who haven’t watch it but be warned. LOL. But gawd it renewed my love for Matsuda Shota. He was amazing as Akiyama. I’m not sure how Lee Sang Yoon is gonna pull it off but I’m not a gloomy naysayer so let’s see how this one turns out. But I suppose it would reduce the excitement since I know all the twists now…let’s hope they do something different to the story.

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