Ariel Lin Breaks Shipper Hearts in Confirming Upcoming Engagement to Non-celeb Boyfriend

Another screen goddess is off the single ladies market and this upcoming engagement is garnering congratulations all around. TW-actress Ariel Lin has confirmed that she’s getting officially engaged to her long-time non-celeb boyfriend Charles Lin on October 29th in Taipei. The invitations have gone out in traditional Chinese red with gold embossed tracing and lettering, and with it legions of fanboys and fangirls are collectively having their shipper hearts dashed. Of all the TW-drama ships, Ariel has been involved in the two most intense and long lasting fan dream pairings.

It’s been 8 years since It Started with a Kiss and fans of the ArJoe pairing still dream that she’ll marry Joe Cheng in real life. A more recent but equally high profile ship has been Ariel with her In Time With You co-star Bolin Chen, yet another pairing that makes sense only in the drama version but I just couldn’t see it in real life. I love her acting and personality so this news is all good to me!  It’s been rumored all year she was getting married soon so my congratulations to Ariel finding her significant other that she wants to walk life’s journey.

Ariel has been on sabbatical from her acting career all year, studying abroad in London while maintaining a long distance relationship with her boyfriend who lives in LA, while occasionally jetting back to Taiwan for short CF and endorsement projects. It’s an enviable way to spend the year but she’s one of the hardest working actresses around so definitely deserves this break. Probably also gave her time to really work on the relationship.

Even if ArJoe isn’t a reality, the real life close friendship of Joe and Ariel is a reality and probably way better than if they dated and it didn’t work out. Joe was one of the first celeb friends to post a congratulations on the engagement and this is what he wrote: “Because I know you, and you are such a low profile girl, that’s why I had to hold this news in for so long. Finally I can publicly shout out my congratulations to you now. It’s the same as what I said to you in London – go ahead and enjoy all of this! Be a happy bride!” Awwwwww, Joe you big sweetie you!


Ariel Lin Breaks Shipper Hearts in Confirming Upcoming Engagement to Non-celeb Boyfriend — 31 Comments

  1. Awww!!! I am so happy for her. I do not ship any actors in real life cause I think real and reel are very different. Reel is work 🙂 anyhow, glad that these actresses are all getting married etc etc. Really loved her and wish her the best! I glad that she and joe are good friends. I always got that vibe from them and hope that they can work together again in the future.


  2. I love that their friendship is so close though…and saying he saw her in London…that friendship is so real.

    I thought they broke up but it seems not…CONGRATS ARIEL!!!

  3. Congrats to Ariel! 🙂 even though ArJoe is not real, I love their tandem and friendship. His message is super cute! I just hope for more collabs between them in the future.

  4. Don’t see why shippers should be disappointed or sad, given Ariel has never seemed romantically interested in any of her co-stars. This has been rumored forever and I honestly figured the public wouldn’t find out until she was honeymooning or giving birth, so I’m pleasantly surprised and equally rejoicing.
    Always good see people who want marriage endeavor down that path happily.

  5. Awww! Congrats to her!

    And Joe sounds so genuinely happy it’c adorable! I was actually rewatching They Kiss Again recently and I always had a feeling that Joe used to have a mega crush on her. I think they are adorable as friends, and I’m so glad that the friendship lasted!

  6. i love their friendship.. ohh.. suddenly i miss my male best friends! thanks for this lovely news.. ^^

    be happy and long last our Ariel Lin.. ^^

  7. Congrats Ariel, I don’t know why but I feel so proud of you from watching you in ISWAK and then transitioning through to mainland dramas and now finally marriage (:

  8. Although, I love her with Hu Ge, I am still very happy with this news. Congrats Ariel! I wish her happiness and I’m forever her fan!

    Joe is such a sweetie. I’d love to have a bestie like him.

  9. Yay, congrats to her! And double yay for Joe’s tweet – exactly what a friend would do, and also an example to any of her fans who may have been a bit delulu about them. She is so cute and cheery I hope we see her back on screen soon.

  10. I am so happy for her. To this day its Ariel Lin and Yoon Eun Hye for me man. I have other actresses that are my go to, but Ariel and YEH are just it for me. So I wish I knew her to say congrats to her. And as for my ship…I will gladly go down with it.

    ANDWAAAAAAAAEEEE WAEEEEEEE!!! Damn you Joe and Ariel for knowing that you prefer to be friends more than anything else hehehe. I should know better than to say this, but my ship just sunk and I am Tom Hanks…without the coconut

  11. I’m one of the biggest ArJoe fans, when I first heard this news. I was so upset but as time goes by, I’ve learned to accept the fact that Joe and Ariel aren’t meant to be. I’m happy for you, Ariel! You really deserve to have all of these. It Started with a Kiss 3 is all we want. Hahah! Wo ai ni, ArJoe!

    • They are and always will be friends. Time to face the music and realise it is a waste of foolish time wishing they were a couple.

  12. omg.¡! arjoe is really good together but still congrats to Ariel and how sweet you are Joe .
    Both of you are lucky to met each other:)

  13. Oh Man. She’s actually a married woman right now. Maybe my heart still hoping for joe cheng and her. Because i a super fan of their team up. And i am hoping that they will be a real couple . But it seems that it wouldn’t come true. But still i am happy for her and to her new chapter in her life. And also i am happy between her and Joe cheng that is having a good relationship. I am actually watched again ISWAK and TKA this past few weeks and i am so missing them. Hoping that they could have a reunion drama. The best On-screen couple. ALWAYS! I am happy for you two. Hope i can see you someday, together.

  14. AWWWW… my heart breaks for ArJoe ;( But Joe/Joseph Cheng is so sweet for that post <3 It really showed that until now they're still bestfriends and keeping in touch with each other. :)))

  15. I really really want Arjoe to continue but fate seems to broke them together and also for the Arjoe fans even though Ariel is engaged or married we all want to continue the series of ISWAK,so please the director,Winnie pls. continue it.

  16. I feel happy for Ariel but honestly, it really broke my heart since I’m an ArJoe shipper since I was in Third Grade. Plus I doubt that “It Started With A Kiss” will have a Season 3 because the drama is actually based on the Japanese Anime “Itazura na Kiss” right? And the Anime ended just like of ISWAK’s, but I know that Joe and Ariel are really great friends and I am congratulating her on her marriage. I’m still looking forward on Joe and Ariel on one drama again thou.

  17. Really really broke my jeart because I am a prpud ArJoe shipper but I am happy for her. Hope that someday ArJoe will be real. Real merried couple

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