Leads Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok Filming Together for Pinocchio

When there are two famous in their own right leads cast together in a drama. the natural inclination is to want to see what they look like together. As if the visual scrutiny might shed light on what’s to come, or at least give everyone something to talk about until the actual drama drops. Pinocchio is still weeks away from arriving with a premiere date of November 13th but the cast is hard at work already filming the drama proper and promotional materials. Last week there was a first peek at some cast members including Lee Jong Seok wearing all white shooting a poster scene.

White seems to be a recurring motif because the first BTS look at Lee Jong Seok with leading lady Park Shin Hye is out showing the two laying on fluffy white feathers doing a couple’s poster shoot. It definitely looks comfy and cozy and the two of them have worked together on the denim ads before so the comfort is at least a step above strangers meeting for the first time on set. Child actor Nam Da Reum, the anger-prone middle child in The Suspicious Housekeeper, has a role in Pinocchio and updated his SNS with pics snapped with both leads.

Lee Jong Seok’s hair looks decently style even with the slight red tint, he’s one of those model-turned-actors that at least has the aura to pull off edgier looks. Anything is better than his fried mop from Dr. Stranger. *shudders*


Leads Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok Filming Together for Pinocchio — 13 Comments

  1. I don’t frigging care about the new LMH movie (see comment above) but I’m eating my fingers in anticipation for Pinocchio. All that mystery from SBS better be for a good reason… Maybe a teaser tomorrow at the end of My Lovely Girl? I’m that desperate, Lol.

  2. I hope this drama changes my opinion of both of them (neutral in general) and I’m just hoping for a good drama to watch! The little kid is crazy adorable.

  3. I usually dislike Park Shin Hye’s dramas, for whatever reason. There are a couple of exceptions though.

    I hope PSH and LJS have better chemistry on-screen than PSH had with Lee Min Ho in “Heirs”. Now that was a disaster.

    All in all, I have zero expectations for this drama. I’m not planning on checking it out unless people tell me it’s good.

  4. Was that kid ‘anger-prone’ in The Suspicious Housekeeper? I thought on the contrary: he couldn’t show enough anger to bad boys, and that’s why was bullied.
    The little actor has a very kind face and, yes, is very adorable.

  5. Visually both are beautiful, now I just hope they have good chemistry, the two seem to me in general good actors, by the way is my imagination or Park Shin Hye looks thinner … I hope not to break through the line of diet, I like her because it does not stick to it too thin

  6. I want to be park shin hye for one day xD she’s so lucky, always pairing with handsome and cute guys.
    Anyway, can’t wait for this drama. PSH looks more mature and i do have great feelings that this drama will be good.
    Please no more ‘heirs’.. goodluck !! ^^

  7. I don’t like Park Shin Hye but I really want to watch this. I hope this will change my mind about her the way IHYV changed my mind about Lee Jong Suk. I think this will be actually good!

  8. I cant wait for this drama..
    The plot look promising and they style look so good
    I guess the rating will be good

    Park Shin Hye look more mature and charm

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