My Lovely Girl Episode 8 Recap

It’s a welcome change to follow along with a K-drama that doesn’t progressively get worse like so many out there lately. My Lovely Girl is still nothing to write odes about but it’s done a hard enough feat of getting better and better with each episode. The story, however shallow and awkward in places, continues to come together comfortably. It makes the viewing experience satisfying because each new development flows from the last and there it’s a relief to watch characters change together in understandable ways. Se Na has really come to the forefront of the narrative in the last two episodes along, the plot driver of the early episodes has become the engine heart of this story. She’s the one who doesn’t act her age nor is burdened by the past so her ability to love with earnestness makes the romance blossom before out eyes.

I love that she likes Hyun Wook, it all feels so stirring and soulful, the way she lights up around him and because of him. Here’s the funny mature guy who mostly treats her so well, but beyond that he’s given her life a worthy purpose and doesn’t do it as a handout but makes her earn it. Sure she can pal around with Shi Woo, who continues to be adorable and growing nicely on his own, but Se Na’s crush on the doggie flower boy is a step above mere chemistry and sparks. It’s the slow burn of time together and a comfortable kinship, the awareness of each other as attractive opposite gender options that is so close yet seemingly far away. Se Na doesn’t let Hyun Wook’s age, wealth, or position ever influence her feelings or actions towards him, I sure hope he’s ready to listen to his own heart and leave the past behind.

Episode 8 recap:

Hyun Wook lets his jealousy flag fly for once after seeing Shi Woo try to give an apology present to Se Na. He wants her not to do anything with Shi Woo or anyone else at AnA. Se Na boldly asks if that includes Hyun Wook as well? Hyun Wook is taken aback and says a company president has to interact with it’s trainee so it doesn’t include him. She confirms that it also doesn’t include Dalbong and she can still visit his place. Se Na walks away with a smile.

Hae Yoon is chatting with Hyun Wook’s stepmother when Se Na comes back to rejoin the other trainees. Hae Yoon sees her and flashes back to a memory of her angrily slapping So Eun. Hyun Wook’s stepmother urges Hae Yoon to find a guy who loves her and stop being alone when she’s so eligible.

Hyun Wook sits down next to Hae Yoon and she apologizes for being a jealous of the way Hyun Wook takes care of Se Na. She accepts Se Na is talented and also shares more similar interests with Hyun Wook since both are songwriters. Hae Yoon jokes that she ought to take up songwriter so Hyun Wook teases back that a singer has more of a chance with him.

Hyun Wook’s stepmother takes a walk and wishes for a shooting star when she chances upon Director Kang also sitting there waiting for the same thing. He wants to make a wish since its fall and he feels lonely so wishes for someone in his life. Hyun Wook’s stepmother admits she feels lonely often too. Director Kang lays down his coat and offers Hyun Wook’s stepmother to sit down. She gets a call from the private eye she had tailing Hyun Wook’s dad who sends over the picture of him visiting the woman. Hyun Wook’s stepmother starts crying and walks away.

Se Na is sleepless in her tent as she remembers jealous Hyun Wook ordering her not to do anything with other AnA people. She gets a call from Shi Woo asking where she is. Hyun Wook is happy on the phone to hear from a singer who likes the song Hyun Wook sent over from a new songwriter. Hyun Wook will go see him when he gets back to Seoul from this camping trip.

Shi Woo meets up with Se Na to tell her that he’s back after sobering up like ordered. Se Na wonders why he keeps bothering her so Shi Woo just apologizes again. He was sincere in liking her song but going solo is the biggest risk in his life so he wants Se Na to please understand why he did it. Se Na is surprised he came all this way and waited until he sobered up to say this to her. Shi Woo can’t deal with hurting someone else, it goes against his image as good looking and well behaved. He hands over the apology present again and asks if she wants to keep not taking it and end up dealing with him all night long? Se Na accepts it quickly with a smile. Shi Woo asks if she’s not mad at him anymore? Se Na isn’t mad at him anymore but asks that he not do anything else for her.

Hyun Wook’s mom drives all the way back to Seoul and wakes up her husband in the middle of the night to show him the incriminating picture. She orders him to move out of the house but he insists that he went to have tea and just said hi to the store owner lady. Hyun Wook’s stepmother orders him not to say her name since it’s filthy coming out of his mouth. She pelts him in the forehead with the 5-carat ring before storming out.

The AnA management watches a practice video of Shi Woo’s solo debut which is coming along well. Hyun Wook has opinions from the logo design to clothing to bulking Shi Woo’s physique up more. He warns that the cost needs to be kept down because Shi Woo’s solo fans won’t be like when he was with Infinite Power and won’t be willing to shell out too much money to buy his items.

The meeting ends and Hae Yoon offers to go with Hyun Wook to take Dalbong to the hospital. He declines, reminding her that Dalbong doesn’t like her. Hyun Wook runs into Sang Jin on his way out and Sang Jin confirms that Hae Yoon didn’t let Hyun Wook know that she found out Se Na is So Eun’s sister. Sang Jin suggests Hyun Wook consider Hae Yoon again before walking away.

Se Na passes by and Hyun Wook notices that she’s awkwardly polite with him. He orders her not to be so formal even at work and wants an update on what she’s been up to. Se Na has been learning how to make demos and also working on a new song for Ra Eum. Hyun Wook notices she’s wearing Shi Woo’s apology present sneakers and asks if those are new? He then steps on it and insists that new shoes need to be dirtied up. He walks away muttering to himself that she was all not willing to accept those shoes earlier.

Se Na goes grocery shopping with Joo Hong and her boyfriend and both of them think Hyun Wook is jealous and clearly likes Se Na. She quickly runs off and declines to have dinner with them. Hyun Wook returns from the vet with Dalbong and thinks about the diagnosis that Dalbong has depression which is why he’s not eating lately. The vet suggests playing with Dalbong more to cheer him up so he’ll regain his vigor.

Hyun Wook finds Se Na waiting for him in the courtyard and she’s got a bag full of presents for Dalbong including dog jerky and outfits. Hyun Wook offers Se Na her pet sitter position again for a few hours after work and on the weekends to play with Dalbong. She points out that he wanted her to work on her songwriter but then quickly accepts his offer before he takes it back.

Se Na tries on all her clothes and ropes in Joo Hong and her boyfriend for their opinion on what she should wear to see Hyun Wook. Joo Hong suggests a pretty pink outfit while the boyfriend suggests sexy revealing. Se Na asks their opinion on her hair and once again there is a disagreement with Joo Hong suggesting down and flowy while the boyfriend thinks tied up to show off the nape of her neck.

Se Na arrives at Hyun Wook’s for the weekend dog sitting all dressed up with her hair down but pulled over to the side to both look flowing and show off her nape. Hyun Wook does notice she looks a bit different today before informing her that they are taking Dalbong to the park.

Hae Yoon calls Sang Jin out to talk through her issues. She really disliked So Eun when she was alive because Hyun Wook liked her. But she doesn’t want to extend that to Se Na because she does feel sorry for Se Na. She’s decided to understand Hyun Wook and try hard to accept what he’s doing for Se Na. She’s also going to win Hyun Wook’s heart on her own terms and with her own effort. She shows Sang Jin all the dog treats and toys she bought to win over Dalbong and wonders why he’s especially cold towards her?

Se Na and Hyun Wook watch Dalbong play at the park and she asks when and how he got Dalbong? Hyun Wook got Dalbong 7 years ago when he was volunteering at an animal shelter. Dalbong was from a litter born from a shelter dog. Se Na stares at Hyun Wook and he wonders why she’s looking at him?

Se Na says Hyun Wook and Dalbong look alike and calls Dalbong back to take a cheek-to-cheek picture of the two to prove it. Hyun Wook tries to grab her phone to delete the picture but she refuses and he relents because she doesn’t have any pictures of him.

Hae Yoon calls Hyun Wook and goes to join them at the park. She hears that Hyun Wook hired Se Na again to dog sit and wonder why Dalbong likes Se Na so much? Se Na offers to leave but Hae Yoon asks her to stay and share her tips for getting Dalbong to be friendly. Se Na says Dalbong is a gentle dog and just likes being stroked. Hae Yoon tries to pet Dalbong and he barks at her immediately. Heh.

Hae Yoon and Se Na sit and watch Hyun Wook playing with Dalbong. Hae Yoon offers to be closer to Se Na outside of work and lets her call her unni. Se Na declines since she only has one unni. Hae Yoon asks pointedly if Se Na likes Hyun Wook? Se Na declines to answer so Hae Yoon changes her tact and brings up how Hyun Wook is nursing a broken heart after his last love died. He isn’t ready to love again so there is no point in Se Na carrying on a one-sided love for Hyun Woo, she’ll bound to be rejected. Se Na tells Hae Yoon that she’ll handle her own heart and feelings.

Se Na broods in the recording studio and asks the mixer if he knows who Hyun Wook dated before? The mixer doesn’t know but suggests she ask Hae Yoon or Jae Young who were good friends with Hyun Wook back then. Se Na walks by Hyun Wook’s office and stares at him a bit before heading up to the roof. She sees Shi Woo there already and turns to leave but Shi Woo calls out to her.

Se Na wonders why he’s slacking off and resting up here but Shi Woo retorts that he danced for 7 hours and is merely taking a 7 minute break, assuring her that he’s been working his butt off lately. They tease each other when Shi Woo wonders if she shouldn’t be calling him oppa? Se Na shoots him down since they are the same age but Shi Woo is happy that she googled him online to find out his age. Se Na must be at her wits end because she suddenly asks Shi Woo how long it takes for a guy to forget a past love? Shi Woo thinks she’s asking if he’s gotten over Ra Eum yet? LOL this is actually pretty darn funny. Se Na sighs and suggests she just can’t talk with Shi Woo about anything. Shi Woo looks down and notices that she’s wearing the shoes he gave her. He smiles and compliments her for being very pretty today before walking away.

Se Na gets a call from Kim Tae Woo of G.O.D. for her to come to the studio since he’s recording a song today written by her so he wants the songwriter there as well. Se Na runs into Hyun Wook by the bus stop and he offers to drive her to the studio since he’s going to the same place. Se Na tells him that Kim Tae Woo is singing her song which will be used in a drama OST. Hyun Wook isn’t surprised which leads Se Na to realize he was the one who made it happen for her. She chides him for not telling her earlier but he was worried that the decision might change and she’ll end up disappointed.

Kim Tae Woo greets Hyun Wook and Se Na and is surprised that she’s still so young. Hyun Wook goes out to wait while Se Na stands in the recording studio to watch Kim Tae Woo record her song. Hyun Wook can hear the song being recording from next door as well and he flashes back to working with Kim Tae Woo years ago when he was still a songwriter.

Se Na goes next door with a copy of the recording to share with Hyun Wook. He plays it over the speaker as both of them sit down on the sofa to listen together. Both of them flash back to their interactions in the past as the song plays. Se Na asks why Hyun Wook helps her so much and he claims it’s so that she can pay back the money quicker. Hyun Wook gives a thumbs up to the entire song and congratulates Se Na on officially debuting as a songwriter. He warmly rubs her head but she shakes his hand off and tells him not to do it because that’s for kids.

Hyun Wook insists she’s a child but Se Na retorts that she gets excited when she sees Hyun Wook so doesn’t he feel the same way around her? Hyun Wook suggests he only gets affected by a woman and not a child. Se Na suddenly crawls over Hyun Wook who backs up on the sofa until he has nowhere else to go. Se Na asks if he’s unaffected and he lies that he has no feeling. Se Na feels his rapidly beating heart and calls his fib. Hyun Wook pushes her off and makes a quick getaway insisting that the sofa is uncomfortable.

Hyun Wook drops Se Na off at home and she initially wants to say more to him but can’t bring herself to say it. She smiles watching Hyun Wook drive away.

Se Na lays in bed staring at the Hyun Wook-Dalbong picture in her cell phone and grinning like a fool. Hyun Wook clutches his heart sitting at home and looks really upset.

Director Kang runs into a passed out drunk Hyun Wook’s stepmother at a bar and offers to drive her home. She refuses to go home since she left the house. Hyun Wook’s dad calls her cell and Director Kang answers. He waits until Hyun Wook’s dad arrives to take her home. Hyun Wook’s dad wonders if Director Kang drank with his wife but he explains he just ran into her. Hyun Wook’s dad roughly drags his wife home while Director Kang looks rather upset to see her carted away so rudely.

Se Na is giddy to see her song has been released. When the assistant comes to harangue her to clean the practice rooms, the mixer reveals that Se Na isn’t a trainee anymore since she officially debuted. Se Na happily offers to keep cleaning around the agency still.

The AnA management watch Shi Woo and his backup dancers run through a live performance of his upcoming single. Everyone is pleased with the final product and Hyun Wook is pleased with how hard Shi Woo worked to get here.

Hyun Wook gets a text from Se Na asking if he heard the officially released single yet? He looks torn about whether to reply or not.

Hyun Wook goes home and sits in his front yard to pull out his phone and reply to Se Na’s text. He wants to tell her not to come by today when suddenly her head pops in front of his face and freaks him out. Se Na says it’s too late to text her not to come since she’s here already. She’s so excited about her single and wants Hyun Wook to download it on his phone since she’s too poor to buy the song and he’s got so much money. She wants to use this chance to save money to buy herself a house soon but Hyun Wook does the math for her and says at most she’ll make a few thousand dollars.

Se Na asks if she can stay at his place until tonight to watch the drama together and listen to her OST. Joo Hong’s TV is too small plus it’s better to watch dramas with another person. Hyun Wook says the song won’t be played tonight since he checked with Kim Tae Woo already which makes Se Na happy that he clearly cares even if he acts nonchalant.

Hyun Wook’s dad walks up and notices them talking. He asks who Se Na is and Hyun Wook describes her as the pet sitter. Hyun Wook’s dad is surprised that he’s still raising that dog. Hyun Wook tells his dad to go inside and he’ll bring Dalbong out for Se Na to take on a walk.

Hyun Wook’s dad notices all the Dalbong items in the living room and asks why Hyun Wook wants to live here when the company as a luxury condo nearby. He orders Hyun Wook not to let that girl come by lest Hae Yoon misunderstands. Hyun Wook is also the future president and can’t get into any scandals. He orders Hyun Wook to get rid of the dog or else get a different pet sitter. He wants Hyun Wook to come live at home and consider getting married.

Hyun Wook orders his dad to deal with the messes in his own life first. His stepmother is this close to divorce and Hyun Wook does not want a third mother or more half-siblings. His dad’s pause makes Hyun Wook wonder if it’s already happened? Hyun Wook’s dad insists he wants Hyun Wook home because the house is too empty and he’s old now. He wants to have a drink together tonight but Hyun Wook isn’t interested. Hyun Wook says it was his dad who ruined their chance to reconcile.

Shi Woo calls Se Na and hears that she’s at her part time job. He drives to meet her insisting it’s urgent that she give him back the change from buying the pizza that he paid for. Shi Woo takes the change and hears that Se Na is a pet sitter. He wants her to quickly end her part time job because there is something urgent he wants her for. Se Na doesn’t understand why he is doing this to keep apologizing so Shi Woo asks if he needs to do so much just for an apology? Shi Woo takes Dalbong’s leash which is when Dalbong breaks free and runs off.

Se Na yells at Shi Woo before running after Dalbong. She gets a call from Hyun Wook who is coming to pick up Dalbong from her. Se Na tries to stall but Dalbong finds Hyun Wook by the street corner first as Se Na and Shi Woo come running up. Shi Woo is surprised that Se Na is pet sitting for Hyun Wook who in turn thinks Shi Woo is ignoring his warning from earlier. Shi Woo retorts that he did take the warning to heart which is why he’s been working so hard lately. But now he thinks it’s absurd for Hyun Wook to warn him thusly but Hyun Wook gets to hang out with a trainee outside of work hours.

Hyun Wook doesn’t need to explain his personal life to Shi Woo and orders him to leave now that he’s seen Se Na. Shi Woo wants Se Na off work now because he wants to do something with her. Hyun Wook worries about scandal but Shi Woo assures him that he’s not a newbie and knows how to avoid scandal. Se Na wants to walk Dalbong home but Hyun Wook tells her to do whatever she wants with Shi Woo since it’s her choice and she’s done for today.

Shi Woo happily pulls Se Na back to his car and drives her to an overlook with a great view of the late night fireworks. He has her sit down and drapes a blanket over her. Se Na wonders why he brought her here and Shi Woo is here to celebrate with her because her song debuted. He thinks she should be happy that Shi Woo turned it down because Kim Tae Woo hyung is better suited to sing it. He wonders why she’s not giddy with excitement on a day like this? Se Na looks sad but tells Shi Woo that she is happy.

The fireworks start and the two lean back to watch.

Hyun Wook is brooding at home when Dalbong suddenly barks when the fireworks go off loudly.

Shi Woo drives Se Na home and she gets out of the car by herself. He wants her to wait for him to open the door for her next time. She is about to say something but Shi Woo just tells her that he was happy to watch the fireworks with her today and has to go back to the agency to practice some more now. As Shi Woo drives off, he mutters about why Se Na happens to live in the same neighborhood as Hyun Wook.

Se Na is about to go home when she turns and starts running towards Hyun Wook’s place. Se Na pounds on Hyun Wook’s door and asks him why he let her go earlier. Didn’t he tell her not to do anything with Shi Woo or anyone else at AnA? If so why did he tell her to go with Shi Woo? Hyun Wook has no reason to tell her not to go with Shi Woo nor is he interested in her personal life. Se Na asks why he hired her as a pet sitter then? Hyun Wook doesn’t see anything more to what he’s done for her.

Se Na doesn’t want to be his pet sitter anymore. Since he wants to just be the company president in front of her, then he needs to stop pretending to be the neighborhood ahjusshi as well. In the future she’ll treat him just as the president only. Hyun Wook tells her to do just that so Se Na says goodnight and leaves just like that. But she stops outside his gate crying at his cold rejection.

Se Na’s new song is played during the drama at the pivotal moment during a kiss scene (the drama is All About My Romance with Lee Min Jung and Shin Ha Kyun). Joo Hong and her boyfriend are all happy for her but Se Na ends up crying rather than celebrating. She quickly goes back to her bedroom and continues to cry.

Hyun Wook pulls up similar songwriting contracts and calls her in to his office to sign an official contract with AnA. She asks what will happen after she pays off the owed amount, will she stay and continue working at AnA? Hyun Wook says it depends on how well Se Na does at the company. She signs the contract and leaves.

Hae Yoon and Hyun Wook go to Sang Jin’s music academy opening as its moved to a bigger space. Jae Young is also there and walks over to greet Hyun Wook who doesn’t see the need for them to talk. Jae Young invites Hyun Wook over to his company’s party on the 5th to see the new Infinite Power. Hyun Wook isn’t interested since he’s busy with Shi Woo. Jae Young tells Hyun Wook to change the date reserved for Shi Woo’s first solo broadcast since he’s picking that day for the IP comeback. If Hyun Wook won’t change it, then he’ll pull IP from the broadcasts and the networks will then blacklist Shi Woo as well.

Hyun Wook isn’t afraid of Jae Young’s underhanded tactics. Jae Young doesn’t think Hyun Wook is all that high and mighty either since didn’t he changed the song end in the end to please an investor. Jae Young wants to know if Hyun Wook is interested in Hae Yoon because he is. Hyun Wook thinks it’s Jae Young’s lucky day since he’s not interested in anything or anyone that Jae Young is interested in. Hae Yoon overhears all of this.

Hyun Wook leaves the party with Hae Yoon trailing him. He asks if she’s known earlier that Jae Young liked her? Now Hyun Wook knows why Jae Young left the company. He wonders if Hae Yoon likes Jae Young and she asks why he keeps ignoring why she really likes? She moves in to kiss him and he pointedly dodges her advances.

On the drive home, Hae Yoon points out that Hyun Wook changed, in the last he wouldn’t reject her kisses. Hyun Wook suggests he’s become more agile so Hae Yoon plans to move quicker in the future. She turns on the radio and Se Na’s song starts playing. Hae Yoon is shocked that Hyun Wook did so much for Se Na, even finding her another singer to debut her song. Hae Yoon demands to know how Hyun Wook feels about Se Na and he retorts that he sees her as more than a trainee and may even be falling for her. Is that what she wants him to say?

Hyun Wook pulls his car over and orders Hae Yoon to get out. Oh booyah! She gets out all frustrated while he drives off just like that. A call comes in that alarms Hyun Wook and he tells the caller to call the ambulance. Joo Hong finds Se Na brooding and hears she quit her pet sitter job. Se Na thinks she misunderstood and Hyun Wook doesn’t like her. Joo Hong’s boyfriend comes back to report that Hyun Wook’s dog fainted and an ambulance was outside earlier.

Se Na runs to Hyun Wook’s house and hears from the housekeeper that Dalbong threw up this morning and later fainted. The housekeeper feels so bad that Dalbong has a tumor and this is the first Se Na learns of Dalbong being terminal. The vet tells Hyun Wook that Dalbong likely won’t make it through the year so he has to be prepared. He hands Hyun Wook the pretty cap that Dalbong was wearing when he was brought in.

Se Na runs through the neighborhood and finds Hyun Wook sitting in the park. She walks up and asks why he didn’t tell her that Dalbong is sick. If she knew then she wouldn’t have quit her pet sitter job. Hyun Wook stays silent the entire time as Se Na keeps asking if he’s fine. Se Na then turns to go check on Dalbong when Hyun Wook grabs her arm and asks if she can keep him company.

Se Na sits down next to Hyun Wook and just stares at him before leaning in to hug him tightly. Hyun Wook lets himself soak in her reassuring hug before they both lean back and stare at each other.

Hyun Wook then leans in and kisses Se Na who closes her eyes and accepts his kiss.

Thoughts of Mine:

MLG is the romance of light rain, the melancholy mixed with the soft living beauty that falls ever so softly. It’s not grand passions and pent up emotions so it might not be for everyone that the path to the OTP getting together seems thus far rather uneventful. The kiss at the end of this episode was lovely but what moved me more throughout was the undeniable feeling that Se Na cares deeply for Hyun Wook while he is affected by her to the point that he can’t even pretend or deny anymore. They are both lonely people, one without family and the other basically wishing he didn’t have the one he has. The friendships around them seem practical so at the end of the day they are solitary travelers on the lonely long road.

It’s the same way for Shi Woo actually, which is why I feel even sadder for him the more the OTP get together because he’s only starting to find a real friend in Se Na. I think she can be a friend of the type he wants and needs if he didn’t like her as a woman, but he’s already falling for her and it can’t be reigned back now. I don’t think the choice between Hyun Wook and Shi Woo is even a choice, Se Na only likes Hyun Wook and sees Shi Woo at most a step above a work friend. It’s kinda how Hyun Wook views Hae Yoon, and ten years later they remain stuck in the same roles and Hae Yoon is bound to be forever disappointed.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of this episode aside from the incessant randomness of Hyun Wook’s dad and his stepmother’s marital woes plus her weird interactions with Director Kang. Hyun Wook’s dad has the oddest K-drama father-son fights with him, I don’t know what exactly he wants from Hyun Wook or what his deal is. Same thing goes for Jae Young who appears to exist in this drama solely to show up for a few minutes an episode and be a complete jackass. Doesn’t he have his own agency to run? Why does he have the time or inclination to make everything he does pointedly aimed at bringing Hyun Wook down? What is he, eight? So far Hae Yoon hasn’t turned evil yet but her digging in the trenches about winning Hyun Wook’s heart is bordering on delusional.

It’s even funny that everyone around Hyun Wook tries to push them together and he’s forever not interested. At least Hyun Wook is doing a lot more real work at the agency between orchestrating Shi Woo’s solo debut to finding ways to help out Se Na’s budding songwriting career. If he’s her daddy long legs in the professional setting, then she’s his saving grace in the personal realm in how she’s really kick starting his life. He went in wanting to assuage his guilt but in the process he’s becoming more and more the old Hyun Wook with an interest in songwriting and a cheery disposition again. This coupling is one of the strongest I’ve seen in terms of being totally emotionally healthy and mentally challenging towards each other.

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My Lovely Girl Episode 8 Recap — 46 Comments

  1. Aww.. A kiss finally! I was a bit doubtful about the leads age gap, but Krystal’s mature and totally adorable. Rain’s sooooo hot… Love it! Thanks Koala unnie!

  2. It is refreshing to have a couple not built on solely on angst or one out of completely as strangers either. Hyun Wook and Se Na falls into a sweet spot in between with Hyun Wook taking care of his past love’s sister, so there is a sense of familiarity, and at the same time there is also some reserved pangs for the same reasons. Yet there isn’t really that heavy of baggage considering that it isn’t Hyun Wook’s fault that Se Na’s sister died nor does Se Na hate her sister’s boyfriend either. So we have that safe distance between the two who are for the most part unaware of each other but also connected at the same time. As a result, we have a nice balanced approach in their romance wherein everything just naturally falls in place.

    That does make the budding of their romance rather uneventful, but it also makes it a unique watch on itself against the backdrop of a spectrum of dramas where most lies on the extreme ends, it’s nice to see a drama such as MLG just be in the middle. Precisely, dramaland is filled with either heavy melo or over the top rom-com that once a relatively “normal” romance like MLG comes along, I can’t help but appreciate it.

    Se Na truly shined on this episode with her stepping up the romantic prodding and making Hyun Wook sweat just enough, and until eventually with the latter caving in and reciprocating. How can not a majority of k-drama heroines be considerate and at the same time have a backbone without falling into the annoying mold. Se Na is a candy but she doesn’t feel like a doormat neither does she have to kick the hero’s ass or work 5 odd jobs to make it seem like she’s got a strong will? Se Na is a candy and she does yield to authority when she has too, but when she knows what she wants, she goes for it with enough brashness yet in a controlled manner. I really like her.

    Although it may be too much to ask for with her right now, but I wish that she would have been more aware of Shi Woo and his advances. If there is any critic I have for her, is that she is for the most part a smart girl and have no non-sense attitude, but it’s a bit surprising how she she is fully aware that Hyun Wook is getting jealous and consciously tries to avoid Shi Woo yet she does not catch on Shi Woo’s affectionate disposition towards her. Then again I might just be reading too much to it.

    • edit:

      “…How can not a majority of k-drama heroines be considerate and at the same time have a backbone without resorting to annoying antics? On the other hand, Se Na is of the candy mold but she doesn’t feel like a doormat neither does she have to kick the hero’s ass or work 5 odd jobs to make it seem like she’s got strong will. Furthermore, she knows when to yield to authority but when she knows what she wants, she goes for it with controlled brashness, that it doesn’t feel like she’s being pushy and I end up rooting for her. I really like her, she seems almost “human” unlike her other candy counterparts.”

      Whew, I got lazy with proofreading and this is what happens. 😛

    • well i believe she has, she’s caught on it after Shiwoo drove him home and became all this gentlemanly good-natured boy that he really is, telling her to wait for him to open the car’s door next time, implying future dates w/ Se Na perhaps eh, Shiwoo? but Se Na was about to tell him something didn’t she and was cut short by him. i’m most certain she wanted to tell him in the most apologetic manner that he need not do “this” anymore if he was in any way romantically interested in her since, ya know… she already has her eyes and heart belong to someone else… dang, man.. miyaneyo…

  3. “This coupling is one of the strongest I’ve seen in terms of being totally emotionally healthy and mentally challenging towards each other.”

    I so agree with this sentence! I love reading your recaps because they give me so much insight compared to when I just watch the drama itself. This OTP has now become one of my favourite drama OTPs and I couldn’t really explain why until I read your recap 😀 I didn’t feel anything off with this couple because the pacing was so perfect and everything just felt so natural despite all the cliché elements.

    Thank you so much for the recap! I kept refreshing your blog cuz this episode made me so excited and I always love reading your opinions lol.

    • Okay, really more than two words. Gah. I love this show. To me, it’s paced just right and could Se Na be any more adorable! I just want to cheer her on! What courage for a young woman… Delightful show.

  4. As a krystal fan, I remember following your recaps for Heirs because you always had the most current news on it. and you not liking her very much as an actress. Now I’m back because you’re the only one who recaps MLG around here It’s surprisingly nice that you’re starting to warm up to her now haha. 😀

  5. Thanks for the recap! I feel really apologetic towards Shi Woo. Thats the main thing. I just feel that he isn’t appreciated by any of his families nor his friends (he doesn’t have one but yeah) and thats the only thing he basically needs right now. Though my ultimate OTP was Shi Woo and Se Na, nut now that Ive seen the kiss and the mutual feelings that grow between Se Na and Hyun Wook, I guess its time for me to accept that. Im just wishing so much that Shi Woo doesn’t fall hard for Se Na or he’s gonna be damn pitiful. I just need them to be at least friends like BFF *hiks* please writer-nim, grant my wish!

  6. I totally agree with your last line. Hyun-wook and Se-na were so in sync with one another right from the go. They look and feel like they’re in a healthy relationship where one of them takes more initiative but they’re equally respond to each other’s advances.

    Se-na seems to just know what to say and do at the right time. She never feels like she’s invading his personal space because Hyun-wook always responds in a way that just screams he likes her too. In the couch, if Ms. Desperate did that, I’d have a major fit, but in Se-na’s case, you just get the feeling Hyun-wook needs that push because he won’t be the one taking first steps.

    I really find Hae-yoon pathetic. How can someone just get rejected so openly and still try to kiss the guy and question him on how he feels for someone else? That’s ridiculous. It’s not even about Se-na anymore because even if she didn’t exist, it would still not change the huge fact that Hyun-wook just doesn’t see her as a romantic partner. How long has she been pursuing him? It’s been 12 years since she’s known him and he’s fallen in love once and in the process of doing so again. Does that not ring a bell? I know people like that exist yet it never fails to amaze me how low their egos can be.

    The kiss <3 OMG that kiss. The tenderness in that scene just kills me. It was shot perfectly with just the right buttons to trigger Hyun-wook's emotional distress. I knew it he couldn't hold onto his emotions for long because his jealousy had him reacting quite possessively. But the way that Kiss was done with him looking at Se-na twice to ask for approval and then just letting himself get swept by the moment? It looked like a fairytale in motion.

  7. Everyone tries to push them(Haeyoon/Hyunwook) together but he’s forever not interested!! Lol best comment. I guess I should start watching this drama with a lighter heart and make an effort to appreciate the HyunWook/Sena story in a romantic way cause it’s true that the plot isn’t anything too great to get passionate about. I already like their connection esp the little funny bits but I always end up seeing him as the ajussi who’s the obstacle to young love (Shiwoo/Sena). I know he’s nothing like that in the story but the drama doesn’t make me forget the age difference and I end up seeing her as child and therefore not fitted for him. Anywho, what did I say above? Ah ye I’ll make an effort then!!:D Can I still be heartbroken for Shiwoo though??Gosh how adorable was he when he wanted to open the door for her?? He actually run to manage to get there before she opened it for herself.

  8. I found absolutely nothing extravagant about the kiss. It was again, lukewarm. And while I get their relationship is gradual and not meant for passion or explosion, that doesn’t excuse the rather stale lip lock. Lovely, yet unexciting. Being comfortable, as well as emotionally and mentally healthy also doesn’t excuse it. I feel like that’s getting to be a tired argument to defend what really isn’t there. It doesn’t have to be one or the other after all, and can easily go hand in hand. The chemistry comes in minuscule, weak bits, wavering and never reaching where it’s suppose to. I understand when people say the leads lack it, but instead of stating it’s nonexistent, to me, it’s simply not the right one.

    Se Na has her good points as a female lead, yet she seems to have no interest in anything other than Hyun Wook. Even the conversations with her friend all revolve around him as does her character. You commented on how she could be the friend Shi Woo needs and wants, but she appears not to care to be that either. Granted, I guess she’s becoming aware of what Shi Woo’s advances mean, but even then, he’s still reaching out to her and extending a hand of companionship even if to him it’s becoming more than that. Rejecting him gently should take care of such notions though I would hate to witness it. As I’ve mentioned, however, her goal isn’t to make companions, but to make sure Hyun Wook doesn’t misunderstand. Hyun Wook would be the only person in her life at this rate. Let’s be serious here, what other connections does she have? It’s coming across as infatuation.

    What’s worse is that Hyun Wook basically ordered her not to make those connections, those in AnA specifically. When that’s more than likely going to be her place of work. All because of his petty jealousy. It’s kind of weird to me that Se Na, and those who remark on their relationship, find nothing wrong that a man basically told her who to speak and not speak to. It’s a sign of control and Se Na, for the old soul she apparently is, finds no inherent problem with that. She actually finds it endearing, as it’s an expression that he likes her. What. Note that they’re not even together yet and he’s already forbidding her to see other people. I can’t believe people are bypassing this.

    Hyun Wook’s petty jealousy is also getting in the way of being a potential hyung who could guide Shi Woo well. I should point out that this is a grown male adult exerting this behavior.

    And Shi Woo. That poor, unfortunate child, he needs the hug that no one wants to give him or has offered. Cause no one cares.

    I don’t know how he handles all the baggage he’s suffered without breaking when others in his place would. Let alone keeping on as strong as he currently is. He has to deal with massive insecurity (one that was alluded to in that “date” with Se Na, yet there’s no offer of encouragement, another reason why I don’t agree with the assessment that she can be a good friend), personal issues with his mother, self doubt, and 2-3 years (however long they were active) of ostracization and bullying from his ex group members. He has no one to support him, be there for him, and offer a listening ear when the rest of the cast at least have those. He’s ALONE. He’s dealt with all this ALONE. And it seems it’s been like that for quite some time. The drama is being very unfair to him. And it’s saddening to witness him being cute, happy, and welcoming when you know his heart is going to go through another slash of pain. And he’s probably going to deal with that alone too. What I hope now is that his career becomes successful just so he can have something sane to hold unto.

    • your opinion on shiwoo made me teary T^T
      That’s actually the same I feel about him since ep 4 and since then all my attention and heart are on this shiwoo character. Becos no matter how wooden the guy who palys shiwoo although he’s super hot (we cn’t denied how hot and beautiful he is haha), I cn’t help but noticed that this character is the most lonely and pitiful character in the whole drama. Sure HW has very painful past too but he’s got people around him who care for him and willing to give him a shoulder or an ear if he wanted. SN also got her friends (and we all can kinda assure that she and HW will be happily ever after anyway). Even HY can find comfort and advice from Alex. But Shiwoo… he got one. And now the only thing that seems to make him happy(SN) will take away from him soon.
      May be I think that’s the reason Shiwoo is popular among some of the viewers. While we know the leads have painful past, we already know they will happy in future for sure but with SW, I got not such grantee and I can only foresee more hurts and hardship for him *sigh*
      It doesn’t help that his smiles are very sweet and cute with dimples and all… which makes me want to see him smile more often but i don’t think it’s gonna happen also. So far the only hope I can put on him is for his solo to be a huge hit
      Sidenote : I find it kinda weird some of HW/SN shipper seems annoyed or angry at SW/SN shippers at the comment sections of drama sites. Why? We are free to like whatever shipping and we are all free to state our opinions right? And we all know SW/SN will not happen anyway so at least shouldn’t we be able to say out our wishful thinking? this is the most we can do for this paring. Is it too much? *sigh* For me I ship SW/SN cos it seems like SN is the only happy thing he can has. If there’s another girl in this drama who has slight chance of making him happy (RE not count, at all), I wouldn’t mind to drop SN in a sec hahaha A peace of mind or happiness for SW is the most important for me after all.

      • I don’t think the actor who plays Shi Woo is wooden. He’s obviously doing well and making us sympathize with his character, and that wouldn’t happen if he was doing a bland job. We have to see what he’s feeling after all for our hearts to pity him. He never overreacts, but gives the right amount of sadness. I don’t know, what is it that you find wooden? Because I don’t see much difference compared to everyone else.

        I think a lot of Shi Woo’s love from viewers comes not only from the fact that he’s so lonely and relatable (he’s not perfect, he has no talent so he has to work hard, deals with massive insecurity, etc.), but from the chemistry L and Krystal have. I believe that had others warm up to him. He’s also lovable and adorable. A bit brash, but it’s charming. I enjoyed how in this episode he was highly complimenting himself and Se Na goes “you’re very modest”, and he has this cocky look of acceptance at the shot fired. He’s a really good character and it’s a shame his screen time is dwindling. And I can’t even wish for him to be with Ra Eum because that’ll be more of a severe punishment than a blessing. I really DO think his only happy ending is his successful solo career and goodness, if his debut ends up failing….

        The whole shipping business to me is hilarious. This drama isn’t a piece of art, it’s so formulaic and it’s not going to go down in history, and for people to get all caught up in the pairings is simply funny to me. Then take it out on the characters (Shi Woo specifically). If people want and like SW/SN, then they can like and want SW/SN, it’s really that simple. If viewers are not satisfied with the leads or their chemistry, then they can be unsatisfied with the leads and their chemistry. They are entitled to it, and I’m sure those who like Hyun Wook and Se Na can find and talk to their fellow peers. The embarrassment that happened in the Ep. 7 comment section was just…I can’t.

  9. Thanks for the recap!

    The kiss was so emotionally powerful. Its been on rewind for the past two days! I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a drama that gets better every episode. This week’s stuff is just fantastic full with emotional depth, character development and a whole lot of heart.

    Hyun Wook and Se Na feels like they belong together. I know I’ve said it the last time I commented, but they really feel like soulmates. Its great that while there’s so much depth in their relationship, its still light hearted with an easy vibe. I think that little tiff they had made Se Na one of the most sensible female leads I’ve seen. She doesn’t actually buy Hae Yoon’s words and keeps her distance from someone she loves. What triggered her tears was how he treated her and the fact that he apparently doesn’t care for her personal life. She was upset because she thought he didn’t like her back, not because he had a love he can’t get over. That’s maturity and highlights the kind of relationship I deem as absolutely healthy and long-term.

    I just see them lasting ‘forever’ in a sense that whenever they’ll have issues, they’ll work it out because they just understand each other so well. Hyun Wook and Se Na continues to be gorgeous together both inside and out. I’ve seen a whole lot of dramas recently where the second leads really have a chance because one of the main characters feel something for them (Reply 1994, Discovery of Romance, My Secret Hotel, Mirae’s Choice, etc.) but MGL is just a one way street without even an intersection. The main leads have fallen for each other and the second leads are either “the weird guy” (in Se Na’s books) or friend-zoned for 10 years (for Hyun Wook). Its refreshing not having to go back and forth pondering about the endgame that still would lead to the main character anyway. Here, Hyun Wook and Se Na are all about each other, so its just about enjoying the ride.

      • *Hae Yoon’s awkward face*

        Woooops… apologies LOL! I thought you were one of em redundant commenters replying like I had last time =P. I usually don’t bother after a few words since we can focus on what we like/love instead.

    • See Dex, this is why I shouldn’t have cleared the air since I know someone would be firing back a shot in this direction, and as expected, there it goes, LOL. This is getting even funnier and… creepy. LOL

  10. this drama continues to knock my socks off. but some SW fans *ehem* are starting to sound really weird just like his character. chill, it’s just a show.

  11. “the whole shipping business is hilarious” comment to me just sounds too hypocritical when L and Krystals chemistry is frequently higlighted in almost, if not all, of the posts made. it sounds more like an L/Krystal shipper being eternally resentful that their characters wont end up together in the show. if it were the other way around, L/K being the OTP, i guess shipping would have been fine then, huh. and the “taking it out on Shiwoo” complaint sounds even more ironic reading through the comments on Hyunwook and Sena. very strange indeed. i ship Dal bong and Hyunwook.

    • Your post just proved the point of how ridiculous things are, JungWooSung. From what I understand, most Si Woo and Se Na shippers didn’t delude themselves into thinking it was going to happen. Some are not even shippers, but casual viewers who decide who to like by their opinion who comment episode by episode. Obviously, k-dramas can’t go beyond hooking up anything but the leads, to expect anything else was a 0.00001% in the first place, especially with this drama’s predictable path. So to say they are upset or resentful only isn’t correct. I think everyone has pretty much accepted the course. Granted, I don’t know which posts are you referring to, but things here in the comments section were pretty tamed before Ep. 7. I barely read any badmouthing on Hyun Wook’s character (just the leads’ chemistry and relationship). I myself criticized character flaws, but that’s all it was. Everyone’s acting pretty damn dumb in general. And that includes weatherblues, who apparently has to point out how redundant my comment is when the other users are chock full of the same “Hyun Wook and Se Na are so emotionally and mentally stimulating and I love their relationship it’s the best ever”. That isn’t repetitive at all of course.

      I was shipping Hyun Wook/Si Woo, but alas. I’m hoping Si Woo will get a pet so I can ship him with it. I liked the puppy in Reply 1997, that’ll be cute.

  12. So I’ve been reading these remarks regarding Shi Woo and how he fares as the loneliest of the bunch in the show, and I do agree that he is, however, I think that part of his loneliness is self-inflicted and less about how the heavens and the writer would want to pick on him. Yes, Shi Woo as an idol have been ostracized by his group and just have been dumped by Ra Eum and the closest friend he has in ANA is Se Na. But, Infinite Power notwithstanding, Shi Woo by his own should hypothetically have no problems making friends with either his hoobaes or anyone outside of work. What other issues that he has that should prevent him from finding friends or even a love outside of ANA or the idol circle that he has?

    Shi Woo as a character has first been introduced to us as brash with just the right amounts of cocky but nonetheless a sweet son and even a sympathetic lover too. But why does he have no friends? Is it a wall that he has built around him to prevent others to seeing who he really is–a deeply insecure boy that only strives to do his best for his mother? Is it just his personality? Perhaps he’s just naturally introverted and have troubles expressing himself to others? Whatever it is, it is something that Shi Woo himself must solve. And that I think is a journey that is worth rooting for, to see Shi Woo develop and turn himself more confident and trusting throughout the show. He’s not woeful because he’s predetermined to have his heart broken by Se Na, but because he’s at a stage where he’s still incomplete and immature.

    Se Na and Hyun Wook have both legitimately lost loved ones whether through accidents or broken familial relationships, while as Shi Woo still has a mother that loves him dearly, and being the popular idol that he is, (most popular within IP itself) he’s got the entire world to reach out to and connect with. But reach out he doesn’t, and he meanders to his self-pity and misery. This is why I don’t connect to Shi Woo’s “losses” as easily because his are relatively easily “amendable” than that of Hyun Wook’s or Se Na’s. That is not to say that his problems are less worthy of our sympathy and support, it’s just that I don’t find Shi Woo as a character anymore engaging than what others perceive him to be.

    I’m not hitting on the people who have boarded the Shi Woo train, but I just wish that we stop comparing him with Hyun Wook and or Se Na, and try to justify why he’s more deserving of attention than what he is.

    • From what I understand, AnA doesn’t have any real sunbaes or hoobaes. The only active artists they have right now is Si Woo and Ra Eum (who’s only there because she actually switched companies, everything else would have been riding on Si Woo otherwise). If we’re referring to trainees, they have their own schedule, busy schedule at that, their own worries, their own life, and their own education. Si Woo, with MHDR, had to focus on his career for the last four years. And now he must concentrate for his solo. And as we’ve seen time and time again, fans are fickle. He might be popular now, rather, he WAS popular, but it could go away in a blink of an eye. To think he could depend on fans is absurd. Anything wrong that he does, no matter how small, will have them drop like flies and not support him. Just like most went over to Infinite Power’s side after disbanding and blamed him for the cause of it in the internet. We’ve seen this with recent scandals in the actual K-Pop world as well. Fans are NOT dependable people let alone people you can reach out to. Especially not emotionally. And even then, only having fans as a source of mental support instead of people around him that he could talk to is okay? He can’t call them up and release his wores. It’s like he said himself – he can’t SHOW them hat he’s depressed. We don’t know anything about his family life other than that single snippet of a scene. How did he grow up? Where is his father? Why is the relationship with his mother so strained and considered a burden and that he can’t depend on her? It’s not as simple and clear cut as you make it seem.

      Hyun Wook, for all his misery (which IS self inflicted) has Hae Yoon, Sung Jin, a few at AnA that care for him (Hae Yoon is a bit obsessed, but she at least does genuinely care for him). He has others to speak to, to find. Those are close to him and often at his side. And most of all, he would have Se Na. Has her actually. He doesn’t have to be lonely if he doesn’t wish to be. He chose to seclude himself the last three years due to guilt and loss. Having a loved one die is sad of course, but not the only source of tragedy. His happy ending is on the horizon really, he’ll compose and write again, his tinnatus will be healed, etc. It’s been a progress that’s been happening since the first met Se Na actually. Now, Se Na herself doesn’t have anyone else either other than her friend, she’s more of an understandable case and more of a good comparison to what you’re saying, but to me, she’s not interested in expanding her connections anyway. It seems Hyun Wook will be all she needs and wants.

      The only factor that has strong basis that you brought up is why he hasn’t made any idol friends? Judging by how the idols are in this drama, I don’t think it’s that farfetched. Or perhaps he hasn’t met the right people who would care to give him a try. Or maybe they don’t like his personality. There’s no coverage on that in the drama. At least not yet. It’s not like Si Woo isn’t making any effort to reach out to others, and I don’t believe it’s a problem he has within himself because he has been shown making those said efforts. He always attempted to find peace with his ex members and with Se Na being the only who has given him more than a second glance, he’s extending a hand as well. In both cases, it’s simply not being returned.

      • I should add that in terms of Se Na, it’s begrudgingly being returned. But if it was up to her, she wouldn’t give him the time of day. She’s very willing to listen to Hyun Wook telling her who she could speak to and not to speak to, one of them includes Si Woo. And I also don’t understand when these comparisons between him and other characters started. All I’ve seen is that people are sympathetic to his character arc and discuss on the reasons why. If they find they connect to him better, then I believe it’s fine for them to express and compare why? I don’t think it’s anything bad as long as they keep it classy. Si Woo suffers from big insecurities, self doubt, and self esteem (what he boasts isn’t really what he views himself as). He’s the talentless idol member who has to work harder than most to keep up, he’s not near perfection, and no one really sits down to talk and LISTEN. He gets thrown in his face how he has no talent rather than words of encouragement majority of the time. I don’t blame others for finding him relatable, because who hasn’t suffered from any of the above? Who hasn’t looked down on themselves?

        I was hoping Hyun Wook would be an older hyung to him in this sense, someone not there to pity him, to not only be caring but tough so he can grow. It’s unfortunate that the jealousy aspect is ruining it. I was shipping the bromance so hard.

    • I think the immaturity that you see in Siwoo is how he handles his loneliness. But I can understand this. For me Siwoo is not immature, he is just innocent and there’s a big difference between the two. I just think Siwoo is someone who feels the most lonely when he is in the crowd. But I agree that he needs to solve it himself and I wish the writers would not make him clingy to Sena who would clearly break his heart. I just wish he would be cool about it. Sena is just the start of him building bonds and friendship, but she shouldn’t be his first love.

  13. i always adored shiwoo and yes he has this issues but stop making him appear too pitiful cuz he’s not. i agree w/ the blogger that he’s growing up nicely on his own and is still very adorable. and determined to crush the traitor colleagues. i care more about his comeback than his relatioship with Se Na now. i accept that. so please stop making him look miserable because he’s jjang!

      • but she’s making him sound very pathetic. shiwoo will give his best and win in the comeback. shiwoo fightting!

    • I haven’t said anything that hasn’t happened to him or that isn’t true though? Unless you could prove me otherwise. Do I personally feel sorry for him? Yeah. But it’s a matter of perception. I haven’t stated he isn’t strong or couldn’t rise above everything. Wtf, lol.

      • I definitely agree with you…Siwoo is really lonely. He needs his own person who would listen to him. He has his mom buy he can’t show to her he is hurt. I just wished Siwoo would find that someone at the end. Not Sena or the other girl, but a real friend…

      • Thank you. I think you’re the only one that got the point of what I was saying without immaturity and a bias for the leads. I wonder what the age range of this drama’s viewers are…

        In general, I have a flare for the dramatic and deep when I write, that’s just how it is, but I’m not forcing anyone to read. That isn’t my fault. I’m motivated to post more here due to the “stimulating” replies and will say whatever I want and think whether it’s about your favorites or not, now isn’t that great?

  14. I can’t make up my mind about Se Na. She’s progressive in that she’s bold and goes for what she wants, which isn’t common for a female lead. But at the same time it’s like two steps forward and two steps backwards with her. I’m not sure what it is that’s going on in the comments here and it doesn’t concern me, but I do agree that she’s infatuated with the male lead. Which isn’t that progressive anymore. She’s mature but she isn’t. She’s still 23 years old and her actions, as well as behavior around Hyun Wook, represent that. Clearly. Her character has nothing aside from him, absolutely NOTHING. Hyun Wook defines her in every aspect of her growth. In fact, she’s so willing to please him and she’s so high up on him that she finds no issue with him telling her what to do. Who is HE to prevent her from talking to others? To order her, so he doesn’t “misunderstand”, not to do anything with those at AnA? And she finds nothing wrong with it! She looks like she finds it as a sign that he likes her and therefore it’s okay. The girl, regardless of what Shi Woo is implying in his advances, couldn’t sit down and enjoy the fireworks without worrying. She couldn’t even enjoy her song being in the drama because of the fight with Hyun Wook beforehand.

    I don’t want to come off as a feminist, but that rubbed me the wrong way. And annoyed me. It’s so typical k-drama though, it shouldn’t have surprised me.

    Hyun Wook himself has turned rather immature. I expect a man of his age to know better than to let jealousy control his actions. And to pick up on the fact that he has nothing to worry about considering Se Na isn’t exactly being discreet with her interest? But like every 20/30 something CEO in k-dramaland, he regresses back 9-10 years in maturity when he doesn’t get what he wants or feels threatened.

    As you can tell, I’m not on board with the whole emotionally healthy perception of their relationship. I’m seeing subtle signs that say otherwise. Personally. I don’t know if the drama is willing to change it as the episodes go by either since they seem to find that endearing and that it’s love.

    I miss characters like Sung Bin from I Hear Your Voice. Now that’s an admirable female lead. Her crush was a small part of her character and she had a path of her own that didn’t have to do with the men. I would recommend that drama ockoala, if you haven’t seen it.

    • Se Na is not being “immature” when she “complied” to Hyun Wook’s request to conform herself to company policies accordingly. Firstly, he IS the president of ANA and he has every right to tell her how she conducts herself including but not limited to Shi Woo, and that is not something that Hyun Wook has invented and pulled-out-of-his-ass-at-the-moment either, dating is in fact prohibited within ANA. Of course, Hyun Wook has taken the liberty to give out the order as a president but we can agree that he isn’t acting out his professional role solely for that purpose and does have ulterior motives to censure Se Na. But that doesn’t make Se Na immature or less of a woman when she complies, not just because he IS the president, but because she understood that Hyun Wook is playing a jealousy act and she takes no offense of it. Yes, it’s an immature act from Hyun Wook, but it’s one that is not done in a degrading or demeaning manner. It’s either you missed that nuance or choosing to dismiss it altogether to make it seem like a bigger issue to justify why you don’t like Se Na and Hyun Wook’s “healthy relationship.”

      It’s one thing that you feel offended by it, and it’s another when Se Na herself doesn’t. Se Na also has her own prerogative to either play along or to get mad at Hyun Wook for his comments on how she should conduct herself. The very fact that she acknowledged the merits of his orders and at the same time inferred the subtext and use it against him does make her seem more “progressive” in a sense that, an otherwise often generic reaction of a typical drama lass would be to play demure and act as if she doesn’t know Hyun Wook’s feelings. But Se Na played it straight and even reversed the tables on him and showed Hyun Wook the faults of his own reprimand. In the end, Hyun Wook realized that he himself was acting jealous and immature when Se Na threw back the question to him: “does that include you ajussi?” It was a twofold attack, not only did she manage to show how disjointedly punitive his actions were but also confront him of the true meaning behind it. Se Na at that point just proved that she is smart and mature, more so than Hyun Wook, at that specific time.

      I do acknowledge the points that you have raised but I have a feeling that you are stretching thin an otherwise simple exchange to castigate Hyun Wook and Se Na for not living up to the “perfect mature relationship” label, and disregarding the other facets of their relationship which made the viewers feel as an apt justification for such description.

    • As for the Shi Woo stealing Se Na during her work bit, that to me felt very RUDE of Shi Woo to do that. He knew that she’s on the job and chose to barge in nonetheless. It’s one thing that he was interfering with her work, but he also ended up having her “fired”, and he didn’t even blink when that happened, he just cockily took his leave with her, even when Se Na was telling Hyun Wook that she doesn’t want to, he took her anyway. Of course Se Na wasn’t exactly enjoying the fireworks because of the previous exchange with Hyun Wook which have left both of them obviously upset, but she still accompanied Shi Woo anyway. That to me was a sign of etiquette in Se Na’s part–to still accompany Shi Woo and comply with his request despite of herself–that which Shi Woo himself was severely lacking at that point.

  15. I love reading discussion on dramas but one of my pet peeves is happening in this thread. There is one commenter who posted comments under one username in the first 7 recaps that suddenly switched usernames to post in this recap. Then also decided to post another comment under a third username. I don’t condone sock puppeting to make it seem like more people share a certain opinion. I don’t want to name names but please stop going forward. I would prefer this person go back to the same username in the first 7 recaps or stick with the first new use used here. If the commenter thinks posting often is spamming then don’t worry, this is a recap discussion space so post as often as you’ll want until the next episode airs and the recap comes out. Cheers~

  16. I think things started to stray since the episode 7 recap when people’s opinions started to be more forceful and others came in as ockoala’s recap now fit their fancy (I won’t detail it). Both are in the wrong and this shouldn’t be a battle. Let’s all just go back as it was. In fact, we should take the next episode as a clean slate. No more sarcasm, shading, and snarkiness huh? We’ll forget the last two comment sections ever happened, call it water under the bridge.

    Would it be too idealistic?

  17. I am a Shiwoo/Sena shipper but I like the development between her and Hyunwook. I just hope Siwoo’s character will have a better end.

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