Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won’s Gangnam 1970 Releases Movie Posters and Trailer

The entertainment news cycle has been busy with big name drama castings and considerations lately but one name hasn’t been raised in the mix. Lee Min Ho delivered one of the highest rated K-dramas last year in Heirs, which is still minting money by staying hot on many large streaming portal rankings, but doesn’t appear to be in a rush to go back to television. Even without filming a K-drama in 2014 he was still a busy bee with other activities and his one acting gig this year was in film and soon we’ll see the results.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won‘s period gangster thriller Gangnam 1970 (formerly Gangnam Blues) will be released next month in November. I’ve been waiting for Lee Min Ho to do a more serious acting project and this movie helmed by famed director Yoo Ha is certainly on the right track for his acting career. The three official posters look nice as does the official movie trailer, Yoo Ha’s gritty touch clearly evident and stylistically on point. I can’t say Lee Min Ho blows me away (yet) while my first impression is that Kim Rae Won comes across as more impactful in the snippets. Check it out for yourself.

Movie synopsis:

In the 1970s, during the height of political corruption, Gangnam the southern part of Seoul is starting to be transformed into a developed area. Childhood friends Jong Dae (Lee Min Ho) and Yong Ki (Kim Rae Won) struggle to get by, until their shanty homes are demolished by local thugs. Desperate for cash, they get involved in violent political clashes, and are separated during one of the skirmishes. Three years later, Jong Dae lives as an honest man with former gang leader Kil Su. Meanwhile, Yong Ki has joined Seoul’s most powerful criminal organization, the Myeongdong-pa. As a gangster, Yong Ki is entangled in a high-stakes battle over land in Gangnam, all in the name of putting together secret presidential election funds that drive up the value of the city. As the gangs fight over the rights to various plots of land, Yong Ki is captured and interrogated by a rival gang.

Trailer for Gangnam 1970:


Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won’s Gangnam 1970 Releases Movie Posters and Trailer — 27 Comments

  1. Yeah I agree, Kim Rae Won has more a screen presence than LMH in the posters, screen shots and teasers.

    Don’t know what’s up with LMH these days, he seems to be more mellow the older he grows… Don’t know quite what it is, can’t put my finger on it… Maybe he’s too comfortable and it comes across in his work? No hunger anymore, maybe? Or maybe his heart really isn’t in it anymore?

    • i read in a recent interview he said he wanted to increase his popularity before he enters army (which really, is what he’s doing right now) and after his service he’d want to work towards being recognized as an actor. i feel it’s a little weird but if that’s really the case, i hope he goes into army soon and come back out better than before.

  2. I also feel that something is off with LMH…

    I think I read somewhere that he says he tends to suffer from depression and that he’s a loner…

    It seems like he’s not really interested in what he’s doing as if he’s struggling with some demons unknown to us…

    He seems to embody (at least that is the vibe I get ) the saying that success does not always means happiness…

    He really looks like an unhappy kid to me….that’s really sad if true.

    • I think that he is being “over-managed”. I get the impression that his management team decides almost everything he does from what he says in interviews to where he goes, to CF’s, promotions, movies, dramas, everything. If that’s the case, then he should take a leaf from his Best Friend’s book – Jung Il Woo and break free from all of that. Il Woo took some time off the spotlight in 2012-3 and focused on finishing his education before joining the media circus again with Golden Rainbow. From my observations he seems to control his media exposure more carefully, I rarely see him in magazines or in much CF’s lately, on the other hand LMH is all over the place. I guess that’s the difference between a “Star” and an “Actor”.

    • I don’t know where you read these rumours but as a fan i can surely say that he never said anything about depression or loner.

  3. I never got the LMH thing. I tried and tried and it never happened. His acting is not very good IMHO. In heirs Kim woo bin ran circles around him acting wise.

    But it is a matter of preference. I am not taken with Kam woo sung. An actor I have never heard off until last month and now I am smitten. So I am going to say that LMH has his charms but my eyes are blind to them.

  4. What with this Lee Min Ho. I can’t get his acting not matter how much I tried to like or love his acting. He is overrated I can’t even.

    KIM RAE WON!!!!

    I just wonder two days ago, where did he go. He is super talented and my fav actor. He should in a drama soon!

  5. hahaha, guys,
    that is very interesting.
    all comments except one are basically negative posts.
    LMH really left his mark on you.
    Btw when you write stuff like” he said he wants to increase his popularity…”
    PLEASE give a link and give me the choice to see with my own eyes what he said and not telling me what you think he said.
    An actor who plays a complete opposite role from the previous sweet, spoiled chaebol roles doesn’t seem like the guy who cares only for his popularity.Playing in Yoo Ha’s movie is a big challenge.
    As for the poster who read that LMH suffers from depression…
    hmmm, I believe he/she really has a big fantasy or show me the article.
    I am a loner too does that makes me in your eyes a depressed person?

    • ah, i would have given you a link if i had it but i read that from a local magazine and there are no scans of it online.

      that said, i don’t see why you should be all so protective. i’m not a fan but i like him enough to actually watch (almost) everything he is in and i honestly feel that there are valid reasons for some of the criticisms he is receiving?

      • Seems that easy for you to label everyone right away.
        So , for you I am protective towards LMH because I stated the obviously.
        I just asked for your source.
        It is not right to go on websites and spread negative rumors when you dont have a link.
        Yes, I am a fan of LMH and believe me it would be fine for me if you just was telling me that you dont like him for his acting or coz he is tall for ex. .That would be your personal opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  6. I think Lee min ho is awesome and amazing actor …and he’s the only reason ppl are going to watch the movie ..its gonna be a blockbuster I’m sure and MrkKim is awesome too but Oppa beats him to the bunch nothing is off he’s just not what YOU want him to be ….hr is LEE MIN HO ..just that

  7. Minho has never been hailed as a great actor by any English kdrama website or drama blog, so I don’t know where that ‘over-rated’ comment comes from. In fact if I’m not mistaken most English drama sites love to bash him.

    It is fine if you find his acting hard to stomach or ‘creepy’. Feel free to criticize his acting, which I do think has plenty of room for improvement, but please do not spread false rumors about him. He has never mentioned he is prone to depression or is a loner. I wonder where you get your information from, and if all your other insights on the website are valid. To my knowledge, he has a rather high resilience for stress and hostile media. He has never(?) done any variety shows, nor does he do a lot of magazine interviews so I guess non-fans do not find him very endearing.

    I wasn’t even any actor’s fan to begin with, but you will probably understand why his fans are so loyal to him if you ever get to interact with him face to face, as I did, quite by accident. As his fans we are used to him being criticized and compared with every other actor every single day because he happened to have a hallyu tag attached to him (not so cool to many knetz), and many feel he does not deserve his fans in Asia. But at least to me, the way he treats his fans up-close and gradual improvement in acting is more than sufficient. I will be looking forward to the movie because of him as well as the rest of the solid cast. (:

      • Domino pizza,I agree with all you said.
        LMH was the actor who introduced me in Kdrama.
        I became his fan not for his good looks or his acting ability but because when I paid more attention to his interview and to him I saw what kind and humble person he was.His personality remains the same and to me that is the most important .I am not even going with the comparison between him and any other actor.That is a media game and I do not want to be part of it.

  8. Hey, At least don’t spread false rumors for Koala’s sake. We his fans just like him have high torrerance to harsh comment. But, spreading rumor may get you some jail time.

  9. I think Lee Min Ho is a breath of fresh air. I just love his acting. He is not an incredible actor but i enjoy watching him. I think he will eventually improve when gets older. I am a sucker for the cinderella type of dramas and i gotta say there is no one better than him to sell the Jerk Charming role. He was great in City Hunter. I think he is just being careful in choosing his next role. He really needs to be smart about it with his level of popularity. I hope he tries another shot at a really good Seguk drama with an actress that he would have intense an chemistry with.

  10. I admire both Kim Rae Won ( I love him in My Little Bride) and Lee Min Ho. They both come across as good-natured and confident men. Both are excellent actors and extremely popular. They bring pride and honor to South Korea and that, for me, is good enough!

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