Kim Soo Hyun Feted as Best Actor in Asia at the Tokyo Drama Awards

The award circus of the absurd involving Kim Soo Hyun that has been going on all year adds another notch to it last week. Kim Soo Hyun was just awarded the Best Actor in Asia award at the Tokyo Drama Awards, a subsidiary event to the ongoing Tokyo International Film Festival and its related film awards. The Tokyo Drama Awards is just one of the handful of television awards for Japanese dramas that take place every year, and occasionally includes foreign offerings.

What makes this year different is the newly created Best Actor in Asia award for Kim Soo Hyun, and along with his personal win the drama You From Another Star took home Best Foreign Drama. His personal appearance to accept the award shows that he still takes the accolades seriously and in his acceptance speech he thanked fans for enjoying his performance as Do Min Joon in YFAS. I don’t fault him for the unending receipt of award after award though, if award bodies want to throw statuettes at him it’s not like he can say enough is enough.

Kim Soo Hyun poses with all the Japanese acting winners at this years Tokyo Drama Awards, and my eagle eye spots Sakai Masato who won for Hanzawa Naoki while Ishihara Satomi is wearing a plaid dress being awarded for her turn in Shitsuren Chocolatier. I know YFAS is extremely popular but I always felt the popularity was more for Jeon Ji Hyun‘s scene stealing turn as Chun Song Yi.

Sure Kim Soo Hyun’s popuarity also shot up and he definitely has his share of fans who loved his turn as Do Min Joon, but there were also a fair share of disappointed viewers who felt his performance was alternatively stiff and over-baked. I just wish if he was this popular it would be for a performance that was truly deserving IMO. Feel free to disagree but Kim Soo Hyun hasn’t been as raw and real in acting ever since Dream High.


Kim Soo Hyun Feted as Best Actor in Asia at the Tokyo Drama Awards — 44 Comments

  1. I think his partner Jeon Ji Hyun in the drama deserve to be awarded I don’t understand why are the female leads treated like that they are actress who has the big part in the success of this drama .

    • I watched this series because i was totally in love with Jeon Ji Hyuns character. She was funny, sincere and really charming.

  2. Agree with you koala. I think so too that if an award should be given, Jeong Ji Hyun deserves some if not as many as Kim Soo Hyun.In my opinion, what makes You from another star very good was because of Jeong Ji Hyun’s excellent portrayal of her character. Without her, the drama will fall flat.

  3. Why is anybody surprised? Of coarse the success of a drama will be awarded to a male actor, thats the sexist way of Korean society. Everybody who watched that drama know Jun Ji Hyun was the sole reason of it`s huge success cause you could literally have any young hot actor in Kim Soo Hyuns place and the drama would be just as good( if not better ,with lack of his stone face). But this is the way industry works.

    Let`s just hope it`s Jun Ji Hyun that who gets a top award at SBS Drama Awards.

    • Really? So even if the actress is very good on her role compare to the actor it was the actor who get more recognition? So unfair for the part of the sad for jjh for sure we will expect that ksh will get all the awards.

      • It is true. And is not only about the awards, it’s also about the money. The actresses are paid half compared to actors. For example if an actor is paid 10000 euro for a drama episode, the actress is paid 5000 euro.
        Really unfair!

    • The awards is in Tokyo though. I’m guessing, it’s just my guess, that it’s because KSH is more of a Hallyu star right now. He’s popular in Japan so they gave it to him. JJH probably didn’t even bother. This awards is obviously of no value. Anyway, if JJH and KSH ever appear in an awards ceremony you’ll know that the more valued award will go to JJH, like how she got the Daesang for Paeksang Awards.

  4. I was actually bored by You From Another Star, which is odd because I really like Jeon Ji-hyun and thought Kim Soo-hyun was a decent actor (he was really good in Will It Snow For Christmas?). But I didn’t quite take to the drama or the lead characters and dropped YFAS after a few episodes. I think he needs a role that actually challenges him, because it seems he’s been stagnating for a while acting-wise.

  5. I agree, this is getting beyond ridiculous. I loved KSH in Dream High, but since then he has played it safe with his project choices and phoned in his performances. He is better than other pretty faces in K-ent, but still. If he hadn’t hit it big so soon, he could’ve challenged himself with more demanding roles. But as it is, I don’t think he’ll ever get any better.

    I personally couldn’t connect with YFAS. It was entertaining but the plot was ridiculous. I understand its popularity but personally I wasn’t feeling it. It’s a shame that when it was airing it completely overshadowed Miss Korea, which imo was alot better.

  6. I wonder how Jeon Ji-hyun feels, having basically carried the drama with her kickass performance, to see this young upstart – he must be, in her eyes – getting such overblown credit and praise for the success of YFAS. While she still carries the title of “CF Queen” despite being a very talented actress and not just a pretty face.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to be a fly on the wall in her house. I doubt she does another drama anytime soon.

    Not just that, now they’re remaking her iconic My Sassy Girl without her, with a premise that basically says Cha Tae-hyun dumped the Sassy Girl for a young idol who can’t speak Korean all that well. I feel for her.

    We love you, Jeon Ji-hyun! <3

    • I read that she wanted him in YFAS, because they acted together in The Thieves. So she created this monster. He certainly is purty tho’.

      • Wasn’t it the other way around? It was offered to JJH first but she turned it down. They offered to KSH. He accepted and then persuaded JJH to accept the role. At least that’s how I remember it. I could be wrong.

    • Jeon Ji Hyun made that drama stand out. The chemistry between the two was amazing. and YES YES YES she should have just as many awards as what he is receiving.

      Women in Asia with deep pockets are making sure he continues to appear before them. My question is when is he going back to drama land? Show your talent and not just a pretty face.

      If more men watched dramas we would MAYBE see more awards for the female actors.

      Female actors in Asia – Stay strong – FIGHTING!!!!

  7. Better pick as many awards as possible while your agency still has power to buy all the juries and media. Later on, all are good bye when newbies with more talented and handsome than him take over.

  8. This is getting really ridiculous. He is so NOT the best actor in Asia. I don’t like actors who receive awards because of their popularity and not because they are great actors. Makes me feel bad for the all the great/good actors out there who do deserve awards but don’t ever get one. On another note, Jeon Ji Hyun’s performance was I loved the most in You From Another Star. Even if Do Min Joon was not there, I would have watched the drama because Cheon Song Yi.

  9. Ji Jun Hyun made the drama and deserves all the awards, but he’s more willing to show up to get everything so he’s going to get more. That’s kind of the way things work.

  10. Ishihara won for Shitsuren Chocolatier? That was one terrible drama to begin with, but it also made me want to never see anything with Ishihara again (unless she choses a role that is very very VERY different from her usual choice of ‘extremely cute but (supposedly) naive girl’). She was annoying as hell in that drama… and it wasn’t a role that showcased acting talent either.

  11. I don’t know what is so good about that drama though. Without jjh that drama is so ridiculous and boring. I still think ksh is overrated. I guess popularity is everything.

  12. Why all the awards are given to kim soo hyun???where is jjh awards?i love him but i think jun ji hyun is much more deserving to gave a recognition her portryal on the drama is daebak. She steal the show her presence on screen is will made you hook to the show. Im a big fan of the drama and for me jun ji hyun should get more awards that kim soo hyun.

    • Do you think he deserved it all? I think you can say that he deserved it all when his performance is like on his show tmets he is really good on that show handsdown.but in mlfts jun ji hyun is the one who really stands out not him.Im not a hater of kim soo hyun but the actress is deserved to be recognize more not soo hyun is a good actor i want him to get an award that he truly deserved that no one can question why he get that award.

      • To answer your question, yes. KSH is one of the reason why the show is so good and so successful. Their chemistry plays a huge part. Your opinion is that JJH is better, I get it and I respect it. But not everyone shares that same opinion so please respect that too. He worked hard in that role and many people fell in love with him and his portrayal as DMJ. So why doesn’t he deserve the awards. JJH won some and KSH won some. It’s a matter of opinion. Unfortunately in this world people often have differing opinions that’s why there’s conflicts and wars. Why don’t we just respect each other’s opinions and stop criticizing these artists that work hard to entertain us. KSH is still young and he can still improve in him acting and he knows it. He’s still very humble despite his huge success. No matter how great an actor you are there will always be people who will dislike you and call you overrated… The world is filled with too many negative people spreading hate… Sad but true 🙁

      • There is a difference between “hate” and “negative opinion” although Tumblr and assorted social justice warriors would have you think otherwise. Keep tossing around “haters” and “hate” for every negative opinion (or even mild statement of doubt/disbelief) and pretty soon the word will lack any sort of meaning. I’m already tossing it off my radar.

  13. YWCFAS & KSH are so overrated, it’s ridiculous. They are $$ machines & that’s it. Maybe Japan wants a discount on the rights for the next SBS drama? *insert puppy eyes*. Heirs was also popular & DrStranger too but no fan (example: me) with a brain would claim they are good dramas even if their fave hottie was playing in it. >.>
    Oh well, at least Hanzawa Naoki & its fabulous male lead had a prize & here it can be accepted without blushing.

  14. Not seen YWCFTS but seems like every other drama aimed at women. eg. Firth and Ehle in PnP. If the male and female leads are both good you can bet that its the guy the viewers are going to fixate on.

  15. Let’s just wait and see how well his next drama fares without an actual star next to him to save his mediocre ass.

  16. Jeon Ji Hyun won a DAESANG at the baeksang award that is the biggest award show in korea maybe she is content with that award so she is not focus on other award shows that required you to attend to get an award. She is busy right now filming her new movie assasination. Lets just be happy to kim soo hyun he is a good actor and loved by everybody and he is so humble when he gave his speech on every awards he gets.My wish is that jeon ji hyun will be present on sbs awards show i remember that ksh wanted to win the best couple award it will be awesome if both of them accept that award.the success of the show is because of jjh and ksh. Both of them deserved everything what they have right now.

  17. lol I was about to ask why Jeon Ji Hyun doesn’t get that much awards but then i read the comments and at least everyone recognize that she deserves more attention for that role. Kim Soo Hyun is deserving too i’m don’t mean to say otherwise.

  18. I think the additional awards for foreign dramas are somewhat iffy. It needs to be noted that YFAS is only one of the winner out of 3. Since my country’s crappy series is one of them, I’m side eyeing this category

  19. He’s living the life lol. Mediocre acting skills, so-so face, his drama choices are not even that good (they are just insanely popular due to the right mix of ingredients that attract viewers) but he’s getting all these awards and recognition left and right for a project in which he’s not even the key factor that defines its success. He is definitely this generation’s Bae Yong Jun – an average actor with a limited range but will be likely to ride on the popularity of one successful drama for the rest of his career.

  20. Are u guys ok.i mean i so lv jjh ba ksh i cant say who on earth cud hv acted an alien any darlin win every awarfd u can u

  21. Based on acting in their drama.

    Jeon ji hyun >>>>>>>>>>> Kim soo hyun

    Thats why jjh won at baeksang.ksh can have many awards as he can but the most prestigious award is given to jjh thats why she dont even bother at all.

  22. even lee seung gi and lee jong suk are better actors than kim soo hyun.the best of seen of kim soo hyun are DreamHigh,since then,his acting seems pretty bland and unreal to seems like hes complacement.(like either real or not,people will still watch my dramas,kind of thing).even though The Heirs was a crap drama,i flet LMH’s acting was real than KSH acting in YWCFTS.

  23. Seriously, you should stop mourning again and again over the so called “raw and real in acting since DH”, ms koala. It could only make you look like a grumpy grandma who keeps longing for the old past instead of being open to the new future. It’s not good for your health, you know. You expect the same acting with different roles? Even if it’s not excellent enough, it’s still much better and braver than who repeats themselves under new high class covers.

    You should blame the drama producers who, instead of giving more room to DMJ or the plot development, focused too much on HOW TO MAKE THAT CSY A MANIAC, thinking that was the main factor that attracted the audience. As a result, the rating just stood still for 2/3 of the drama length. Too bad. Korean dramas are very good at making the audience believe in the existence of the characters in real life. CSY failed to cast that spell on me. JJH should have been grateful to her role status in the drama: top star. Otherwise, who would bother to watch an ordinary woman who behaved like a psycho in real life? Think about it.

  24. yeah i’m agree with you Ms. Koala. Where’s Kim Soo Hyun who act with his heart and raw talent back to the day in pre-TMTETS era.
    i remember i loved KSH so much when i watched Dream High. But his potrayals in current projects (that more high-profile than Dream High) even not as good as his Song Sam Dong or other pre-Dream High project, that made so many people think he’s one of the most promising young actor.

    I’m also agree to captaincrunch. If he didn’t hit the stardom too soon, he would challenge himself more. Now he simply become more like his boss Bae Yong Joon and his talent that made him promising back in the day keep regressing.

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