Lee Min Ho Follows Kim Soo Hyun’s Recent Rounder Look and Lights Up the C-netizens Again

Call it coincidence or perhaps the contentment stemming from runaway popularity, a mere two weeks after Kim Soo Hyun lit up the C-netizens and media by looking noticeably rounder at a car show, it’s Lee Min Ho‘s turn to set the tongues a-wagging. Lee Min Ho was snapped leaving Korea headed for China, a trip he’s been taking regularly this entire year since Heirs rocketed him to new heights of fame in China, looking like he’s not been sacrificing meals recently. No one is insane enough to call Lee Min Ho fat, he’s skinny even if he’s added a few healthy pounds, but he definitely is missing the visible jaw V-line that’s so prized in Korea and his fans are used to seeing on his face.

He showed up in China at a brand promotional event still looking more square-ish around the face, which wouldn’t be cause to light up the C-news portals but for the fact that he’s soooooo popular in China the C-media would write about him if he so much as sneezed. I think he looks fine and frankly the male model skinny look is just unsustainable and does no good for anyone, whether it’s the entertainer or the fans with unrealistic expectations. I actually think he looks manlier this way. The one-two punch of Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho gaining a teeny bit of weight so close in time has given their respective C-fans more ammunition to continue their “my oppa is hotter/more popular/a better actor than yours” battle.


Lee Min Ho Follows Kim Soo Hyun’s Recent Rounder Look and Lights Up the C-netizens Again — 30 Comments

  1. Oh, I am so glad. He looks better in my opinion. I’ve been wanting my boy to eat a hamburger for some time now. (If only we could do something about his questionable fashion sense.)

  2. There was an interview he said it was because he ate rayman the night before. He looks fine to me. he is at the airport not really suppose to look great there

  3. I missed that square jaw I loved so much in Boys Over Flowers but was missing when he acted in Heirs. He looks healthier this way, too! Much love.

  4. I agree. He does look better with a fuller face. And I can just imagine pinching those cheeks! *giggles* Ahem.

    I’m not so sure the fuller face had something to do with the upped manliness quotient. Maybe doing that gangster movie brought out the manly man in him. Either way, he looks great. Shame on anyone who derides him for being “fat.” Because, hello! Are you blind?

    Those clothes though. Why, Stylist-nim? WHY? From the airport fashion to the promo event. *head desk* The individual pieces aren’t bad (except for that questionable crocheted sweater) but when put together, it’s just bad fashion. They’re mixing different styles that don’t compliment each other. I mean dress shoes and slacks with a very casual sweater? Plain white tee, white sneakers with slacks and a long coat? It’s just so wrong. I don’t think either of those ensembles would pass for “business casual” or “smart casual.” *fashion rant over*

  5. Shooting dramas is like going into a fight. You have to meet weight first before even participating in one, therefore causing many to famish themselves and consequently bringing out those hidden jaw-lines. Afterwards, it’s chow-time again.

  6. He looks tired as he should after a long flight but other than that he looks the same to me…hr should do something about his stylist though

    • He really shouldn’t look that tired…Look at Lee Joon formerly of MBLAQ…he did like 2 dramas and 2 movies this year + variety shows…and yonghwa is concurrently doing a drama and putting out albums/concerts with his band…and hongki did 2 dramas and 1 movie and albums/concerts with his band..and this does not include fanmeetings for any of them

  7. What is up with his sweater?

    Also don’t people eat in China. They always seems shocked and amazed when someone gains weight.

    • He gained 5 kg for Sea Fog. Lousy 5 kg added to someone very skinny before isn’t that much.
      Don’t look at the faces, look at the legs, they are still very skinny. But today’s camera lenses make the object broader.

      If you’d meet these people in RL you’d be shocked to see how thin and tiny they really are.

      • Yep i agree, i went to the JYJ concert in Hong Kong and Yuchun is tiny, not much bigger than Jaejoong who we all know is too thin. The unrealistic unhealthy idol look must take its toll eventually.

  8. 1st wintertime is coming..
    2nd he STILL look dashing..
    3rd those Chinese people need to chill ..
    4th the only thing that bothers me is “white tennis shoes with slacks!?” Really!!!!? Ugh > <
    5th I should be thankful the pants are NOT color/flowery/checker!!

  9. gosh!!! some really stupid remarks!!! he just gained some weight, why making such a very big issue… he looks manlier and no matter what he’s always handsome forever!!!! some annoying comments here abviously not LMH fans but wonder why they have time to read and comment about LMH?…im just LMH forever!!!!fighting!!!!!

  10. Lee min ho has been hot like forever. Cant understand what is the big deal of this? Even himself did not care about appearance for his role in the movie. Those netizen are just have nothing to do.

  11. And no surprise, he has been compared again. Ha has been compared again and again over those years by different actor. Who cares anymore?

  12. Looking good ALL the time hope you are not trying to make people(fans)to hate my Prince what really are you trying to prove,Bros!Relax!!!!!figure out what can make you an OUTSTANDING MAN ALSO prove what you are good in doing,F complex is a medical problems when your season comes no matter the comments you will prevail at mentioning your names living things will b sensitive to it anxious to see you meet you Lee is cool,humble,calm,smile,all the time EVEN when is tired accord respect to elders fine boy!hmmmm….Any man God Bless No Man canCAUSE!,thas is blessed Lee Min Ho!!!!!!!

    • I don’t agree that being chubby makes someone look manly. Being in shape usually means a defined face and cheeks. Not handsome to look fat imo.

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