Yoon Eun Hye Closes Down New Fan Cafe After Online Harassment of People Close to Her

I’m finding Yoon Eun Hye‘s celebrity status in Korea perfectly described using the Chinese idiom the tall tree attracts the wind (樹大招風 shu da zhao feng). A famous person is more liable to be attacked than an unknown small fry, and that’s what best explains the crazy that just went down at Yoon Eun Hye’s just over a month old official fan cafe Amazing. Yoon Eun Hye posted a personal letter to her fan cafe last week to directly communicate with her fans why she is closing down the new official forum for her fan club.

Turns out for years now some of her fans (or dedicated anti-fans masquerading as fans) have been increasingly harassing her family, friends, colleagues at work, and even the staff on her acting projects. The harassment is of the doxxing variety where personal information is released, and reportedly people will then go to the places that people around her manage or frequent and harass them. It’s escalated after Yoon Eun Hye opened Amazing as the doxxing posts have continued from forums such as DC Gall and moved over to the new fan cafe.

My translation of the critical parts of Yoon Eun Hye’s personal message posted on her fan cafe to her fans:

Hi everyone, I’m Eun Hye.

I’ve been wanting to come here and play and post, but my first message turned out to be this and it hurts me a lot.

In the official fan cafe and in various forums there have been a lot of unhappy postings from fans so I thought I should say something directly.

When I see what the fans write about me, I have “the desire to do better”. For the fans who fret when thinking my choices are wrong or without consideration, the fans who can’t express fully all their concern for me, I feel concern that I’ve let them down, this is how I truly feel.

With the Amazing fan cafe, I see in posts personal information about my company employees, my family, and my friends, and that is something I can no longer allow to continue because I worry things will get out of hand if it isn’t stopped.

That kind of behavior has crossed the line as a fan.

Criticism of my religion and my acting projects, I’m not going to lie that it doesn’t hurt my feelings, but from the viewpoint of a fan I can understand that.

But to my colleagues and family and friends, even the production staff and director of the projects I work on, to directly name them in posts and provide personal information about them….doing so will create so much conflict and confusion. And from my position, I feel so terrible that is happening to people around me. Do you guys know that by posting such information, how much distress you are causing to others?

To stop those who have done nothing wrong from getting hurt, I am preparing to file a complaint against those who have been twisting the truth. If this behavior continues, then that fan is no longer a fan.

To my fans who have loyally stuck by my side all this time, I want to thank you all and bring you a great project to show my gratitude. At the same time I will continue to life my life without any regrets. I want to fill life with love and understanding and with warm embraces, a thank you even when mistakes are made to lessen the hurt on the soul. This kind of unconditional love, I want to live it and show others.

I accept all the criticism of my personal failings in past and future postings. But I will no longer allow posts with lies, dissemination of personal information, and defamation, to continue here or at other forums.

This official fan cafe will be closed from here on.

This was a new experiment for me and to have it closed in such a short period of time also hurts me immensely.

The hurt that words can inflict on the anonymous internet, I hope it can become words that give support and strength and a place to give a helping hand.


The Korean media erroneously reported that Yoon Eun Hye shut down her fan cafe because of her fans vehement opposition to her considering doing the Korean-Chinese movie with Park Shi Hoo. That is not true as Yoon Eun Hye’s letter clearly explains she accepts all criticism of her acting choices, in the past and going forward. The erroneous media articles came about as Yoon Eun Hye’s letter in her fan cafe was available only to those who registered as a fan to read. So the media did not have a copy of the letter and based their reporting on complaining posts in DC by anonymous commenters claiming that Yoon Eun Hye shut her fan cafe because of fan unhappiness with her potential next project. Hope this clear things up but mostly I’m just sad for Yoon Eun Hye’s loyal fans who have to deal with the new fan cafe being closed, and for such a terrible reason in that people close to her are being harassed.


Yoon Eun Hye Closes Down New Fan Cafe After Online Harassment of People Close to Her — 48 Comments

  1. crazy people never understand the boundary. Feel bad for her loyal fans but glad she closed it down for the ones and are out to hurt others for no reason.

  2. This is just awful. I’m one of those who think her judgment in picking projects is suspect, and never more so than with this PSH film, but it’s her life and her career, and there’s no possible excuse for the sort of nasty crazy going on here.

    With everything else she’s got going on, I’d say she should reconsider whether she even wants to be in front of the camera any more at all. Develop her directing, expand her businesses, do whatever makes her happy, which acting doesn’t seem to be doing at the moment. In large part due to nutjobs like the ones who caused this.

  3. I feel sad about this news, and I am concerning for her that she will be okay to move new fan cafe. I hope these anti fans or crazy people, please stop not to bother Yeh and her family or others. Also, I hope YEH can choose the best project to act in future and that is decision of YEH, and others need to be respect Yoon Eun Hye decisions.

  4. Some people are just too nice to be in show business. I wish her the best, it is just too bad her “fans” can’t take their fanship seriously and try to live as she does.

  5. FANs are someone who love and respect what you do. They encourage you to continue to do your best.

    STALKER is someone who live in a fantasy world and believe that every action taken by the person of interest gets to be dictated by them. And they tend to take a few mindless followers with them.

    I wish Yoon Eun Hye the best of luck and I hope she prosecute each person she has found that has committed these unspeakable acts on her loved ones.

    Internet users need to WAKE UP and realize that any misguided action on their part does and can cause harm to others.

    Get off your computers, cell phones, tablets, AND go outside so you can learn how to communicate with a human. Learn what behavior is ok and what isn’t.

    I don’t think any of us would want to be treated this way.

  6. I think she did the correct thing. I too don’t understand how there can be people that do such things.
    It is up to her to decide what project she wants to do.

  7. I’ve been watching Korean dramas for a while now. I’ve been getting more into sites like this to read more about the actors/actresses/singer or any Korean entertainment personality. I keep reading these kinds of posts everywhere. Where Korean celebrities are attacked their fans or antifans. My question is/are:

    Are Korean citizens that obsessed? I am sure this kind of stuff happens here in the US. But I feel I hear it /read it all the time in Korean entertainment. I was reading about Table being bullied by this online guy to the point Tablo had to quit or appear in TV crying.

    Could anyone explain to me how that is the Korean citizens have so much control over Korean entertainment?

  8. Thank you for always posting positive articles about YEH Mrs. Koala, I really appreciated that. I think you must know how easy for some medias to twist the story, therefore I’m glad there’re still mediums who post the truth. And I’m also really sorry because of all these hullabaloos you’ve also got your share (the bashing).
    I hope & pray YEH can overcome all the hurdles coming upon her way.

  9. It’s a pity that her initiative to get closed to her fans led to different result and it’s not even her fault.

    I feel a sympathy towards her because she is obviously categorized as a polarizing actress. Those who love her will love her and those who hate her, will hate her even for no reason. I guess those big names like Ha Ji Won and Jeon Ji Hyun are considerably lucky that they fall under the same category and suffer like YEH. Of course they are those who dislike and not a fan but not to the extent of extreme hatred like the ones experienced by YEH.

    I hope for the best for her. She does not deserve that amount of hatred when she did nothing wrong to them.

  10. Every time, she’s paired with this and this actors, her fans cry out loud because he is not Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho, and now her fans attract more attention in this PSH issue, they make so much noise, then YEH can claims as most talked about star, which is much ado about nothing. Maybe nothing to talk about her look or talent, better makes noise like this, then later can claim, she’s an angel, most popular etc. So blah, meh. She only attracts insure fans/antis to support her career .

    • I’m confused, are you suggesting YEH is enjoying the fact that she has crazy stalker fans that stalk and harass her, her family, her friends and her employees because it proves how popular she is?? I wish YEH cared more about popularity but it is clear based on her actions and career choices that although netizens in korea and around the world seem obsessed with discussing and determining her level of popularity, or lack thereof, depending on who you talk to, YEH does not seem to care all that much about it at all.

    • i will sue you.LOL kidding. but do you have an idea of her fans’ general reaction about her pairings? Her fans cry out loud when he is not Hyun Bin, Lee Min ho etc ? FYI, that is just a portion of her fandom, do not generalize 🙂

  11. No one should harass anyone else under the cover of anonymity especially when the action is causing much distress and hurt to the harassed individuals. To now also attack YEH’s family, colleagues and friends is such an unforgivable offence. I hope the culprits are caught and duly punished. I wish YEH a bright future ahead, doing things she wants to do, practising the religion she believes in and finding true happiness. On a personal bias, if she were to be in a project with Joo Ji Hoon, I’ll be jumping for joy. haha.

    • Me too! I am one of those who ship them and will b happy to see them again! But anti fans might again act crazily bec of ji hoon’s past..

      Yeh is a person first & foremost and nobody owns her! I hope people could understand that she decides her own life! Back off!

      • I agree fully with you that actors and actresses are also persons and have their right to privacy of their own personal lives and we should respect that. JJH has his drugs past but he has received his punishment and if he is now clean and leading a decent life then I don’t see why he should not be given another chance. So the YEH/JJH pairing is still a possibility. One can only hope. haha.

    • Yah, they are my first OTP craze in Korean drama. But JooJiHoon has a real-life girlfriend already, I dont think it would be the same as Goong, it would be hard to love ship them when one of them is attached to someone else.

  12. Thanks Mrs Koala, really appreciated much for clarifying the real information, not the distorted information that other media reported, YEH does not deserve this, no one deserves relamente harassed and attacked as those antis have done with she. but anyway, sooner or later the truth always comes out, so I’m sure YEH managed to overcome these obstacles and will get stronger, your enemies will not be able to her.

  13. Fans should stop thinking they own their artist and have the right to decide for them. I can’t imagine how heartbroken Yoon Eun Hye is right now..

    Instead of supporting her people keep criticising and give her burden to be always successful. Why are we doing that to the people we love??

  14. i feel bad for YEH, and she has given me much pleasure in her dramas starting from the princess hours. Until today i still watch it. i got no problem in her choice of prioects including doing a movie with PSH. we must allow ppl that made mistakes to pick up their life and move on as we may encounter such mistakes in our lives ( u never be sure !). i m looking forward to more projects from YEH. fighting YEH.

  15. i feel so sorry for YEH ,I am a huge fan from India and i pray that everything turns out right for u ,U deserve great things in life .. i will pray for u YEH .Don’t worry god will take care of everything .. stay strong ! FIGHTING ! a big hug from India <3

  16. I think she has the right to close it because it is causing damage already not just to her but to the people she love, care and work for. Enough is enough. These fans are not real fans they are just pretending to be so as to influence others in destroying her goals. I support what she has done. YEH has a good heart and she deserves only the best. i will forever be her loyal fan no matter what.

  17. Being a star isn’t easy, they are unfortunately under constant scrutiny from fans, It is sad that a few people have so much control, but looks like they do. Unfortunately the fans who are just regular folks, get caught up in the drama, by viture the label fan. I would imagine YEH’s latest decision about making a drama with PSH has created a backlash which probably even surprised her. This is just my opinion, but if I were guessing I would wonder if these two incidents aren’t related? Diverting attention in another direction, does work. Oh well…I wish her well anyway.

  18. Yoon Eun Hye is definitely a real princess to me, she’s like Princess Diana, a heart of gold. These posers & harassers have nothing better to do w/ their lives. Just leave Yoon Eun Hye to decide on her own, it’s her life, her choices.
    Now that Prince William is taken, I want to ship Prince Harry to Yoon Eun Hye, so from screen Princess, she could become a real Princess deserving of a true crown! But one thing though, I just hope English royalty can marry Koreans. Hehe, who knows it might be possible.

  19. No matter what happend I will stay with you unnie I will always support you, I know your a good person unnie thats why I love you so much and manny people love you in the whole world and also I read your post unnie when I read it im so touch unnie I cant stop my tears to fall down huhuhu but keep fighting unnie thats only god challenge , good bless you unnie yoon eun hye and I love you my Idol <3

  20. YEH u did the right thing to shut down your “cafe”. Your intention to have the cafe is to communicate with your fans and be closer to them. But it’s being abused to expose personal info and for destructive purpose- I totally agree that u shut it down.
    One more thing-I respect and admire you for professionally and objectively accepting to co-star with PSH. I will watch all your dramas and movies that you are acting. You are great!!

  21. I felt sad for YEH..i believe that she’s a good person who doesnt deserve this kind of treatment.whether for an unwanted male lead or “wrong choice of drama”, still isnt enough good reason to treat her this way..whenever i get to watch an undesirable kdrama, a comparison for a great one would always include Yeh’s coffee prince & goong.these makes me want to watch it over again..im saddened that yeh’s dramas lately wasnt doing quite well, but these doesnt make her less of a person and a star for that matter..this only explains that her stardom will never fade even having those kinds of projects.

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