Lee Seung Gi Attends Fashion King Movie Premiere Wearing Rain’s Ahjusshi Suit from My Lovely Girl

This is a I Miss Lee Seung Gi post, in case anyone thinks there is a more substantive reason for me to be posting about him. No, he hasn’t been cast in a new upcoming K-drama despite so many highly anticipated 2015 works still waiting for a leading man. He’s always a possibility for any prime time drama lead nowadays, his star power and public appeal is undeniable domestically in Korea. You’re All Surrounded wouldn’t have even managed to sustain low teen ratings based on the crappy story if not for him and Cha Seung Won.

Even if he doesn’t do a drama there is still his upcoming K-movie Today’s Love with Moon Chae Won to look forward to. The movie almost wrapped filming with an eye towards a spring 2015 premiere. He can get an early taste to doing the movie promotional circuit as he attended the VIP movie premiere for Joo Won‘s movie Fashion King this past weekend to support his former YAAS costar Ahn Jae Hyun. I’m thrilled at how healthy he looks but baffled by why he showed up wearing Rain‘s borrowed ahjusshi wardrobe from My Lovely Girl. WAE? I want to burn that wardrobe much less have my Seung Gi wear it out!

I’m not sure if any of the dramas I’ve written about such as Blood, Kill Me, Heal Me, or Descendants of the Sun have been eyeing him, or that he’s even the right fit for the male lead of those particular dramas. No rush really, there are usually 25 or so prime time K-dramas a year and many are being prepared that still haven’t been leaked to the media yet. I can’t fault him for any of his drama choices, even the ones I thought sucked all looked promising on paper.


Lee Seung Gi Attends Fashion King Movie Premiere Wearing Rain’s Ahjusshi Suit from My Lovely Girl — 13 Comments

  1. His ajusshi fashion is part of his charm. I want him to sing again more than do another drama. Nothing seems too interesting to me lately. His last two dramas were more written for him in mind than anything, if he does do another before MS I’d like something off the wall and unexpected.

    They have to be done with Today’s Love soon, but not quite yet.

  2. dont think he will pick any drama until late Spring next year since he said that he will release new album next Jan. Promotions for his new album and movie will get him busy for couple of months

  3. Wow, he’s one actor who’s growing up nicely. He has that charm which pulls you in , even if you haven’t watched him anywhere.
    I love his , both , variety and drama personalities.

    I’ll take this ahjussi suit on him anytime (He’s quite rocking it!) over those rainbow-coloured/carpet/table cloth-ish suits that most k-actors are covered with.
    In fact, i’ve never seen LSG (or his bestie Lee Seo Jin) dressed in those types of dresses. They’re quite manly/boyish 🙂

    I am waiting for his next drama/movie….but what about his military enlistment?
    He’s already 29-30 yo.

    Awww, i want more of this oppa on my screen 🙁

  4. Aww.. aren’t you so sweet.. I miss him too 😉
    Seeing him just like once a week from fanpic or CF/Promo pics not enough for me 😛

    Waiting for Today’s Love premiere already feel so long, to imagine I still need to wait untill I can watch it,it’ll feels like years..

    Sorry for drama fans, but I need singer SeungGi before he doing another acting project. Or maybe variety SeungGi, some said saw him with Na PD in front of CJ building, maybe they have something, or.. maybe just hangout together like BFF 😛

    • Oh, about the coat.. what else I can do, I love him.. Like all those korean articles.. his appearance in this movie premiere like a prince..
      But I do miss him in chic and fashionable clothes for magazine photoshoot..

      Btw, they already done poster shoot for Today’s Love, seems we’ll get official poster soon. Idk if you already know, there’ll be an interview with LSG and MCW in KBS Entertainment Relay this Saturday. (we can pour our longing for him there :P)
      Hope they’ll tell us the premiere date, and maybe show us some chemistry.. 😉

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