KBS Pulls Back the Curtains on Upcoming Mysterious Drama Healer

I haven’t been paying much attention to the upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Healer mainly because none of the three leads interest me particularly. Starring Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Chang Wook, and Park Min Young, this drama was announced and cast pretty early so there was also the odd sensation that it should have aired by now. Healer will premiere in a few weeks once Tomorrow’s Cantabile ends in early December and will likely have an uphill ratings battle to fight. Forget the challenge of following an extremely low-rated drama, it’s also going up against the started well Pride and Prejudice as well as the serious darker drama Punch.

Yoo Ji Tae plays a news reporter digging into a buried past while Ji Chang Wook gets to break out of the chaebol-flower boy trend plaguing most leading men and plays the titular Healer who is more of a fixer who does any task as long as he’s paid. Park Min Young is back to working steadily and this is her second drama this year after A New Leaf, this time she’s trading her lawyer ideals for reporter instincts. Check out all the currently released drama pics and I’m hoping this one turns out like P&P for me, a drama not boasting a buzzy cast but ends up winning based on story and acting chemistry.

Ji Chang Wook looks ahhhhmazingly good in this get-up. Washes away most of the stinker memories of his distasteful last role in Empress Ki. That one was the pits in both styling and character personality. If this role turns out to suit him like a glove, it’ll have been a win-win situation that he turned down Mr. Back (Mr. Baek) to do this instead since currently Shin Ha Kyun is proving himself perfect for that role.


KBS Pulls Back the Curtains on Upcoming Mysterious Drama Healer — 18 Comments

  1. It seems Park Min Young’s popularity depends on her partner’s popularity..I feel like she’s not that popular anymore as compared from previous years..

    • I agree with the above remark. She is an actress who usually rides along with the show – as opposed to contributing to its fate.

      Pity since I kind of like her despite the awful nose job.

      • Your comment proves that you haven’t watched most of her dramas. Cause if you did, you would know that SKKS where her character was the centre of the drama gave her lots of popularity and love due to her ability to perform. In spite of her co-stars unpopularity in Glory Jane, the drama’s ratings were high and the story of the drama was again centred on her character and she obtained even more fans. Hope ‘Healer’ will be win-win for whole cast and crew. Peace

    • Yes, she is not, first of all if you did not notice she did not appear in any dramas for the last 2 years cause she concentrated on her studies that she completed on Merit and her comeback drama A New Leaf was not for wide audience. Second, it is impossible to be popular all the time. Even great actors and actresses become unpopular at some point of their career but they always be remembered cause they have solid audience. About her popularity read my comment to Eliza and Hana’s point is very good on her decision to get experience and trying to choose right roles. One should not forget that these days it is very difficult to get a good role as women leads are mostly candy, naives, stupid. At least she is not playing the same school girl student or poor girl who has a crash on rich boys for years. She is trying to choose different roles. Hope this one will be good one . Peace!

    • Most anticipated drama of mine. I have a face on writer Song Ji Na. Also, Park Min Young’s appearance changed dramatically. Like it a lot.

  2. I quite liked Ji Chang Wook in Empress Ki. I mean, the drama itself was sort of campy, but he showed some impressive acting range. Thinking about it, I don’t think I ever saw Ji Chang Wook in a good quality project. Maybe this is it?

    • he was quite good in the tv series ‘secret love’ and ‘Smile Dong-hae’. Haven’t seen empress ki but this drama looks good!

  3. i agree with the above comment.PMY is not as popular as she used to be during her city hunter days.it not like her acting is something to write home about.the latest trend these days are;Moon chae won,Park shin hye,jin se yeon,lee bo young,Han ji min,park bo young,and baek jin hee.

    • Popularity huh..i don’t think she’s looking for Popularity now days..bcoz if she want to,she will accept DS with LJS or YAAS with LSG in it.not to mention that they were young and hot too.they will surely made their co-star more popular.,even if their drama sucks..but PMY choose to act and learn from an experienced talented veteran actor such as KMM and now YJT. I respect her decision and happy for her 🙂 . Support PMY.Support Healer. 😉
      Wish the Best for Healer <3

      • who said she’s looking for popularity?Did you even read the comments?lol..You’re jumping to conclusion for trying to defend her..We only said that she’s not as popular as before and seems that her popularity depends on her co-star,it doesn’t mean that she’s looking for popularity..

  4. Anything w/ JiChangWook, Acting department = Big check! This guy is just underrated, he will have his time surely. Btw, really love him in Empress Ki, really broad range of acting capability. But the storyline on this drama, that’s the Big question! Good luck to Healer!

  5. I still kinda like park min young although I know clearly she isn’t a fantastic actress. I watched smile donghae last time with ji chang wook playing the title character and that show was horrible so I don’t have any special feelings towards him but I watch running man with him as a guest recently and I suddenly find him super super good looking and attractive and I’m excited for this…. it’s weird how I can never like him in that 100+ episode long drama but fall in love with him within a few hours on running man

  6. I really want to see the cast of this drama in an episode on Running Man, just like they did with My Lovely Girl. Ji Chang Wook was hilarious with KwangSoo last time! both airheads

  7. PMY doesn’t do anything for me kinda like Jin Se Yeon. I really don’t understand why they’re everywhere. PMY’s face is just so unnatural it sticks out because of the obvious surgery. Meanwhile, I’m just waiting for YEH to do something every year at least. Seems like actors that I love like her and even worse, Won Bin, aren’t meant to be seen by me. 🙁

  8. What the…?! Ok, let me something clear here, Ji Chang Wook’s character in Empress Ki is what brought him to fame, ok?! And his character in Empress Ki was adorable and much more deeper than any other character he’s been playing or he’s currently playing! And just because you support him in ‘Healer’ doesn’t mean you have to talk trash about his other roles, ok? OK!

  9. I’m in for the handsome yet talented,cutie JCW and YJT is a respectable actor. I’ve started watching Healer ( while I wait for PSH’s comeback ) and I think that the scenes are cool. JCW is a scenestealer, too! lol

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