Joseph Chang Denies Rumor that Liu Shi Shi Cheated on Nicky Wu with Him

It’s been much too quiet in entertainment news lately so either a real scandal is going to arrive or a manufactured one. Turns on it’s the latter but the C-media jumped on this one as fast as a ravenous dog on a bone. Within hours after a random weibo poster claimed that Liu Shi Shi cheated on her boyfriend Nicky Wu with her movie costar Joseph Chang after seeing them on a date in Japan, this story went from one unsubstantiated allegation to full blown hysteria thanks to the C-media actually running the “scandal”.

There are no pictures to back up the assertion while the truth of the matter is Shi Shi and Joseph were in Japan earlier this year for their movie which included dating scenes filmed on the street. Shi Shi’s agency immediately asked the reporters why this ridiculous story is even being bandied about while Joseph’s manager denied that Joseph went on dates with Shi Shi and explained that he’s not even that close to her. Which I totally believe, anyone watching the movie, BTS, and their interactions at promotional events shows at most cordial professionalism between them.

There has been some murmurings that things are not all well in Nicky-Shi Shi land which probably explains why even the mere unsubstantiated allegation that she’s cheating on him would get the C-media in a tizzy. It’s well known that Nicky and Shi Shi’s respective intense fandoms do not like the significant others. Nicky’s fans think Shi Shi fans are immature and Shi Shi is too young for Nicky, while Shi Shi fans have their own heads up their asses and hate Nicky because, in their minds, he’s too old, too failed at love, too much of a media whore, you name it, Shi Shi fans think it of Nicky.

To add fuel to the fire, recently there was a fandom weibo smear campaign against Shi Shi and one particular Nicky fan upset at the Joseph cheating rumor and urging him to break up with such a bad girlfriend, and for whatever reason Nicky clicked “like” on that post. That got his fans thinking he’s really pissed at Shi Shi while her fans think she must have broken up with him. He rescinded the like and his manager explained he was reading posts and his hand slipped and pressed “like” accidentally. Both Shi Shi and Nicky have posted on weibo that they are fine and don’t understand why the public wants to insist they are having problems.

The weibo account that “broke” the cheating news has since been deactivated but this is what the scandalmonger wrote in the weibo post:

“Liu Shi Shi appears easygoing and warm but that’s just appearances. Underneath her ladylike demeanor she’s simply a slutty unfaithful woman, especially when her other half doesn’t pay as much attention to her then she acts up. She doesn’t care about giving Nicky Wu any face as she’s cheated on him with Joseph Chang. After dating Wu for a year, she’s chosen this time to rethink the relationship. These days 4th Prince has been doing whatever he wants, treating Shi Shi neither too warm nor too cold, and he’s even taking to pulls his hair back in a ponytail like a gay guy. Shi Shi has gotten annoyed with him and decided to poke back, Joseph Chang gives her the perfect opportunity.”

Looking for pictures of Shi Shi and Joseph one is sure to find lots of “incriminating” ones. Like this one above. Oh my god, Shi Shi is cheating on Nicky with Joseph! Look, they’re caught in the same car looking cozy!

Ooooops, looks like media be unable to differentiate movie from real life. Whaddya mean it was a picture from movie making? And Miura Haruma was in the back seat the whole time! This is one rumor mill that the media jumped on with zero basis, probably because it was a slow news week. Move on folks, nothing to see here, except perhaps a very blatant plant by the movie producers of Shi Shi-Joseph-Haruma’s thriller movie for a final ploy to resurrect a very slagging box office. Joseph is usually so low key and chill about life, he’s probably wondering how the heck he got in the middle of typical media and fandom fixation on Shi Shi-Nicky.


Joseph Chang Denies Rumor that Liu Shi Shi Cheated on Nicky Wu with Him — 24 Comments

    • Now this man, not Mr Hand Towel I call smoldering, from head to toe and all around, ever since I have laid my hands eyes on him.

      The “scandal” is such BS even to outsiders. *rollingeyes*

    • Koala is my introduction to so many asian celebs (and their drama) I never knew about and I thank her once again for introducing me to another hottie.

  1. I like Nicky-ShiShi pairing a lot and I just hopes ShiShi’s can grow up or just get the heck out of the fan club. They are beyond tolerance.

  2. I always thought I’ve never seen this guy in any drama, but now I wonder if he wasn’t in a gay movie(I forgot the title though)…
    watching his pics here, he suddenly seems familiar to me..does anybody know if I’m right?

  3. I’m not for the relationship(LSS and NW), I agree with both their fandoms that she’s too young for him and he’s too old for her. But this is such a stupid rumour.

    • Luckily for them, as two consenting adults, they probably don’t care if some random strangers on the Internet think that their relationship is inappropriate. Everybody wins.

  4. Yes, I also recall he was in a gay movie – there were 3 friends (2 guys, one girl) in a triangle or something, and the 2 dudes were also involved.

    Between Nicky Wu and Joseph Chang … my PERSONAL preference would be for JC. To me anyway = just more ooomph and I am not a fan of Nicky/Andy Lau type facial features.

  5. So Nicky’s fans don’t like Shi Shi, Shi Shi’s fans don’t like Nicky and this poor Joseph Chang is getting his name dragged thru the mud? Wow this is really a lot of foolishness… No wonder a lot of actors do not want to date publicly.

  6. Not gonna lie, I spent a very long time drooling at the first pic before reading the article. Dang, Joseph Chang has somehow become even hotter than before 🙂

  7. even i dislike cheating or betrayal, but i have to say that JC is much more hotter than Nicky. no offense, nicky once was my childhood crush, 😀

    i think, Shi Shi looks better with Eddie Peng, haha..

    • i love to see romantics scene between 4prince and RUOXI in Bu BU jin Xing, but in real live i think Shi Shi is better with younger man.. after watching Sound of the dessert i really fall in love with Xin Yue and Wei Wu Ji couple more than Ruoxi and 4prince. and i think even in real live Liu Shi Shi and Eddi Peng will look cute together as a couple.. nicky wu is too old for shi shi. wish for Liu Shi Shi and Eddi peng to become real live couple but its just my immagination because nicky and Shi Shi already married now. but atleast i hope there is new project for Liu Shi Shi and Eddie Peng to play together again as couple.. they really cute together.. Eddie peng and Liu Shi Shi is the best couple.. caiyo

  8. The fans on both sides can say whatever they want. Bottom line is it is their lives. Stepping all over the other person doesn’t make your idol look any better.

  9. OMG, that post was funny. She’s a slut and he treats her with indifference, this is why he wears his hair in a “gay” ponytail?!…haha. Wow.

  10. People shouldn’t leave such hateful comments about these entertainers. They have a right to their private lives. Stop being JEALOUS of them.

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