MBC Preempts Next Tuesday’s Pride and Prejudice, Have Some Lee Tae Hwan Cuteness to Cope

Since there was no Lee Tae Hwan in the High Cut pictorial with three out of five 5urprise members, I’ll rectify that now with a Lee Tae Hwan only pictorial post. I actually have a more substantive reason to wrap him into this post beyond finding him ridiculously adorable (character and performance) in the currently airing MBC drama Pride and Prejudice. The drama has been leading the Mon-Tues timeslot by doubling the ratings of the other two dramas and one would think MBC would work extra hard to keep a good thing going.

Apparently football (or soccer where I’m at) is more important than delivering a new episode drama fix so MBC has decided to preempt next Tuesday’s episode 8 airing of P&P for the Korea v. Iran match. I pray now that Monday night’s episode does not end on an edgy cliffhanger. I’m just relieved that Lee Tae Hwan’s character Kang Soo already got pulled through the ringer in the story which likely means his angst quota is filled up for now, watching him cry and get mistreated is like watching a wide-eyed puppy being kicked. 

I’m only six-episodes in to soaking up the cute new discovery that is Lee Tae Hwan and trying to figure out what makes him click for me. Sure he’s good looking, but his handsome fits more into the wholesome boy-next-door variety that is a dime-a-dozen in the entertainment world and can be quite forgettable. He’s like the Korean Abercrombie model, so to speak. I think it’s his eyes that does it, those sweet bright-eyed peepers that convey so much heart even if his acting is still on the up-and-up for now. I find myself captivated even when he’s not doing anything all that remarkable, which goes to show that charm and the “it” factor works wonders.


MBC Preempts Next Tuesday’s Pride and Prejudice, Have Some Lee Tae Hwan Cuteness to Cope — 8 Comments

  1. Argh , I hate it when my favorite shows are pre-empted 🙁

    And I fully agree with Ms. Koala about LTH. I was little surprised to know he’s just 19 years old. Only 19!
    Of course he doesn’t look old to me but I supposed he must be around 24-25 :/
    He’s such a cutie (yet kinda manly) that I can’t help but crush on him.
    *dreamy eyes*
    He has a lot to grow up and this noona will be waiting for this kid to have his own lead-character some day 🙂

    On a side note , CJH – BJH have so so SO sizzling chemistry!!
    There was less bickering in the last 2 eps but I hope we get to see that more , heh! 😀
    CJH looks so manly and hawt but his smile has a childlike innocence.

    PS – Channie is adorable! ^_^

    • Oh , I forgot to add. His jawline in first pic makes him look sexy! *_*
      This hands are slender too. Reminds me of Takuya’s (of Abnormal Summit) “slender hands”. Lol :))

  2. I thought, just me who fascinated him ..
    indeed he is very pleasing to the eye .. when he looked at Han Yeol Mo, as she smiled at Ko Dong Chi, even when she was crying with Jung Chang-Gi ahjusi … I always enjoy his moment like my favorite fruit-cake, that i want more and more

    • Same here! He has such a boyish charm about him and now it makes sense seeing that he’s 19.

      I feel shallow for saying this but he also has a natural looking face as opposed to some actors and idols out there. I love his eyes.

  3. He is so good looking! Look at that jaw line! I liked him also in King of High School Savvy. I’m excited for him to get more leading roles. He looks like a leading man type of guy!

    • are you sure he was in Puberty Medley? dont remember seeing him there, only the Family’s oncologist hyung as the school jerk

      i myself have been wanting to watch After School BBB

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