Seo Kang Joon Takes Majorly Awkward High Cut Bubble Bath with Fellow 5urprise Members

I’ve liked Seo Kang Joon since I laid eyes on him in a supporting role in The Suspicious Housekeeper and the affection has continued with all his subsequent acting roles.The real life him is apparently not the brightest bulb in the shed, but with his looks he can coast on eye candy appeal for the near future while working on those acting chops. He’s the leader of an acting troupe consisting of five good looking lads called 5urprise (pronounced Surprise), which is now extending into singing by releasing a single next week.

For the longest time I only knew Seo Kang Joon from the group but now I’ve added total cutie sweetheart Lee Tae Hwan to my keep-an-eye-on list after his great performance so far in the MBC drama Pride and Prejudice. I would have loved if this brand spanking new High Cut spread featuring 3 out of 5 members of 5urprise had Seo Kang Joon and Lee Tae Hwan, but it’s actually Kang Joon with fellow members Gong Myung and Yoo Il. Maybe I should be glad Tae Hwan isn’t in it because holy moly is the lead off picture one of the most awkward things ever.

Whoever thought it a great idea to stick the three guys in a bubble bathtub for a snap must have been high on something because it’s so cringeworthy to see them happy and cuddly amidst the bubbles. At the least the rest of the pictures outside the hot tub are quite pretty without the hilarious homoerotic subtext.


Seo Kang Joon Takes Majorly Awkward High Cut Bubble Bath with Fellow 5urprise Members — 27 Comments

  1. OMG MISS KOALA me too start to loving him more and more. and I’m glad the script writer gives his character some depth in What Happens with My Family. Although we both know he couldn’t possibly get the girl, at least he’s not super annoying second lead in love triangle.
    And have you watched his special drama with actress Moon So Ri where they portray forbidden love between MIL and son in low?
    He barely debuted and his acting was not as good as today, but you better check it out because he was so damn HOT!!!

  2. Well, you never know… there are a lot of fans who likes to do homoerotic fanfics about their idols. And we can’t forget there is also a large homosexual target whose craving for fanservice also needs to be fullfilled. In the j-pop industry, there are a looot of pictures of idols of boybands of this kind, even fans make “couples” between them. The sad side is when one of these idols date a woman in real life kekekeke

  3. Well you might have seen Lee Tae Hwan just now in P&P but he already won hearts with his natural acting as Seo In Guk’s bestie in High School King of Savvy…they had amazing bromance.

  4. I’m actually still debating whether Kang Joon is only *acting* the part of the dumb good looking guy and that he is secretly a variety show genius or if what you see is what you get. The latter is a bit somberly to conceive but it’s at least comforting to know that he’s genuinely a nice guy in real life.

    • Oh please they are obviously trying to desperately pander to boy band fans (it’s not only kpop) who like to ship male group members together. Holy fanfiction batman!

      Also a bunch of adults taking a bath together is a bit of an odd concept for a shoot, period.

  5. Who here has posted any comment that sounds like they were “so threatened” by the imagery?”So amused” for sure, especially given the prudish, hypocritical mess that is Korea’s attitude to sexuality. People laughing at what was very clearly an unintentional message is a very different thing from people being threatened by that message.

    It’s hilarious because it’s a screw-up, not because of its homoerotic tone. It’s obviously a screw-up because Korea’s attitudes to homosexuality guarantee that the agency did NOT intend for the image to send the sort of messages that it does.

    • I actually think they knew what they were doing! It just reeks of desperation. They know how fans ship these boy bands members with each other.

      Also, who would be dumb enough not to know that a bunch of men taking a bath together wouldn’t look homoerotic especially in conservative country like Korea? If such a person (or people) exists, they are probably out of a job.

  6. You really think the dozens of people involved in this photoshoot were absolutely clueless of what they were doing? I find that very unlikely, expecially since a lot of male KPop groups flirt with the idea of homoeroticism when they are doing “fanservice”..
    Also: Shinhwa did it first – more than a decade ago..

  7. I don’t really see what everyone’s problem is….I mean it’s uncommon to see, but I’ve seen plenty of girls do it and no says anything. :/ Guys should be able to be touchy as well with out being considered gay and if they are who cares to be honest. I am petty sure they did it on purpose though. If they fans like it then why not? It’s just fanservice. For example, I’m pretty sure majority of the members have made out before LOL it’s their thing.

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