Lee Bo Young Sends Food Truck to Post Makeover Lee Jong Seok at the Pinocchio Set

Pinocchio is one of those dramas where there are multiple angles for drama viewers to check it out. There are Park Shin Hye fans hoping she can silence her critics and wash away some of the stupor of Heirs, there are Lee Jong Seok fans praying he’s back to fine form after straying into Dr. Stranger crazyville, and finally there are I Hear Your Voice fans who are looking forward to the writing-directing team delivering another quality hit. I’ve tried watching IHYV three times now, and the third time was after DS when I started liking Lee Jong Seok, but I still can’t get past episode 3.

Fans of the drama will be thrilled to see the IHYV camaraderie extending even until now as Lee Bo Young sent a food truck to the set of Pinocchio to cheer on her former costar and production team. That’s so thoughtful and just something she would do. Lee Jong Seok thanked his Bo Young noona for the consideration and promised to eat up all the good food she sent so that he could to work hard to deliver a great drama. Food and rest are such prized commodities on the long hours of a K-drama set. It feels like a double treat to also see Lee Jong Seok looking so handsome after the haircut and a perfectly fitted suit.

There are new drama stills showing post-makeover Dal Po with Grandpa trying on suits. I love that it appears Grandpa is the driving force behind Dal Po shedding his country idiot physical appearance. The plot point where Dal Po lives the lie that he’s Grandpa’s long lost eldest son has shown that some lies can be used to do good, but ultimately all lies need to end. It would be great if that happened organically so that the person who benefited from the lie is the one to end the pretense.

Looks like Grandpa isn’t as delusional, or emotionally weak, as the family thinks. Either that or the years spent with Dal Po truly helped him heal from the unresolved sadness of losing a son so many years ago. I also love seeing the dashing look that Lee Jong Seok sports as his character Dal Po enters the real world. So much rawr to make up for uglifying him during high school. I can’t wait to see In Ha’s eye pop out when she sees her hot young uncle in all his good looking glory.


Lee Bo Young Sends Food Truck to Post Makeover Lee Jong Seok at the Pinocchio Set — 28 Comments

  1. “I find him freakish looking. He looks like a joker to me and I can’t stand him”….you said it during one of your IHYV posts…

    “It feels like a double treat to see LJS looking so handsome. I love seeing the dashing look…can’t wait to see In ha’s eyes pop out after seeing her hot young uncle…”

    Can’t believe the same person has said these things for the same man. LOL 😀

    • 😀 the first time I read a compliment about LJS looks from koala I had to double check my screen to see if I read correctly hehe

      I hope the ratings pick up though.

    • I’m still one of the few that still does not find him attractive but I even think he doesn’t look as odd looking as he did in the past.

      I was thinking maybe he got something done, or lost weight but maybe just getting used to his face? He’ll always be too pretty for me hehe but I get why others like him.

      What’s most important is that he seems to have an amicable and friendly personality.

      • @Deb
        one of the few?…i never did & still don’t find him attr@ctive at @ll
        some ppl @gree w/ me.

  2. Koala, I hope you would give Ihyv one more try , it is a great drama and I am so impressed with LJS and lee Bo young acting in fact the entire team!!

    • Definitely agree with you. That’s the first drama I started to like LJS and follow him. That drama is definitely in my favorite list. But everyone has a different taste in anything. As how much I like IHYV, so do I got bored so quickly of The Greatest Love and The Joseon Gunman which Koala highly recommended. I’ve tried to continue watching TJG recently but never got passed ep 6 and also fast forwarded a lot. I found the plot had some similarity to The Princess’ Man but the story telling wasn’t as epic and delicate as TPM although they’re both the work of the same director. Just my personal preference and opinion.

  3. I like LJS, but I totally get why you can’t get pass episode 3 of IHYV. Overall the story and acting were good, but the law-related stuff was so silly even for someone with no law background like me. Everytime there was a court scene, I felt like the writer intentionally made other character more silly/stupid so that the main lead could stand out.

  4. You probably can’t get past ep 3 because you’re in the law field and it’s k-dramatized. I say, for most those of us who aren’t, the dramatization if fine. I happened to love the drama. But for you, I’d say skip it.

    • I know nothing about law and dropped at episode 7 and I really wanted to like it after allthe raves. Just couldnt get into the main couple. The villian was portrayed spectacularly though. Best I’ve seen in a kdrama.

      • Same here. Tried hard to like IHYV till ep 7, but couldn’t get over the awful law stuff and the female lead’s character and attitude. Worst sideffect is, that I simply can’t get into any stuff with LSJ anymore. Be it School 2013, Face Reader, No Breathing, you name it. :/
        But I will give Pinocchio a try once it’s finished and the positive reviews are in the majority. Maybe one day I’ll see what pretty much everyone else but me seems to see in him…

  5. This is cute! It says a lot about Lee Jong Suk. Also love Lee Bo Young and her husband, they are my favorite k-celeb couple. They just seem chill and so in love.

  6. I loved IHYV so much. It became one of my all-time favorite dramas. I even rewatched it this summer.

    I checked out the first 2 eps of Pinocchio and so far I don’t really like it. I think I’m cursed to never like a Park Shin Hye drama.

      • It’s obvious that English isn’t your first language. You should probably study a bit more so you that next time you can understand what people write.

        I didn’t curse or insult anyone.

    • Another PSH basher. Only when u let the hatred grows in ur heart u’ll b cursed, seems to me that way. I can accept people criticized poor eunsang, i confessed it as it’s truly poor written, yet I did appreciate PSH hardwork and others. However, when u keep bashing her without apreciating her work, it’s harsh. And these people will keep saying” PSH should accept these critics” as justification of their hatred.

      Em surprised u live in the same world i do. Critics is good, yet hatred is harsh.

      • Hate is a strong word… which I didn’t use.

        I didn’t say anything bad about PSH. And I didn’t curse anyone. What I used was a figure of speech… Google it.

        Let’s not fight. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  7. @Aly.then i guess u are the type to watch a drama based on the actors(or should i say ur bais) and not the storyline.the first two eps has been receiving positive critics.well,if u dont like the drama,then i guess its ur lost then….BTW i just read on Pinocchio thread that Lee bo young will be appearing in the 3rd ep…

    • I have nothing against Park Shin Hye. And I definitely don’t watch dramas simply based on the actors.

      Everyone has their preferences. I didn’t insult anyone. Don’t be so sensitive.

    • The hopeless is your mind , she has every thing why is she hopeless .
      The kiss thing make you guys shallow the kiss scenes aren’t the main factor to make the movie or drama succeed seriously you want to find something to complain .

      • Agree. It doesn’t guarantee d success of the drama or movie. U can show affection and admiration in ur acting through gesture, eye contact, and voice tone. One more, she’s not great in kissing but her great chemistry makes people ship her witk nearly all her costars.

        And honestly, why dont people enjoy the storyline and acting? Do they watch movie only for the kissing scenes?
        #think and reflect.

  8. Omg I recommend IHYV so so much to anyone who hasn’t watched it! It’s the best drama I’ve watched in my entire life on my opinion xD it’s a great drama with the main characters having the best chemistry ever!

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