K-ent Goes Ga-Ga Over Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun at the Same Cultural Awards

The dual red hot popularity of Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho came to a head this week and sent the K-ent media into a tizzy for showing up at the same place. Both attended the 2014 South Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards and made it a rare appearance at the same event. They even received the same award, the 2014 Prime Minister’s Award given to Korean entertainers that helped to spread Korean culture (i.e. the Hallyu wave). I’m just relieved both wore nicely tailored suits to end all speculation about turning ahjusshi on their fans.

The awards ranged from the aforementioned PM award to Cultural Merit medals and President and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism awards with a total of 28 entertainers getting a commendation (full list of winners below). I’m dying of laughter that most news report pictures of Lee Min Ho are spliced together with Kim Soo Hyun, and vice-versa, by the entertainment news reports on this event. It also visually confirms their similar appeal and reason for insane Hallyu popularity – tall, good looking in a non-threatening way, and very very presentable and polite in public company.

Cultural Merit award: veteran actor Choi Bool-am, Host Song Hae, screenwriter Park Jung Ran, Kim Soo Il, singer Myung Guk Hwan and actress Choi Eun Hee.

Presidential Award: actress Sa Mi Ja, Ki Young Hee, model Lee Jae Yeon, musician Lee Yoo Shin, PD Hong Seung Sung, songwriter Yoo Young Jin and the late singer Kim Kwang Suk.

Prime Minister award: actors Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Guk Hwan, comedian and TV host Shin Dong Yup, singer Jin Mi, drama writer Park Ji Eun, producer Jung Dae Kyung and PD Na Young Seok.

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism award: EXO, actors Lee Seung Gi and Kim Bo Sung, comedian Kim Joon Hyun, PD Go Geon Hyuk and singer Kim Jae Man.

I’m thrilled Lee Seung Gi won a Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism award but sad couldn’t attend the ceremony, though fellow award winner EXO brought enough screaming fangirls out.


K-ent Goes Ga-Ga Over Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun at the Same Cultural Awards — 28 Comments

  1. ah lol the the k ent plAstics!!! couldn’t help myself but whine for seung gi not being there. the world realy needs their mean boys/ plastics in one frame atleast once.

    have the 3 of them actualy met and interacted publicly ever???

    • LMH and KSH nicely interacting with each other while they share the same stage. The fan wars from both the fans are not effecting their relationship.

    • I was going to react negatively to the word ‘plastics’ but then I realized you’re referencing Mean Girls! Haha. You’re right, they’re K-ent’s male version of the Plastics! LOL.

  2. I think they will start to compare them more since they shared the same stage now.

    First C-media and now K-media it is going to be a long fan rivalry and the media will feed them because of the interest that comes with this.

  3. Did you guys see the fan-taken photos of them interacting? I’m not like a super huge fan of both, but seeing them talking to each other gave me strange feels. Maybe because the media is playing up the ‘rivalry’ that when I saw them look friendly toward each other, I just squealed in delight! Double the pretty! HAHAHAHA

  4. You guys should see them interacting below the stage. They were so friendly and smiling at each other with… lovey-dovey eyes haha..
    I hope fans can learn from their idols and stop fighting on useless issues. They both are such great role models.

  5. Neither of these men are for me. One looks like a potato and the other a wax dummy (even when acting). Please don’t get mad, this is just my opinion and if everyone liked the same guy, the world would be boring no.

    Now is that Song Kang Ho I see in the picture? But I didn’t see his name in the article. Are my ahjumma eyes deceiving me? Yeah I like SKH better than the other two 🙂

    • With this type of outfits, KSH could be mistaken for a steward and LMH as an attendee of a Western funeral. Both of them are so overrated.

      My “elderly” eyes have also identified the 3d person to the right as Song Kang Ho.

  6. It’s interesting how, when two thoroughly mediocre male actors attain stardom due to their good looks, it is generally celebrated in articles such as this. But if it had been two mediocre, but pretty, actresses, there would be no end of the “flower vase” and other derogatory terms leveled at them.

  7. Why is it always the same people saying nasty things about these two guys? If they were not as popular would they make these comments? Probably not. Jealousy is powerful motivator. These same old comments are getting tiresome. Please come up with some new lines. Or even better if you have nothing positive to say don’t say it all. You’ll grow as a person if you just have more tolerance for people. This world needs more love than hate.

    • Seeing these two guys together on the same stage is purely a rare sight.. and for these who can’t accept this, have to keep in mind that these 2 guys spread hallyu like never seen before so the government had to honor them with there best awards possible.

      From rating wars, Fan wars, CF wars to finally same stage war with..

    • These two actors have nothing common in everything they have done except the popularity they have in china, but the fact that they have received the same judgement/ prejudice/ stereotyped opinions from those netizens make these commenters sound so bitter wise, nonsense wise, and after all, bitchy wise.

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