Kim Bum Continues His Chinese Film Career with New Anthology Love and Movies

Looks like Kim Bum‘s career transition over to Chinese entertainment is in for the long haul. His first forays into the industry have been well-received all things considering, whether it’s a supporting role in the Young Detective Dee movie or as part of the modern romance drama compendium V Love. He’s been in China since late summer filming the C-romance movie The Rebirth of Love with Joe Cheng and Wang Li Kun. The movie wrapped a few weeks ago and Kim Bum immediately dived into filming for yet another C-movie.

This one a romantic comedy called Love and Movies (Chinese title 爱我就陪我看电影 Love Me then Watch Movies with Me) and his romantic leading lady is the pretty young actress Gu Li Ne Zha. It sounds a lot like an anthology with various onscreen couplings including HK stars Francis Ng, Kara Hui, and Simon Yam as well as Chinese stars Yu Nan and Jiang Wu. In this movie Kim Bum plays a top movie star while Gu Li Ne Zha is his number one fan but described as not a sasaeng and is instead very sensible.

I continue to think Kim Bum is very savvy when it comes to his budding Chinese career and working with a lot of established veterans is always a worthwhile learning experience and lessens the pressure of the project’s success.


Kim Bum Continues His Chinese Film Career with New Anthology Love and Movies — 8 Comments

  1. I’m not surprised. Good for Kim Bum. Imagine if he was still in S. Korean: he’ll have a hard time finding any roles. China has better pay rate and working conditions than S. Korea. If I was him, I would stick with China.

    • China is to korean actors what Hollywood is to British actors. The place to make a name and make crap load of money. And they don’t even need to learn chinese. Bonus.

      • You just answered my question. I guess that means his voice just gets dubbed over and he’s not really made a conscientious effort to speak/learn the language? Haha!

        Aside from Tang Wei I’ve not really seen the opposite exchange place.

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