New Previews and Drama Stills for Episode 3 of Pinocchio

Another reason I’m so happy Pinocchio is off to a promising start is to have another potential crack drama to rev up the joint. I love the feeling of loving a drama, all anticipation over new stills and translating written previews, the very essence of a drama fan being able to actually fangirl. It might not last but I still eagerly welcome the addiction for as long as a drama stays good. The written preview is out to join the video preview for episode 3, confirming that the high school portion was as judicious in length as needed and onward the lead characters hurtle towards adulthood and the harsh light of the real world, aka Seoul.

In the just released new drama stills, the second leads played by Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yoo Bi make their entrances in the drama, and is it just me or does Kim Young Kwang give off shades of Kim Woo Bin and his visual aura of Young Do in Heirs? Perhaps the resemblance is heightened by seeing him around Park Shin Hye. The two leads are already exhibiting very solid chemistry even without straight up romance yet, I’m really fingers-crossed that their adult characters ratchet everything up another notch. I’m not worried on Lee Jong Seok’s end since he’s already shooting woobie longing at In Ha every chance he gets, I’m looking forward to see In Ha’s growing realization of how she really feels about Dal Po.

Written preview for episode 3:

Eight years later, In Ha’s entire family has left their island hometown and resides in Seoul. In Ha is determined to become a network reporter and after graduating college she takes the reporter interview exam but fails to pass three years in a row due to her Pinocchio syndrome. Finally she barely squeaks in and lands a job at MSC network where her mom works. In Ha is filled with excitement to see the mom she hasn’t seen in thirteen years. On the other hand, Dal Po drives a taxi to earn a living and feels anxiety and concern when he sees how full of hope and anticipation In Ha towards her mother.

Preview for episode 3:


New Previews and Drama Stills for Episode 3 of Pinocchio — 15 Comments

  1. This drama is not getting the hype it deserves. I think it comes down to fandom bias. but all in all the drama is not that bad but something is still missing IMHO.

    they are trying to live up to some other dramas, but the production is well done and the Young do part? if true its bad for the drama but I have to wait and see.

  2. The drama deserves the hype and all, because of the good characterization we all know that this year the dramaverse been a breakdown @joey you are not a fan right. Just try it, and look in unbiased way.

  3. I’m one of the few who’s not really crazy about the cast. Shin-hye always looks and sounds slightly choked up, like she might break into tears or a fit. The guy is so plasticky looking I can’t concentrate on anything he says most of the time. I like I hear your voice th, which is why I’m tuning into this.

    • Alixana, I totally understand your “so plasticky looking I can’t concentrate on anything he says most of the time”. I’ve been exposed to him, because he often plays alongside actress I adore. I hated him to pieces in Secret Garden and wasn’t a fan in ICHYV, but I like Ha Ji Won and Lee Bo Young. I never really got used to him until I recently saw “Hot Young Bloods”. And I cannot tell you why?! Not that the movie or the acting is in any way spectacular. I’m puzzled myself 🙂 Apparently, I’m not the only one who changed her mind about him at some point, though. Don’t take me wrong. He isn’t a favorite of mine after all. But I have no problems anymore getting his character, instead of seeing the actor LJS. Maybe Pinocchio will be the turning point for you. Who knows? 😉

      As for Park Shin Hye, I totally have a soft spot for her. I’m not a die hard fan and I agree that she’s not perfect in any way. Even though, she is a former child actor with a lot of experience, she’s still young and needs room to grow and to fill the gaps (e.g. romancing leads). However, she has often been judged rather harsh. And she isn’t the only actress beeing under an unfair microscope!
      My impression is that the boys get all the love from us fans, regardless of their actual (degree of) talent, whereas the girls get overly criticized.

      • You… I like you. You didn’t jump up my throat for saying I’m not really into the lead duo and you wrote a really nice explanation as to why you like them both.
        I had a weird day and seeing someone nice online is a bit overwhelming. Stay this nice always.

      • @Alixana thank you very much. You’re so sweet and kind. Stay that way, too. Even if you had a bad day. Don’t give up. Tomorrow will be better. FIGHTING <3

  4. I’m glad they’re doing a time skip. I like adult characters better. I hope this drama will grow on me.

    But I guess I should be REALLY careful about what I write here. Sensitive fans might think I’m cursing or insulting someone again. Yeesh.

  5. > Kim Young Kwang gives shades of Kim Woo Bin’s Young Do <
    *happy dance… oh nooo… stops midway*

    Oh, Ms Koala, as much as I wanted to see Young Do in 'Hairs' taking the right path in life (by discovering he is indeed a human being WITH feelings & decency) and redeem himself, a second Young Do will certainly just get his heart crushed again the moment he discoveres he has a heart. If the writers go this path, I'm hoping he ends up changing his life for good and finds his happiness (and stops bothering people!). The few stills between KYK & PSH sure are promising, though ^^

  6. Why is it that at all times at least one member of this cast has to have a bad hairstyle lol

    First Lee Jong Seok in the high school part, and now that he gets a decent haircut it’s Lee Yoo Bi’s turn to have frumpy hair

    (she used to look so fresh and pretty on Inkigayo and in her Beast mv….she’s still pretty but now it’s harder to see because her hair buries her face)

  7. Hi…I have never really been keen on dramas…other than the usual english crime related series and sitcoms…coz most Indian dramas are more or less too cliched and too over the top to stomach (though its real fun to make parodies of them)…I started off with reading the Tong Hua Novel translations in your blog (really beautiful stories)…and then out of pure curiosity read the drama recaps and got pretty hooked to Asian drama…So a big thank you to you for introducing me to Asian cinema

  8. I love the feeling of loving a drama….That exactly sums up how much my anticipation goes along with the development of Pinocchio story line.

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