One Crazy Red Dress Snatches the Buzz at the Lackluster 51st Grand Bell Awards

The 51st Grand Bell Awards went off without a hitch last night in Seoul, though apparently there was major behind-the-scenes conflict between the past and present organizers. It was also quite a dud of an affair with the wins mostly getting yawns or huhs from the netizens. That makes the ridiculous and unattractive red lace coochie showing bondage dress that budding actress Han Se Ah wore to the awards ceremony the most talked about “did you see that” moment of the entire event.

To think I was just feeling impressed that Korean awards attendees were all dressing well lately. Other than The Admiral: Roaring Currents making off with Best Picture and leading man Choi Min Shik getting Best Actor, the rest of the wins are a bit dubious if you ask me (and the majority peeved K-netizens). Check out the red carpet pics below with a full list of nominees and the winners. A lot of the nominees didn’t even attend the ceremony which further explains why it feels so underwhelming.

The biggest upset of the night is being called Son Ye Jin‘s win for The Pirates. Yoochun winning Best New Actor and Im Ji Yeon winning Best New Actress is upsetting the netizens as well. I think it best to shrug and move on.

Winners in bold below

Best Film:
A Hard Day
The Admiral: Roaring Currents
The Attorney

Best Director:
Kang Hyung Chul (Tazza: Hand of God)
Kim Sung Hoon (A Hard Day)
Kim Han Min (The Admiral: Roaring Currents)
Lee Joon Ik (Hope)
Lim Soon Rye (Whistleblower)

Best Actor:
Kang Dong Won (Kundo: Age of the Rampant)
Park Hae Il (Whistleblower)
Song Kang Ho (The Attorney)
Jung Woo Sung (The Divine Move)
Choi Min Shik (The Admiral: Roaring Currents)

Best Actress:
Son Ye Jin (The Pirates)
Shim Eun Kyung (Miss Granny)
Eom Ji Won (Hope)
Jeon Do Yeon (Way Back Home)
Chun Woo Hee (Han Gongju)

Best Supporting Actor:
Kwak Do Won (The Attorney)
Kim In Kwon (The Divine Move)
Yoo Hae Jin (The Pirates)
Lee Kyung Young (Whistleblower)
Jo Jin Woong (A Hard Day)

Best Supporting Actress:
Kim Young Ae (The Attorney)
Ra Mi Ran (Hope)
Yoon Ji Hye (Kundo: Age of the Rampant)
Jo Yeo Jung (Obsessed)
Han Ye Ri (Sea Fog)

Best New Actor:
Park Yoo Chun (Sea Fog)
Ahn Jae Hong (The King of Jokgu)
Yeo Jin Goo (Hwayi: A Monster Boy)
Im Si Wan (The Attorney)
Choi Jin Hyuk (The Divine Move)

Best New Actress:
Kim Sae Ron (A Girl at My Door)
Kim Hyang Gi (Elegant Lies)
Lee Som (Scarlet Innocence)
Honey Lee (Tazza: Hand of God)
Lim Ji Yeon (Obsessed)

Popularity Award winners: Kim Woo Bin, Honey Lee, and Im Shi Wan


One Crazy Red Dress Snatches the Buzz at the Lackluster 51st Grand Bell Awards — 41 Comments

    • Ahhhhh now I get it! I was wondering if she just didn’t know how high the slit would go when she decided on the dress. She likely didn’t try it on with the shoes beforehand

    • She clearly new what was exposed. Very sad to see how she tried to cover the area as she walked I wish she ditched the belt and wore gold legging under it. Someone sick jack_a talked her into wear that hot mess.

      Such an ugly industry. Degrade women at every turn.

      I do hope she can make better choices in the future.

      The short video of the red carpet walk.

  1. *rubbing my eyes*

    Gudness gracious. Han Se Ah’s been showing her panties for this event? Oo And why the heck should she wear the black rope wrapped all over her upper body, shoulders included? Did she manage to escape some serial criminal before walking on the red carpet?

    Speaking of crime, most of the celebs and/or their stylists should be charged with aggravating fashion assaults. My vision still has not recovered from the hurt of the fugliness and PS abuse.

    • I’m in no way defending Yoochun here but IMHO, he deserves that new (movie)actor award. Have you seen Haemoo? I was fortunate enough to watch it here during the Vancouver International Film Fest and sure, his performance is not mind-blowing but I can say that he acted his part REALLY well and acted his heart out. I’ve only seen him in SKKS and he’s very green at that time so seeing how he much he improved since then, I could just give him a round of applause. I have seen The Attorney and Siwan’s decent, nothing notable, if I would have to compare it with Yoochun’s in Haemoo . (Jailbait) Jingoo OTOH, is on another level of course. But I wouldn’t really even consider him a new (movie) actor, he’s probably been acting way longer than those two idol-actors combined. I understand the K-netizens though, it’s Yoo Jingoo we’re talking about here. 🙂

      • The whole “New Actor” list is ridiculous. I checked went through the list of actors/actresses when Koala posted about the nominees – pretty much all of them have done more projects than what ‘new’ would appear to suggest.

        See (my comments are at the bottom):

        If they don’t want to consider these actors as part of the regular “Best Actor”/”Best Supporting Actor” categories, I think it would make more sense to create “Best Actor under 20/25/30” (whichever) categories than to pretty that the nominees were ‘new’. But from the flawed list, I’d go with Yeo Jin Goo because, I agree with mel, he’s in another class from everyone else.

    • Yeo Jin Goo won the Best New Actor award at last year’s Blue Dragon Awards, arguably a more prestigious film award than the Grand Bells. He’s been cleaning up the awards with Hwayi so I’m honestly surprised he didn’t win this one as well.

      For comparison’s sake, last year’s Best New Actor winner at the Grand Bell Awards was Kim Soo Hyun for Secretly, Greatly.

      • I am asking this out of curiosity, because I am not familiar with the different levels, when it comes to awards in the Korean entertainment world (and movies). I just read that (on Wikipedia) the Grand Bell Awards are the Korean equivalent of the US Academy Awards. And the Blue Dragon Film Awards are above the Grand Bell Awards? (I am not questioning what Ms. K. is saying, just trying to understand).
        So, how many more kinds of awards are above, or more prestigious than the Grand Bell Awards? Are the Grand Bell Awards considered serious awards in Korea? (Just curious). Wikipedia suggested that there have been some bribery and political machinations, regarding the awards (over the years), which if true, I am sure is not exclusive to the Korean entertainment industry. Again, I am just trying to have a sense of what some of those awards mean. Thanks!

      • The three most prestigious film awards in Korea at the Grand Bell, the Blue Dragon, and the Baeksang. All three are comparable in name recognition but the critics in recent years have felt the Blue Dragons and the Baeksangs are more on point with its selections.

      • But Yeo Jin Goo was not even in the list of nominees for last year’s Grand Bell Awards. I noticed that some of the nominees, most notably Yeo Jin Goo-for “Hwayi”, and Ra Mi ran-for “Hope”, both 2013 Blue Dragon Award winners, were not on last year’s Grand Bell Award list.

        Both got nominated this year, but did not win. This is pure speculation, of course, but it would suck if the timing of a film’s release might have affected the outcomes of some award shows.

    • That’s my favorite too. Kim Go-eun looks so pretty.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Son Ye-jin, but winning Best Actress for Pirates?? WHUT.

      • Especially with Chun Woo Hee also being nominated. (Though the white dress is gorgeous. I’d totally wear that too.)

        Or Bae Doona not even being nominated for A Girl at My Door.

        I’m okay with popularity awards for Woobie and Im Shiwan though.

    • Oh wait, my mistake. I think you meant Nam Bo-ra with the goddess-y gown. I meant the white gown with the crystals after Lim Ji-yeon.

      • I don’t know her name bit its the third pic down..she’s holding a gold clutch. Confusing with all the white dresses!

      • Yeah, that’s Nam Bo-ra.

        I usually find the proliferation of white gowns on the red carpet boring, but this time, most of them actually look nice and non-bridal. I love Son Ye-jin’s dress too.

  2. What was she even thinking, agreeing to wear that piece of crap? I can only imagine what was going on through the spectators’ heads.

    Lee Jungjae’s attire was a mess as well but I forgive this ahjussi simply because he still managed to look HOT. As usual. 😀

  3. Can someone tell me why Koreans always look they have grease on their faces when they are photographed on the red carpet. It never happens on American red carpet photos. Is it a thing to look like you have shiny faces in Korea?

  4. To answer the shiny face comment, the answer is yes. The shiny face is intentional. If you were to watch the South Korean show Get It Beauty it will show you this. There are even face sprays with glitter for even more shine. I believe it is to look like your face is moist and dewey whilst we Americans tend to see it as oily skin. There are layers of creams and oils applied when they do their makeup and you have to admit they do have great skin far into advanced age when taken care of.

  5. I think he deserves it… He was great in Haemo and anyone who thinks otherwise is out of their minds… thing is, people should also consider the fact of how the movie makes the actor, especially of how the movie was excuted, I watched all those movies and and Haemo is the only one that completed all the criteria for being a really great film. Some of the other movies lacked in heart or the actors nominated were too much of a supporting character and in some cases the movie’s storyline kind of got shallow by the end.

  6. I was expecting Yeo Jin Goo to win the rookie award as well. Perhaps he didn’t win because this role in Hwayi is too similar to his previous roles? Or Hwayi is more like a 2013 release?

    Eh, Yeo Jin Goo is still the better actor, but Yoochun really did well in Haemoo and his character was pivotal in the movie. But if the better actor always win, then Meryl Streep would have won at least 10 oscars by now.XD

    Knets are being unfair to Yoochun though. They might consider him an idol-actor still, but he is not undeserving of this award. The Korean Association of Film Critics also awarded him the rookie award this year; this is the same award that Yeo Jin Goo won last year.

  7. If u are writing based on NB posted u should know that NB clearly hides the positive comments about the winners there..Coz I’ve read many positive feedback too..IMO, these 3 actors, Yoochun Siwan & Jin Goo all did a great job so whoever wins, I won’t questioning it..unless they were just some butthurt fangirls and the sad thing they actually didn’t even watched his craft there!

  8. Best New Actor should have gone to Yeo Jin Goo. But then again, he’s not even new. Hahaha. But whatever it is, he’s the best though in the list. I’m sad he didn’t win 🙁 Well, as long as we all know he’s awesome and off a different ‘class’ I guess it’s fine.

  9. It really does look like HSA asked for the most outrageous and unflattering and not-stylish dress to be created to get attention.
    But why do we have to see her crotch?

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