Rainie Yang Tries Out NYC Fire Escape Chic for New Album Photoshoot

It’s hard enough getting to the top of the entertainment food ladder in one category much less two, it’s way harder to stay put and consistently put out projects that the fans scoop up. Rainie Yang crossed the decade mark on her dual acting-singer career a few years ago at the height of her fame and has since then stayed comfortably in the limelight without excess adulation or disappointments. She’s in that sweet spot where even the general Taiwanese public likes her well enough plus she’s got a very strong dedicated fanbase.

A career’s longevity really hinges on winning the general public’s goodwill more than just a niche fandom. Her one acting project this year was in a C-drama that totally was not my thing so I can’t even comment on whether it’s worth watching or if her acting was good in it. Her music career is arguably more popular nowadays and I’ve grown to really love her song selection and improved singing skills. She’s releasing a new album this month that’s poised to be a big hit and for the album cover she went to NYC for a photoshoot that captures her daredevil-crossed-with-couture personality.

Apparently Rainie did the shoot without any wires or nets, so she was standing on a rickety fire escape in 10 inch platform heels posing with zero safety precautions. No wonder she freaked out the apartment owner!


Rainie Yang Tries Out NYC Fire Escape Chic for New Album Photoshoot — 9 Comments

  1. I feel rage towards people who are behind this photoshoot. They need immediate medical attention for their mentality. I can’t understand why would Raine agree to this? Oh my, what people would do for the sake of fashion?

  2. Rainie must love having short hair. I do too. I miss having short hair. It is effortless and feels like you don’t have to worry about it. She used to have so much hair and it was so long but I love how she looks how. More mature and feminine.

    I miss her in dramas but I wish she would do more quality Chinese dramas. Not that Chinese dramas are great but TW dramas are too anime for me. I used to watch them before because of Rainie but now I find them too silly to watch.

    I had hoped that she would venture out into making wuxia Chinese dramas. I think she would look cool in costumes but I guess she doesn’t like them. 🙁

  3. Wow… I can’t believe she agreed to that. I would definitely not want to be out on a fire escape in nyc in those kinds of heels. Yikes!! She is bold. I am glad it all worked out. 🙂

  4. Prop to her for daring to standing on the fire escape with those killer heels. I am not sure if it worths the risk though considering the photoshoot was a little lackluster. I really love her hair and the poses are okay but the colors of her clothes are no-no. They make her blend in too much with the background.

  5. It’s so nice to get an update on her. I’ve been following her since 2005 so I’ll definitely be checking out whatever she puts out.

  6. Ah, I love Rainie…Thanks for ths pics, she looks awesome with her new crop and feathery frock! Have you guys seen here new music video with Jasper Liu? I posted the clip up along with some newspaper clippings talking about their filming process on my blog 🙂

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