First Charming Movie Teaser for Rom-com Today’s Love with Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won

Having a measured expectation towards Lee Seung Gi‘s first movie is a good thing because I found the just released first teaser absolutely charming. Sure it’s got nothing that hasn’t already been done before in countless rom-coms but once again it’s all about execution rather than freshness and here it’s plenty smooth going down. The movie is called Today’s Love and reunites Lee Seung Gi with his Brilliance Legacy/Shining Inheritance costar Moon Chae Won and boy are they ridiculously adorable together.

Lee Seung Gi seems to have resurrected the hideous bird’s nest front mop hairstyle from BL, but there it was to indicate his character Hwan’s hipness but here appears to show what a square school teacher his movie role is. That explains why Moon Chae Won’s weathercaster fun gal can only friendzone Seung Gi, calling him when she needs a drinking buddy and a piggyback ride home but saving all the flirting for other guys. I don’t feel bad for Seung Gi since he drops her right on the tush after getting fed up, and if they both dish about equally then this is the perfect dynamic believable romance sparks to fly.

First teaser for Today’s Love:

Lee Seung Gi complains about why Moon Chae Won’s character calls him out to drink but then flirts with other men. He’s been following behind her for 18 years and he still doesn’t understand her! A guy like him who’s considerate, caring, and doesn’t lose his temper, isn’t he a great guy? Moon Chae Won’s character whispers that the critical flaw is that he doesn’t excite her.


First Charming Movie Teaser for Rom-com Today’s Love with Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won — 21 Comments

  1. Not going to complain about his hair because he looks absolutely adorable <3 and the trailer makes me damn curious to know how they ended up at the end

  2. The trailer is cute. So nice supportive childhood friendzoned guy is going to get the girl in the end over the exciting guys? Sounds fun. And he looks cute, harmless and fluffy with the perm. I think it fits the character lol

  3. How can she doesn’t get “excited” when those shirt can’t even hide his firm muscles, and just by flickering twice he become super adorable delicious? Keke.. but that means.. maybe in the following step we will see how he try to make her get “excited”.. hoho..

    • Oh pleaaaaase I hope the movie hint at the end of their activities and don’t show it for real. SEUNG Gi yaaaaaaaaa, don’t do a bad scene.

      He can always seduce her (and us) with his bare chest, like a topeless scene <3

      • Don’t worry.. SeungGi already said in previous interview that it’s no way he doing 19+ rated scenes..
        So, even if there’ll be a bed scene or something like that.. I think it will not M rated..
        Yonno.. even tho without topless scene he already can be so so seductive. Just let his sexy hand or tease grin do it.. and girls will faint~

      • I know right!!!! Well, I know of that interview, and damn those arms >///< , I'm head over heels for him just with his smile and dimple that are pure and innocent. I'll faint with that!!!

      • Don’t worry too much..haha..If there is such thing Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s fans will go crazy,they can’t afford to do that to us..

  4. This looks super fun and cute, I love how MCW character is such a cry drunkard. I don’t know, the secondary lead is played by LSG’s friend and adorable Lee Seo Jin.

  5. Finally not a cold alpha male, but a realistic nice boy, and damn it suits SG like a shoe!!!

    I like his hair, his look with eyeglasses, so adorable. But DAAAMN, I’m curious how they will end up together??

    So girls!!! Find your nice friendzoned friend and give him a shot, you know friends to lover is the best relationship.

  6. this is sooo love!!!! friendzoned drink buddy who doesnt excite the sassy gal? bring it on!!!!

    having kept expectations low everything about the movie is like early christmass.

  7. hahaha… isn’t this role reversed from their BL characters… It was MCW who was in love with LSG and was eventually friendzoned..

    • nahh!! he was in the scul band did sports and was the student body president . dude was poppular before becoming a celeb, not a chance to be endup as teacher jun soo

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