Lee Jun Ki Romances Zhou Dong Yu for His First C-movie Under the Sicilian Sun

Lee Jun Ki has been active in all three mediums of singing, movies, and dramas so sometimes I think he’s done something already when he hasn’t yet. After doing three well-received K-dramas a year for the last three years, Lee Jiun Ki is finally returning to the big screen and making a jump across the border. He’s signing on as the leading man opposite rising C-actress Zhou Dong Yu in the romance C-movie Under the Sicilian Sun.

Lee Jun Ki has hinted at his fans that he’ll be doing a pure romance acting project next but as usual he managed to surprise everyone with this unexpected pick. He remains a savvy project picker as this movie is helmed by critically acclaimed Taiwan director Lin Yu Hsien who rocketed Eddie Peng to even greater popularity in the gymnastics movie Jump Ashin! Filming for Under the Sicilian Sun starts in December and Jun Ki will have to toggle it with his upcoming series of concert fan meetings across Asia. Busy busy guy!

I like Zhou Dong Yu a lot, she reminds me of a cross between Alice Ke and Gwui Lun Mei. Completely natural and a bit plain with that girl-next-door appeal, but turns charismatic on the screen when the cameras roll due to having excellent acting chops. A cross-border romance C-movie between a Korean actor and a Chinese actress set in a foreign locale will of course bring up similarities to Hyun Bin and Tang Wei‘s Late Autumn which was set in Seattle. Under the Sicilian Sun will be filmed in, of course, Sicily, as well as Shanghai. Apparently Lee Jun Ki viewed countless scripts and this was the one that really moved him and prompted him to accept his first Chinese language acting work. I can’t wait to watch!


Lee Jun Ki Romances Zhou Dong Yu for His First C-movie Under the Sicilian Sun — 10 Comments

  1. Good luck to LJK on his first c-movie! He’s kept me entertained in Arang and the Magistrate, Two Weeks and Joseon Gunman. I am sure he will do well in this movie too.

  2. I’m so excited for Joon Gi! He has been very busy this month w/the release of Exhale and now this movie. (I didn’t know that the director was a big name). But what I love about him is that he makes good choices for his projects. I can’t wait to see this movie!

  3. Wow, a romantic project for Lee Junki, how unusual. I’m not familiar with the actress, but she sure is pretty. Even though this is a Chinese language project, I hope they don’t dub his voice, which I love. Looking forward to watching this, and wishing the movie will be a great success!

  4. OMG! Lee Joon Gi is so gorgeous!He is such a great actor. Hope he is allowed to show his Tornado kicks and sexy dancing!

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