Lee Seung Gi Confirmed for Kill Me Heal Me with Unexpected Newbie Costar Lim Ji Yeon

It’s been over a week, a very long radio silent week, waiting for confirmation from MBC about whether Lee Seung Gi is the male lead in Kill Me Heal Me, along with who his leading lady would be. The prolonged wait made me think that a really big name female costar was in the works, someone with comparable name recognition and goodwill as Lee Seung Gi to hold down the fort for what is currently billed as MBC’s biggest K-drama in 2015. This drama is so ambitious to begin what with the male lead suffering from a 7 multiple personality disorder and the production having an overseas shoot in the US, the main leads really need to have the acting chops and/or charisma to sell the far far fetched construct of the story. Sadly the final casting is hit and miss with me – Lee Seung Gi is indeed confirmed as the male lead which means I’m watching the drama no matter what, but his leading lady is the complete drama unknown Lim Ji Yeon. Her first feature length production was the erotic thriller movie Obsessed with Song Seung Heon and while she’s been sweeping up Best New Actress awards for that role, I was less than impressed.

Lim Ji Yeon does have a bit of “where did she come from?” vibe emanating from her. Before Obsessed she was in short films and stage productions, a solid acting resume but I can’t say what she has in technique is matched in the same amount of onscreen charisma. Maybe it was just her character which felt at times like a wet blanket. I’m also annoyed that Lee Seung Gi is basically relegated to babysitting a drama newbie as his costar, which is as bad as getting a completely crappy actress like Suzy as a female lead.

This is turning out to be the third drama in a row where Seung Gi’s female lead is not my cup of tea. I’ll remain open minded to see if Lim Ji Yeon actually delivers in this particular drama playing a first year psychiatry resident who is secretly treating Lee Seung Gi’s multiple personality suffering chaebol heir and having a secret love affair with him. KMHM goes right into filming immediately slated for a January 2015 premiere on MBC Wed-Thurs following Mr. Back. I’m feeling rather numb from both the news and too much turkey-red wine combo.


Lee Seung Gi Confirmed for Kill Me Heal Me with Unexpected Newbie Costar Lim Ji Yeon — 102 Comments

  1. Isn’t ‘babysitting’ less experienced costars something that all actors have to do as they get older? I would view it as a mark of accomplishment if he’s able to pull this role off without getting to bounce off of someone really seasoned.
    But maybe I’m biased – the industry has such a scarcity of young actresses so I’m game to have people get better as they build up their acting resumes.

    • I totally agree with everything you said. My only quibble isn’t that Lim Ji Yeon isn’t a seasoned actress or is a relative newbie, it’s that the newbie in question here is Lim Ji Yeon and not another newbie that I personally find more promising. She’s not a very mesmerizing actress even in her first outing, i.e. I don’t see the potential right off the bat is what I’m trying to say. I’m happy to have her prove me wrong and wow me.

      • oh i agree with koala. new actress is totaly fine but someone with charisma. when i saw a clip of her i had this horible feeling of fifty shades of grey protaganist vibe from her.

        maybe they are aiming for that ?

        hope watever is recquired she can pull it off.

  2. urghh what now??




    still processing!!!!!!

    but he postpened his winter album
    for this drama yo.

    made me think the leading lady will be a big shot and the drama will be gold from the get go.

    i’m in team ”no crapy actress for seung gi to babysit team”

    atleast the previous one’s were it girls.

    • I share your opinion, but the question is “Is she a good actress? Does she have growth potential?” At least she graduated from an acting uni, right?

      I hope SG knows what he’s doing, for the first time, I’m questionning his decision.

      K-net will be glad, a rookie actress gettin a lead role instead of an idol.

  3. LSG himself is not that much of good actor imo. I’m intrigued to see how he portray this.
    And I’m certainly looking forward to see this newbie actress. We need more new actresses.

    • Yes,I agree. We need more opportunities for young or new actresses and probably less for idols (although, some have developed real acting skills. So I try to be open minded).

      LSG totally won me over as an actor with his performance in TK2H. Originally I only checked it out for Ha Ji Won, but I love the whole production. One of my favorite dramas. As I had a very conflicting opinion on LSG myself, I would like to ask you, what you have watch from his work. Which drama(s) are you referring to as him “not that much of a good actor”?

  4. I’m not sure he’s totally confirmed, but seems likely. I dunno about her one way or the other. Kind of a weird choice, but who knows she might be good.

  5. That’s two very high profile roles she’s gotten opposite 2 high profile actors in her first full lldrama and full length movie…so I’m guessing that there must be something there…I could’ve figures her getting the role opposite SSH which other newbie actresses might’ve rejected but this is different

  6. wHO NEED mOON gEUN yOUNG OR hAN hYO jOO…Lim Ji Yeon is one of hell amazing actress…i’m going to watch this now..!! Amazing decision..

    • Lim ji yeon is an amazing actress even thou she’s new to the game I prefer watching her to some other so called actresses who cant act for shitts… LJY fighting! ☺☺

      • Please tell me more..

        I’m sincerely asking this..
        I mean.. I never know her or see her works before so I cant say anything. But if she really join this I’ve no other choise.
        So, please tell me what made you thing she is amazing actress?
        How good is she?

  7. i would have prefered kim so eun or kim ji won or jung so min.
    i hope she is not as bad as Go sung hee though.well,i will check out the first 3 eps to see how seung gi potrays a 7 different character.so,this drama will go head to head with Binnie’s drama?well,my bet is on Binnie since he has an A-list actress and and Binnie is a better actor than seung gi.

  8. So excited for his drama comevack. I was hoping lee yu bi will be his countrpart. They look much cuter in kangchi than suzy-LSG pairing.

  9. I’m crying right now. Are they kidding us? What’s with the curse puppy? After Moon Chae Won here comes a newbie? Are you sure she’s the female lead?

      • I think she means after got good actress like MCW, why now he shouls got newbie..

        Or no?

        Anyway.. I love LSG-MCW pairing, Can’t ait for Today’s Love..

      • Being a MCW’s fan here, I think you misunderstood what HopesDD was saying, she didn’t mean it in a bad way at all.

      • maybe you’re right but the comment does sounds like that..If I misunderstood then it’s my fault..sorry..

      • Hellll I love Moon CHae Won!!! I watched all her dramas. I said after getting MCW he’s dropping to this newbie -_-

        I had just woken up, and shoked so my sentence sound wrong, sorry.

        Anyway, I really wwanted Moon Geun Young, is it wrong?

      • Sorry again if i misunderstood your comment..Moon Geun Young?I’m fan of her..5coin shipper??haha..

      • :'( I really wanted the nation’s siblings together, they both have the same aura, and it’ll be cuteness overload <3 <3 I was seeing hearts wishing those two together.

        Don't worry, my first comment was a bit open to misunderstanding.

  10. You could also say that LSG finally pays back a little of the karma he’s been on the receiving end of. The fact is that he’s been lucky to act opposite of actresses much more talented than himself in most of his dramas: Han Hyo Joo, Shin Minah, Ha Ji Won, Go Ara. All superior actors. Basically, so far it’s only been Suzy that has been “babysitted” by LSG. Just give back a little, LSG!

    • han hyo joo was no superior actor when they did brilliant legacy. both were starting out. shin mina was never considered as a superior actor period. before gumiho she was just a cf queen. and go ara and superior actor? huh!!

      but agree that he didn’t baby sit any of them.

      and why should he give and get affected by karma. he’s just the actor . pd and writters do the bigger job. they will be directing her not him.

    • Hmm, I think, generally, apart from HJW, the acting of other other actresses’ you mentioned are subjective. Depends on people’s taste. For example, there are many who are still not fans of HHJ’s acting.

      • It’s hard to imagine that you can define acting quality objectively, so you are obviously right: I am guilty of making a subjective judgment. But I think it is pretty clear that, since Shining Legacy, HHJ has gone on to star on the big screen, succeeding in several different genres. It’s hard to imagine LSG becoming a character actor, or even a serious movie star. As for Go Ara I will only say, watch Reply 1994. I think it should be obviously from that show that she can basically do anything. If people disagree with this assessment, then so be it.

        I still find it a little ironic that Koala’s post whine about LSG having to babysit a newbie, when it is widely accepted that the only really impressive acting sting LSG is known for was in K2H where he himself was babysit by a wastly superior actor.

      • han hyo joo is a great actress now but that is not relevant with seung gi coz she became that after they did their drama together. and i have seen 1994 go ara was so good there. but in yaas , not so much. so again she was not superior than seung gi in the project they did together.

        i love hhj and go ara and they are good actors.

        be biased and praise you’r fave all you want but don’t bring my bias down to do that.

      • Maybe this an agree to disagree situation!

        My point with mentioning HHJ’s career path is that, if you go on to greater heights you are probably already the greater actor at any initial stage. You may not buy that argument, and that’s OK.

        But you can hardly call me biased as I have (1) accepted I am presenting a subjective point, and (2) tried to argue why I think HHJ, Go Ara etc. are better actors than LSG. Unless you don’t know the meaning of the word “biased”.

    • It’s her first drama as a LEAD! not even a supporting character. Maybe she has potentials -I hope she does- and what you said proves he’s getting bigger to the point of babysitting an actress.

      (for YAAS, they were all babysitted by Cha Seung Won, Go Ara wasn’t better than him, with all the love I have for her)

      I’d say HJW is the only female co-star who babysitted him, and he totally took the lessons. After her, CSW made his impact on him.

      People hating on his acting mainly because he’s a singer, with some crappy idols, they make it a general rule of singers crappy at acting.

      • To be honest, if you are a LSG fan you should be very happy with this news. With this casting he will be the show’s undisputed star – it will be his show. K2H was HJW’s show, and as you point out CSW was as much the star of YAAS as LSG, if not more so.

        This is LSG’s time to shine! Let’s see what he can do.

      • I’m an ardent fan of his, but I won’t allow you to play with my words dear. LSG is growing as an actor, is it wrong to hope for a more estabilished actress so he can learn from her? And a drama get interest if both the leads get attention. Are you saying we -Seung Gi fans- are so desperate for him to get the spotlight?
        Believe me, with an agency like Hook, he’s getting attention more than SM/YG/JYP’s artists have when their companies stop mediaplaying them. He shines despite himself, and gets attention without mediaplaying.
        HJW is HJW, the fact she didn’t eat him alive and outshined him proves how capable of growing as a better actor he is! In K2H, everyone shone (except foreigners cuz a333)
        I also hope this actress is capable and will not drop SG’s impprovement to the floor. I trust he pushed his album for something deserving!!

      • CSW was not a bigger star on YAAS than LSG. He was totally wasted in the role and even I wonder why he took such a small meaningless role with such little screen time.

    • lol HHJ was as total newbie actress, as was everyone in the cast Shin Minah was a CF actress and I’m pretty sure she said he helped her a lot. Ha Jiwon I’ll give you that. Go Ara is mediocre and let’s not mention Suzy.

  11. I’m happy that for once they went for a newbie actress, haven’t seen her work but working on the stage is completely different from film or tv.
    Who knows she might be great

    • Yes for diversity and yes for newbie actresses. Normally nobody starts as a master. Newbies need a chance to prove and to improve themselves. I’m not that worried about her as so many are. Even though I haven’t seen her movie I’m optimistic that she can pull it off until she proves me wrong. To receive training from stage experiences is a good think IMO. It’s different from movies/TV but a great educational background to build really acting skills.

  12. Girl basically got her role in the movie because she is pretty, have a good body and is willing to go nude. How she get a lead role in a prime time drama (skipping even the weekenders) is baffling for me.

    • Maybe it’s the budget? Filming overseas and all… And most actresses may not like the role. You’d either find a lesser lead or a newbie.

    • She has a good resume since being K-Arts gard. K-Arts alumnus carries a lot of weight in K-ent industry as the school is Korea’s top performance art uni

    • I don’t find her pretty, she’s okay, but her smile makes her look older. Maybe wrong make-up. (It’s my opinion!! Don’t kill me)
      Anyway, since I dn’t find her pretty, I believe she has more than a pretty face. Maybe she’s talented. But are actors who do rated movies for their debut still have good images, I mean are on the good sides of netizens?

  13. I guess the drama gods must be sleeping, because they’re not hearing my prayers. I wanted Im Joo Eun to be cast as the lead in a drama, but then everyone and their mother gets leading roles except for her.

    Lee Seung Gi and Im Joo Eun would have made a great couple.

  14. I guess Lee Seung Gi hasn’t yet made any confirmation to act in KMHM. Right now I just don’t care who will take the female lead spot because what I care about is Lee Seung Gi himself. Is he made up his decision or not? and if he choose to act in KMHM, I hope he will successfully portraying the 7 different characters. No matter what drama he is in, I just hope ‘that drama’ will become a Nation Drama Of The Year with biggest success from Lee Seung Gi and whoever the female lead, I hope she won’t ruined Lee Seung Gi’s drama and together with Lee Seung Gi making the drama success like hit the jackpot ^^ I won’t stop praying for Lee Seung Gi’s success no matter what fields he is in and no matter with whom he works with. Jjang Jjang Man Lee Seung Gi ^^

    • A few notch!!! For all the love I have for puppy, and I’ll support him, it decreased my interest by miles. I think it has a great timing!! it’ll premiere one month before my exams so I’ll wait for its end to see it. I’ll keep my expectation’s very low, but will watch it either way for puppy.

  15. I heart seunggi.. But this is a dissapointing news. It’s not like his movie Todays Love where I get enthusiaz from the start.

  16. She’s pretty good in Obsessed. Lol, she actually babysat Song Seung Heon in that movie. I think she will do fine. I don’t think LSG will have to babysit her. I am more concerned whether LSG has the acting chops to pull of a role with 7 different personalities.

  17. So people are worried about a newbie who had her acting praised and not about a leading man who has taken 10 years and several works to *slightly* improve now having to play 7 characters? Pretty baffling.

      • Being one of the best idol-actors does not mean he can handle 7 characters (which even seasoned actors would find tricky) or that he will be better than a rookie, just because she is a rookie.

    • Yeah, its totally ‘baffling’ that people have different opinions regarding someone’s acting. Like LJY getting horrible reviews and WTFs for getting acting awards when some thought her to be a wet blanket while others think her acting is fantastic. Or for one to think LSG has improved leaps and bounds from his first acting gig while others say ‘slightly’. Yeah, totally baffling!

      • Oh that’s not the baffling part. That’s just personal taste and perfectly reasonable. Some of the comments I see around (not all by people who have seen her act) are more focused on her being a “nobody” and therefore automatically not good enough.

        I’ve been in this fandom long enough to see how easily forgivable a bias is and how unworthy all partners paired up with them are.

      • Nope, I don’t think the issue is people seeing her as a ‘nobody’ and therefore not good. People are seeing her as a nobody and therefore shouldn’t be paired opposite someone who they consider a big star when she didn’t go through the grind of establishing herself as a drama actress through smaller roles. If she were getting rave reviews all around, people would’ve been more impressed. To have someone who isn’t even well received, have almost no drama acting experience and then paired up with a big drama star? Yea, I totally see where everyone is coming from.

    • You usually work your way up, from sitcoms, dailies, weekenders, progress to prime-time supporting cast/second lead roles before you get to cast as a lead for Mon-Tues, Wed-Thurs slots on the big 3. (KBS, MBC, SBS). So why shouldn’t it be baffling?
      I watched the movie Obsession, and she’s forgettable in it.

      • The movie industry is considered way more prestigious than the drama one in Korea. Especially if ‘Obsessed’ did well abroad and since this is a hallyu-focused drama, her casting might make sense for business. As does Lee’s. I don’t see why this is bad in her case, but not his. He got a leading role in ‘Shining Inheritance’ despite being a rookie actor too. It happens all the time.

      • Did Obsessed do well abroad? A lot of Chinese fans apparently have no idea who she is. And well, I didn’t know her before the news came out either.

    • dear!! First, he ain’t an idol, he’s a soloist ballad singer!!! With 10 years career, he spent half with music and variety, he took one supporting role in 2006 and was a part of sitcom in 2005. His first lead was in 2009 and he was good, then for MGIG in 2010 many says he was meh, but it’s subjective, since the character is supposed to be that way and overeacting, so to me I found him great in that (the first drama I’ve seen of him and didn’t know he was a singer so it was objective, I just though he wasn’t as handsome as others but totally won my heart with his smile)

      In 2012, everyone hated on him saying how could he be cast against Ha Ji Won, in the end, they all became his fans, because he proved them wrong. So yeah!! He’s rock this one here!!!!!!!! *just hoping the script is good, cuz in level 7 servant, even Joo WOn, who I consider a great actor looked like a crappy actor for the crappy script*

    • Heart this comment so much. All it takes for a guy is to have a handsome face or a winsome personality but all actresses have to be Jeon Do Yeon in order to be ‘worthy’ of those selfsame often incompetent biases. Heck, even Jeon Do Yeon wasn’t Jeon Do Yeon until midway into her career. In a way it’s unfortunate that all these people will have Im Ji Yeon to point to if Lee Seung Gi fails (which I rather suspect he will – he’s not a very talented actor and seems to skate by on charm and work ethic alone).

      And to the poster saying that rookies have to work their way through dailies, weekenders, sitcoms, etc to get a leading role… please tell me you’re joking. Everyone knows that actresses have shelf lives and that working through the ranks would probably leave them at 35+ (given the limited number of drama slots) before they’re judged worthy. This is not feasible and I’d bet that you’d advocate no such thing for your male faves.

      • I’m smelling a troll here, it’s stinky **shrug**

        You made a good one HAHAHA, I’m still laughing!!! SG is way more than a handsome face and nation’s little brother (though it helps with ratings), you think it ain’t easy to bash him? Hell k-net do for a slightly thing, they are merciless. They won’t give him a pass because they love him, they see he’s good and still improving.
        This newbie, I hope she’s good. It’s SG’s last drama before he goes and a hit is welcomed. The reason we’re questionning is her landing big roles with an underlight career, I’m hoping she’s good and will judge her on the judgment day which will be the last episode’s recap (if anyone stick to recaping it)

      • what? he’s not a very talented actor and seems to skate by on his charm and work ethic alone?? huh u must be kidding me! have u watched all of his dramas to judge him like that? have u known him well enough to criticize him like that? there’s old saying says, if u dont know him u wouldnt love him. get know him very well first before u criticize him. (watch his drama, listen to his songs, watch his interview etc) i bet there’s nobody will be able criticize or turn him down once they know how great and charming lsg is.

        if he’s not a very talented actor, do u think the directors will offer him the male lead role consecutively for 5 years since 2009? (except for 2011 as he solely focus on his mc career which is in strong heart) do u think the directors are too stupid to differentiate who is talented and who isnt to take the male lead roles?

        if he’s not very talented do u think it is possible for him to receive much awards for his actings? his first lead role through drama shining inheritance in 2009 had already surpassed up to 47.1% and got him receive lot of awards. it has proven enough that lsg has a great talent in acting . even he is choosen as one of PD’s most favourite male lead. furthermore, a lot of directors and the seniors in acting field praises and acknowledges lsg for his talented acting.

        did u know, a lot of movie offer came to him but because of his tight schedules as a singer, actor and mc , he had to decline those offers? do u think a lot of offers will come to ‘a not very talented actor? duh think logically.

        and btw, most of his lead role are various and difficult. my gf is a gumiho looks like a simple story but actually the scripts are quite difficult. and his role in K2H is also challenging. do u think anybody can play role as a king? also, gu family book; a historical drama, i doubted if anybody can play kangchi’s role as good as lsg did to make the drama successful and received much acknowledgement from many annual drama awards.

        he is one of the most multi talented artist i’ve ever known. he succeeds in every field he does; singing, mc-ing and acting. he acts very well and can melt the women’s heart with his sweet serenade (esp for song, will you marry me) yet he is funny and gives warmth towards people surrounding him. he got so many tittles such as national younger brother , no 1 material husband , mr nice-guy images etc. (it’s too many to list all)

        i try to understand but still i really don’t understand why are there some people who dislike him.== i dont find any part of him that makes him hateful.

      • You are talking nonsense, the lead actors/actresses have to go through such a phase in Korea (or you can say used to). For simple example, LSG started in a sitcom, did a weekend drama supporting role. Check other leads CVs and you will see this trend. You gotta earn your stripes, even for the ladies.

    • His first lead was in 2009 and he’s more than proven himself. Slightly improved? You can stop the hate now. People also have had some question about if he could do the role, but it’s more than nobody in this age group could pull it off and they should go for someone older.

      And please, one movie that did poorly suddenly makes her A-list enough to get leading roles on primetime? Bullshit.

    • Look above, I’m one of people (and not the only one) who try to openminded that everyone have a change to shine. And here rather than answer my question about how good she is, or what potential she has, you prefer to downplaying SeungGi. Sure, SeungGi is still improving and I’m a proud fan because he keep improving himself in every his works, and it’s not slightly. As if he can potray this role or not, I believe he can. He’ve played Mama boy-responsible TaeJa. Arrogant-determinded heir Hwan, Coward-sweetheart DaeWong, 3O yo Genius-Jerk King JaeHa, 2o yo cheerful-brave kangchi, uncontroled-halfbeast gumiho,422 yo modern-mature Kangchi, brusque-intelegent-traumatic DaeGu, and he successfully nail the role greatly as his. If you still want to argue it, than ust wait and see how will he play this 7 persona. Or maybe there still someone who want their Oppa to play this role insted? I suggest you just find another drama or maybe if in the end SeungGi refuse this role again.
      And back to the point, if you think LJY is a promissing or less worrying, just give oppinion how good she is, what her potential for this role? I’m kindly asking it and very welcoming the answer..

    • Wow,the reactions to your comment are pretty baffling to me. As well as a lot of other comments here. If this is a forecast of how the drama discuss will be – I’m good, thanks – I’ll stay away. Not another AM1994 nightmare where it wasn’t possible to discuss anything beyond the ship wars due to the exaggerated worship and total blind “love” for either male contender!!!

      I can’t believe that these are commonsensical people discussing diffrent views. Juvenile at best. The way of arguing is more like trying to force you to change your mind or cut throats if you disagree. Not allowed to say anything negative about singer/actor LSG, but it is pretty fine to dismiss a trained stage actress without knowing her because she’s new to drama or doesn’t meet the fan’s ‘requirements’ to act alongside their oppa? Wow, what a oppa-driven, sexist fandom!
      And where is the freedom of speech and respect to other people who differ from your opinion. Because that’s just that: OPINIONS. Neither is right nor wrong. Other views have not more value than orion’s. Who gives anybody the right to dismiss an opinion? Isn’t it more beneficial for all to share ideas and value different approach, even when you disagree? The argumentations are partially so absurd that I don’t know where to start.

      BTW, I appreciate LSG great acting throughout TK2H. He gave his best performance up to date next (due?) to Ha Ji Won in TK2H. I really do like him since then, but he hasn’t showed consistency in his acting before and after that IMO. And I don’t know why. Therefore, I tend to belive he was surrounded by favorable acting conditions such as HJW, a good script and a character he could pull off. I cross my fingers for him AND the new-to-drama actress that they’ll deliver and that this production will be good for them.

  18. Ohh please guys…dont put down newbies… theres no one really great at the starting of their career. .. let them learn… and I cant see its wrong for lee seunggi to babysit his co star… for me it showed that hes a considerate person… give n take to get a better acting… and I think it such a selfish to just want lee seunggi to act with only an established actress … he also still keep learning everytime hes act… just give newbies more opportunities to get more experience and getting better…

    • I’m not against it, after thinking a lot, I think a newbie actress is still better than an idol stuck for her popularity. But many other great young actresses are waiting for the spotlight, like Jung So Min, Kim So Eun, Han Groo.
      I’m asking anyone who have seen her movie (because I won’t see it, it’s rated) if her acting is good?

    • LOL he is too deserving of the best. He practically, well did actually faint from exhaustion having to babysit Suzy. I think there is a lot to be said for his talent. HJW is the only one who was a quote unquote big star before acting with him. and she did not have to babysit he more than held his own. and his last 2 dramas his female leads were serviceable at best. Every big name senior actor praises him and loved working with him. And the no namers use his name for publicity.

  19. what is thisssss ??????!! /totally mental breakdown /

    who the hell is lim ji yeon ? out of many actresses why must be her? why she is the one who is paired with LSG ? yahh are u kidding me i thought this drama is a big production why are they taking risk to offer the leading lady role to a newbie? KMHM is one of the most anticipating drama in 2015 after all. yaaa this is totally shocking and unexpected.

    tbh i feel very down and dissapointed after found this news. especially the moment i know she is awarded the best new actress from an erotic movie-,- oh my god hopefully she is not choosen because of there might be a 18+ rated scene in the drama just in case and she would be the perfect to act such scene. ohhh plzz dont ruin our seunggi’s nice image. ouhh idk why this is somewhat worrying me.

    dear lim ji yeon whoever are you plz do very well. though idk why are u been choosen, hopefully u do well and create a good chemistry with LSG. plz prove to us that our first impression about you is wrong. ahhhh i just hope this drama can surpass 40% rating like moon that embraces the sun or like LSG’s previous drama, shining inheritance.

    guys esp to airens, whoever is the heroin lets just watch n support this drama for the sake of lsg~~~

    ps: im so envious towards kim soo hyun. he always gets such big costars such as han ga in and jun ji hyun t.t why cant lsg get a big costar for this drama ? where are the other actresses ? waaaaa im still sad and hardly accept this news TT^TT

    ohh this drama; the plot, the scripts, the director u better do well n hopefully are not becoming more disapointing. the news of the leading lady was already too much to handle though i barely accept this unexpected news n try to think positive about her.

    KMHM fighting!!!

    • I don’t think a drama DARES ahving rated scene!! it’s a broadcasting channel, supposedly for families and young (especially the time spot, teenagers watch TV that time)
      I’m giving her a chance, what’eve for puppy, but I’ll keep my expectations LOW.

  20. is this news really confirmed ? why dont i see other sites mentioned lim ji yeon as a leading lady in this drama? even just now i opened her wiki her role in KMHM is still blank. who knows she might be the supporting role? idk but for this kind of big production , choosing a newbie as the leading lady is really taking risk…just saying .

    • Wouldn’t that be so ideal? Play second lead and get some drama acting experience under her belt while court a more accomplished and talented actress to play the lead. I’m waiting for Dramabeans, they’ll probably have accurate information on whats happening.

      • Errrmm…. Oookay then. I’ll look up ‘disrespect’ in the dictionary because maybe the word’s meaning changed the last time I checked.

        P.s. I’m not sure why you’re replying to me saying you’re so thankful. Good for you, but I never said I wasn’t…? Whatevs.

      • You’re disrespecting the poster, please watch what you write, she put efforts giving us this news -and I’m so thankful to her-

      • You said you’re waiting for another site since they have more ‘accurate’ information. If you posted something you happen to read in an official korean news site, and publish it in english, even posting the link (as in the comment above) then someone question your post saying it’s less accurate, it is disrespect.

      • Nope, still ain’t sorry whatsoever. You don’t make sense. If someone questions how accurate I am, I’d say go find another source to confirm for yourself. I don’t get insulted for something so meagre and petty.

        You, of course, can feel however you like, but honestly, I’d shrug and say can’t do anything about that.

  21. she was a nurse and romancing the guy with ptsd in obsessed. here she’s a doctor and romacing the personality disorder guy??

    and btw why this post has sprout so many trolls ?

    koala mentioned she has a great acting resume. maybe she’s a good actress . maybe the drama needs an actress like her. not every drama requires an A actress who looks like a super model.

    i’ll watch the drama come what may and will tune in for recaps. pd and writter better not screw up.

  22. I am looking forward to seeing if he can pull off playing seven different characters since it is going to be a big challenge for him.

  23. Omggggg yaaaayiii lee seung gi mg infinit love puppyyy oppa I seriously cant qait ans u dont care about the actresss…I wish this drama is half what king , gumiho girlfriend and legacy were

  24. I think rookie actress is better than idols tho. And Lim Ji Yeon bags many awards for her first role in Obssessed. I don’t find her extremely pretty or charming but at least she has few experiences and achievements. She still much better than Go Sung Hee.

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