Bolin Chen and Yang Zhi Shan Shine in Even Funnier Full Trailer for the C-version Miss Granny

Dang it, the upcoming C-movie version of Miss Granny is doing a bang up job of challenging the age old adage that remakes inevitably suck in comparison to the original. The movie got a lot more buzz when it was first announced over the casting of Luhan (formerly of EXO) in a supporting role, which goes to show the lack of enthusiasm for the project when the K-version with Shim Eun Kyung was already such a hit both in Korea and in Greater China.

In a publicity coincidence for the production, the week it started dropping promos for the movie was when Luhan left EXO so that got all eyes on the movie again for reasons unrelated to the substance. That all changed when the first teaser trailer came out last month and just blew everyone away. The second and full trailer is out now and continues to look so good I can’t wait for the movie to drop next January. Leads Bolin Chen and Yang Zhi Shan are hitting it out of the park already just in the trailer.

Full trailer for Miss Granny:

The reception has been uniformly positive for this movie now based on the acting and directing shown in the teaser, and that’s an opinion I share after being impressed that the C-version confidently wore it’s own flavor and humor without being a copycat of the original. This version has the blessing of the Korean production team as it was officially licensed for the remake so that gives yet another imprimatur of of legitimacy to it. I can’t get over how Yang Zhi Shan captures every bit of older actress Gui Ya Lei’s soft spoken yet steely lady like demeanor.


Bolin Chen and Yang Zhi Shan Shine in Even Funnier Full Trailer for the C-version Miss Granny — 8 Comments

  1. So her male lead is Bolin Chen? The trailer looks pretty good, alot of fun. The feels it is to see Bolin Chen play the romantic lead role after having seen him only in my fav TW drama he did with a certain Ariel Lin.

  2. Where did Yang Zhishan come from and how come I have never heard of her? She looks so beautiful and charming in this trailer! I think I will surely have to catch this!

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