Newly Minted “It” WGM Couple Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim Cuddle Up for Allure Magazine

We Got Married feels like its been around forever but every so often the old faithful show gets some much needed buzz with the lucky break of casting an extraordinarily compatible onscreen couple. It’s still all acting but gosh darn it whatever is going on just feels natural so the audience can’t get enough of it. Such is the case with the newly minted WGM couple of actor-model Song Jae Rim and actress Kim So Eun. She couldn’t have picked a better time for WGM since she is currently starring in a well-received cable drama Liar’s Game.

Striking while the iron is hot is the way to keep the buzz going and by all accounts her chemistry with Song Jae Rim might even give the SoEul (her and Kim Bum from Boys Before Flowers) shippers a run for their money. Allure Korea is smartly harnessing this new couple’s chemistry for a couples spread that is pretty hot but a tad derivative considering it has the exact same visual feel as two other couples shoots this year alone: Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae‘s Vogue Korea spread for Secret Love Affair and the Singles photo shoot for Kim Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Soo.


Song Jae Rim does nothing for me but at the same time he doesn’t annoy me either so I usually see him as pleasant background eye candy. I am glad he seems more animated and alive in WGM than acting in dramas. If folks are watching them on WGM feel free to share what makes them so fantastic onscreen playing a fake married couple.


Newly Minted “It” WGM Couple Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim Cuddle Up for Allure Magazine — 51 Comments

    • i hate the fake ‘We Got Married’ series, but this couple is just hot hot hot…they definitely have a chemistry that makes for great entertainment…and of course i’m watching…

  1. Kim So Eun can have good chemistry with any guy she’s paired with. Even when she did another reality dating show before WGM (with some 2pm guy I think), she sets the screen on fire.

  2. Song Jae-rim’s nauseating cheesy lines are hilarious to watch and Kim So-eun’s masterful deflecting responses to those lines are entertaining me to no end. Love this new couple!

  3. What makes them amazing is when you see them, you just want to say “YOU TWO IN BED RIGHT NOW” lol.
    No but seriously, they are actually really hilarious. Y’know, it’s not just one of them who is hilarious and the other just reacting but both of them are just amazing especially when put together. Like, SJR will thrown some cheesy and lame stuffs and she will counter-attack with “Do you want to get hit ?” Or my favorite is when they were pasting some wallpapers. They were on the floor with SJR behind KES and when he helped her with it, he sang the BGM for Ghost and then, she rejected his help by throwing away his arms and said ” That’s it, I am doing is by myself” XDD.

  4. I had not watch WGM after RnB couple Hwanhee & Hwayobi leave…but now I got my new favorite couple. Song Jaerim is the most wanted guy but he only see Soeun. Aish..damn lucky girl.

  5. I still don’t get the interest of this show. If I want to see sexy action (what with the commenters filmed like voyeurs?), there is adult movies for that. Add to that the fans who still don’t get that it’s scripted: Toxic tv stuff.
    If the man wants to come back as a real actor, he is welcome on my screen though.

    • It is a “reality show” after all or as the Koreans call it, “variety show”, and the sense of voyeurism is in itself inherent to the format, though perhaps most if not all of these variety shows are far more wholesome fun than most of its Western counterparts, it’s not any less voyeur however.

      It is still scripted, though for the most part you can lift the actual personality of the participants in the show as it still relies on each “actors” participants’ stock of emotions, speech, and reactions to propagate the intended narrative. It is in essence an extended ad lib for the entire duration of the actors just interacting and seeing what material would come out. And though it is perhaps sometimes difficult to take each reaction at face value, but seeing that many of these participants aren’t even actual actors (as most are idols and a slew of different performers), then there is a sense of legitimacy in each of their spontaneous response, no matter how conscious they may seem to the camera.

      The comparison can easily be made out of the more disparaging Western reality shows, though I wouldn’t go as far and call this one as “toxic”, as more of it has to do watching the participants have fun and it being shared with the rest of the audience who can choose to root for the personalities they like. And without an imperative of competition, which in most cases creates the “toxic” nature in between participants and fans alike, they can all have a good clean fun. It’s almost no different from watching a drama after all, albeit without the burden of written narrative and constructed drama, while the audience can root for their favorite OTP all they want. It is pure unabashed gratification sans the effort and resolution. There seems to be very little harm in that.

    • I seriously don’t get it either. It’s scripted and fake and people still fall for it. It also might help a career a little buzz to some delulu fans since it’s a very niche show, but in end it’s a burden since you get these shippers following you for life (ask Nichkhun or Yongwha). It would be better to go do some real acting instead of this crap.

    • Haha. Reality show/scripted it may be, it is still really fun. I just see it as a really good k-drama without all the pesky conflicts and misunderstandings in the way. It is pure, unadultered fun! :))

  6. He’s so cheesy that you get goosebumps listeni to it. But we know thst it’s s cover for his shyness. SoEun is awesome because she has harnessed the push/pull so well. She gives as good as she gets. Imagine getting him dumb founded with her equally cheesy retorts. She’s all sass and feisty and she has Jaerim wrapped around her first fingers, but he loves it! They are so REAL in the chemistry department that I think the line between reel and real blurred.

    Come on, who in the history of WGM has there been a groom like him. He behaves like a real hot blooded virile man instead of playing the innocent card. And he actually made the couple rings himself !!! They really are a match made in heaven.

  7. koala, did you watch liar game korean version already? you mentioned you did not watch the japanese drama live action version and wanted to watch the korean adaptation… so how was it? because it just finished airing.

  8. This is the OTP of the year!! I highly recommend their episodes.. it really is a must-see if you enjoy rom-coms..Their videos are available on YT btw.. Nothing can beat SJR’s cheesy lines and their interactions feel au naturale

    • Nothing? is the makeup, or maybe that now has put a bit of weight and his checkbones are less protuding. But if you watch WGM you’ll see he has the same face. And, seriously, watching him with period clothes and here in this pictures, of course he looks different.

    • He gained weight and cut his mane of glory.
      He said he went from 65kg to 72kg recently. Good, beccause i prefer him with more weight on his body. He also got alot bulkier.
      His old pics and his new pics are completely different though. I get you. It’s the hair.

      • Your 100% right, he used to be WAYYY to skinny. He is one of those guys that shows in the face as well in the rest of the body. He is GORGEOUS NOW!! And funny!!

  9. After teukso couple, came back to watch WGM because of SoLim couple.. love their spontaneous conversation. Cant wait for saturday to come

  10. I have only watched BTS of the show, although, you could argue that WGM is itself a scripted BTS, and they are good together. First of all, they genuinely like each other.He has definitely moved into the pursuer role well, too. She isn’t as innocent as the roles she has taken on, so when she teases him, it’s interesting to try to figure out what is real and what is not.

    Like most photoshoots, the reality is a lot less hot than the moments they capture. In this case, however, the eye contact they made in the close up hair touching shot made both of them look away shyly. It’s prolly hard to avoid falling for someone you are directed to stare lovingly at, since you end up on the receiving end, too.

  11. First, We Got Married is NOT scripted in the sense that the participants do not receive a script and need to learn lines (check it out on Soompi there are at least two articles about that where the current PD has clearly stated, “not scripts”.

    Second, the fun in watching WGM is to see celebrities in situations where you do see their real personalities within the couple format. Jae Rim and So Eun are a fresh breeze to WGM viewers because Jae Rim displays physical closeness and intimacy (which you don’t see in Korean variety shows between a man and woman) along with a genuine liking of his partner. So Eun, despite being young, shows a witty and sharp banter with her partner….a girl show can stand up for herself and give much needed balance to her partner’s super close touchiness. The charm of these to actors/real people is dripping off the screen….it’s hard to resist. These two don’t show the offen seen coyness and shyness of people first meeting which is refreshing and comfortable and exciting at the same time.

    Third, the couple will spend many hours together filming over a long period of time and closeness and familiarity really does develop between them such that at the end they most often cry and are going to miss their filming partner. They are beautiful people who are eye candy and fun to watch.

  12. We got married is a reality show and like all reality show in some way shape or form is scripted. But most prefer the term guided. They’re given missions and told what to do with their activities for the day. basically, their days are planned out in advance. And of course, some of their words and actions will be exaggerated for entertainment. But for those people that watch wgm regularly, they will get a better sense of which part is scripted and which parts are not. That’s the fun of it. We all know this is entertainment. Some people think it’s real but most of the us fall under the ‘we know it’s not 100% real but we know that there’s no way they can “act” out those moments that any person in a given social situation would react naturally.’ Not every single person on the show is an actor, but their interactions are natural most of the time. One thing they won’t ever script over — those shy, awkward moments. You see that with alot of the couples.

    I personally see no harm in watching WGM if you get that this isn’t real, so i personally don’t see all the flak it gets. This is entertainment.
    If people think this is 100% scripted, then why not just view it as a k-drama without any plot, substance, or conflict? This is like plucking out an OTP of a k-drama and watching only their scenes.

    After watching we got married for all the seasons, I can honestly say there has never been a couple like Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun. To keep it short, these two aren’t as aware of the cameras as most other couples and do whatever they want. The new PD this season has said that she has to edit out some of their 19+ parts because the two can get too mature in their content. One thing, however, did slip through. When SJR proclaimed he wasn’t wearing underwear in his hospital gown, kim so eun decided to check by asking him if he wanted an upskirt and then going in for the “crotch grab” or a light tap on his pants if you prefer, and all the people in the studio gasped. Yeah, they made headlines. These two are creating trouble (the good kind) and they are breathing life into WGM esp for those who have never watched WGM but are tuning in for the first time because of them. Alot of people’s preconceived notions about WGM changed with this couple.

    Just watch this short clip of their BTS for this photoshoot and you’ll see their explosive chem:

  13. Jaerim and So Eun chemistry lights up my screen every time I watch the show and it can get super duper cringey! My fingers and toes naturally curl up because the cheese factor is crazy especially with Jaerim’s love lines. I reckon you should check out a couple of episodes, it is highly entertaining!

  14. the one thing I really like about them is that he acts his age. he behaves like a red blooded 30 year old male sharing close proximity with an attractive younger female. what i mean by this is that he touches her, he flirts with her, and he basically acts himself.

    normally on this show, the couple (no matter how old or how young) behave like virgin 12 year old, interacting with the opposite sex for the first time, and thinking they have cooties. they don’t touch each other, don’t make eye contact, and make the biggest deal out of their finger accidentally grazing each other (basically pondering to their fans that oppa/noona is as pure as fresh drops of snow). but within like the first episode he was touching, and flirting. by the second episode jae-rim was talking about how he’s dated before and is experienced in these things and we had so-eun going in for what’s-beneath-you-pant-peek. so-eun is a firecracker and rolls along with him. she gives as good as she gets, and she doesn’t act like an innocent angel. she chucks down alcohol, eats a lot, and gives him stares of death, or hits him when deserved.

    for me they are just refreshing and different from the other couples and even if it is fake or scripted they have good chemistry and it is nice to just see a couple for once act like they have dated before and that it is okay to touch and flirt like anyone their ages would.

    • This exactly. I don`t care if most of the things are scripted or if they exaggerate some reactions or emotions, but it`s nice to see them actually acting like a normal ,curious,sometimes horny, 30 year old man and 25 year old woman. Most of these couples act like they are in middle school and never heard of words touch,kiss,sex and honestly some of them look like they never experienced any of those things in real life.

      At least these two give impression they want to get down and dirty every time they around each other.

    • This. I can’t think of any other WGM couple that advances so fast. Yeah it’s a show but it’s entertaining and it puts a smile on my face when I see Jae Rim smiling so hard that his face looks like it’s going to burst LOL

  15. I luvvvvvvvvvvv this couple… I haven’t love couple in WGM this much after Khuntoria & ANT couple from the 1st episode… You should watch ANT couple too… They acted very natural and love Dover as well…

  16. I thought she was more into Lee Sang-yoon LOL
    Honestly I was curious about them on WGM (I still don’t get this show. It’s so awkward) but they really do have a lot of chemistry on this show. More natural than others.

  17. For those who kept saying that their reactions are fake should just go check our Song Jae Rim’s latest interview in Astar. He revealed there’s no set up in terms of their reactions, he expresses in the show according to his thoughts and feelings. He realizes that’s his style of dating in real life through the show and during filming, he didn’t think that it’s a show and am just being himself.

  18. I had never watched a single episode of WGM until people started raving about Jae Rim & So Eun. I watched their first 5 episodes in a night and now I am camped at the SoLim couple’s shipper’s thread on Soompi waiting for a new episode every Saturday.

    Song Jae Rim is my new favorite Korean. He is so awesomely amazing! And So Eun gives as good as she gets. What a happy pill these two are. I thank them from the bottom of my❤️.

  19. Have you not succumbed and watch, koala?

    What it is is that SJR, whom I have never followed on any drama because I don’t generally like broody cold looking guys, turn out to be just this relaxed, playful, neat, clean and handy guy who acts like he had all these ideas about what he would do and how he would be once he has a girlfriend again and now, is acting it all out on KSE. It was pure jackpot when they put these two together coz she really matches him well in many ways and he obviously is giddy that he now has a really pretty girl to play house with.

    All this comes across onscreen and keeps us squealing and wanting more!

    Hope that answers it!

    • I forgot to say that they are like a pill of bottled sunshine. Just so fun and sexy and funny together. It makes us the audience as giddy

  20. I think it’s definitely scripted, look at how many newbies/or in need of more exposure go in that show!! The next day they show up in some drama with better roles.

  21. I have only ever liked one couple on We Got Married – Kim Hyun Joong(way before we found out about his disgusting women-beating habit) and Hwang Bo. They weren’t even trying to pretend that they were in love and just seemed like two mates, constantly mocking each other and ruining every single staged ‘romantic’ moment with giggles.

  22. I am quite certain the show is NOT scripted in a way where how they react is something the PD’s make up. There is no script and people do not memorize lines…. You can tell that a lot of the reactions between the couples are genuine, although of course they are not in a relationship. There is mutual ‘liking’ which makes their interactions natural. And the sweet, short lovey dovey moments that exist between some of the couples are impossible to ‘script’. Of course there may be some acting involved to create some “effect” for the show, but I think everyone who is watching is CLEAR that this is just a hypothetical relationship. Anyone who feels like they need to think this is real is really thinking too much. Surely fans may have the hope that something could develop after the show is over, but that’s the same as kdramas anyway? We know it’s not true, but one can dream. WGM is not the reason why idols have shippers following them for the rest of their life, even kdramas have that effect.

  23. I have never seen the point of WGM. SERIOUSLY. But in short. You will never understand the popularity of this particular couple unless you start watching it yourself. If it still does nothing to you, good for you. But Jae Rim and So Eun are just so zany, and fun, and adorable, and sexy.

  24. I have never watched WGM before. I though, what the reason i have to watch a fake marriage life and it’s not a drama.
    At first i watch WGM coz there is Kim So Eun that i really want to see. but after i watch 1st episode, i’m so addicted to them. They rally natural, so we don’t feel that’s just a show. They really cute :3
    I cant wait for the next episode every week. It make me feel that a week is to loooooooooooong, ;p

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