Taiwan’s Top Model Lin Chi Ling turns Forty Being Single and Fabulous

Almost all my posts about Lin Chi Ling are invariably negative since I write about acting projects and that is the very medium where she sucks so bad as to defy description. It’s not even her fault really since she’s a model and not even trying to sell herself as an actress, but her very stratospheric levels of fame as Asia’s top model for the last decade have made it so movies want to stick her in it. I still get hives thinking of her in Red Cliff and Tsuki no Koibito. *shudders*

However much Lin Chi Ling sucks as an actress is how much she rocks as a model, and this week Chi Ling jiejie (as she’s known in Taiwan) turned 40 years old and good lord does this woman look even more stunning than a girl half her age. I also like her a lot for her sweet personality, humble hardworking attitude, and resilience in the face of relentless media attention of her personal life and the increasing tsk tsk “poor girl” type commentary about her not being married yet. Who needs a man when she rakes in enough money for 10 lifetimes, not to mention she just launched her own clothing line with a eye towards a non-modeling future down the road.

Chi Ling jiejie’s clothing line is called Luvperfume even though it has nothing to do with perfume. The name stems from her desire that her clothes arouse all the five senses for the lady wearing it. Below is her birthday post and handwritten note. Her writing is as elegant as she is and what she wrote is something quite heartwarming. She wants to keep working hard and right now she has the innocent heart of a ten year old, the optimism and spirit of a twenty year old, the young allure of a thirty year old, and the intelligence and thoughtfulness of a forty year old.


Taiwan’s Top Model Lin Chi Ling turns Forty Being Single and Fabulous — 10 Comments

  1. Totally agree with you! She is very elegant and beautiful and her photo shoots hardly ever go wrong. But man, I shudder to remembering her performance in Red Cliff. It’s like she was the worst part of the movies. Anyway I don’t think I’ll look half anything like when I reach my 40. Haha.

  2. Aww… that was a really heartful note, simple and elegant just like she is. It’s hard not to shudder when watching her onscreen in movies or dramas. But I always wanted to root for her. So, I wish her a big Happy 40th! May all her wishes come true 🙂

  3. Is she still dating Jerry Yan? What’s with Jerry Yan procrastinating, this girl is fabulous, hurry-up before it’s too late!

    • Hard to believe she’s 40 now! She’s also lucky, because her career and connections has always been upwardly smooth-sailing, with no glitches.

      IF she is still dating Jerry Yan, then I don’t understand the “hurry up”?

      (1) to have married, and make the commitment legit?
      (2) to have kids?

      If it’s the latter – ok, then get it legit for the kids. If commitment is not genuine or heartfelt sincere anyways endorsing it with a formal b/w certificate is quite meaningless really

      There may be more joy in a long-term dating relationship and having the best of both worlds.

      Without family obligations or expectations, and both parties having their own breathing space yet able to live together if they so choose.

    • I believe they broke up quite a long time ago, ‘cuase I think they publicly apologized or made a statement about their relationship on a happy camp episode.
      I think jerry yan said something along the terms when they were going out, he was too immature? or something, I forgot D:

      but yea, they’re not together anymore at least not publicly, I really like them together too ^ ^

  4. As an actress, she’s a cardboard. She’s horrible. But she is stunning and has an elegant and sophisticated vibe with her.

  5. Lin Chi Ling is the hottest Asian woman on the planet! Yes her acting is abysmal, but hey at least she’s trying something new for her. I can’t believe she’s in her 40s now, she is more beautiful and stunning than women half her age!

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