Three Cheers as Yoo Seung Ho Finishes Military Service and Cries Through His Welcome Return

Who the heck made my baby boy cry? Noona Koala raaaaage! Oh, it’s tear of bittersweet happiness, I see? Sargent Yoo Seung Ho was discharged from the army this morning and promptly burst into the most sincere manly tears I’ve seen since Hyun Bin was discharged two years ago from the marines. Yoo Seung Ho thanked the gathered media and nearly 70 fans from around Asia who arrived to welcome him back to civilian life. He also thanked his military superiors for leading him well and his subordinates for working with him so diligently during his service.

Yoo Seung Ho confirmed that his followup project will indeed be the K-sageuk movie Joseon Magician with Go Ara (lucky girl!), but first he wanted to get some sleep, go home to eat some mom cooked food and see his two cats. Cuuuuuute! He expressed gratitude for how the service matured him and helped him gain a different insight into his acting career. He hopes that he can become an actor who brings happiness to the viewers. Oh you’re already there baby, I couldn’t be happier to welcome you back.


Three Cheers as Yoo Seung Ho Finishes Military Service and Cries Through His Welcome Return — 19 Comments

  1. He still looks so young. I guess because he is. lol But some people come out looking totally changed, but he’s still as cute as ever. Looking to see what he’s got in store next.

  2. LOL When I found out that Seung Ho was getting released today, I immediately thought of you Koala! I am excited for his collaboration with Go Ara, whose acting has improved greatly! Awww hope he has a great rest and can’t wait for him to get back into the K-ent scenes and for you to write stuff about it!!

  3. I was wondering if you’ll stay up late and post this update.

    I am not much of a fan but totally enjoying all the fangirling going on here.

  4. Welcome back YSH! I’ve been counting the days until you returned!

    So he’s coming back with a movie? 🙁 but I wanted to see him in a dramaaaaa! (and a romantic one, at that)

    I thought he’d look more grown up after the army. Manlier, you could say. But the boy looks exactly the same. 😛

  5. EAH for Yoo Seung Ho coming back! And yeah for his project being a sageuk Kdrama – double-YEAH actually! But boo for the leading lady pick. Why does it have to be Go Ara? Yuck. I really disliked her immensely in YAS – not that it was particularly good, but a better female lead could have helped. There are just some K-actresses that the Kdrama world seems to love to cast that I just do not see the appeal of and she is definitely one of them.

  6. The project sounds interesting, awww he looks so grown up.
    Last I read was that Go Ara was just favorably considering, she might not agree to do it so we’ll have to wait and see.

  7. Seriously. How adorable is this young man? To cry because he can go home and be with family and friends and return to the job he loves, despite having done it already for so many years. God, I love him. Welcome back, YESH You can do no wrong by me!

  8. Welcome back darling!!! Ooh if only my hugs could reach youuu~ we’re so proud of you sweetheart! Take that well-deserved rest then it’s showtime! :))

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