Kim Woo Bin is Captivating in Posters and Trailer for Heist K-movie Criminal Designer

For those bemoaning why so-and-so actor has already gotten drama leading and Kim Woo Bin still hasn’t, I don’t think that criminally hot namja is losing any sleep over it. He’s already the lead in the upcoming Korean heist movie Criminal Designer (formerly known as The Technicians) costarring the underrated Lee Hyun Woo and the always entertaining Go Chang Seok. I watched the movie trailer (linked below with English subs) and found it intriguing more for Kim Woo Bin than for the snippets of the set up, which frankly feels like a low rent version of Thieves.

That’s not a bad thing actually since Thieves had too many characters (and super stars) cluttering up the screen without a really compelling story tying it together, relying more on a glittery Macau location shoot to smooth over the nonsensical elements. A story oriented smaller scale heist is fine with me, and this talented cast is further rounded out by Kim Young Chul, Shin Goo, Im Joo Hwan, and Jo Yoon Hee. The movie comes out on December 24th and will be coincidentally going head-to-head with The Royal Tailor with Kim Woo Bin’s Heirs leading lady Park Shin Hye.

“Criminal Designer is about the business of technicians who gather together to steal 150 billion won hidden in the Incheon Customs during a limited time frame of 40 minutes.”

Trailer for Criminal Designer:


Kim Woo Bin is Captivating in Posters and Trailer for Heist K-movie Criminal Designer — 10 Comments

  1. heh and we all know who that ‘so and so actor’ is.
    I really do like kim woo bin and find that he is a charismatic young actor who is making all the right choices in his career so far. I loved him when i first saw him as mad maru in White Christmas and all his subsequent roles. I do hope he gets a leading role in a drama soon but I can patient and hope that he gets a drama with a good scrip and co-stars.

  2. Loved him since School 2013 (I hadn’t seen White X-Mas)and just floored me in Heirs! Just a classy gorgeous guy!! I wish him ALL the best for next year and many years to come.

  3. Eh, I’ve loved him since ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Vampire Idol’ and think he has improved in his acting but still has far to go. I don’t know, he has a lot of charisma and charm, the camera loves him, and I love watching him but their is still something missing in his acting…I just don’t see him as ‘movie star’ yet. I enjoy his movies and his acting just fine, but ugh I always feel like, something I can’t pin point is missing. This is why I want him to comeback to dreamland and hone those skills and then go on to I-miss-you-and-need-you-on-a-weekly-and-not-a-two-hour-basis movie star. Anywhoo I like the second poster much better than the first which looks like he is in some sort of ad campaign while the other two are just cheesing by. The second is more interesting. I look forward to the movie streaming somewhere down the line with eng subs.

  4. He’s so awesome as always. I’m totally going to hijack this post and whine about how he hasn’t been in a drama yet. Whyyyy Woobie whyyyy. His time will come. It has to. I’ve always had this desire to see him switch things up and play the lead in a goofy rom com (Hong sisters are you listening?) haha. I’ve never been able to find Vampire Idol so I haven’t seen that side of him. Of course, KWB in a solid revenge melo or thriller would be ideal.

  5. Including me! I also complain why he hasn’t cast yet as leading man in drama. This guy has it all, charisma, charm and acting chops! Movies are good but I miss to watch him on weekly basis!!

  6. Kim Woo Bin is so damn fine and charismatic. His smile and his smirk is just perfection. Lee Hyun Woo is a total cutie too. Can’t wait to watch this!

  7. Where can I see this movie or other Korean movies in the US? Viki? DramaFever? I don’t want to buy them because that seems super expensive for a movie I might only watch once.

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