Suzy Rocking a Boobalicious New Trendy Top in Beijing with Miss A

Please don’t let this actually become a fashion trend. A fashion blip maybe, but anything more than an one-off joke attire will mean hurting my eyes for the foreseeable future. Korea’s favorite young CF idol-actress Suzy was in Beijing this past weekend for a fan event with her group Miss A and was attired by the coordi in a top that is making waves all the back to Korea. It’s best described as a crop top bustier with a boob cut out. The fact that it is in a black-and-white jailbird uniform pattern is beside the point.

As idol girls Suzy, and her group mates, are understandably at the whim of their label in what they wear for official appearances, and there are many more instances of fashion fails above and beyond what Suzy donned here. What’s getting Korean netizens all atwitter is the sudden boobaliciousness of Korea’s little sister, and what’s upsetting me is seeing the inexplicably famous fugly boob cut out top a topic of conversation now in Korea and China (thanks to Suzy) as well as Japan (all over twitter).

I don’t think the boob cut out top is any more or less fashionably exploitative of the “assets” of the idol girls, or girls in general who choose to wear this fashion trend out in public. I’ve seen way more skimpy, scandalous, and outright slutty outfits worn by ladies and it’s their right to flaunt it if they want it. However, I really really loathe this very look because it’s basically wearing a top with a neon arrow pointing to the exposed top of the boobs screaming “look right here!” Let’s all embrace the subtly sexy, ladies. Below is the same look trending in Japan as well. For the love of fashion WAE?


Suzy Rocking a Boobalicious New Trendy Top in Beijing with Miss A — 50 Comments

  1. It’s not only the top, it’s the whole outfit. Frankly I’m more surprised by the knee highs that won’t stay still. Maybe she should have worn tights instead?

    • It’s definitely the whole outfit. And I noticed that her ‘skirt’ isn’t even a skirt. It looks like shorts with a shirt tied around it. The shirt sleeves are tied in front and you can see the cuff buttons. Either it is a shirt tied around shorts or the coordi sewed it to look like one.

  2. Perverts & their hands are going to love this. Oh the ‘accidents’ in public transports… or any place where people are squeezed.

  3. This look is just so clubby and not flattering for anyone, a miss for Miss A’s stylist (hehehe). If Suzy’s top becomes the next fashion fad she will be the official Regina George of Asia. Who can forget the scene in Mean Girls when Cady (and friends) cut circles into Regina’s shirt that showed her bra, which she rocked confidently, and it became instantly popular. lol

    • sorry for telling you, but their idols were always over-sexualized. The cute concepts also are selling sexual desires from men who want child-like, virgin girl types. Doesn’t help they say “tell me your wish”

      • The first time I saw how overly sexualized Kpop performers can get, I was confused because I had only been exposed to romance kdramas and figured SK was super conservative. Then I watched some Korean movies and was blown away by the (often well crafted) erotic scenes. So unexpected but I thought *ahem* Hollywood could learn a thing or two from the Korean industry.

        Popular culture doesn’t always mimic the general values of a society, it’s a phenom in many other countries including the US. It’s always an interesting dynamic to witness.

    • That’s the motto for Kpop girl idols, which is why I never listen to them. Nothing but pretty faces and sexy dance movies w/ slutty clothes to sell their songs.

  4. First time I’ve ever thought that suzy looked vulgar. And as it has been pointed out, it’s not just the top, the whole outfit, especially the legs part. Good grief. It just so doesn’t go with her personality/image.

      • There is sexy and then there is cheap slutty. That’s not good fashioned sexy. She looks slutty not that that isn’t a label
        but the top looked cheap, the stocking and the boots god-awful. The skirt is the only item that’s just a skirt.

      • i don’t know about that, but but! there’s a difference between sexy and vulgar. this is exactly as stuart described it below.

  5. I don’t know about you but as A guy and I think most of you are girls in here? But I would give her 9 out of 10 and would have definitely hit that.

    • She’s obviously hot but I think it’s silly how people are freaking out over her outfit when female Kpop acts are so regularly hypersexualized in their attire and performances. Why is there surprise at her wearing something like this?

      Also, the girl is laying on the FLOOR doing a sexually charged pose (which is probably part of the regular choreography) but all that is seen is her outfit is cheap and slutty. It shows how much people have been desensitized.

      • I think you’d see the same comments for any girl from any kpop girl group dressed similarly, it happens on twitter *all the time*, you’re just seeing it for the first time here on koalas’. That pose coupled with the clothes makes her look like a girl in a striptease club (a comment you can also often encounter on twitter). But the article was about the clothes, so people are commenting clothes.

  6. Aaah… I’ve seen those anime(?) manga characters wearing the same top 5x in my facebook feed already.

    So it’s a fairly new thing. *scratching head* I can’t keep up with memes anymore @___@


  7. She seems way less busty than expected, whether or not she was wearing enhancing accessories. Other than that, idols’ outfit and looks just leave me indifferent, because of the obvious over-sexualization. Am too jaded, perhaps.

  8. no offence,but the dress looks cheap.not looking good on suzy at all.that is one of the worst outfit have,that dress can only look good with some one has *boobs*.suzy chest is just too flat,making the dress deflattering..

  9. Yes! Of course that what they’re selling from girls idols,, just look at their outfit, their dance, what with that inviting pose, like saying “come touch me boyz”

    But it also happen on boyz idols, looks n looks matter, with strange outfit.. Lol

  10. My message keeps disappearing!! I figured out why!
    That kind of top ‘lang mo’s (靚模) in Hong Kong have been wearing for quite a while now, its so ugly and degrading!! They’re saying “I’m covering up but here are my boobs”

  11. For a different male point of view, I’m going to agree with those who find this look unappealing. As a man, I appreciate sexy and alluring, but this is just crass and tacky, perhaps with a soupçon of desperate thrown in.

  12. Boobalicious.

    These words. 😀

    As a dude I cannot comment on how fashionable this look is, I don’t know with other guys though, but it’s not really “distracting” me. I don’t know, perhaps in full action it would. Heh.

    • You know what would really be distracting? If that cut was below the cleavage instead of above it (ie. an underboob cut). Now that’s some fashion trend that would make waves. Lol. Pardon me ladies. 😀

  13. “Sex sells” That’s Kpop industry’s unanimous slogan.

    AFAIK, Its always girls in slutty looking clothes acting innocent to lure thy oppas. And boys, showing thy rock hard abs which makes d fangirls fan themselves.. Good Music becomes secondary. Most of the time they lip sync. At one point, when i was new to kpop, i kept asking myself how would d girls feel,whether the girls are forced to wear such revealing outfits n so on. Bt now after many yrs, i just don’t bother. Miss A outfits are always vulgar anyway. That first pic is disturbing. Already wearing a boob cut top n bending down even more. Sigh..

  14. She’s looking good @ least she’s not naked she just wanted 2 have fun some fans are not loyal her cloth is not dat bad except some gals dat are jealous will say it is ugly pls wear ur own let’s see

  15. I don’t think it’s a smart marketing move to go too far into what’s often perceived as a “slutty” look with a “Nation’s Little Sister”. Especially given that in Korea, showing a lot of cleavage is considered way more slutty than is wearing a mini-skirt. I think the women who are given the “Nation’s Little Sister” title are supposed to project a sexy-but-wholesome image.

    Did anybody else think that the last pic in the photo collage at the top looks a lot like Lee Min Jung?

  16. She is really pretty girl with nice healthy body but i never understood hype about her. She can`t act and i can think of at least 10 idol girls on top of my head that are prettier than her.

    And i don`t like that short hair on her ,it makes her shoulders look very broad.

  17. If she was wearing this outfit to the grocery store I would probably be a little puzzled, but since it’s a costume for a performance I don’t think it’s that bad.

  18. People here should chill a little. This is one of the many regular outfits of Suzy from Miss A’s Hush era. That outfit was only for a small event in China, she only wore it once and right after that she wore a jacket. I don’t get the drama nor the slutty and vulgar comments here. Too much sexism involved because of a little pair of boobs

    She has been wearing similar outfits for a year now:

    Only changing to elaborated dresses for big events

    And puhlease she debut with a sexy concept in BGGG when she was 15 and she always said that she loves to feel sexy so let the girl do her thing.

  19. I just thought this particular outfit was hella ugly, no comment on how sexualized it is or isn’t, either vis-a-vis Suzy’s usual idol performance attire or that of other idol girls in K-pop. Can’t her coordi have picked something that actually looks GOOD was the bottom line of my commentary on this point.

  20. Eh, no ugly top can be as offensively bad as her “acting” – the outfit isn’t the best, but it’s not that bad and she really is better at idol activities than anything else.

  21. Calm Down People! You guys always gotta complain about every little thing they do. Stop hating. Not even a big deal! Just a top! Be glad it is not her whole boob out! Keep Calm and Cool Down!
    If I was Suzy, my response will be “I got this music in my body saying its gonna be alright! Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate. Baby, I’m just gonna shake shake shake shake shake, Shake it off!”

  22. Don’t see what the big deal is. Most idol groups don sexy outfits, sexualized or not. And it’s a stage outfit LOL. Guess it only made news because she is popular, and the nation’s little sister image she holds. Just cleavage. Meh. The Hollywood kinda sexy is more fugly to me, not always but …

    I can understand why Japanese like them though. The otakus lmao.

  23. meh about the outfit. I’m just glad that they let her have another hairstyle/haircut besides her signature long straight lock that she’s had since her debut.

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