Kill Me Heal Me Looks Promising in First Airport Filming Shots of the Leads

Oh me likey! Me likey very very much. What a difference a week and a completely different set of casting OTP makes when it comes to anticipating a drama. Earlier last week the leads of Kill Me Heal Me was going to be Lee Seung Gi (love!) and Lim Ji Yeon (no love!), now this week the drama started filming with the leads being Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum (like both!). I’m happier with how it ended up because a happy medium is a safer place to watch a drama rather than potentially waffling between two extremes.

The two leads along with second male lead Park Seo Joon was spotted at the airport filming a very public scene for the drama. Originally the drama was supposed to have an extensive overseas shoot in the US which doesn’t appear to be happening if the cast hasn’t flown over there by now since the drama airs in less than a month. Unless the location was integral to the story then best scrap it to save money and hassle while focusing on getting as much good footage in the can to make up for the late start. Love Ji Sung’s hair and whole look here, ages his backward and plays up his boyish charm.


Kill Me Heal Me Looks Promising in First Airport Filming Shots of the Leads — 13 Comments

    • me too .. i thought that was LJS hahah
      maybe bcus the hair and the same proportion body and height between both of them hahahha

  1. I’m so excited for this reunion!! The way he’s looking at her in that first picture reminds me so much of Secret. I hope this drama is just as enthralling!

  2. One of the rare times when a drama becomes from total pass to must watch.
    i planned to give up completely on this drama a week ago but the casting of one of my favourite OTP turned the tables..i just loved secret so much because of them and thanks to them. i can’t wait for the drama to start and hope their chemistry will just be as it was in secret. so intense and mesmerizing..and if not cause it is less melo let it be lovey dovey..haha
    BTW i’m new here..been reading this blog for couple of months and i love your posts!!

  3. Wasn’t planning on watching this drama since it seems like a hot mess! But since Ji sung chose this project it can’t be bad.. He picks pretty good dramas!

  4. I would have loved seeing Seung Gi in this one, but gotta take what you have and I’m looking forward this drama.
    (my feelings tell me that if the female lead -ex- wasn’t LJY, LSG would be filming it now.)
    anyway I adore those two. Yaaay finally a drama I’m excited for.

  5. All I am is very worried about Hwang Jung Eum’s hairstyle. Kdramas have been really good at giving the female leads ugly short hairstyles. ugh. Please don’t disappoint :'((((( SO SCARED YOO

  6. You know, I like the idea of couples I loved getting back together but with this one is feels way too soon or something? Like I can’t get the Secret OTP out of my mind quite yet.

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